Episode 176

Day Before the Next Challenge
1 year ago
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Su Jin smiled and pulled Andrew to his feet. He pointed to the people downstairs and said, “Don’t give up on yourself so quickly. Take a look at the people downstairs first.”

Andrew looked downstairs with a puzzled look on his face. He was surprised to see that the people did not rush upstairs. Instead, they were gathered on the first floor, cheering and clapping. That’s right – they were cheering and clapping, shouting Su Jin and Andrew’s names proudly.

Su Jin said calmly, “There’s plenty of time ahead of you. You can do a better job than the other four. Remember, what you want to be is a leader, not a ruler!”

“A leader and not a ruler…” Andrew repeated these words as he fell into deep thought.

Su Jin continued, “Humans are not stupid and have never been. Otherwise, why would heroes appear each time they are in crisis?”

“Actually, humans simply trust their fellow humans. They trust the ones who have gone before them. But once some of them do something stupid that the large majority cannot accept, someone will replace those people. You refused to accept the use of nuclear weapons, which is why these people are sincerely grateful to you. You are truly a leader! Those awful fellows who only saw other humans as animals they could abandon anytime were merely rulers who wanted absolute power. Leaders are respected while rulers are despised. That’s how it works.”

Andrew nodded and Su Jin smiled as he stretched his hand out. Andrew gave all the vials of the Key to Immortality to Su Jin immediately.

As he took the vials, Su Jin said, “May God bless you and bless this world.”

It was a simple line, but Su Jin could see a brightness light up within Andrew’s eyes. Su Jin was certain that Andrew would do everything he could to improve the living conditions of the humans around him after he had gone.

Saying all this seemed kind of redundant, since he had no idea if this world would still exist after he left. But that was just Su Jin playing his part to the very end.

Once he took the Key to Immortality from Andrew, he turned into sparkles and disappeared. Andrew fell to his knees in worship and did not get up for a long time.

Su Jin reappeared in the temple. To Situ Jin, Su Jin had only left for a moment, but after Su Jin reentered that Challenge and came out again, he had indeed reappeared with his body no longer attached to Qiu Chan.

He let out a long sigh of relief. He was extremely glad he had a guiding object on hand. If not for that, it would probably be too hard to get out of this mess by himself. Of course, even if Xu Ran returned and realized the trespassers were just him and Situ Jin, Xu Ran probably wouldn’t hurt them, but the whole point was that they couldn’t let Xu Ran know that they had come by.

Or at least Su Jin was sure that if he were Xu Ran and found that two people he knew had secretly come to spy on his territory, he would happily use his superior psychokinetic powers to scan the brains of these two intruders in order to find out what they were here to do.

“Let’s go, we shouldn’t stay here for too long.” Su Jin could sense that this temple was not like an ordinary temple and probably had more secrets that they hadn’t uncovered yet. But they decided to not explore anymore. Their brush with Qiu Chan was already bad enough, and they agreed that any uncovered secrets were going to be even more dangerous.

Just when they were about to leave the temple, Su Jin suddenly stopped. He turned around to look at the priests behind him with a sly look on his face.

“What are you planning?” Situ Jin looked warily at Su Jin.

“Nothing, really. I’ve got an enemy that I could possibly blame this whole thing on.” Su Jin tapped on nose, and his smile looked even more sinister than before, causing Situ Jin to unconsciously take a step backwards.

Su Jin sent his psychokinesis out into the empty heads of these priests. He made a few adjustments, gave them a new memory, and then got them to beat each other up.

Once he was done, he gave a pleased nod and finally left with Situ Jin.

Xu Ran came back a day after they left. He immediately noticed the injuries on the priests and frowned as he summoned one of them over to check his memories.

“That bunch actually dared to come here and ruffle my feathers?” Xu Ran scoffed. But another thought hit him. “Wait a minute. If it’s them, then… how did they get past my psychokinesis traps? Do they have an owner with psychokinesis among them now?”

Xu Ran felt that this was very plausible. That was a massive group of people from mixed backgrounds, after all. Many owners who wanted to become stronger joined this group, so it wouldn’t be surprising if someone with psychokinesis joined them.

“Shen Wu, was it? As a fellow team leader of a Level A team, I’m really looking forward to meeting you now. Then again… I know someone else with psychokinesis…” mumbled Xu Ran. He still wasn’t entirely sure if the intruders were one of Shen Wu’s and he started to suspect Su Jin.

A few moments later, he arrived in Qiu Chan’s room. He raised an eyebrow once he got closer, and he scanned Qiu Chan’s shoulder with his psychokinesis.

“It’s an owner with psychokinesis, alright. But… how did this person get away?” Xu Ran was really puzzled. He was very confident of the trap mechanism he used on Qiu Chan.

“Someone who can get away from this trap is definitely from Shen Wu and his bunch.” Xu Ran was now certain that it was Shen Wu who did this. He had seen what Su Jin was capable of and was certain that someone at Su Jin’s level wouldn’t be able to escape this trap. He didn’t think that Su Jin had a guiding object, which provided him a different way of moving from this dimension to another.

Meanwhile, Su Jin and Kano Mai bid Situ Jin farewell and returned to S City. Situ Jin was worried that Xu Ran would find out that Su Jin came to B City before, so he used his government connections to wipe out any record of Su Jin’s travels. Otherwise, if Xu Ran ever found out that Su Jin had been working with Situ Jin before, then it would be impossible to hoodwink Xu Ran if they had to do something like this again.

Once he was back in S City, Su Jin went to meet with Tang Ning. Everyone in the office was very friendly with Su Jin now, and was perhaps a little overly friendly. He hadn’t left the company for very long, but they all knew that he was somehow much closer to the bosses now, so they all behaved like they were currying favor with him, which really left him exasperated.

Once he got to sit down with Tang Ning, he started telling her about Ye Yun. Of course, he didn’t tell her what really happened to Ye Yun, since that would scare her to death. Instead, Su Jin told her that Ye Yun had gone overseas and was now studying in a university there. He told Tang Ning not to try and contact Ye Yun because she didn’t want to be disturbed during her time of study.

Tang Ning found Su Jin’s words hard to believe, so she looked up the university that Su Jin had told her about and gave the university a call.

After a short exchange, the other side confirmed that Ye Yun was indeed one of their students and even asked if Tang Ning wanted to speak to Ye Yun. By this time, Tang Ning had already believed what Su Jin told her and decided not to disturb her cousin. Ye Yun’s emotional state over the past few years had been very unsettling, so if Ye Yun could find a nice place to settle down and feel better, Tang Ning thought that would do her cousin good.

In reality, Ye Yun wasn’t at any school, obviously. Everything had been fabricated. The information on the website, that international phone call, and the person on the other line were all an elaborate setup.

Situ Jin had made these arrangements, or rather, this was part of the benefits Su Jin could enjoy now that he worked for the Department of Supernatural Affairs. As a government department, they had access to way more resources.

It was easy to set up a believable website and get someone fluent in a foreign language. Situ Jin even found someone who could almost perfectly imitate Ye Yun’s voice, or at least Su Jin couldn’t differentiate the voices over the phone and thought that Ye Yun had seriously called him.

Thus, if Tang Ning were to really demand to speak to Ye Yun, that wouldn’t have been a problem. Convincing Tang Ning was equivalent to convincing Ye Yun’s parents, so that was settled. Su Jin didn’t know when he could go and rescue Ye Yun yet, so he had to lie to all of them for the time being.

At the same time, he was pretty sure that Shen Wu was not going to harm Ye Yun for now. It was obvious that those robbers were making sure that they captured her alive, so Ye Yun was probably of great value to them and was only valuable while still alive.

Time quickly passed by and it was soon time to go through another Challenge. Su Jin contacted the rest of the team and activated the next Challenge.

Chug! Chug! The sound of a train moving resounded in Su Jin’s ears.

“The train of death! Where is it going? Heaven or hell? Ghosts and spirits! Frantic passengers! Angels and demons! Gods and devils!”

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