Ms. Song’s Autopsy Reports

Status: Ongoing

Ms. Song’s Autopsy Reports


When Song Caitang woke up, she found herself in a coffin home surrounded by dead bodies.

A young maid squatted next to her, crying so hard that she was hiccupping. She complained that the local undertaker, the Wu family, was shameless for kidnapping Song Caitang for the sake of their idiot son, and even used their good relationship with the coffin home to trap both Song Caitang and her maid inside. If Song Caitang didn’t agree to the marriage, she would not be allowed to leave!

Out of habit from her occupation in her previous life, Song Caitang began to inspect the dead bodies.

“What a pity.”

“Exactly! Young Mistress is still young and the doctor said you’d definitely recover, so it’s not like you can’t get married in the future to someone better. Why should you suffer for the rest of your life from marrying an idiot!”

“I’m referring to the dead bodies here.”


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