Episode 162

Thrashing Situ Jin
1 year ago
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Situ Jin didn’t have a lot of points left, so the only thing that Su Jin and Kano Mai felt would really help him to increase his prowess in the shortest time possible would be to give him as much actual experience in fighting as possible.

“Later on, Chu Yi and I will take turns to fight you. We can spend a long time training in here, so we’ve got more than enough time to turn you into a really experience warrior.” This plan wasn’t just beneficial to Situ Jin, but it was also great for himself and Chu Yi.

Situ Jin didn’t object to this idea. Training together required each owner to give up a certain number of points, but it was better this way. There were certain limitations in the sort of personal training the Handbook could provide, so it was more effective for owners to fight each other.

After waiting for a while more, Chu Yi finally appeared. He still looked downcast and forced himself to smile when he saw his three team mates.

“Are you alright?” Su Jin asked worriedly. He had no idea what Chu Yi had gone through earlier, but based on Chu Yi’s final answer, it was clear that it had something to do with Chu Yi’s father and it was likely that Chu Yi had actually caused the death of his own father.

“I’m alright. Thank you, Boss. If not for you, I think I’d have died this time,” Chu Yi thanked Su Jin. He knew that it was Su Jin’s psychokinesis that had helped him snap out of his emotions sufficiently for him to make a rational decision.

“I’m glad you’re alright. After discussing just now, we decided to do a joint training so that Situ can accumulate some experience. I’ll need you to put in some effort later,” said Su Jin to Chu Yi with a pat on his shoulder.

Chu Yi looked at Situ Jin, then grabbed the older man’s hand and said gratefully, “Thank you so much, Bro! I’m feeling really awful now and I think I’ll feel better after bashing you up.”

Situ Jin’s lips twitched and he scoffed. “We can’t say for sure who would be bashing who.”

“Ha! You’re right, you’re right!” Chu Yi nodded while stretching his limbs.

They quickly proceeded to exchange their points for the joint training. They soon found themselves in the midst of a huge arena, like a stadium without seats. A lighted screen filled with words appeared in front of Su Jin. It was actually a full menu selection.

“Oh! I can use this to choose what sort of arena I want!” After looking through the options, Su Jin realized that this place could perfectly replicate any weather, terrain and environment to give the owners the most perfect experience possible.

“We’re just starting out, so I don’t need anything complex. A basic fighting arena will do,” mumbled Su Jin as he selected some options on the screen. The floor switched from grass to granite. This flooring was nice and solid, and Su Jin had specially chosen this for Chu Yi.

“Chu Yi, you can go first. Try not to kill him, okay?” Su Jin said to Chu Yi.

Situ Jin raised an eyebrow and felt that Su Jin had underestimated him. At Cloud Mountain, he had witnessed what Su Jin was capable of, so he felt that even if Chu Yi was stronger than himself, he didn’t think he would lose very badly to Chu Yi.

“Don’t finish him off in one second, you hear me,” Su Jin added.

“Humph! If he’s capable of doing that, I welcome him.” Situ Jin really felt that he was being despised, so he was prepared to give it his best shot. He was going to show Su Jin and the rest that he wasn’t just some useless bum.

Chu Yi had a cheeky smile on his face. “Oh dear, who should I be listening to?”

“It’s up to you!” Su Jin snorted. Situ Jin was definitely one notch above an average human being, but Handbook owners were not average human beings in the least.

“Mai, let’s make a bet. How long do you think Situ Jin will last?” asked Su Jin with a grin after Situ Jin and Chu Yi stood facing each other in the arena, ready to fight anytime. The screen in front of Su Jin had a timer that would start once the two of them began their battle.

Kano Mai immediately replied, “This is a close range fight. One is a veteran with Spirit Power, while even though the other has gone through a few Challenges, he spent most of his points on items that don’t make himself stronger in any way. This fight isn’t going to last more than ten seconds.”

Su Jin shook his head a little disappointedly at this response and said, “Then there’s no point in making a bet. I’m also sure that Situ Jin won’t hold out longer than ten seconds.”

Situ Jin frowned even harder when he heard the conversation between the two onlookers. At the same time, he became more cautious. If both of them regarded Chu Yi so highly, it meant that Chu Yi was probably really not bad.

“Gentlemen, if you’re both ready, you may begin!” Su Jin said to both of them.

Immediately after Su Jin said that, Situ Jin leaped forward like an arrow that had just been released from the bowstring as a vajra appeared in his hand. This was a weapon of his. It was a very unusual item he had come across on his first hunt and he had taken it by force from the owner he had targeted.

The vajra could not unleash any special attacks since Situ Jin was not a veteran, but it was still a really sharp weapon. It could cut through metal like a piece of paper.

Chu Yi behaved like he was slow in reacting. The pointed end of the vajra was already almost at his chest. Situ Jin could go all out because neither had to worry about dying here. The Hell Domain would heal them of any injury immediately, so their lives weren’t in any danger.

The timer had just started and the vajra had already reached Chu Yi’s chest. But it stopped again almost immediately after that.

Chu Yi’s arm was raised and his palm was flat, while Situ Jin was lying unconscious on the floor.

Su Jin replayed what happened earlier. The instant Situ Jin’s vajra had touched Chu Yi, Chu Yi took a deep breath such that his chest caved in a little, then he raised his right flattened palm and brought it down on Situ Jin’s neck like a guillotine.

Situ Jin’s neck was clearly twisted as he lay on the floor. If this happened to him anywhere else, he would have died by now. But not within the Hell Domain.

In no time, Situ Jin had fully recovered and he sat up again. He looked at the others in confusion because he had no idea what just happened. As far as he could remember, he had nearly stabbed Chu Yi’s chest with the vajra and was definitely going to win the fight. But then suddenly, he lost consciousness.

Su Jin looked at the timer on the screen and clicked his tongue. “Chu Yi, you were really aggressive! 0.017 seconds!”

Chu Yi swung his arms and said in matter-of-factly, “Of course! He was the one who told me to come at him. Boss, you must know that in the martial arts community, if you don’t fight with everything you’ve got, that would be considered an insult to your opponent.”

Su Jin looked at Situ Jin and saw the look of dismay on the older man’s face. After a moment, Situ Jin sighed and said, “Before exchanging blows with Mr. Chu, I must have looked damned stupid to all of you, right?”

“Mr. Situ, you don’t have to feel so bad. Chu Yi has a lot more experience than you and he’s also a veteran, so it’s only expected that you would lose. Don’t take it to heart,” Kano Mai consoled Situ Jin.

He smiled sadly as he watched the replay of the fight on the screen. He had really been taken down in a second. In fact, he had gone down in less than a second. How terribly embarrassing.

“Alright, alright. Now that you know what Chu Yi is really capable of, let’s proceed. Chu Yi, you’re not allowed to use your internal energy from now on. Just fight him with your body strength and techniques,” Su Jin instructed Chu Yi.

After defeating Situ Jin in less than a second, Chu Yi seemed to be in a much better mood indeed. He nodded and motioned to Situ Jin to go ahead and launch an attack.

This time, Situ Jin was a lot more careful. He held the vajra in the other direction and leaped toward Chu Yi again. But once he got close enough, Situ Jin flung the vajra at Chu Yi like a throwing star while ramming himself into Chu Yi.

Chu Yi used one palm to sweep the air in a taijiquan style to slow the vajra down and caught hold of it safely. But at the same time, Situ Jin had rammed himself against Chu Yi’s chest.

“HA! Deadly Embrace Below the Wasit!” Chu Yi jumped up to trap Situ Jin’s head between his thighs, then flipped his legs upwards such that Situ Jin went flying over his shoulders and crashed to the floor again.

“1.3 seconds!” Su Jin’s eyes widened not because Chu Yi had dealt so quickly with his opponent, but because of the way Chu Yi had done it. What a way to fight an opponent! Situ Jin’s neck was broken again and he had such an indignant look in his eyes.

After he recovered from that, Situ Jin looked completely broken. Chu Yi scratched his head a little awkwardly and asked Su Jin, “Boss, was I a little too hard on him?”

“It’s not about that. It’s the sort of technique you used on the poor guy! What sort of technique was that?! What a vulgar way of dealing with your opponent! If I were him, I’d look like that too!” Su Jin whacked Chu Yi on the head. Trapping someone’s head between the thighs like that was definitely not a welcome move.

“My teacher told me before that martial artists must adapt and adjust their moves according to the situation and opponent. That’s how a real martial artist should be like!” Chu Yi raised his head proudly.

“I don’t care what your teacher said! You are not to do something like to other people ever again!” Su Jin whacked Chu Yi’s head again.

This sort of training went on for an entire year in the Domain. Situ Jin was continuously thrashed by Chu Yi and Su Jin one after another, and Kano Mai would join in the fun from time to time too.

A year later, Situ Jin could last more than three minutes in a fight against Chu Yi. Even though he spent quite a bit of time dodging Chu Yi, he had clearly improved a lot.

After returning to the real world, Chu Yi had to be careful of that cult of owners who had targeted him, while Su Jin went back to waiting for Ye Yun at Cloud Mountain. It was now very close to the time Ye Yun had told him to meet her.

Meanwhile, Ye Yun fell through a door. Her injuries were very severe and there was even a small crack in her skull. She was a frightening sight to behold.

She spat out a mouthful of blood and frowned as she grumbled, “What a difficult bunch to handle!”

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