Chapter 103 - Drive Out by Force

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Su Jin was now very good at using his Psychokinetic Spirit Power. Every time he completed a Challenge, besides learning and practising fighting techniques, he would also set aside a large amount of time to find out more about his psychokinesis. Xu Ran had told him before that when his psychokinesis reaches a certain point, it would be able to foretell future events.

While Su Jin’s psychokinesis hadn’t reached that point yet, he was still able to use it to sense nearby dangers. And now, he could sense that danger was right in front of him.

“HA!” Su Jin let out a shout, but he didn’t retrieve his Boning Knife. Instead, he held onto Rumor that was stuck in Chen Xin’er’s shoulder, pulled it out, then unleashed his Psychokinetic Spirit Power to push himself backwards. But a moment before he flew backwards, he felt a pain in his chest.

Once he was quite some distance away from Chen Xin’er, he realized that a black tube was stabbed into his chest. He didn’t know what it was made from, but it was black all over and was able to pierce through his skin easily. If he hadn’t used his Spirit Power to force them apart in time, this black tube would have made it to his heart.

“Teehee! Your reaction’s pretty quick! You actually managed to dodge my attack.” Chen Xin’er didn’t look hurt anymore. She stood confidently before Su Jin and gave him a mocking smile.

“Pride!” hissed Su Jin. He thought that after he drove it out from his own body, it would disappear like Greed. He didn’t expect it to possess Chen Xin’er instead and launch a secret attack on him. He nearly died from that.

Su Jin grabbed the end of the tube that was sticking out and pulled it right out. This tube was hollow in the middle, so if he didn’t remove it, his blood would keep flowing out of it and his life would be in danger from losing too much blood.

“Of course it’s me! You weren’t very cooperative, but this girl is different! She can’t refuse me at all! She’s such an obedient child! How nice!” Pride touched Chen Xin’er’s face and seemed very pleased indeed.

Su Jin narrowed his eyes and retrieved his Boning Knife. It wasn’t hard for him to kill Chen Xin’er, even when she was possessed. The Demon Lord’s Longbow would be powerful enough to turn her into dust. But Su Jin didn’t want to kill her. If he could, he would rather save her.

Pride clearly realized that Su Jin was difficult to deal with. That was why he tried to make use of Su Jin to injure Chen Xin’er, so that after Su Jin drove him out, he could possess the weakened Chen Xin’er without any problem.

“Time to die!” Pride roared angrily as he moved Chen Xin’er’s body at an alarming speed.

Su Jin was shocked by Chen Xin’er’s speed, but also furious at the same time. Pride was draining the life out of Chen Xin’er, pushing her body over its limit. Even if Su Jin could really drive Pride out of Chen Xin’er’s body, it was going to be hard for Chen Xin’er to survive after that.

Boom! Pride reached Su Jin in seconds. He swung a fist that glowed milky white towards Su Jin’s jaw while his lower half raised his leg at an angle that should have been humanly impossible towards Su Jin’s abdomen.

Su Jin was certain that Chen Xin’er was going to die at the rate Pride was abusing her body like this, so he slammed a palm on his Handbook and the Gift from the Gods immediately wrapped itself around him and flapped in the wind.

Thanks to this cloak, Su Jin was able to fend himself against the two simultaneous attacks from Pride. But the impact of these attacks were still very powerful. Even with the cloak on, Su Jin was still hurt to a certain extent and was sent flying right out.

“When Pride was trying to control me, he had to get my permission first. But when it comes to Chen Xin’er, it seems like he is able to just take over her body. I’m not being complacent here. I do have something that can fight against this Original Sin.” As Su Jin adjusted his stance to get ready for Pride’s next attack, his mind started to analyze this situation. He felt like he did have something that could drive these Original Sins out of his body, just like what he did to Pride just now.

“The difference is that I’ve got Psychokinetic Spirit Power and I understood the deeper meaning behind sins…that’s right! That’s it! The Original Sins are unforgivable because a religion has defined them as unforgivable sins. But I don’t believe that sin is certain and unchangeable, because it depends on how the parameters are defined. You have to define the law for a crime to exist. So, for as long as I deny his existence…these Original Sins will be unable to affect me!” Su Jin’s eyes lit up.

While using the Gift from the Gods to protect himself from Pride’s attacks, he also started trying to drive Pride out. When Pride came close to him to launch an attack, he latched his Spirit Power onto Chen Xin’er.

“Pride! I do not acknowledge your existence and I’m banishing you right now!” yelled Su Jin loudly. His heart affirmed what he had just said and refused to acknowledge Pride’s existence.

Chen Xin’er’s body lurched violently and a milky white liquid flowed out from her mouth, nose and ears, quickly gathering together to form something else instead.

“Damn it!” Su Jin didn’t quite expect this to happen. The milky white liquid had solidified into a strange creature with the body of a human, but a gigantic ball for a head that kept switching faces like a television screen.

Su Jin shot Rumor out and used his psychokinesis to pull Chen Xin’er towards him. Then he activated his Walking on Air skill immediately. His instinct told him that this monster was extremely powerful, so the wise thing to do was to escape and not fight it head on.

Walking on Air sounded like it was a skill that could help Su Jin to fly, but it actually just did what its name said. Su Jin could now walk in the air like he walked on land, so how quickly he walked on land would determine how quickly he walked in the air as well. If he only moved as slowly as a tortoise, it would be the same in the air as well.

But Su Jin was very strong now, so he could run so quickly, all anybody could see would be a blur. He was going very quickly, but when he used his psychokinesis to check the situation behind him, he realized that Pride was still on his tail and was actually about to catch up with him.

“This won’t do! The fact that I have to carry someone along is slowing me down!” Su Jin looked down at Chen Xin’er and got a shock. Chen Xin’er was no longer breathing. In fact, she died the moment he drove Pride out of her body.

In that moment, Su Jin didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t sure if Chen Xin’er had died because Pride had pushed her body over its limits, or if it was because he had forcibly driven Pride out from her body and caused her death. If it was the latter, that would make Su Jin her killer.

While Su Jin was wallowing in guilt, Pride had overtaken Su Jin and stood in his way. The ball of light on its head kept changing its face, so when it spoke to Su Jin, its voice kept changing as well. Sometimes it had a male voice, sometimes a female voice, a child’s voice, an old person’s voice, anything.

“You don’t have to run anymore! She’s already dead, so I’ve gotten what I wanted!” said Pride to Su Jin.

Su Jin gritted his teeth and hissed hatefully, “Since that’s the case, why were you still running after me?”

“Oh, that’s because I love to look upon the faces of those who’ve lost! The way you look like you want to cry but are unable to really brings me joy! I never get sick of it! Haha!”

Su Jin was really infuriated by Pride’s sadistic desires. He put Chen Xin’er’s body down, then slammed a hand on his Handbook to retrieve the Demon Lord’s Longbow.

“I’m going to kill you!” yelled Su Jin.

“Only a god can kill me! You? You can’t!” Pride had reverence for deities, but it despised a human like Su Jin. Pride might have had trouble controlling Su Jin, but it was sure that Su Jin would never be able to hurt it.

Su Jin didn’t care about what was going through Pride’s mind. He pulled the string back and sent out the Roar of the Demon Lord at Pride. The Demon Lord Spirit Power clashed with his Psychokinetic Spirit Power, which caused him great pain inside. Perspiration dripped down his face as he endured the pain and used a bit of his psychokinesis to set Pride as the target.

The previous complacent and confident Pride suddenly started running in horror. It could sense the power that the Demon Lord’s Longbow carried. It knew that even if it didn’t die from this attack, it would be severely injured. If Su Jin was able to shoot more arrows consecutively, it might seriously die.

Sparkles shot through the air and aimed straight for its target like a target missile, chasing straight for Pride no matter which direction Pride ran in. But Pride was not human, so it scattered itself, abandoning the strange body it had created for himself out of the milky liquid and disappeared completely.

After it had lost its target, the Roar of the Demon Lord also stopped advancing. Su Jin collapsed onto the ground and panted heavily. His heart was filled with guilt as he looked at Chen Xin’er’s body. He felt so apologetic.

“Pride…perhaps Pride was right. It was my pride that killed Chen Xin’er!” Su Jin slapped himself on the face. The pain he felt was exacerbated by the heat of the desert.

But he didn’t just sit there and keep blaming himself. The other Original Sins were going after the other owners, so he had to look for them first.

When they bid each other farewell earlier, he had left a tiny bit of his psychokinesis on each of them. But it was a very small amount, so unless they were very close by, he wouldn’t be able to sense where they were. But it was better than nothing.

He didn’t continue using Walking on Air since he had already consumed a lot of his Spirit Power already and he had to save some for the dangers ahead. He swallowed a leaf from the Tree of Life to help his body to recover, then picked a direction and started heading down that way as quickly as he could.

After a long time, he finally picked up a signal. He started moving faster towards it and could see a person from afar. But that person was hung on a spear and flapped in the warm desert wind, like a human shaped flag.

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