Chapter 41 - Please set a schedule for the month (2)

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He remembered everything from the structure of the Black Tortoise Hall to the officers and what units they led. Everything Jeokpa had taught him, and especially his first formal education in martial arts. It was so much different from learning them on his own.

- Unified Light1 Demonic Martial Arts is similar to other martial arts in that the accumulated energy is burned away from the body—but in fact, it’s based on life. More correctly, you can think of this as a martial art which taps into the deepest energies of the dantian.

“Unified” refers to the harmony of the five elements. Simply put, it had a similar process and similar results, but the fundamental workings were different.

This was good—if he used his martial arts right, he’d be able to distinguish himself from the masses.

It took another month to learn the Unified Elimination martial arts to the intermediate level; it seemed the training was even more effective than before.

<One-month training results.>
Health increased by 20k.
Internal Energy increased by 20k.
Combat Power increased by 30k.
[Vice-Leader of the Hidden Truth Squad]
Health: 140k(↑20k)/140k
Internal Energy: 140k(↑20k)/140k
Combat Power: 450k(↑30k)/450k


A month had passed and somehow every moment was crystal-clear.

- What are you doing?!

His instructor’s face had changed constantly: the first month, he went from surprised to shocked; during the second month, he occasionally smiled or his eyes would twitch. On the last day, he pulled Seol-Hwi to the side and told him:

- Starting from tomorrow, we will learn the <Advanced> course.

“My body seems to be in good condition.” An entire two months of training and he felt better than ever. The Unified Light Demonic Martial Arts, a light martial art unlike his previous demonic martial arts, had a cultivation method that restored his body.

“Nothing to worry about. I’m still in the training period.”

<Please set a schedule for the 11th month of year 95. (3/36)>
▶ Hidden Truth Squad's Iconic Demonic Martial Arts <Advanced>

Time to learn the martial art in full.

In the mornings he had theory and discussion; in the afternoon, he trained. However, everything Jeokpa taught Seol-Hwi, he soaked up like a cotton ball in water—no study necessary. Some days, he spent the entire day training.

<Your understanding of the martial art is increasing.>
<Your understanding of the martial art is increasing.>

Time passed quickly. Naturally, Seol-Hwi thought that the training would stop at the end of the month, but when time stopped he wasn’t in the usual place.

<Day 16 of the 11th month.>

By sorting through the memories pouring into his head, it was easy to find the reason.

Three people? They’d been following him since he left the training hall. Time stopped as soon as he felt their energy, as it always did when something related to martial arts happened.

“You’re only coming out now?”

Three people appeared over the wall wearing black robes and with covered faces.

“You might not be an idiot. Hehehe.” The biggest of the three seemed to be grinning.

“Why did you follow me?”

“We made a bet. We’re gonna test who can use our new skills the best. You got picked as the target.”

Seol-Hwi realized that these people had been sent to monitor him, but had decided to pick a fight—that was why he could feel their energy.

“Hey, did we get the wrong guy? He looks like I could knock him down with one hit,” the skinny man—Gong Gwi, the system told him—said.

“This is why the squad-leader told us not to do this—they’re all kids.”

Their bickering was irritating Seol-Hwi.

[Hidden Truth Squad 4th-Year]
Health: 120k
Internal Energy: 90k
First-rate warrior
Combat Power: 180k

Gwiro was the big one.

Gong Gwi
[Hidden Truth Squad 4th-Year]
Health: 90k
Internal Energy: 80k
First-rate warrior
Combat Power: 150k

Gong Gwi was the skinny one.

[Hidden Truth Squad 4th-Year]
Health: 100k
Internal Energy: 80k
First-rate warrior
Combat Power: 160k

All 4th-years… And from the same squad. They either came from the Evil Emperor group or the Evil Snakes group, subsections of the Hidden Truth Squad with distinct roles and duties. The Evil Emperor team was known as their primary fighting power; the nature of their missions demanded only the best in the squad.

This is good. The chance to try the Unified Light Demonic Martial Arts on these unwitting volunteers was lifting his mood.

“I’ll go first.”

“Don’t overdo it. I need to have some fun too.”

“Puah. We can bury him and go find someone else.”

Seol-Hwi waited patiently while they talked amongst themselves and stretched his neck until the one with the big ears approached him.


Seol-Hwi closed in immediately and slammed his fist into his face. The man fell to the ground, shocked.

“I was curious too,” Seol-Hwi said while he drew his sword, “about how well I learned my martial arts.”

The men grabbed their swords nervously.

Seol-Hwi smiled at them. He didn’t need to use a fighting style on them, he just needed to stab and cut.

The biggest advantage of the Unified Light Demonic Martial Arts is its ability to counter attacks. As a bonus, every swing of the sword was faster than the last.

I was taught to examine position and posture when I moved my sword. Jeokpa’s teachings were very detailed.

Two on the right, one on the left. If they attack at the same time, the guy on the left will move to the right.

Seol-Hwi thought about using the White Palm Demonic Martial Arts, but stopped because he didn’t want to end up killing them. Instead, he gathered his thoughts and waited for them to attack.

Here they come!

Seol-Hwi’s eyes glittered as they ran. Their posture, their form, their weapons—all was clear in his eyes.

He stepped back and raised his sword, blocking all three attacks in a single move.

“What are you doing? Do your best.”

The three men flinched. They expected Seol-Hwi to die from a single hit, but instead he handily deflected their attacks. Anyone would be shocked.

Eventually, Gwiro, directly in front of Seol-Hwi, slammed his foot into the ground and launched himself at Seol-Hwi. Gong Gwi and Cheonso followed on the left and right shortly after.

Still, Seol-Hwi didn’t move. Once again, he parried every attack at once, then knocked the man on his right onto his butt, smacked another across the face with his sword, and in short order all three were on the ground.

Seol-Hwi felt ridiculous—surely there was a reason why they all went down so easily?

His movements and reaction speed were beyond what his opponents could handle. He was fully prepared for their attacks and slipped into their weak points, just like the fundamentals of the Unified Light Demonic Martial Arts taught him.

Now I understand the meaning behind the simplest of actions.

The AI did some damage to the squad leader, but couldn’t hurt him, because the Heukgu understood the essence of swordsmanship: minimal movements, not flashy techniques. A commitment to bringing down your opponent with the utmost efficiency.

Seol-Hwi’s three assailants were beginning to stand. Their eyes burned and demonic energy raged from their swords.

I can’t let them do that.

Seol-Hwi ran at them. They saw he was trying to attack them, but none of them had ever seen the footwork of the Four Peaks Demonic Martial Arts. By the time Seol-Hwi had closed, it was too late for them to use their swords.




He hit them in the chest, shoulder, and thigh, and they collapsed like sacks. Seol-Hwi closed his eyes and prepared to end it.

Huh? Time stopped again.

<Handled the squad members.>
<As a reward, combat power increased by 10k.>

Time resumed, but he found Jeokpa’s face in front of him.

- As of today, all of my teachings are complete.

With that, Seol-Hwi was back in the usual room.


<One-month training results.>
Health increased by 30k.
Internal Energy increased by 30k.
Combat Power increased by 50k.

All of his stats had increased dramatically.

[Vice-Leader of the Hidden Truth Squad]
Health: 170k(↑30k)/170k
Internal Energy: 170k(↑30k)/170k
Combat Power: 510k(↑50k)/510k

“Really…” He was growing incredibly quickly. Seol-Hwi turned his head, eager to continue.

<Please set a schedule for the 12th month of year 95. (4/36)>
▶ Learn martial arts
▷ Accept a mission
▷ Warrior training
▷ Walk around

There were a few changes. He’d mastered one martial art, so it wasn’t available anymore.

▶ Theory of Tracking Technique <Beginner>
▷ Understanding Blood Points <Beginner>
▷ Guidance of Management <Beginner>

He was done with it, so it hardly mattered.

<Theory of Tracking: Learn the mysterious sealing technique book.>

Seol-Hwi decided he’d learn everything he could in one year.

  1. This was translated as “One-Hit-Kill” or “One Strike Elimination” in earlier chapters. ↩️

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