Chapter 8 - Create Toolbox (1)

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"Come to the Supreme Pavilion at noon today," the Earth Demon told him.

<You received the first mission.>

-Status Window activated.

Was this God's trickery again? Seol-Hwi wasn't shocked—even unfamiliar words like "Status Window" didn't bother him anymore. He could read the words that came after it just fine.

[상태: "Status"]

Seol-Hwi [Leader of the Flying Faction]

Impaired right arm (movement restriction)

[수치: "Value"]

Health: 105/105

Internal Energy: 240/240

[기술: "Skills"]

Possessed Weapons: Heavenly Demon Sword, Seven Black Demon Sword, White Light Demonic Arts

Attack Skills: Feeble Wind Sword

It wasn't just his own status window that tickled his eyes.

[상태: "Status"]

Jeok Myung [Leader of another faction]

Normal body.

[수치: “Value”]

Health: 1,404/1,404

Internal Energy: 1,560/1,560

[기술: “Skills”]

Possessed Weapons: Shadowless Spirit Martial Arts, Rapid Six-Legged Sword, Stabbing Apparition Step

Attack Skills: Wind Sword. Advancing Wind, Support Wind

Defensive Skills: Retreating Step

"There's one thing I want to ask you." Seol-Hwi grabbed the Earth Demon as he was turning around. "Before you came here, where did the Earth Demon stay?"

"...Why do you want to know?"

"It's important to me. Above all else."

The Earth Demon stared intently at Seol-Hwi, attempting to discern his intentions.

"Well, when I have nothing to do, I stay at the top floor of the Heavenly Library. Does that answer your question?" He spoke casually as if he had nothing to hide.

"Thank you. I will kill him and come back."


And then the Earth Demon left.

"Earth Demon… You think I can kill Jeok Myung?" Seol-Hwi's hand stroked the hilt of his sword. Surely the Earth Demon knew Seol-Hwi, a bottom-rank, wouldn't be able to kill him. They might have come from the same sect, but their ranks were far different: the Flying Assassin Faction was a low-ranked group, while the Black Moon was an official arm of the Supreme Pavilion.

"That's why he gave me this mission. However, there's just one big mistake—there has to be a way for me to survive, despite the fight."

[수치: "Value"]

Health: 1,404/1,404

Jeok Myung's health—of course, it was much higher than his, but that didn't matter. Unless Seol-Hwi was mistaken, that meant he could die.

How was he supposed to kill him? His recently acquired ability: White Light Martial Arts.

Possessed Weapons: Shadowless Spirit Martial Arts, Rapid Six-Legged Sword, Stabbing Apparition Step

Seol-Hwi clenched his fist around the sword. He could see a path ahead; he had no idea where it lead, but at least he had a chance. "Never give up," as people said.

"Don't be afraid of staying alive. Survive…" Seol-Hwi grit his teeth, narrowing his eyes at the door the Earth Demon had left through.

"I will rise above you all!"

Seol-Hwi examined the White Light Martial Arts unfolding before him. Energy manifesting from a shadow—of course, Seol-Hwi couldn't fully embody it, but this much was enough. If he could strike Jeok Myung's vital points…

"Ha! Hmph!" Seol-Hwi leaned against the wall and experimentally flexed his energy.

The stone wall cracked with a "Bang!"

Seol-Hwi cleared his mind and lashed out with the sword again. The cracks became still deeper.

"It's definitely different from the Wind Sword." Seol-Hwi paused his training to examine his sword. A haze spread from the tip of his blade, an ability he'd never experienced in his previous life.

If only I could squeeze out the internal energy all at once… The attack would be more potent than it was now. If he was lucky, he could use the power in his swordsmanship.

"Now… the time has come." Seol-Hwi walked out the door.

In front of the door was a stick set up as a sundial; the lengthening shadows showed him it was getting closer to the appointed time.

"Don't be scared, Seol-Hwi," he told himself. Despite that, the fear didn't go away. "I've died a few times anyway. Even if it… right."

Seol-Hwi held the sword against his chest. He figured it was better to have it at the ready than leave it hanging from his waist—a surprise attack was one thing, but Seol-Hwi might not have time to draw his sword against Jeok Myung.

And then he was off to the Supreme Pavilion.

The fateful hour had come.

Where does he relax? When does he eat? When does he meet his lover—if not, when does he go to bed?

"Time to shit." Seol-Hwi was confident about that—he'd watched Jeok Myung for a long time. He beat people when he was bored, unoccupied, or just angry.

"He shits for a long time." Seol-Hwi was particularly confident about that.

The more Seol-Hwi thought about how to defeat Jeok-Myung, the more he was sure there was only one way: crawl under the toilet and get rid of him while doing his business.

Either way, he had to die.

"This is the best place." Seol-Hwi passed a few buildings and arrived at a relatively small one.

Refreshing Room—a rather ironic name. A dedicated place for five to six toilets between the trees.

"I need to take off my clothes." Jeok-Myung was more advanced than him. In order to defeat him, Seol-Hwi had to reduce the noise he made while moving—which meant removing his loose-fitting clothes and lowering his overall presence.

Just get over with it. Seol-Hwi grimaced. It was dirty and painful, but once should be enough. Killing once should be alright.

He hunched down to wait.

Seol-Hwi hid and waited through nightfall. A few people from the Black Moon passed by, but not his target; he wanted to ask them where Jeok Myung was but couldn't risk rousing their suspicion.

Hmm? Just then, a man passed through the narrow road. His yellow eyes immediately betrayed his identity to Seol-Hwi.

He's here! Seol-Hwi quickly stripped down and buried his clothes in a hole he'd dug in advance, then dived into the toilet hole.

"Ugh!" Seol-Hwi covered his nose.

I need to adjust. He jammed his face into the sticky shit. He was determined—he couldn't afford to miss this chance.

Here! The sound of the door opening set his heart pounding. The tension seemed to make the smell fade a little.


Where? Which side is he shitting? Seol-Hwi looked around frantically when he heard pants dropping.


Far right. Seol-Hwi's eyes lit up—at the same time, he was more cautious than ever. Slowly. I need to move slowly, so he doesn't feel my presence.


Sounded like Jeok Myung had an upset stomach. Seol-Hwi felt glad; the more noise Jeok Myung's bowels made, the easier it would be to hide his movements.

Almost done. Seol-Hwi looked up, straight at a man's buttcheeks.

One… just once.

Seol-Hwi roused his internal energy and tightened his grip on the sword. He'd kill Jeok Myung with everything he's got.


Something fell on his face.


Ahh… Seol-Hwi shook his head. He'd almost lost it.

I need to kill him! It was the only thing keeping him in this shit.

Seol-Hwi tightened his grip on his sword again, drawing his strength from the dantian and into the blade. He gathered himself to use the White Light Martial—


Ah, fuck! A fat one fell on his head.

He pulled his head back and swung his sword.

[You used Great Sword!]


That wasn't all.

[A golden opportunity! Found Jeok Myung's weakness. Inflicts massive damage!]

Seol-Hwi's body moved on its own.

N—NO! Seol-Hwi desperately tried to throw away the sword, to no avail.


The sight of Jeok Myung's ass splitting open like a watermelon blinded his eyes. Surprised, Seol-Hwi looked down at his blade lying in the pool of shit.

Shockingly, a faint energy emanated from the tip of the sword.

Sword Energy!

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