Episode 61

Sect Leader! That one is the God of Wealth! (1)
2 years ago
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“W-where did I learn—Cough.”

Blood gushed out of Lee Song-Baek’s mouth. Seeing that, Chung Myung sighed and let go of his collar.

‘I went a bit too far.’

Even if it was unacceptable for Lee Song-Baek to use that technique, there was no way he could treat this child like that. Lee Song-Baek didn’t have the ability to create a new technique.


He stretched out his hand and hit Lee Song-Baek on the back of his neck.


As Chung Myung’s qi entered Lee Song-Baek’s body, his trembling subsided, and he let out a sigh as his expression eased.

Confirming that he had calmed down, Chung Myung stood up and looked at the sky.

Chung Myung, who had been looking thoughtfully at the sky for a long time, asked.

“Is that the Southern Edge Sect’s new technique?”

“… yes”

“Twelve Movement Snow Flower Sword technique?”


Chung Myung smiled bitterly.

‘They twisted the name?’

This was nothing short of open provocation towards Mount Hua, who knew what would happen if they learned about this.

‘No. That’s not it.’

These people claimed it as their own and displayed the technique openly. Most likely, the current Mount Hua wouldn’t even be able to recognize it for what it was.

This was making a mockery of Mount Hua.

If Chung Myung hadn’t appeared, Mount Hua wouldn’t have known anything even after watching the men of the Southern Edge Sect use their sect’s technique.

The evil man who made this sword was the only thing clawing away at Chung Myung’s mind.

“Who all learns this sword art?”


“What, are you overthinking it?”

Lee Song-Baek nodded.

“From the second-class disciples.”

“From the second-class. So, the first-class, second-class disciples, and the elders have all learned this sword?”

“I heard that the elders didn’t learn it. Those who are learning are first and second-class disciples.”

“They haven’t learned….”

As his words trailed off, Chung Myung’s eyes lit up with a fearsome glint.

If one of the elders had invented this new technique, they would have definitely transmitted it to the first-class disciples below them.

‘Then…the person who completed this sword technique is still in the sect?’

This was good news.

If the man who committed this crime was already dead and buried, then who would be left to receive retribution?

‘I don’t know who it is, but I will make sure that he pays the price for this!’

Chung Myung gritted his teeth.

There was no need to think.

When the Demonic Sect invaded Mount Hua, the Southern Edge Sect must have come to help. The invasion was too brutal. If they had decided to stand by and simply watch their neighbors’ downfall, then they would have been criticized by the rest of the world.

‘They pretended to help, but in reality, they stole techniques from Mount Hua.’

Not everyone had done this. However, some people took advantage and did something that shouldn’t have been done when Mount Hua was burnt down.


‘I don’t even know if the downfall is because of that Demonic sect.’


Chung Myung clenched his jaw and ground his teeth together.

The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t stand it.

“These bastards…”

Chung Myung risked his life to save the sects from danger, and this is how they returned the favor to Mount Hua?

Moreover, wasn’t this just plain greed?

People make mistakes. It is in their nature. Let’s say that someone from the Southern Edge Sect came to help Mount Hua and was blinded by greed and made a mistake in a moment of weakness.

Then wasn’t it the duty of the sect to correct it?

The sect should strictly rebuke them and return what was stolen, not create new martial arts from it. And they have even named the technique Snow Flower? Were they mocking Mount Hua?

“What a load of shit.”

Chung Myung grunted, looking at Lee Song-Baek.


Uh? Ah.. yes!”

“Don’t learn this.”

Huh? Why?”

“I said don’t, so don’t! You bastard!”

Chung Myung hit Lee Song-Baek on the back of his head.

He whimpered as he held his head.


Chun Myung, who felt irritated, looked at Lee Song-Baek and spoke.

“This is unattainable.”


Lee Song-Baek looked at Chung Myung with blank eyes. However, he knew this was the truth.

If Lee Song-Baek hadn’t come and asked to spar again, then it may have taken Chung Myung several years or longer before learning about the Southern Edge Sect creating this technique.

It can be said that Lee Song-Baek helped him.

Chung Myung is a man who repays grace shown and never forgets grudges held. Although indirect, this grace was a bit much to ignore.

“The Southern Edge’s martial arts are centered around the basics. They seem slow and heavy right now, but it gets stronger once the sword is sharpened and polished. If you hope to achieve greatness, stop learning this right away.”

“But the elders say that this sword is one step ahead of our existing sword technique.”

“Of course, they would say that.”

Because not a single person must have managed to fully master the Twelve Movement Snow Flower Sword technique.

Brilliant techniques advance quickly yet stagnate further in development. When a person who focuses on their foundation and honestly trains the basics and a person who learns complex and flamboyant techniques fight one another at a superficial level, then the flamboyant one will win every time.

‘No, doesn’t the Southern Edge sect understand….’


Chung Myung sighed.

‘I think I know.’

The main culprit behind all of this might be Chung Myung himself.

The Southern Edge Sect must also be proud of their own sword techniques. However, Chung Myung, who they hated for decades, died in the battle with the Heavenly Demon Sect. The Southern Edge never once defeated Chung Myung.

Then was the sect weak?

Absolutely not.

‘If they were weak, they would never occupy a spot among the Ten Great Sects.’

On the contrary, the Southern Edge Sect had many geniuses. Throughout the history of the Southern Edge Sect, they always had talents blooming within.

These geniuses existed in Chung Myung’s time too, but these geniuses all crashed head-first into the great wall that was Chung Myung…

‘No wonder they were skeptical about their techniques.’

Idiotic people.

‘If I had been in the Southern Edge Sect, then I would have been the Southern Edge Supreme Sword.’

It’s not the martial arts that matter. No, martial arts are essential, but the person who uses and wields the technique matters most.


At that time, Lee Song-Baek glanced at him and opened his mouth.

“I shouldn’t learn the Twelve Movement Snow Flower Sword technique?”



Lee Song-Baek hesitated to speak, to which Chung Myung glanced at him and said in a severe tone.

“Your path cannot be defined or set by others.”


Lee Song-Baek looked at him with a different expression.

“Some decisions require you to heed advice from others, but the real decisions in life need to be made by oneself alone. Neither the words of an elder nor mine will help you.”

Chung Myung turned around, and without hesitation, he started to walk towards the Eunha Guild.


Chung Myung stopped and slightly looked back.

Lee Song-Baek bowed.

“Thank you for your guidance.”

“Well, it was nothing.”

Chung Myung waved his hand and moved on.

Lee Song-Baek kept looking intensely at his moving figure and took a deep breath.

“I feel like I met a Divine Taoist.”

Meanwhile, Chung Myung’s face flushed red in anger and cooled.

“The more I think about it, the more rotten you bastards are!”

How dare they steal Mount Hua’s technique. And copy it? He wanted to run over to the Southern Edge Sect right now to crush it down.

Ahh. Sahyung. This is how the world is. Instead of properly repaying the favor, these bastards did this bullshit. Do I have to put up with this?

-What can you even do aside from putting up with it?

It seemed like his Sahyung was laughing while looking down at him.

Ah, if only I was as strong as I used to be….”

If Chung Myung was the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, then the elders of the Southern Edge sect would have already been dead. Unfortunately, he was just a third-class disciple.

‘I need to get stronger faster.’

It was that same feeling again.

This was a world where strength mattered, and those without power couldn’t do anything. Even if the elders of Mount Hua knew of this, could they do anything about it?


The strong had the privilege to enjoy power, and the weak had to stay silent. The current Mount Hua didn’t even have the strength to accuse the Southern Edge sect.

“Only for now.”

Chung Myung gritted his teeth.

“But the time will come.”

Eventually, Mount Hua will regain its former glory. Chung Myung would make sure of that for as long as he lives.

If there was one thing he confirmed today, it was that Mount Hua and the Southern Edge Sect are completely incompatible.

Since the Southern Edge Sect had crossed a line they shouldn’t have, it was impossible for Chung Myung to even try and get along with them.

Even if the others wanted to, Chung Myung wouldn’t tolerate it.

“I need to get stronger faster.”

He needs to get stronger, but so does the entire sect. If Mount Hua grew stronger, things would change, and they wouldn’t need to be so restrained.

Chung Myung had no intention of making Mount Hua rely on him alone. He was going to bring the entire sect to power this time.

That way, those insolent fools can be adequately punished.

‘Twelve Movement Snow Flower Sword technique….’

It’s well made.

It’s a clumsy copy of the Twenty-Four Plum Blossom Sword. However, they didn’t simply modify Mount Hua’s technique and ignore their own. Instead, they thought deeply about how to blend the Southern Edge Sect’s martial arts together with Mount Hua’s technique.

There were traces of the Southern Edge Sect’s sword arts within it, and the technique’s speed was also adjusted to harmonize with their martial arts.

It wasn’t just a copy, but the creation of a full-fledged martial arts technique…

“Which is why it’s so troublesome.”

A playfulness that couldn’t be hidden appeared on Chung Myung’s face.

“I’ll leave you alone for now but will slowly scorch you soon enough.”

Just sitting around watching didn’t fit Chung Myung’s character. If his enemy was going to be defeated, then he needed to be the one who brought his enemy to their knees. It wasn’t his style to wait around for their destruction.

“You crossed the wrong person.”

Chung Myung looked to the south and clicked his tongue while gazing at the mountain in the distance.

“I will make sure you pay the price for touching Mount Hua without showing grace, Southern Edge Sect.”

Then he turned around and walked back to the guild.

But, at this time, Chung Myung didn’t know.

The opportunity to punish the Southern Edge Sect, which he thought would be in the distant future, would come quite soon.

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