Ep.174: The Legendary Su Jin

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Andrew’s words made everyone on the screen freeze. The elderly man who spoke first was also the first to realize what Andrew had just said.

He said sternly, “Make sure he doesn’t get away. We must not let him disappear again. Ten years ago, he disappeared into thin air and until today, we’ve not been able to understand what happened at all. He holds great secrets!” The old man stood up with a start like he had gone mad, making his screen shake a little.

“That’s right. We have to find out exactly where this man comes from. He might be the key to helping humanity restore our former glory,” chimed in a beautiful woman.

“I don’t care what it takes. We’ll give you the highest authority and you can use any weapons you need,” said another man in a suit without hesitation.

“There’s nothing I want to say. I’ll go with them.” The last person was a plump man with a friendly face, but the glint in his eyes could make anyone shudder in fear.

Andrew had a conflicted look on his face. The other four had made their stance clear, but it wasn’t as if they hadn’t witnessed how incredible Su Jin was back then. His voice was quiet as he said, “Do you think we’d be able to keep him here? All of you know how frightening he was at that time. We’ve analyzed that fight between him and that Level 4 Mutant and our conclusion was that this man isn’t human! Have you forgotten?”

“Of course we remember. That’s why we’re giving you the highest authority so that you can use any weapon you want without having to give a reason for it. Andrew, that man is powerful beyond belief. If he’s really a human like all of us, then I’m sure you know what we could get out of him, right?” said the plump man with a hearty laugh.

Of course Andrew knew what he was talking about. Su Jin had appeared and disappeared suddenly at that time and spent only a very short time here, but the impression he had left lasted a good ten years. He was still considered the messiah of mankind until today.

There were even religions who claimed that Su Jin was an apostle of God and used his sudden disappearance to prove that he had godly powers.

The five leaders of the major cities, including Andrew, were not as foolish. They didn’t believe in a god and only believed in powers they could see. To them, the incredible prowess that Su Jin possessed could be explained by science, just like how the humans several centuries ago managed to concoct the Key to Immortality that enabled mankind to almost live forever.

“I understand, but I cannot guarantee if I can capture him. Let me be realistic here. If he realizes what we’re doing, we might… we might end up incurring a wrath beyond our imagination.” Andrew was the most worried. He had the deepest impression of how incredible Su Jin had been. The man who had fallen from the sky to rescue them had really been no different from a god to him.

The beautiful woman chuckled and looked at him intently with her blue eyes. “Incur his wrath? Over the past ten years, we’ve put in all our efforts to develop our weaponry. Even if a Level 4 Mutant from back then appears in front of us now, we’d be able to kill it too! It’s hard to say if that man’s stronger or if a Level 4 Mutant is stronger. Even if he really becomes angry, what could he possibly do to us?”

Her words made everyone else nod slightly. Over the past ten years of peace, they had not advanced in the way they lived, but in weaponry and defense. Perhaps the trauma of having gone through a disaster that had nearly wiped them out made them believe that strength was everything.

Andrew got up and ended the call. He let out a long sigh and had a worried look on his face. Was that man really only as strong as a Level 4 Mutant? If they miscalculated that, what new disasters would be wrought on this world again?

He sorted himself out, then led some people back to the safe room. Su Jin was still waiting with a bored look on his face. A smile spread across Andrew’s face when he saw Su Jin.

“Mr. Su, we’ve confirmed that you’re not a dangerous person, but… in order to turn off the security systems here, I’ll need the keys held by the leaders of the other four human cities, so please wait for a while more,” said Andrew apologetically.

Su Jin looked at him and grinned, “It’s alright, Andrew…”

“Wait, what?” Andrew felt as though something had struck the back of his head and he had lost focus for a few seconds.

By the time he snapped out of his daze, he saw that Su Jin was frowning and shaking his head at him. Andrew’s eyes widened and he felt his hair stand on end because he realized that Su Jin was no longer inside the safe room. Su Jin had made it past the electrical current and was standing right in front of him now.

“How did that…” Andrew’s face paled as he realized that he was holding a special seal in his hands. That was the key to activating and deactivating the security systems of this building. Did he just help Su Jin to turn off the security system here?

Actually, Su Jin had smelled a rat after Andrew left earlier, so once Andrew returned, Su Jin instantly looked through Andrew’s memories. The result disappointed him greatly. He didn’t expect to have turned into a coveted piece of meat by the humans of this world.

But of course, he wasn’t going to let these people just gobble him up. If they tried to eat him, he was going to make sure any bite they took would make them feel sick in the stomach.

“You have disappointed me greatly, so you must suffer the wrath of God!” Su Jin knew that he was no apostle of any god, but he found out from Andrew’s memories that the humans of this world viewed him as their messiah and some places even had statues of him. Using such an identity seemed appropriate for this situation.

Andrew instantly became terrified. He was a warrior who had gone through hundreds of battles and had even survived a fight with a Mutant back in the day. But he felt a terror like he had never felt before as he stood before Su Jin.

He did his best to suppress the terror in his heart and said in a deep voice, “Mr. Su, I believe you know that over the past ten years, we’ve advanced tremendously and…”

“…and your weaponry is more advanced than before, and your fighting prowess has increased significantly,” Su Jin finished the sentence for Andrew. He scoffed and said, “But so what? You still have to pay the price for blaspheming God!”

Su Jin spread his psychokinesis out to cover every person in front of him. Their hearts were all palpitating because Su Jin had used his psychokinesis to adjust how sensitive they were and how fearful they felt inside. To them, Su Jin now seemed like a demon from hell. Every word he uttered made them shudder uncontrollably.

“Are you… are you really an apostle of God?” Andrew was indeed the best soldier among the group. He was still trying to remain rational even in such a situation and tried to speak as calmly as he could to Su Jin.

Su Jin smiled and said, “You can think of me as anything you like. I didn’t want to come back here, but I didn’t expect that filthy thing to still exist in this world. My mission this time is to annihilate those filthy things.”

“Filthy things? Do you mean…”

“The Key to Immortality!” Su Jin’s expression was stern as he said, “I do not intend to be too deeply involved with any of you as I only want to complete my mission here. The Key to Immortality has crossed into God’s boundary and I must destroy any that’s left. If you stop me from doing so, then… then humans shall have to suffer the wrath of God!”

Immediately after he made that declaration, Su Jin placed his hand on the Handbook he had hidden on the inside of his jacket. The Demon Lord’s Longbow instantly appeared and he shot an arrow from it. A black mist swooshed toward the safe room, consuming the entire room made from pure copper in an instant. It left absolutely no traces behind.

Everyone was terrified by what they had just seen. What sort of power was this? Su Jin had merely shot an arrow at the room and the huge mass had disappeared into thin air. Not even the most powerful weapon they had now could do something like this. Was this truly the power of God?

“Give me the Key to Immortality now. I will leave immediately after that and never appear again.” Su Jin kept a straight face throughout. It wasn’t always easy to pretend to be a deity of sorts, but it was much easier once you had supernatural powers to help look the part.

Andrew was on the verge of a mental breakdown, while his soldiers had completely surrendered. Su Jin had made them extremely terrified of him, and only those with a strong heart like Andrew could still hold up.

“We… we will be responsible for destroying the Key to Immortality. It is a poison to humans as well, so… so God… doesn’t need to worry about it,” said Andrew through clenched teeth.

Su Jin scoffed and said in a loud voice, “Human desires will never be satisfied! The fear of death in all humans will make you hanker after immortality once more! God no longer believes any of you, so I must take that curse away. Now, in the name of God, I order you to hand over any remaining Keys you have. Otherwise, the apocalypse will strike again and I will cleanse this world of filth with my own hands!”

All the soldiers behind Andrew collapsed onto the floor, blood seeping from their nostrils and mouth. Only Andrew was left standing before Su Jin, trembling with a look of terror in his eyes.

His heart finally couldn’t take it anymore. He bowed toward Su Jin and murmured, “Please, have mercy on us! I will give you all that we have! Please, have mercy on us!”

Su Jin was a little surprised. He didn’t expect this method to be so effective. After giving it some thought, he realized that he had been using his psychokinesis in a rather barbaric manner. Psychokinesis was actually a Spirit Power that could achieve a lot if it was used carefully and appropriately.

He raised his fingers and used his psychokinesis to make Andrew raise his head again. “Let’s go! Bring me to where the Key to Immortality is kept!”

Andrew nodded and started walking very quickly, allowing Su Jin to just follow behind him. They soon came to the top floor of the building, where a lot of live streaming equipment had been set up. Andrew and the rest had intended to live stream the process of destroying the Key to Immortality so that all humans in the world could witness it.

Su Jin had arrived at the safe room just after Andrew had moved it to this place, which explained why Su Jin didn’t see it in the safe room.

Eight vials of the Key to Immortality lay quietly on a platform inside. Andrew took the platform down and was about to hand it to Su Jin when he suddenly convulsed and collapsed.

This happened so quickly that not even Su Jin could stop it from happening. He saw a hole in Andrew’s chest that went right through his body. Someone had shot Andrew from a distance.

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