Chapter 64 - Intruders

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In the end, nothing happened between the two of them. Or rather, nothing that anybody imagined a man and a woman alone in the room would have done. All they did was to sleep with their backs facing each other the entire night. After going through such an intensive rescue mission, both of them got some of the best sleep they have had in recent months.

They checked out and left Amusement Valley first thing the next morning. Shortly after they left, a car with a government official license plate drove in. It was Situ Jin.

Situ Jin snubbed his cigarette out and exhaled the last of the smoke in his mouth, which floated into the air and disappeared completely.

“Laddie, are you sure the suspects were staying here?” Situ Jin asked his subordinate.

Laddie looked at his information again and said confidently, “Yes, that’s right. Last night, they used their IDs to check in and stayed in the presidential suite of this hotel.”

The two men walked into the hotel and the staff was very cooperative once they flashed their badges. After all, not even a fellow government agency could refuse to cooperate with the Department of Supernatural Affairs.

“I’m really sorry, sirs, but the two people you are looking for have already checked out and left.” The hotel manager wiped his sweat away as he came running back with this report. These two men were from one of the highest authorities in the land, so he made sure to act as quickly as possible.

Situ Jin was dismayed, but he nodded and said, “What did these two spend on during their time in the amusement park? Could you give me a rundown?”

“No problem. Amusement Valley has records of our guests’ expenditure in our computers, so I’ll bring you over to take a look.” The manager nodded vigorously, gave one of his staff a call, then led the two men to the management office.

Half an hour later, the two men sat down with a park employee to look through all the rides and attractions Su Jin and Ye Yun went through. It didn’t take long for them to see the records on what happened with Su Jin at the bungee jumping platform.

“Was this a result of someone pulling extremely hard on it?” Situ Jin held up the broken bungee rope and asked the employee.

The employee scratched his head and said, “Well…I can’t really confirm that, but it’s more likely to be a quality issue. This sort of rope can take way more force than a human can exert.”

Situ Jin nodded slightly and smiled faintly as he said to Laddie, “Mark Mr. Su Jin as an important target. I think…we need to pay him a visit.”

Laddie nodded and took his phone out to contact his fellow team mates. Shortly after that, he said to Situ Jin, “I’ve called King Kong, Spectacles and Grandmaster along just in case.”

“Good job. If this Mr. Su does turn out to be one of our targets, he is very likely to be an extremely good fighter,” said Situ Jin with a nod.

They left Amusement Valley and their next destination was Su Jin’s place. Once they met up with their other team members, all five of them drove to Su Jin’s place immediately.

Su Jin had just gotten back himself. Kano Mai was pestering him for details on what happened the night before but Su Jin didn’t want to tell her that despite sharing the bed with Ye Yun the whole night, nothing happened at all. There was nothing wrong with that per se, but he felt like saying that made him look like a loser.

“Wait a minute.” Su Jin was about to tell Kano Mai to stop asking when he heard the sound of a car coming to a sudden stop outside, followed by several footsteps.

“Mai, someone’s here and…they don’t seem like ordinary people.” Su Jin could tell that these weren’t just normal visitors. Their footsteps were heavy and forceful, unlike ordinary people’s footsteps. Su Jin didn’t think anybody who walked like that was here for a nice afternoon chat.

Kano Mai knew when to be serious and she trusted Su Jin’s judgment, so she nodded and went to hide herself somewhere in the house. She wasn’t good at close combat, so it was better for her to find a vantage point and assist Su Jin from afar. But of course, Kano Mai’s lack of close combat skills was only a disadvantage in a Handbook Challenge. She was formidable enough in the real world to take on even experts in martial arts.

Su Jin shut his eyes and listened to the footsteps. There were five of them and not all of them were headed for his front door. They had gone separate ways and were approaching the house from different directions. These people were definitely up to no good.

Su Jin’s lips curled upwards slightly as he decided to walk towards one of them. This person had climbed over the back fence of his home and saw Su Jin right in front of him immediately after he got over the fence.

This man was nicknamed Grandmaster and he was considered the fighting maniac in the Department of Supernatural Affairs. He was an expert in various fighting techniques and used to be a military general. But he accidentally killed an opponent during a friendly match and the military fired him. Situ Jin eventually got him to join the Department of Supernatural Affairs instead.

And because the department was given a lot of resources, he managed to get his hands on a lot of items that were crucial for his martial arts development. That made him the best fighter in the entire department.

Perhaps he was very confident of what he was capable of – Grandmaster’s first reaction when he saw Su Jin wasn’t to escape but to run towards Su Jin while swinging his arms at Su Jin’s ears like a pair of whips.

“Wow!” exclaimed Su Jin with admiration in his heart. Grandmaster was using the momentum from his running to increase the force in his whip-like arms.


Grandmaster’s arms hit Su Jin’s ears hard and he was gleeful at first. But his glee soon turned to absolute shock. Logically speaking, Su Jin should have lost consciousness immediately. But Su Jin was still conscious and had even taken a step towards himself.

“Mountain Leaning Technique!”1(]

Grandmaster cursed inwardly. He knew this technique that Su Jin was unleashing because this was one of the best Chinese martial arts techniques for close combat. A martial artist who used this technique well could use it to break a thick tree trunk with his bare hands.

But Grandmaster was a martial arts expert himself, so instead of retreating, he bent his body so that he now moved like a supple willow in the wind. No matter how hard one attacked a willow, you wouldn’t do it much harm because it was limp and flexible.

“Pfft!” To Grandmaster’s surprise, Su Jin changed tactics too. Su Jin approached him with the usual Mountain Leaning Technique steps, but the moment Grandmaster switched to something else, Su Jin’s shoulders suddenly moved such that his arms turned into whips!

Grandmaster sprayed blood from his mouth from the impact and flew out like a kite with a broken string, then crashed heavily onto the ground and lost consciousness.

Su Jin didn’t stop and quickly turned to face the next person. This fellow had also climbed over a wall but he was better at moving stealthily and landed without any noise. But Su Jin blocked his way after he had just taken a few steps.

This man’s nickname was Spectacles, and unlike Grandmaster, he didn’t know much about fighting. But he was an expert in poisons, and his nickname was a reference to the venomous snake, the king cobra.2

Spectacles took several steps back when he saw Su Jin, then touched the air with his fingers, which sent a foul smell towards Su Jin. Su Jin frowned and immediately realized there was a problem with this smell. He suddenly felt dizzy and nearly tripped over himself.

“Heh heh…this is something I’ve taken much time and effort to concoct! But don’t worry, it’s not fatal. You’re just going to sleep for a little while,” said Spectacles proudly. He had a large variety of poisons on hand and if he wanted to, he could knock an elephant out in seconds. But since Situ Jin said that he wanted Su Jin to be captured alive, Spectacles didn’t use anything fatal.

Su Jin sat on the ground and took a few deep breaths. His body was a lot more powerful than an elephant now, so even though the poisonous fumes made him feel a little discomfort, he felt okay again after taking those few breaths.

“Someone who knows how to use poisons, eh? How troublesome,” muttered Su Jin as he patted his cheeks to sober up.

Spectacles was stunned to see that Su Jin was perfectly fine. Then he realized that he was in great danger, so he quickly slid several vials of poison out from his sleeve. If Su Jin came too close, he was going to use these poisons to protect himself.

But Su Jin wasn’t going to walk towards him at all. He said to Spectacles, “I had a good rest last night, so it’s hard for me to fall asleep now. Why don’t you take a nap?”

The moment he said that, Spectacles collapsed onto the ground. Su Jin gave a pleased nod. He hadn’t used any weapons at all. He had used his psychokinesis to cause Spectacles to faint.

Now that he was done with a second person, Su Jin turned to a third one. Compared to the first two, the third one wasn’t as sneaky. He actually walked in through the front gate.

This man was nicknamed King Kong. He was well versed in making all sorts of equipment and weaponry. King Kong wasn’t a good fighter, but he was able to make a variety of tools and weapons that helped him with any mission.

Su Jin noticed that King Kong was wearing some strange equipment and decided it was better not to go too near to King Kong. If King Kong were to have some hidden weapons or poison like Spectacles, Su Jin would get hurt if he were to get too close.

So, Su Jin decided to settle this very simply. It only took him a thought to cause King Kong to collapse onto the floor unconscious. Unless King Kong had something that could counter psychokinesis, his equipment was pointless and only became an additional burden.

Out of the five who had invaded his home, Su Jin had knocked three of them out in less than a minute. Meanwhile, the other two had already entered the house. But while Su Jin didn’t have much money in the house, what he had was one ridiculously formidable Kano Mai, so he wasn’t too worried about that.

He strolled back into the house and saw Kano Mai dragging two men by the collar. After she flung the two men into the middle of the living room, he saw that Situ Jin had a swollen bruise almost as large as a child’s fist on his forehead. Kano Mai had attacked him without holding back.

“Who are these people? Burglars?” asked Kano Mai curiously.

Su Jin shook his head with a laugh. “I don’t think so. They’re pretty good fighters, so I highly doubt they’d waste their skills on being a bunch of burglars. I think it’s better to wake them up and ask them instead. Mai, could you bring some cold water over?”

“You just want cold water? But I’ve just boiled a full kettle of water,” said Kano Mai very earnestly.

  1. or the Tieshankao of Bajiquan, of which anybody interested can attempt these pictures lol [秘傳 | 八極拳鐵山靠 ↩️

  2. The common name for a cobra in Chinese is bespectacled snake because when it extends its hood, the color of the scales on the back of the hood resemble a pair of spectacles. ↩️

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