Chapter 145 - Su Jin Vs Situ Jin

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Su Jin received a phone call from his father. His father spent several minutes complaining about how his wife had hit him, but shortly after he hung up, his mother came calling to complain about how her husband had hit her.

He sighed helplessly when he heard what they told him. His parents were generally a little too money minded, but they were fine in other aspects. If they told him that someone else had hit them, Su Jin would have rolled his sleeves up and thrashed that person. But if it was a fight between the two of them, there was nothing he could do about it. He was going to get scolded if he sided with either of them.

In the end, he could only try to counsel them and listen to what led to this fight. Since it started over a bunch of eggs, he figured that they would forget all about it in no time.

After promising to visit during the new year holiday, he finally hung up and slumped down on the couch. Kano Mai was already in a giggling fit. This was definitely the first time she had heard about an old couple getting into a physical fight over eating two eggs.

“They’re not usually like this, I swear!” Su Jin didn’t know how to explain the situation to her, since it only made her laugh even harder.

“I get it, I get it,” said Kano Mai through her wheezing as she held a hand up to stop Su Jin from explaining. But that only made Su Jin wish he could bury himself in the floor right now.

Just then, Su Jin’s phone started ringing again. His phone normally almost never rang, so he was really dreading this phone call. He took a look at the screen and was surprised that it was his younger sister this time.

“What’s going on? Why is everybody calling me?” Su Jin picked up the call and heard Su Qing’s voice, “Jin! Whatcha doing now?”


“Hello, Brother Su,” another female voice spoke into the phone.

Su Jin was confused initially before identifying this voice as Yang Mengmeng’s. He laughed and said, “Hello, Mengmeng. How’s your mother? Is she better?”

“Yes, she’s a lot better now. She said that she wanted to treat you to a meal or something to thank you!” Yang Mengmeng sounded really happy.

“Hey, if you want to talk to my brother, I’ll give you his number later. Let me get down to business first,” said Su Qing as she took the phone back from her friend. “Jin, I…I picked up someone on my way home from school.”

“If you’ve picked something up, just give it to the pol—wait, you picked up what?!” Su Jin finally realized the problem with what his sister just told him. “You picked up a person?! A cat or a dog is fine but why did you pick up a person? Bring them to the police too!”

“Bro! Let me finish! This guy seems to know who you are. He was asking about you before he fainted,” explained Su Qing.

“Before he fainted? What? Why did he faint?” Su Jin’s head was throbbing really badly now. It was ridiculous enough that his parents had gotten into a fist fight over two eggs, and now his younger sister had picked up someone who had fainted? What was going on?

“That’s not the point! The point is that he knows who you are!”

Su Jin sighed. He was too tired to chide his sister, so he went straight to the point. “Do you know what his name is?”

“He didn’t say, but I found his ID in his wallet and he’s got a strange name. He’s got a compound surname and his full name’s Situ Jin,” said Su Qing.

“What? Did you just say his name was Situ Jin?!” Su Jin nearly exploded. His first thought was that Situ Jin had tried to harm his sister, but somehow failed and ended up fainting in front of Su Qing.

Su Jin’s imagination began to run wild. Could it be that Situ Jin was trying to take revenge on him in a different way? Was Situ Jin trying to gain his sister’s affection, then dump her so that his sister would be emotionally hurt forever?

“This guy’s pretty handsome though. He’s a friend of yours, right?” asked Su Qing.

I was right! Su Jin was even more wary now, but he suddenly realized something else. Based on their age difference, Situ Jin was more than ten years her senior. Did his sister have a thing for older men?

“Oh! Oh! He’s waking up!” exclaimed Su Qing.

Su Jin’s expression fell. “Su Qing, pass the phone to him, then you two…hide yourselves somewhere. I need to talk to him about some business matters.”

Su Qing felt that her brother was talking strangely but since those were his instructions, she chose to listen to them. She passed her phone to Situ Jin, then ran off to hide somewhere else with Yang Mengmeng.

“Hello, who’s this?” Situ Jin was puzzled as to why Su Qing had passed him her phone. His head hurt terribly, so his tone of voice was rather nasty as well.

“Listen up, Situ Jin. If you dare to hurt any of my family members, then I’m not going to care about who I’ve promised before. I’ll make sure you die horribly!” Su Jin’s voice was cold and ruthless because he was really angry this time. Every person had a boundary that they did not allow others to cross. For Su Jin, it was his family.

“Who in the world are you? What the hell are you talking about?” Situ Jin couldn’t understand what the other person was talking about at all. A few moments later, it suddenly hit him. He said in a low voice, “Are you Su Jin?”

“That’s right! I’m Su Jin! If you have a problem with me, then come for me! If you dare to hurt my family, I’ll kill you!”

Situ Jin was stunned by how aggressive Su Jin was, but he snapped back in an equally unfriendly voice, “Fine! Where are you now? I’ll go over right now!”

“I’m at Cloud Mountain in Z Province, Flying Cloud Hotel. I’ll be waiting for you here. Also, just another reminder, do NOT hurt my family.” Su Jin was still afraid that Situ Jin would hurt Su Qing. After all, even though Su Jin was much more formidable compared to Situ Jin, he was too far from his sister to help her, so the best he could do was to warn him verbally.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Situ Jin then hung up on Su Jin. A faint smile spread across his lips. Initially, he meant to collect information on Su Jin in secret and didn’t want Su Jin to find out so quickly, since Su Jin was too tough an opponent for him to handle. But even though Su Jin now knew that he had been keeping tabs on his family members, he wasn’t afraid of Su Jin.

He walked over to where Su Qing was hiding and returned her the phone. Then he asked puzzledly, “By the way, what happened to me just now? Did I faint? I don’t remember what happened earlier anymore.”

“Oh! Yes! This thing suddenly shone very brightly in your face and you fainted. Is it epilepsy?” asked Su Qing curiously.

Situ Jin stared at the item in Su Qing’s hand in disbelief. Su Qing had basically erased his most recent memory. Crap, he thought, what happened just before I fainted?

If he hadn’t already promised Su Jin not to hurt Su Qing, he might have tried to force her to tell him what happened earlier. He ended up just walking away without saying a word, leaving behind a very confused Su Qing and Yang Mengmeng.

“Spectacles, get me a ticket to Z Province for today. The earlier, the better,” Situ Jin called Spectacles to help him arrange for a flight.

The next day, Situ Jin arrived in Z Province around noon. He headed straight for Flying Cloud Hotel and Su Jin was already standing at the entrance to the hotel and glowering at him.

Su Jin did not say anything and started walking, so Situ Jin quickly followed behind him. Su Jin kept to mostly secluded pathways and it didn’t take long for them to arrive at terrain that was clearly not possible for an ordinary human to pass through without equipment.

“Mai, is he still behind me?” Su Jin used a device to talk to Kano Mai.

“Don’t worry, Jin, he’s right on your trail. He’s pretty good,” said Kano Mai.

Su Jin nodded and continued walking until there was really no path of any sort. He had arrived in a valley and turned around to see that Situ Jin was really right behind him. No wonder Kano Mai had said that he was pretty good.

“I don’t think you’ve got good intentions in leading me to a place like this.” Situ Jin sensed something was amiss. The murderous look in Su Jin’s eyes told him that this young man was serious about attacking him, and that actually made Situ Jin a little excited.

“I just don’t want to attract too much attention,” said Su Jin with a scoff. He motioned to Situ Jin and said, “You can make the first attack. I’ll give you a fair chance.”

Without hesitation, Situ Jin flung a stun grenade at Su Jin. Su Jin didn’t expect that, so the burst of light from the grenade made him unable to see anything. But of course, that wasn’t a problem for Su Jin.

During this time, Situ Jin had gotten much closer to Su Jin. He flicked a short club made from a special sort of alloy at Su Jin. The club immediately grew in length and was aimed at Su Jin’s ribs.

Dang! The club did not hit Su Jin’s ribs, but was caught by Su Jin instead. Situ Jin immediately gave up on using that weapon and did a somersault backwards. Then he exerted force in his legs and leaped into the air.

That alone was enough to prove that Situ Jin was a really agile fighter. The two movements had given him more space between himself and Su Jin, but before he could land back down on the ground, he suddenly saw a shadow over his head.

Su Jin let out a low shout. His body was so strong now that he didn’t need any fancy moves or techniques to defeat an ordinary highly skilled fighter. All he needed was a burst of energy and speed.

Situ Jin felt as though a mountain was weighing on him. But he continued to hold up against the pressure, his body stiffening like a nail sticking out of a piece of wood. At the same time, a white glow burst from his hands and covered his entire body.

Everything happened within seconds. Situ Jin was covered in cold sweat, and when he was within the protection of the white glow, he realized that Su Jin hadn’t even moved a single inch. Su Jin was still standing exactly where he was and everything he experienced earlier seemed like nothing but an illusion.

This threw Situ Jin off completely. Was that shadow and all really just an illusion? But if it was merely an illusion, that terrifying pressure he felt couldn’t have seemed so real. In other words, Su Jin hadn’t moved. His imposing aura was enough to fight another person.

“That’s how much more formidable he is?” Situ Jin looked at his Handbook in dismay. That white glow had actually been a defense item he owned. He hadn’t been in any danger, yet he had felt so threatened that he activated it.

At the same time, Su Jin’s expression was one of pure shock. “You…you’re a Hell’s Handbook owner?”

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