Episode 88

What bullshit. I am the strongest! (3)
1 year ago
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Yoon Jong’s eyes narrowed as he looked around.

There were none.

He couldn’t see a single one.

Unlike yesterday, he couldn’t see any of the second-class disciples that had frequently been tormenting them recently.

‘Was it true?’

It’s not that Yoon Jong didn’t trust Chung Myung’s words.

As Jo Gul said, Chung Myung was a person who spoke nonsense but didn’t lie.

The problem was that Chung Myung’s ‘solution’ was far from the solutions that ordinary people would think of.

So, he thought that this would cause more trouble…

‘He seems to have solved everything well?’

He had doubts about how it was solved, but he surely settled the matter.

“Sahyung. It seems like Chung Myung’s words were true, right?”


Yoon Jong nodded at Jo Gul’s words.

But was it really plausible for things to be this simple?

‘If we encounter problems with Sasuk, are we supposed to spar and defeat them to solve the problem?’

Even ignoring common sense, wasn’t this abandoning the rules of the sect and coming up with their own way to solve the issue?

The problem was that this madman’s method actually worked.

‘Just what is going to happen to Mount Hua in the future?’

Yoon Jong never thought of himself as a grumpy figure, but when he saw how Chung Myung behaved, he began to feel like being a grumpy old man wasn’t such a bad thing.

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if that grumpy bastard could keep things in order?

“What are you thinking?”

“… I was thinking about the future of Mount Hua and what it feels like to be an old man.”


Jo Gul.

‘Did he finally realize how he acts?’

Yoon Jong sighed, noticing how Jo Gul was looking at him with pitiful eyes.

The third-class disciples who were watching from the side slowly approached Yoon Jong and spoke.

“The dorms seem a little strange today, Sahyung.”

“… I guess so.”

“Why are they doing this? I’m worried that they’re going to do something worse.”


Yoon Jong looked up at the distant sky.

‘These kids also aren’t in their right minds anymore.’

To say that their Sasuk was beaten.

Such a thing would be unimaginable in Mount Hua before Chung Myung arrived. However, like Yoon Jong and Jo Gul, the third-class disciples also seemed to be getting influenced by Chung Myung’s unreasonable teachings.

If things continued like this, Mount Hua might be filled with people who behave like Chung Myung…

Yoon Jong shuddered; he didn’t want to imagine such a future.

‘Just thinking about it is terrifying.’

The problem was that it seemed like this thought could very well become a reality.

“I’m more anxious because it’s quiet. Should we sneak a peek?”

“I don’t think those idiots have come to their senses already. Doesn’t it seem like they’re up to something? Sahyung?”

‘Oh my God.’

Just where did the trust between fellow sect disciples go?

“It’s noisy. Come and get ready for training!”

“… Yes.”


‘What is with his temper?’

Yoon Jong sighed deeply as he lamented how his juniors looked at him with that question burning in their eyes.

Day by day, Mount Hua was turning away from the Mount Hua Yoon Jong knew. Of course, this change wasn’t necessarily bad, but… he honestly felt that he didn’t want to open his eyes and see the future that Chung Myung would create.

“Sahyung. Then, did Chung Myung really beat Baek Cheon sasuk?”

Jo Gul asked softly so that the others wouldn’t overhear, and Yoon Jong frowned.

“What are you even asking for? There’s no way he would lie, and if it weren’t for that, the seniors would still be harassing us today.”

“… No. That…”

Jo Gul scratched his head.

“I just can’t understand it. No matter how strong Chung Myung was from the beginning, there’s still a difference in the amount of time he and Baek Cheon sasuk studied martial arts.”

Yoon Jong couldn’t understand either.

‘Does this make any sense at all?’

It made no sense. But wasn’t Chung Myung always doing things that made no sense?

“Then Sahyung, Chung Myung is stronger than Baek Cheon, right?”

“Why do you keep asking such obvious—”

“Then, what about compared to the Southern Edge Sect?”

Yoon Jong went silent.

Compared to them?

This was something Yoon Jong never thought about.

“Chung Myung shouldn’t be inferior to the Southern Edge Sect either, right? He even defeated senior Baek Cheon.”


Yoon Jong, with a stiff face, fell into thought.

“Then, in the conference this time….”


“Yes, Sahyung.”

“If Chung Myung wins, will it make a difference?”

“… wouldn’t things change?”

Yoon Jong shook his head.

“When a master expert is born in a sect, it’s something to celebrate. However, a single master’s reputation belongs solely to themselves. They can’t do anything alone. The moment that Chung Myung disappears, Mount Hua will fall again like before.”


“If we truly want to revive Mount Hua, we also need to become strong. We can’t simply rely on Chung Myung. We won’t be able to declare Mount Hua’s revival until the day arrives when the world becomes unable to ignore any random disciple within the sect.”


“But as you said, I am also curious about the conference. This time will be different.”

“What do you mean?”

“Chung Myung…”

Yoon Jong took a deep breath and said,

“Will he truly become a hero that brings change to Mount Hua? Or will he be a tyrant who reigns over this small Mount Hua?”

Yoon Jong and Jo Gul faced each other with serious eyes.

Chung Myung…

Ah, seriously! Get out of here!”

The two slowly turned their heads towards the sudden interruption.

Chung Myung was swearing as he came down.


“Isn’t that Senior Yu?”

Yu Yiseol was chasing after Chung Myung, who was fleeing with his full might.

“Teach me.”

“I already told you that I had nothing to teach! I told you to not come! You horrible leech!”

“The Yue Maiden Sword!”

“Go to Un Geom Sasuk and ask him! He’ll teach you!”

“Un Geom Sasuk is a man. The Yue Maiden Sword is a technique for women. It is a skill that Un Geom sasuk cannot handle.”

“Then am I a woman? Well? Am I a woman?”

“Teach me.”

Ahhhhhh! How do I get through to your mind?”

Chung Myung and Yu Yiseol quickly passed between Yoon Jong and Jo Gul. The two who were left behind stared in bewilderment at the absurd sight.

‘When did those two become friends?’

‘Did Senior Yu always talk this much? It seems like Yu Sago has spoken more in the past few days than she has in the entire time I’ve been in the sect.’

‘Actually, is it fine for that idiot to talk to Yu Sago like that?’

Well, he has always been arrogant.

“… what you said earlier. Whether he’s a hero or a tyrant.”


“Yes. Sahyung.”

“Let’s go train.”

“… Yes.”

Baek Sang’s face crumpled.

“Sahyung, are you really going to leave it like that?”

Hearing the dissatisfaction in Baek Sang’s voice, Baek Cheon smiled.

“Why are you so angry?”

“Aren’t they acting too arrogantly! Especially that one, Chung Myung! He doesn’t even show a shred of remorse. Isn’t it alright to punish them now?”




“Someone like you?”



Baek Cheon forced himself to smile.

Although it had died down a little, his entire body throbbed in pain.

Baek Cheon turned his eyes towards Chung Myung, who was fleeing from Yu Yiseol.

‘Sneaky son of a bitch.’

How could he beat a person so well without leaving any scars on the outside? The more he thought about it, the more absurd this guy seemed.

Thankfully, he avoided being embarrassed in front of others, but he couldn’t even complain about this injustice to anyone. He’d be treated like a madman if he tried to complain about his junior abusing him without even having any visible injuries.

Or maybe he’d be treated as trash with no future prospects.

Of course, even if there were wounds on his body, Baek Cheon would never tell anyone about how he was beaten like a dog. Still, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

“Why did you suddenly tell us not to touch the third-class disciples?”

“Baek Sang.”

“Yes. Sahyung. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind it.”

The reasoning was to have a happy life.

Baek Cheon was doing it to avoid getting hit again.

But Baek Cheon could never speak his reasons out loud. He had a dignified image to maintain.

“Isn’t the conference approaching?”

“… That’s right.”

Baek Cheon spoke with a stern expression.

“I was thoughtless. Ruling over the third-class disciples is something we can do at any time. But not the conference. Doesn’t this event only occur once a year?”

Baek Sang silently nodded.

Seeing that Baek Sang still wasn’t fully satisfied, Baek Cheon narrowed his eyes.

“Governing the third-class disciples is an internal task, and the conference is external work which affects the honor of the Mount Hua sect. The inside is important, but the outside is more urgent. Moreover, considering what happened in the conference last time, let’s put aside everything else for now and concentrate on producing positive results. Everything is at stake this time; don’t you think so?”

“… yes.”

“Right now, our enemy isn’t the third-class disciples, it’s the Southern Edge sect. We shouldn’t forget the reason we spent this last year in closed-door training.”

Baek Sang took a deep breath and lowered his head.

“Sahyung is right. I must have lost focus.”

‘I must have been out of my mind.’

And he was still out of his mind.

Regardless, Baek Cheon was glad that Baek Sang didn’t press the issue any further.

‘Weren’t you the one that started this in the first place? Why are you pretending to be some nice guy now?’

If Baek Sang had decided to ask that question, Baek Cheon would have been at a loss for an answer.

“Thanks for understanding. Let’s not worry about the third-class disciples for now. Our first priority is to focus everything we have on the upcoming conference. Ask our sajaes to reflect on their martial arts and reflect on what they’ve refined during our closed-door training.”

“Yes, Sahyung!”

Baek Sang bravely gave a loud response.

With that, Baek Cheon lowered his head with an expressionless face.

‘Even after the end of the conference, I don’t plan on touching those third-class disciples.’

Baek Cheon didn’t want to see what would happen to him and his peers.

Baek Cheon turned to look at Chung Myung off in the distance.

‘We aren’t the only ones who will be surprised.’

Perhaps even more than Mount Hua, the Southern Edge sect would be surprised. When he thought of the future, the pain of being beaten by Chung Myung slowly vanished… ah, never-mind… it didn’t vanish.

It hurt more.

It hurt down to the bone.

‘Damned bastard, why did you have to hit so well!?’

Baek Cheon sighed and turned away.

‘I just need to do what I can do.’

Although he felt that life became twisted because of Chung Myung. Baek Cheon’s purpose, to prove himself in the conference, hadn’t changed.

Considering that the Southern Edge Sect would soon be coming to Mount Hua, he didn’t have the time to behave selfishly now.

This time, he must prove his worth.


Baek Cheon looked back.

“Why does he keep hanging out with Yu Samae?”

He didn’t like it.

Baek Cheon glanced at them and headed to training while suppressing an uneasy feeling.

The conference between Mount Hua and the Southern Edge Sect was fast approaching.

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