Ep.66: Bodyguard

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Su Jin stood in front of his door and laughed along politely as he saw Situ Jin and his team out of his house. He shook their hands and said, “I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be of much help to you guys.”

“Oh, no, don’t say that, Mr. Su. We’re already very grateful that you were willing to cooperate with our investigation. Also, it was not right of us to barge into your home like this as well. The chemicals that Spectacles used earlier will not be of any harm to your body, but if you do feel any discomfort, please contact me at this number, we will compensate you accordingly,” said Situ Jin apologetically.

He had brought his team here and barged into Su Jin’s home and even tried to attack Su Jin. But Su Jin had been such a model citizen by cooperating with them without even getting angry. This made the team really sorry for being so hostile before.

“Thanks! If you still have any other questions to clarify, please feel free to drop by.” Su Jin shook Situ Jin’s hand again and bid them farewell.

After the five of them left, Su Jin walked back into the house and Kano Mai asked, “Are you sure everything is going to be okay?”

“Well…nobody can be really sure about that. I used my Spirit Power to look through some of their memories, then overwrote them with false memories. Theoretically speaking, everything should be fine. But…that Situ Jin isn’t stupid, so it’s hard to say if he would smell a rat or not.” Su Jin shook his head. He didn’t think there was any lie that could be covered up forever. He had fudged their memories and this should work out perfectly, but he still felt that there would still be a loophole somewhere.

There were many intelligent people in the world and Su Jin felt that he was possibly the most intelligent out of 10,000 people. But there were some who were the most intelligent out of 100,000 people, a million people, or even 10 million people. Depending on their circumstances and personalities, these people might not always get a chance to display their full potential, but there were definitely others who were able to use their intelligence to its fullest. The thought of having someone like that having an eye on himself terrified Su Jin.

Meanwhile, Situ Jin and his men had driven quite a distance from Su Jin’s place. Laddie grinned and said, “Mr. Situ, this man was our biggest suspect but we’ve already eliminated him. So, who’s our next target?”

“Who said we’ve eliminated this man as a suspect? Call up S City’s Special Police and tell them that I need their best people to watch this place 24/7!” said Situ Jin as he pulled out a cigarette and tapped it against his palm.

Laddie was feeling fine but Grandmaster wasn’t. Grandmaster pressed a hand against his chest and looked rather troubled. Situ Jin noticed this and asked, “Grandmaster, what’s wrong?”

“I…I’m fine. I suppose I’ve been practicing a little too hard recently and I might have injured something in the chest area,” said Grandmaster with a smile.

Everyone instinctively rolled their eyes. They knew how obsessed Grandmaster was with martial arts. This wasn’t the first time he had gotten injured from practicing too hard.

Laddie got into contact with S City’s Special Police as instructed and both parties quickly arranged to meet in an office building in the heart of S City. Leading the team from the Special Police was a man in his sixties. Accompanying him were a young man and a young woman who looked like they were 23 or 24 years old.

“Hoho, Mr. Situ, I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you,” said the man with a hearty laugh as he shook Situ Jin’s hand. “I’m sorry about this situation. The Special Police is special after all, so we rent our own place instead of using a government office. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble getting here!”

“Mr. Yang, you’re too kind! If you hadn’t asked to retire from the Department of Supernatural Affairs because of your age, I wouldn’t have had the chance to take up this position!” said Situ Jin very politely to the older man. Then he turned to his team and said, “This gentleman over here is Mr. Yang Tianzheng, who used to be the head of the Department of Supernatural Affairs. Mr. Yang, these men joined the department not too long ago. This is Laddie, he’s an expert in gathering information.”

“This is Grandmaster, a martial arts expert who’s well versed in a large variety of fighting techniques. This is Spectacles, our poisons experts who’s also researching some useful chemicals for the department. And over here we have King Kong, our equipment and facilities researcher who’s a real nerd when it comes to technology.”

All four subordinates stood up straight in the presence of Yang Tianzheng. They had heard all about this legendary man who had to face extraordinary and dangerous people from foreign lands in the 1980s and was a national hero who had protected the country from these attackers.

Yang Tianzheng smiled brightly and nodded as he listened to Situ Jin introduce his team. He remarked, “Not bad! The young people these days are more energetic than we were back then.” Then he turned to introduce the two young people he had brought along, “These two are my proteges. This is Lv Jincheng, he’s learned a thing or two from me.”1

“This young lady is Han Mengyao, she’s an expert in tracking and tracing, plus she has some expertise in drugs and chemicals. If you need someone to follow a target, this girl will be the best person to do that.”

“Well, since you’re the one making the recommendation, there shouldn’t be any problem. I’ll have to trouble you, Miss Han.” Situ Jin hadn’t gotten to his position just by doing his work well. He knew how to get along with others and make use of his connections when necessary. Besides, he also trusted the judgement of the legendary Yang Tianzheng. A man like Yang Tianzheng wouldn’t recommend an incapable person. Since he recommended Han Mengyao, then it meant that she must be very capable.

Han Mengyao looked rather excited and she only calmed down and gave Yang Tianzheng a cheeky grin after he glared at her.

Situ Jin got serious and said to Yang Tianzheng, “I’ve already done a check on this man and even though everything seems fine on the surface, I still think that there’s something amiss here, so I’d like your help with this matter. If it’s possible…I’d really love for Miss Han to continue following this person in secret without alerting him.”

“Sure! I’ll take a look at this person’s case and come up with a plan personally. I hope that will assure you, Mr. Situ,” said Yang Tianzheng with a laugh.

Situ Jin immediately broke into a smile and said, “You’re dealing with it personally – that alone is assuring enough! Since that’s all settled, we won’t stay any longer in S City. There are many matters in B City that we need to settle.”

“Oh dear, I was hoping all of you could stay for a meal! But since you need to hurry back, I’ll get Jincheng to send you to the airport,” said Yang Tianzheng.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Yang. We’re off!” Situ Jin got up and walked out of the building with his team and Lv Jincheng.

After they left, Yang Tianzheng said to Han Mengyao, “Mengyao, this is your first mission, so make sure you come up with a good plan, don’t embarrass us.”

“Got it, Shifu. I’ve been waiting for this day for so long now…besides, you’re going to help me too, aren’t you?” said Han Mengyao with a cheeky grin on her face.

He shook his head a little exasperatedly and said, “Get someone to check on the person Situ Jin wants you to follow. If you want your mission to go well, you’ve got to do your homework well.”

“Yes, sir!” Han Mengyao saluted Yang Tianzheng, then left to find out more about Su Jin.

Of course, Su Jin had no idea that despite his efforts to alter Situ Jin’s memories, Situ Jin was still on his case. After staying in his house for two days, Tang Ning called him back to the office.

The first person he ran into when he arrived at the office was Li Zhikai. Li Zhikai seemed very happy and chuckled as he said, “You’re really doing well these days, aren’t you? I heard from ‘Your Greatest Nightmare’ that you’ve been promoted. Why didn’t you tell any of us?”

“You call that a promotion? I’m still just an employee at the end of the day. She just needs to make a phone call and I have to come running back to the office asap!” Su Jin drooped his shoulders sadly. Just then, Li Man walked towards them and Su Jin wanted to say hello to her, but she let out a scoff and walked past him without even casting him a glance.

Li Zhikai noticed the awkward expression on Su Jin’s face and patted Su Jin’s shoulders. “Haven’t you heard? It’s better to offend a lowlife than to offend a woman.”

“What are you talking about? How have I even offended her?” Su Jin was confused. He hadn’t done anything to Li Man.

Li Zhikai sniggered and said, “Well, you gave this woman a dream, then destroyed it with your own hands. To a woman, that’s a crime worse than if you murdered her parents. You’ve offended her, my buddy.”

Su Jin shook his head in exasperation. There was nothing he could do about that. After chatting with Li Zhikai for a while, he headed for Tang Ning’s office.

Once he entered the office, he saw that Kevin and Thomas were around as well. He nodded at them to greet them, then said to Tang Ning, “Miss Tang, why did you want to see me?”

“Well! Our security subsidiary company has a new client who wants only the best we have. Also, the other request they have is that the leader of the team must be Chinese,” said Tang Ning solemnly.

Su Jin didn’t need Tang Ning to go on. He knew why she had called him in. “Miss Tang, you know that I’m not interested in this role. In fact, I was thinking of resigning.”

“Even if you want to resign, you still need to serve one month’s notice. So…you can still be a bodyguard for this client for that month,” said Tang Ning.

Su Jin began to wonder if Tang Ning was his nemesis or something. He was quite an intelligent fellow, but Tang Ning was always able to outtalk him in any situation. He could never seem to find a way to counterattack.

“Mr. Su, if you could work with us, that would be the best thing that has happened to me since I arrived in this country,” Thomas suddenly piped up.

Su Jin threw him a glance and said, “What’s the second best thing that’s happened? The day I knocked you out cold?”2

“Well…” Thomas didn’t know how to respond to that.

Tang Ning ignored their conversation and threw a set of documents to Su Jin. “Take a look at these documents first! The company really needs someone for this job and this deal is very important to us as well. I hope you can help us out!”

“Oh well, all right then.” Su Jin sighed as he agreed to take up the job. He flipped through the documents that Tang Ning had given him and was a little surprised. The person they were hired to protect was a young lady. He looked at her photo and read her name out, “Han Mengyao.”3

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