Chapter 141 - Battle In The Air

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Su Jin sounded so much like the male lead of a billionaire CEO novel. If he had the crazed and confident smile of a young master, he might have garnered some fans. Unfortunately, neither Kano Mai nor Chen Duo were in the mood to play along with him.

“Can you please be serious?” Kano Mai rolled her eyes at Su Jin.

He looked sadly at her and said, “I’m being serious here. We’re going to fly through the airspace above the safe zone in a moment, so I need both of you to hang on to me. Also, Mai, I’ll need you to give me a push from behind. We’re going to jump off this aircraft.”

“Jump off this aircraft?” Chen Duo’s face paled. From their current height, the Safe Zone was merely a small dot in the ground. If they jumped like that, even if they didn’t end up crash landing and dying, there was no guarantee that they would be able to land exactly where they wanted either.

“That’s one way, I guess. But aren’t you afraid of heights?” asked Kano Mai in a serious tone. Chen Duo paled even more when she realized that Kano Mai seemed agreeable with this insane plan to just jump out of the plane.

Su Jin sighed and said, “That’s why I need you to give me a push from behind! I won’t have the guts to keep my eyes open on our way down, so just tell me which way we have to go and I’ll adjust accordingly.”

Kano Mai thought about this for a moment and figured that the plan could work, so she nodded in agreement. Chen Duo immediately spoke up, “W-wait a minute! Are you sure about this? Aren’t we going to die if we jump from such a height?”

“Don’t worry about that! Our team leader can handle it,” said Kano Mai confidently as she patted Su Jin on the shoulders. Chen Duo nearly fainted. Just because Su Jin could handle it didn’t mean she could too!

Unfortunately for her, she had the least say over what they ought to do. If she didn’t go with this plan, she would have to allow the plane to land where there were zombies. Her survival rate in such a situation without Su Jin’s protection was just as low as jumping off the plane.

The plane was about to fly over the Safe Zone. Su Jin carried Chu Yi on his back, held Chen Duo in his arms and kicked the cabin door off the plane again. The air current rushed into the plane and it was hard for any of them to open their eyes.

“Here we go!” That was all the warning Kano Mai gave before kicking Chu Yi in the back, causing the three to fall out of the plane. She leaped out behind them and grabbed hold of Chu Yi’s back.

The four of them kept spinning in the air as they descended. The temperature at that height was very low and the air currents pushed hard at them. It was very difficult for anyone without proper training to keep their body from spinning out of control.

However, none of this was difficult for Su Jin. He was really strong and had control over even the minutest muscle in his body. Movements that others took a long time of practicing to learn were mastered by Su Jin in minutes.

“Move to the right a little, otherwise we’ll fall outside the Safe Zone.” Kano Mai’s Spirit Power had been deactivated, but her body had gone through one round of strengthening before this. Her strengthened eyes were now able to see everything below clearly despite being a few thousand meters above ground.

Su Jin spread his arms out and moved himself according to Kano Mai’s instructions. The rushing air currents helped him to adjust his direction very easily. Chu Yi was trying to bite his neck, but Su Jin wasn’t bothered by that, since there was no way a zombie at Chu Yi’s level could actually get through his skin. So, unless Chu Yi suddenly became a Level 4 Mutant, Su Jin was happy to let Chu Yi grind his teeth down.

At the same time, Chen Duo was screaming her lungs out. She also had a fear of heights and her screaming had not stopped since they leaped out of the plane. Su Jin really hoped she would just faint from fright, but her consciousness seemed particularly resilient and she refused to faint. Her screaming only got louder as time passed.

Su Jin endured her screaming and kept adjusting his angle and position, while Kano Mai continued being an excellent co-pilot. Just then, a black figure leaped into the air towards them.

“Watch out, that large thing is coming for us,” Kano Mai warned Su Jin a little nervously.

Su Jin sighed, then pulled Chen Duo off his chest. Chen Duo started clawing at him desperately in horror, preferring to remain in his embrace.

“Stop struggling, stay up there for a while,” Su Jin yelled at her before holding her up. Kano Mai caught hold of Chen Duo and held onto her. She knew that Su Jin was going to fight the monster head on.

After more than ten seconds had passed, the black figure grew larger and larger in size. The nearly 20-meter tall figure soon appeared in its entirety in front of Su Jin and threw a punch at him.

Su Jin clenched his teeth and opened his eyes to throw a punch at the monster as well. Su Jin was much smaller compared to the monster, but their strength was equally matched.

“UGGGHHHH! ARRRGGHHH!” Every fiber of this Level 4 Mutant was making unintelligible noises. The monster was made from nothing but zombies. Their expressions were threatening as they swung their arms about, hoping to grab hold of Su Jin as he swung a punch towards the monster.

“DIE” Su Jin bellowed. The zombies did not get the chance to grab hold of him because the sheer wind created by Su Jin’s actions had hit the monster before their fists collided.

Boom! The two figures were like the repelling poles of a magnet as they flew backwards away from each other. Su Jin felt like the flesh of his arm was about to tear apart. The impact of the collision almost shattered his arm.

This was the first time something like that was happening to Su Jin after he took the High Level Body Strengthening Elixir. The Level 4 Mutant turned out to be a truly powerful being that could match him in terms of physical body strength.

Meanwhile, the Level 4 Mutant itself was not doing much better. The arm it had used to attack Su Jin had exploded upon impact. Su Jin was pleased that the mutant had suffered more damage. After all, the mutant had to go against gravity to punch him, while Su Jin had thrown a punch from above, so gravity was on his side.

The Level 4 Mutant continued to growl angrily. It flung out its other good arm and the zombies that the arm was comprised of were only connected at their heads and feet, so they could be extended like a long chain. This chain of zombies was like a whip as it flew towards Su Jin.

Su Jin reacted quickly by pulling out more than ten steak knives from his belt and flinging them out at once. Each knife would stab through a few dozen zombies, so after all the knives had hit their targets, the Level 4 Mutant basically lost its other arm.

Chen Duo hid in Kano Mai’s arms and watched the fight with a look of disbelief on her face. Su Jin was a formidable fighter, but he hadn’t used anything supernatural, so she just took it that Su Jin was some incredible martial artist, like the ones she had watched on TV.

At the same time, fighting a 20-meter tall monster while being suspended in mid-air didn’t seem like something a mere martial artist could do. This fight scene seemed more like something out of a cultivation novel rather than a martial arts novel.

The mutant saw that Su Jin was going to swing another punch from above at it, so it took a step backwards and fell onto the ground. It growled loudly once it landed and countless zombies rushed towards it to form new arms.

Su Jin gasped in horror. The mutant was actually able to repair its body just like that. In other words, for as long as there were zombies in the world, the mutant would always be able to repair any part of its body infinitely.

Now that the mutant had shifted, Su Jin’s oncoming attack was blocked and the impact had lessened significantly. The mutant got up from the ground and blocked Su Jin’s next attack.

The mutant’s arms were now a lot thicker than before, as if it had purposely gathered more zombies in order to deal with Su Jin. Its fist had brushed past Su Jin in less than a second, but Su Jin noticed something and was stunned for a moment.

He saw a few familiar faces on the fist of the mutant. Ju Xinlan, Zhang Lei, Shen Hongjiang and Professor Charlemagne made it here, but they had all become zombies that growled fiercely at Su Jin.

During the time he was stunned, the mutant’s fist had nearly reached him. He didn’t have the space to swing his fist as hard as before, so even if he did try to throw a punch, the impact wouldn’t be as great.

He forced his body to turn and narrowly dodged the oncoming wind caused by the mutant’s punch. He exerted some force in his legs and used them to press down one of the zombies on the mutant’s fist from both sides. And of all the zombies, his legs happened to grab hold of Ju Xinlan.

Boom! Su Jin’s legs were too strong and squeezing Ju Xinlan’s zombie body between them smashed her body to pieces. That alarmed Su Jin for a moment – he really hadn’t meant to be disrespectful to a dead body, no matter what Ju Xinlan had done in the past.

“I guess you’re just unlucky,” muttered Su Jin with the shake of his head. But now that he had become just like one of the zombies that formed the mutant’s fist, he used the force from the mutant’s punch to fly towards the Safe Zone.

The momentum from the mutant’s punch helped Su Jin to fly faster than if he had leaped off the mutant himself, which made the mutant furious. But there was nothing the mutant could do. Even if it shot another chain of zombies at Su Jin, it wouldn’t be enough to catch up with him.

A whooshing sound filled their ears as they came closer and closer to the Safe Zone. Kano Mai’s expression remained unfazed by everything that just happened, Chu Yi was still trying to find a way to chomp on Su Jin’s neck, while Chen Duo’s eyes were as wide as saucers. To her, they were still going to die if they were to do a crash landing in the Safe Zone. This time, it wasn’t because they were falling from too great a height, but because they were flying at too high a speed.

As they came closer to land, Chen Duo began to despair, but Su Jin looked just as confident as before. Just before they landed, Su Jin suddenly sucked in a huge amount of air, then blew it out as hard as he could.

This rush of air out of his mouth served as an emergency brake of sorts that slowed them down sufficiently. It made Su Jin fly backwards a little, but it was within what Su Jin could handle. He used his legs to adjust the speed and finally landed all four of them safely on the ground.

The people in the Safe Zone were all alarmed when Su Jin literally fell from the sky. They had witnessed the battle earlier as well.

“Who are you?” yelled one man who looked like he was the leader.

Su Jin looked at him, then placed a glass test tube on the ground and said, “This is a substance that can poison zombies to death. A Professor Charlemagne said that it’s the only hope that this world has.”

Immediately after he said those words, Su Jin’s entire world blacked out.

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