Chapter 80 - Demigod

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Su Jin didn’t have any experience in actually fighting a war of any kind and had only engaged in very small close combat fights. But he had a body strengthened to a level above an ordinary human, a sharp blade as well as a gun that worked very well when he wasn’t underwater. Black Fire worked best when it was used on a large group of people.

Chu Yi’s body didn’t seem much weaker than Su Jin’s. He had his very own Spirit Power and the good part about his was that it strengthened the owner’s body as it increased. In other words, while Su Jin needed a higher level Body Strengthening Elixir to increase his physicality, Chu Yi just needed to keep training up his Spirit Power and he would catch up or even surpass Su Jin.

Faced with these two superhuman bodies and their weapons, the soldiers couldn’t hold up at all and were quickly slaughtered. Gu Ming just followed behind them as he wasn’t good at fighting.

Su Jin was worried about the two girls, so he just focused on slashing his way through the soldiers. He grabbed one of them and forced the soldier to tell him where the two girls were, but the soldier remained loyal to the prince and refused to tell him anything. Su Jin used his last bit of Spirit Power to look into the soldier’s memory and found out where the two girls had been sent to.

The three of them killed their way to the main palace and they couldn’t help but stop in horror when they stepped past the entrance. The hall of the palace looked more like purgatory – women’s dead bodies were strewn everywhere. Regardless of age, their naked bodies were lying randomly on the floor, and some had even begun to pile up.

Gu Ming was the first one to vomit, while Su Jin and Chu Yi’s faces paled. They quickly walked further into the palace and realized that many of these women’s feet had been mutilated by a knife, while some other women had the flesh from the other women’s feet pasted onto theirs.

“Brother Su!” Chu Yi tugged at Su Jin and motioned to him to look in front.

Su Jin followed Chu Yi’s gaze and realized that Ning Meng and Liu Jingjing were suspended in midair. Their expressions were terrified because a man in white armor was standing next to them with a sharp knife in one hand while comparing the two girls’ feet against a bloodied glass slipper.

Swoosh! Bang! Bang!

Su Jin threw out Rumor and pulled Black Fire’s trigger at the same time. Rumor headed straight for the man’s head while the two bullets snapped the rope that held the girls up.

Chu Yi also dashed out and used his Spirit Power to create two whirlwinds that blew Ning Meng and Liu Jingjing back towards the group.

The man held his hands up and his white armor blocked Rumor’s attack. When he put his hands down again, he glared at Su Jin with bulging eyes.

“It’s you! You’re actually still alive!” This man was none other than Prince Charming. But compared to what he looked like in the Little Mermaid story, the prince seemed to have aged a little here.

“It looks like…I’ve left for some time, eh?” Su Jin smiled as he caught hold of the returning Rumor and got ready to fling it out anytime.

The prince smiled faintly and nodded. “That’s right. It has been ten years, but all of you…look the same. I see. You must have eaten mermaid flesh back then!”

Su Jin didn’t expect the prince to interpret the circumstances this way, but he couldn’t be bothered to explain things. Chu Yi had already rescued the two girls, so the only thing he needed to do now was to get that glass slipper from the prince.

“Has it been ten years already? It seems like Your Highness’ interests have also changed. You’re no longer interested in deep sea treasures and you’re now a necrophiliac?” Su Jin purposely tried to agitate the prince in hope of finding a chance to snatch that glass slipper away.

But the prince wasn’t affected at all. Instead, he nodded and walked to one of the bodies on the floor. He tried to put the glass slipper on her feet, but this woman’s feet were clearly way too large for the shoe.

The prince sighed and shook his head. He withdrew his long sword and a few quick movements later, the woman’s feet were completely covered with blood. But when the prince tried to put on the shoe on her bloodied foot, it fit now.

Su Jin narrowed his eyes. The prince had obviously gone completely mad, but this action of putting the glass slipper on random corpses was a good thing, because that made it simpler for him to snatch it away. But the prince’s incredible control of his sword was something to be careful of.

“Brother Su, what should we do now?” whispered Chu Yi.

“Both of us will focus on fighting the prince, Gu Ming and the rest can try to find a chance to get that glass slipper,” said Su Jin in a low voice. Grabbing a glass slipper didn’t require any special skills or the ability to fight, so he figured that the other three shouldn’t have any trouble with this.

After he gave those instructions, Su Jin charged at the prince and Chu Yi followed suit. Su Jin had already used up all his Spirit Power, but he still had Demon Lord Spirit Power on hand. He didn’t have to worry about the Demon Lord Spirit Power eating into him because that only helped to train up his own Psychokinetic Spirit Power. On top of all that, Chu Yi himself still had remaining Spirit Power to help fight the prince.

The two of them moved as quickly as lightning and appeared in front of the prince in the blink of an eye. In fact, Chu Yi was slightly faster than Su Jin.

“Double Qi Thrust! HAA!” Chu Yi threw a punch at the prince’s breastplate, which trembled before imploding.

Boom! The prince flew backwards and Su Jin was already waiting for him there. He threw Rumor and Black Fire into the air, held the Boning Knife tightly with both hands, then used the knife to slice the prince’s back.

Clang! The prince’s white armor was sliced open from behind. Su Jin stabbed the knife into the floor, then caught both Rumor and Black Fire again. The sparks from Rumor as it hit the prince coordinated perfectly with Black Fire’s bullets as they attacked the prince’s back without stopping.

“Triple Qi Thrust! Demon Tiger Emerges!” Chu Yi gave a low shout as he clenched his right fist and a layer of Spirit Power surrounded it, then punched the prince hard in the chest.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Three layers of Qi hit the prince as ferociously as a tiger. The prince’s chest literally caved in.

With Chu Yi attacking with such force from the front and Su Jin sending nonstop attacks from the back, Su Jin was very sure that nobody would be able to survive this.

But the moment their attacks slowed down for a moment, a frosty smile appeared on the prince’s face. He ripped the battered armor off himself to reveal a healthy and practically uninjured body.

His seemingly indestructible body was giving off steam from the impact of the Triple Qi Thrust, while his back had one white mark as well as a bunch of red tiny dots all over his skin. Those were made by the Boning Knife, Black Fire and Rumor.

Su Jin gasped in shock. The Boning Knife was so sharp, it could slice through metal as if it was merely tofu. But it had only left a white mark on the prince’s back. What was this guy even made from?

“You foolish humans! Did you think you could really defeat a demigod?” The prince scoffed and raised his palm. Sparkles gathered and quickly formed a long spear in the prince’s hand.

“Crap!” cursed Su Jin as he retrieved the Demon Lord’s Longbow and shot the Roar of the Demon Lord without hesitation.

The sparkles from Su Jin’s arrow collided with the prince’s spear and even though the spear was powerful, it couldn’t hold up against the power of the Demon Lord. The spear instantly shattered and the sparkles surrounded the prince.

“Get the glass slipper and run! The prince is still alive!” yelled Su Jin before collapsing onto the floor. Shooting Rumor out earlier had consumed Demon Lord Spirit Power as well, but it was only one point at a time. The Roar of the Demon Lord had used up 150 points at once, but he had less than 10 points of Psychokinetic Spirit Power left, so it was impossible to hold up against the attack of the Demon Lord Spirit Power. Su Jin’s body immediately fell to the floor from the pain he felt inside.

Chu Yi quickly caught hold of Su Jin before his head hit the floor. Meanwhile, Gu Ming and the two girls tried to take the glass slipper off the dead woman’s foot. But the moment they caught hold of the glass slipper, the dead woman suddenly sat up and grabbed hold of Gu Ming’s neck.

“Ughhh…ghhhh!” Gu Ming’s eyes widened. The dead woman was holding onto his neck so tightly, he was about to suffocate.

“Move aside!” shouted Chu Yi as he put Su Jin down and pounced towards the dead woman. “Double Qi Thrust! HAA!”

Chu Yi’s attack hit the dead woman’s arm, causing it to explode and release Gu Ming in the process. Chu Yi then thrust another palm out towards the dead woman’s legs in hope of completely destroying her.

But the dead woman seemed to be able to predict what Chu Yi was trying to do, so she jumped backwards and dodged the attack. Just then, Ning Meng suddenly exclaimed, “Chu Yi, watch out!”

Chu Yi’s attention was focused on the dead woman and the prince, but the prince was still enveloped by the sparkles from Su Jin’s arrow while the dead woman had jumped away from him, so he couldn’t understand what to watch out for. But soon felt a terrible pain in his back and he turned around in disbelief.

One of Gu Ming’s hands was enveloped in black smoke and now looked like a hand belonging to a demon. That demon hand had flung a long sword at Chu Yi and it was now sticking out of Chu Yi’s back.

“You?” Chu Yi couldn’t understand why Gu Ming had done such a thing. Was he under the control of the prince?

“Heh heh…don’t…don’t blame me for doing this! I have to kill one of you to gain your points at the end of the challenge! That way…that’s the only way I can become stronger! Strong enough…to survive!” Gu Ming was clearly fearful and his eyes were filled with terror, but greed could also be seen in his eyes.

“The Handbook has a personal mission that says that if you kill another owner, you will receive all the points the owner should have gotten at the end of the challenge!” Ning Meng shouted loudly. But at the same time, Chu Yi saw that Liu Jingjing had raised a sharp knife behind Ning Meng.

“A traitor deserves to DIE!” Chu Yi suddenly bellowed loudly and his body trembled as his internal energy forced the long sword in his back to fly right out again. That was the power of a veteran, the power of Spirit Power that was beyond the imagination of any ordinary Handbook owner.

Gu Ming was so terrified that he tried to escape, but Chu Yi slammed a palm towards Gu Ming, so he collapsed weakly onto the floor and stopped breathing. Meanwhile, Chu Yi had also aimed the sword that had flown out of his back towards Liu Jingjing and it sliced her head off her neck.

“Mere mortals, time to meet your maker!” Just then, the prince actually managed to break out from the sparkles. He was completely naked and the flesh on his chest had been eaten away by the sparkles, so much that one could see his ribs clearly. But the prince didn’t seem affected by this huge lack of flesh at all.

He grasped the air with a hand and Chu Yi and Ning Meng immediately started struggling, as if he was strangling the both of them from afar. Their vision dimmed and they eventually lost consciousness.

The prince looked at the owners lying on the floor before him and cackled. “Such fools! This is what you get for being so audacious in front of a demigod!”

“Is that so? That sounds like what I would say to you!” Su Jin stood up from behind the prince with an evil smile on his face.

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