Ep.0: Prologue. I Got Possessed As I Was Criticizing A Nationalistic Light Novel

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[Review Contest] The writer seems to be a psycho who enjoys raving about his own nationality, keke.

You could write almost anything since this was a Review Contest. Still, this shitty writer needed to keep his patriotism in check since it was going overboard.

This was roughly how the world-building of his universe went.

It was a setting where people with superpowers emerged after a meteorite hit the Earth in 2000.

But the superpowers only appeared in children born after the year 2000?

To deal with this, each country established a superpower academy. The novel was set in the ‘Sejong Academy’, a Korean superpower academy.

The academy’s name already oozed a shitload of patriotism. Yet, the novel had female characters of all kinds from all over the world.

Oh, My Gawd, Korea was the haven for superhuman beings, my ass. Lmaoooo.

If it was me, I would’ve migrated to the US as soon as I discovered I was superhuman. Those little brats with their superpowers in Korea could just stay and live in this hellhole.

Were the other countries not as competent as Korea?

Perhaps the writer was worried about getting backlash for the setting, so he made a buffer of sorts on Sejong Island.

Superhuman powers developed on Sejong Island would yield the same results in a year as other countries did in ten.

None of this was available in other countries, only exclusively in Korea.

I didn’t know if anything about that would end up being included in the storyline. The writer would have probably ended the story before I could get there, lol.

Furthermore, the MC was a pure gold digger and an alpha male who snatched up all the female characters in the same class, the other classes, and even other academies.

I was definitely not writing a review just to shit on this piece of work.

This was just a novel with a handful of nationalistic superiority sprinkled in an academy harem setting.

What was unusual was that there was a villain group called the Secret Association. Naturally, the leader of the group was a cutie.

I wasn’t even sure if it was a secret association conspiring for world domination or a children’s group playing at being villains, but they were undoubtedly elites.

I wondered if there would be characters appearing later in the story that would come to the main character to say, ‘The small Korean pepper is so spicy and amazing!’ Ah, there was also a cadre who kept getting ignored by the evil group. I felt sorry for him.

The MC’s childhood friend, who he crushed on, who was also the female class president, would end up being his concubine. Even the leader of the evil organization was also in his harem. Even the head of the group was likely to end up in the MC’s harem, lololol.

I originally wanted to write 5,700 words, but I’m ending it here since it’s a waste of my time.

All of the above was what I wrote.

[Notice] You won the “Cider Review” award! Please check your personal blog.

That was the notification I received.

ㅇㅇ(180.21) I will send you a Mom’s Touch Bulgogi Burger Gift Voucher. Please send me your email address.

ㅇㅇ(34.89) You need my email address? But Bulgogi is crossing the line…

ㅇㅇ(180.21) Email, KakaoTalk ID, and Discord ID are fine too!

That was the message I received, so I just sent an email I made without thinking.

I then opened the mail.

You were the one who wrote ^5700^, right?


Yes, I’m the nationalistic writer, keke.

“No, I mean…”

Welcome to the world of the nationalists, kiss-ass!


I became a member of the evil organization, the secret society, ‘Goblin’.

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