Chapter 22 - Accept the Mission (2)

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I need to find some kind of weakness.

70,000 combat strength—one hit would kill Seol-Hwi. Losing was a very real possibility, but Seol-Hwi was tired of stepping back into the past. There were so many strong people there; backing down meant contempt and ridicule. Besides, doesn’t he have another life?

He hadn’t realized at first—maybe because it was his first mission—but there were several changes in his status window.

[On a Mission from the Earth Demon]
Life Coins: 2 (New)
Body normal.
Health: 7,306/7,708
Internal Energy: 3,600/7,070
Combat Strength: 30,000 (New)
[Equipment] (New)
Weapon: Short sword
Gloves: (Right Hand)
Armor: Eight Emperors Full Body Armor

Believe in my abilities. Seol-Hwi wasn’t weak anymore. He could judge the situation—he knew the opponent’s abilities.

Reward: Heavenly Dragon Pill

That pill would bring him closer to learning the Heavenly Demon’s martial arts in his Toolbox. The excitement helped him chase away the fear.

He was fully prepared. There was no more reason to delay.

[Using Stealth]

Seol-Hwi headed for the green building. Unlike the purple building, this was a stand-alone building and higher than the rest. It was a seven-story circular tower, tiled with blue tiles. Seol-Hwi quickly ascended the floors, aiming to get a good view.

Black Gold Squad was the best in the Supreme Pavilion; their captain was the best of them all. Abilities aside, he knew that his opponent would be different from the other people he’d dealt with.

Seol-Hwi got up to the seventh floor and crouched down while looking around. He could capture the whole arena in a glance from up there. The purple building sat in the center with the other six buildings arrayed around it; the green building he was in sat in the middle of the front row.

“...Huh?” Something caught his eye as he was examining the blue building. A man came running out of the building, jumping over several fences near the pond. His pursuer arrived a little late but ran to the pond without hesitation.

There was a scream, and then the moonlit pond was dyed red with blood.

That was just the beginning.

“Don’t follow me!”

“If you attack, you die!”


There was chaos on all sides. A man ran away through the grass. A person fled through the wall and was forced to his knees. A person lurked in the grass, waiting for his chance to attack.

But at their level, they couldn’t beat the strong.

The pursuer split their body in half.

They tried to lose them by running around the building but got caught.

The ambusher got hit before he could attack.

That wasn’t all. People dropped from the roofs.

Fuck. It’s like hunting… This wasn’t a fight. It was a massacre. The twelve who appeared at dawn had a vast advantage in experience and skills.

How the hell did I survive in my previous life? These people had the skills for chasing their opponents; even if he hid in the grass on the outskirts, they still could’ve hunted Seol-Hwi down.

Was it because of Stealth? Or was there another reason?

People continued to drop. Their treasures were taken.

Move a little… Seol-Hwi crouched lower. He could check out the other places.

Quite a long time passed, and he saw Shin Bi-Rang walk through the entrance. Seol-Hwi could immediately tell it was him, despite the distance, because he had <Objective> written over his head.

Let’s follow him.

No need to be afraid—he only needed one chance.

A young man clutched his chest, leaning against the wall and struggling to breathe. The floor was already soaked with blood, and his groans weakened with every passing second.

“Why… Why are you doing this?”

A few steps away, a man, the victor, looked down at him.

“Just… call it a whim?” Shin Bi-Rang crossed his arms and stared down at the Black Flame Squad leader, Cheok-Ho.

He didn’t leave? It was past midnight; this man had probably been caught up in his greed.

Which made it difficult to understand: why were two people from the same Pavilion fighting?

“If the Lord of the Supreme Pavilion finds out, you will be held accountable.”

“You really think that?” Shin Bi-Rang slowly advanced on Cheok-Ho. “Unfortunately, the discussion is already over.”


“He said that I can always get rid of those who are only after the treasure.”

“Urk…” Cheok-Ho clenched his teeth and tried one last, desperate attack—but Shin Bi-Rang was too fast for him.


Shin Bi-Rang’s fist struck Cheok-Ho’s chest, killing him instantly. It couldn’t be helped: the difference in their skills was too great.

He turned to the side. The man leaning against the wall was dead, too.

“Squad leaders don’t seem to be any good.” Shin Bi-Rang began searching Cheok-Ho’s body, pulling out four bamboo plaques and a few other items.

“Nothing but the black iron sword…” His face twisted in anger. He’d thought, considering they’d been here since yesterday, that they’d have more treasure. “Well, this is to be expected from their skills.”

He went to search the other corpse.

Mu Hwing
[Supreme Pavilion Squad Leader]
Health: 0(↓1,850)/1,850
Internal Energy: 0(↓1,250)/1,250

To kill someone from the same side. Seol-Hwi was anxious; clearly, this man had killed Cheok-Ho. All three came from the Supreme Pavilion. For some reason, Shin Bi-Rang was killing his comrades.

This isn’t important. I need to find his weakness.

Seol-Hwi had been watching this man for quite some time, but the status hadn’t shown up yet—but if he got closer, his opponent might detect him.

Ah, right! The grenade! He could approach Shin Bi-Rang while he was distracted. Let’s try it. Now is my best chance.

Shin Bi-Rang was busy searching the bodies. Seol-Hwi might never get a better chance. Even worse, more of these powerful people might show up.

[Cannot open Toolbox]

What now?!

[Nearby enemies have detected Seol-Hwi. In order to open the Toolbox, exit the area.]

What the fuck!?

There was nothing he could do but move away.

But something unexpected happened: as Seol-Hwi disappeared, Shin Bi-Rang walked out the front door.

[A great opportunity! Found a weakness in the Black Gold Squad leader, Shin Bi-Rang. How would you like to respond?]

Seol-Hwi’s eyes widened. Heaven’s luck!

He briefly debated using martial arts.

Too far. There was no guarantee it would succeed—there was just too much distance between them. Martial arts were most effective at close range.

▷ Attack
▷ Use Martial Arts
▷ Use Toolbox
▶ Approach the Opponent

Can’t help it. He immediately chose the last option.

<You have selected Approach the Opponent. Choose direction: North, South, East, West.>

South, the opposite of where Shin Bi-Rang was looking.

Shin Bi-Rang turned his head, but it was too late. Seol-Hwi was certain it was already over.

Without time to escape, Shin Bi-Rang was forced to jump back to avoid the attack—but the hasty movement ruined his posture.

[A great opportunity! Found a weakness in the Black Gold Squad leader, Shin Bi-Rang. How would you like to respond?]

This time, Seol-Hwi didn’t think about moving. He chose martial arts straight away.

Use Martial Arts → Peak Flourishing Demonic Martial Arts → Explosive Flaming Force (Basic)

He let loose with his strongest sword technique.


<Strong hit! Inflicted 8,210 damage to Shin Bi-Rang.>
Shin Bi-Rang
[Black Gold Squad Leader]
Health: 6,790(↓8,210)/15,000
Internal Energy: 9,595(↓2,405)/12,000
[Flying Squad Leader]
Health: 7,426/7,708
Internal Energy: 2,290(↓2,200)/7,070

Shin Bi-Rang staggered back from his attack. Seol-Hwi rushed forward, ready to use the White Light Demonic Sword.


To the left.


A downwards attack while he stepped closer.

“Kuak!” Shin Bi-Rang managed to stop it, despite his collapsing form. Seol-Hwi had expected this; the moment their swords met, he kicked Shin Bi-Rang in the chest. Shin Bi-Rang fell but quickly got back up.

Shin Bi-Rang
Health: 6,380(↓410/15,000

This time, Seol-Hwi took advantage of his armor instead of rushing in. Shin Bi-Rang immediately jumped to the side but couldn’t avoid the attack.

Shin Bi-Rang
Health: 5,740(↓640)/15,000

I can’t give up this chance! Seol-Hwi grit his teeth and powered forward.

He couldn’t worry about his life now. If his opponent had enough leeway to counterattack, Seol-Hwi was in trouble.

Seol-Hwi battered Shin Bi-Rang with the White Light Sword technique. On and on. Shin Bi-Rang staggered back—he couldn’t handle the assault. Seol-Hwi’s attack was too sudden, and his movements were too wild for Shin Bi-Rang to defend himself properly.

Shin Bi-Rang
Health: 4,620(↓1,120)/15,000

And then,

Right then,

[A great opportunity! Found a weakness in the Black Gold Squad leader, Shin Bi-Rang. How would you like to respond?]

I won! Seol-Hwi was euphoric.

But there was a fatal issue.

[Warning! Shin Bi-Rang has found a weakness in Seol-Hwi. How would you like to respond?]

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