Ep.92: Where the God Sleeps

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Countless monsters, including mummies and other half-human creatures like Anubis, were bowing down in worship. Su Jin had appeared right on top of the altar they were bowing to.

“Damn it, damn it!” Su Jin knew that he had to escape right now. He didn’t expect this Guiding Object to put him in a pickle like this. This was as good as pushing him into a blazing fire. But at the same time, it didn’t seem like it was about to pull Su Jin back to the real world either, which meant that his life wasn’t in any danger right now.

Su Jin patted his Handbook and a flash engulfed his body as the Gold Armor covered his body. The metal shone prettily in the light, but it always made him feel like some nouveau riche flaunting his wealth unnecessarily. At the same time, the Gift from the Gods appeared on his back as well.

ROAAAAR! A terrible roar thundered in the desert. The monsters weren’t going to believe Su Jin was their god. The fact that something else besides their god had appeared on top of their altar was an unforgivable thing in itself.

They charged towards Su Jin as they roared, like a flowing river of creatures, so densely packed that looking at them could make one’s hair stand on end.

Su Jin looked around him quickly. The huge pyramid was behind this army of monsters. According to ancient Egyptian traditions, the pyramids were the pharaohs’ resting place. As an Egyptian god, it made sense for Anubis to be worshipped like this.

“Air of an Overlord!” Su Jin charged at the crowd and used Demon Lord Spirit Power to activate the Gold Armor’s skill.

An invisible wave of air spread out from Su Jin, covering about 500 meters or so. All the monsters within this radius suddenly stopped and looked blankly at each other. That was the dizzying effect this skill had.

Su Jin moved as quickly as lightning, seizing this chance to run in between the gaps. After one second passed, a portion of the monsters actually turned around and started killing their fellow monsters.

“Is that the…effect of admiration?” Su Jin didn’t understand what this effect meant, so he didn’t expect it to turn out like this. These monsters were actually considered to be on par with ordinary humans. That meant that these monsters just looked scary but weren’t really all that powerful.

The infighting helped Su Jin to get through them very easily, but all the other monsters that hadn’t been affected by the Air of an Overlord continued to chase him down.

Just then, a faint smile crept over Su Jin’s lips as he started to walk upwards. He had activated Walking on Air, the skill that cost him 10 points of Spirit Power for every minute he spent walking in the air.

“Betcha didn’t expect that! I can actually fly!” Su Jin continued to walk swiftly above all the monsters towards the pyramid, but was soon hit by something in the back.

Pfft! Su Jin sprayed a mouthful of blood out as he started hurtling towards the pyramid.

The thing that hit Su Jin’s back was a giant crossbow bolt. It didn’t pierce him, but it hit his back hard enough to send him flying at a much higher speed than before.

If he continued flying towards the pyramid at this rate, he was going to at least break some bones. But the force from the bolt made it impossible for him to physically slow himself down.

“STOP!!” Su Jin let out a roar and a white light flashed in his eyes. His Psychokinetic Spirit Power went down by 50 points as he suddenly stopped midair.

Many owners felt that Psychokinetic Spirit Power was useless because it was very difficult to train up and increase. But because it was good for both attack and defense, it was also regarded as one of the best Spirit Power types to have. The upper limit was indeed a problem, but if one could overcome that limit, this Spirit Power came with endless possibilities.

Su Jin winced as he landed gently on the ground again. That bolt had hit him really hard. If his Gift from the Gods had not protected him from the full impact, he would be even more injured now.

The monsters became even angrier when they saw that Su Jin had reached the pyramid. They started charging towards the pyramid, but they were too far to be of any threat to Su Jin.

Su Jin quickly climbed the pyramid and reached the top in no time. There was an entrance into the pyramid from the top, which was different from most pyramids that had entrances from the bottom. This pyramid belonged to a god, and gods descended from above.

He jumped in without hesitation and everything around him changed. He was engulfed in complete darkness and he realized that instead of falling at a rapid rate, he was actually floating down slowly, as if the gravitational pull inside the pyramid was much lower than outside.

He took a torchlight out to look at his surroundings, but the light illuminated very little and there wasn’t anything around him at all.

Just then, Su Jin heard the sound of metal clinking. Before he could attempt searching for the source of the sound, the area around him turned blood red. He looked up and everything was just as red. It was as if the darkness he came from earlier didn’t exist at all.

Now that it wasn’t pure darkness anymore, he could see better. The thing that was making that clinking sound also appeared in front of him. The sound had come from several metal chains.

These chains were intertwined and each one was almost as thick as his own waist. He couldn’t see where they started nor where they ended. It was like the chains went on endlessly, cutting through this empty space.

All of a sudden, Su Jin’s feet hit the ground. He had arrived at the bottom of the pyramid. The light wasn’t so harsh here, but if he looked into the distance, all he could see was still nothing but this mix of black and red, as if the two spaces had merged.

“This is a place for the dead, living soul! Why are you here?” A voice rang in Su Jin’s ears in a language he had never learned, yet he could understand without any problem.

Su Jin didn’t respond. He looked around him cautiously and saw a figure walk out from the darkness towards him.

“Situ Jin?!” Su Jin’s eyes widened. The man standing in front of him right now was the head of the Department of Supernatural Affairs, Situ Jin!

“Are you very surprised?” Situ Jin moved his shoulders about.

Su Jin immediately sensed that something was amiss. Firstly, it didn’t make sense for Situ Jin to appear here. Secondly, even though this person looked just like Situ Jin, there was something about the way he carried himself that was completely different.

The Situ Jin he had met was aloof and proud, but he still displayed normal human emotions.

This man, however, was smiling and seemed friendly, but Su Jin couldn’t see any human emotion in his gaze. His gaze was calm and seemed to contain nothing in it, yet also seemed to know everything. In any case, this man didn’t have the gaze that a human would have.

“No! You’re not Situ Jin! Who are you?” asked Su Jin fiercely. The fact that this man could appear in the form of someone he knew greatly disturbed Su Jin.

Situ Jin smiled even more brightly as he shrugged. “I’m just me!”

But immediately after he said that, his face became a blur and he transformed into Kano Mai. But less than two seconds later, he transformed into Ye Yun, then Su Qing, then Chu Yi, Yang Mo, Ning Meng, Tang Ning, Uncle Yu, Li Zhikai…Yang Zichen…Zhang Jing!

The person’s face changed very rapidly from one person to another and finally stopped at Zhang Jing. That was the woman from his first Challenge, the one who told him to smile even in hard times.

Su Jin wasn’t a saint by any means, but he was willing to help others out. However, Zhang Jing had died right before his very eyes at Fengxi Town. Her life had been very miserable, but before dying, she told Su Jin how important it was to smile. And now, Su Jin always kept a faint smile on, perhaps because he subconsciously remembered what Zhang Jing said to him.

In any case, Zhang Jing and Yang Zichen were his companions who died during his very first Challenge, so they remained a scar in his heart. Zhang Jing represented his frailty, his indignation and his inner struggles.

“Don’t you remember me anymore?” Zhang Jing looked pitifully at Su Jin. Her features were just as charming as when he had first met her in Fengxi Town.

Su Jin went into a daze as he took a step forward and bit his lips hard. He reached a hand out to touch her face with sadness and indignation in his eyes.

But just when he was about to touch her face, his outstretched palm suddenly clenched into a fist and he swung a punch at Zhang Jing. However, all he hit was air. Zhang Jing seemed to have vanished into thin air.

“Living soul, you have great willpower. Not bad,” said Zhang Jing with a pleased smile as she emerged from a different direction.

Su Jin was furious as he retrieved the Demon Lord’s Longbow, pointed it at her and said, “Who are you?”

“Who? I’m not human.” Zhang Jing shook her head and frowned at the weapon in Su Jin’s hand. “Living soul, the item in your hand is very dangerous. That carries a power that surpasses a god, so you must use it carefully!”

Su Jin could deduce from Zhang Jing’s words that whatever this thing was, it wasn’t at god level. That’s why this longbow posed a threat to it. But Su Jin was also certain that this creature wasn’t easy to fight too.

“If you don’t try to harm me, I won’t use it,” said Su Jin evenly.

Zhang Jing laughed and said, “I only guard the spirits of the dead and have no interest in the living. But you have barged into my palace, so don’t you think you ought to pay the price for doing so?”

Su Jin’s eyelid twitched as he smiled and said, “Guardian of the dead, the great Anubis…why don’t you use your real face when dealing with an ordinary man like me?”

Zhang Jing sneered. “An ordinary man? No…not too long ago, others like yourself barged into this place as well. None of you of can be considered ordinary. You are not as powerful as I am, but my instinct tells me that someday, those like you will threaten my safety!”

As she spoke, Zhang Jing’s features slowly faded to turn into a muscular man with a jackal’s head.

It was none other than the god of the dead from ancient Egypt, Anubis!

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