Chapter 368 - The Trinity (2)

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The changes that Yeowun was undergoing in such a short period of time were phenomenal

The black flame swirled violently around his entire body as he floated in midair.

It was Ran-yeong's first time ever witnessing someone that was strong enough to absorb the Qilin's Blood.

'Ah! It's gone!'

She hadn't noticed it, but the huge flame in the middle of the pond, which had been protecting the core, had completely disappeared.

Only ashes remained where the infernal Qilin's core had been.

'Ag! He really absorbed the Spirit Beast's flame!'

Ran-yeong couldn't believe her eyes.

Despite their infinite attempts, all those within the Guardians or the Imperial Palace had failed miserably.

The Qilin's flame which would incinerate anyone and anything that got close to it, can be absorbed?

Even though the Qilin's Blood is very dangerous to absorb, it would increase one's internal energy when consumed.

'But what is this black flame?'

She could accept that the Qilin's Core had been absorbed, but the black flames surrounding Chun Yeowun were a mystery to her.

The black flame was exuding a terrifying aura of death.

However, a moment ago, he'd been releasing a different aura.

'Ah! Now that I look closer, even this man here has the same vibe.'

In confusion, Ran-yeong glanced over at Hu Bong.

Although both of their energies did seem similar, the two weren't even comparable, probably because Hu Bong's was still asleep.

The demonic energy was the essence that'd been absorbed from the Black Imoogi's Blood (dragon).

Although it was the blood of an ancient spirit beast, Hu Bong, who had only absorbed a little of it, couldn't help but feel its resonance within his body.

'Is it even possible to absorb that kind of dangerous energy!'

Ran-yeong couldn't hide her astonishment.

Having been the guardian of the royal shrine for over two hundred years, she'd met numerous Wulin masters and warriors in the Imperial palace, but she had never encountered a person with more than one kind of energy in their body.

However, Yeowun had managed to do just that.

'Surely, the great Lord of the Demonic cult… Wait! What is that!?'

However, something didn't feel quite right to her.

There weren't just black flames around him, cold black frost had also begun to crawl along his body.

"Cold energy!"-

The shock produced by Yeowun's black flame had made her completely forget about his third energy.

'Not just two but three! Is he able to create a balance between three entirely different types of energy?'

If that turned out to be true, it would be too shocking for her to understand.

For three different types of energy to exist inside one person was normally Impossible.

But she was witnessing it with her own eyes.

'White Dragon Blade!'

With his eyes still closed, Chun Yeowun stretched out his left hand, and the White Dragon Sword immediately appeared in it.

'Sky Demon Sword!'

Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!

As he extended his right hand, the black Wrist band disassembled and transformed into a pitch black blade.

Whilst Yeowun was focusing on controlling his energy, two deadly weapons had appeared in his hands.

Crrrrrk! Wooong!

On the White Dragon blade, black frost had begun forming while releasing a freezing cold.

On the Sky Demon Sword, Black flames blazed intensely.

The simultaneous release of the three types of energy was a majestic show of extraordinary power.

"Oh My Goodness!"


Both Ran-yeong and Hu Bong, who'd been watching, couldn't hide their astonishment.

The energy that the two weapons were exuding was beyond their imagination.

If he could release the energy which he had just absorbed, just how powerful would it be?

They didn't even want to guess.

'Ahh! This is how it is.'

Chun Yeowun, who was at the center of the Commotion, still had his eyes closed.

He had just achieved a perfect balance between the three different types of energy in his body in the form of a trinity. He had reached a higher level of demonic energy.

'This is a new Qi that amplifies the power of attacks. If I use that, the sword qi can be boosted.'

He received the ability to achieve boundless Qi.

Yeowun could now unfold the boundless Qi alongside the Air Sword to make each sword release its own type of energy.

'I thought it was over.'

The People of Wulin would often call the end of the Supreme Master Level the Perfect Supreme Master Level.

They referred to it as such, because a humans' abilities were limited when it came to controlling and using energy

However, with the right opportunity, even though rare, amazing things could really happen.

Even Chun Yeowun didn't quite understand what had happened inside his body.

'Boundless Qi.'

The three types of energy within him were boundless, with each one having different attributes.

Since they weren't connected together, something like a medium had to emerge for them to work. If not, only one of them could be used.


Chun Yeowun opened his eyes.


He released Both the White Dragon Blade and Sky Demon Sword.

The two weapons fell from his hands into the ground in the middle of the pond.

Crackle! Crackle!

The energy of the two weapons flowed into the ground, causing cracks to appear.

Black frost and black flames had appeared where the two swords had fallen.

The weapons had simply fallen to the ground, but the aftermath had immediately affected the Qilin's Blood within the pond.

"Ah! No!"

Hu Bong noticed a change.

Crrrrr! Bubble.

On the left side where the White Dragon Blade fell, cold energy began spreading into the pond, and on the other side, where the Sky Demon Sword had fallen, the water began boiling and releasing large amounts of vapor.

'Awesome! Is this the true power of the Qilin?'

Even the 10,000-year-old snow hadn't been able to cool the Qilin's Blood, but the energy from the White Dragon Blade was actually freezing it.

But, why did Yeowun suddenly call for his weapons?

'What is he trying to do?'

'Hasn't the Lord achieved a balance of the trinity yet?'

Yeowun's behaviour puzzled them.

But then Ran-yeong noticed something.

Chun Yeowun seemed to have something in his hand.

'Ugh? What is he doing? Isn't he empty handed?'

They couldn't see anything, but it appeared as though he was holding onto a sword.

That's what she'd thought when suddenly a black flame appeared in his right hand, which then formed into the shape of a sword. But the sword itself was invisible, only the flame around it could be seen.

That wasn't the end.

In his left hand, black frost also spread out and took the form of a blade, just like the black flame, the sword wasn't visible, only the frost surrounding it could be seen.

"N-No way…"

Ran-yeong was shocked.

She had realized what Yeowun was trying to do.

"What is the Lord trying to do?"

Of course, there was another person who couldn't guess what was happening.

In a trembling voice, she answered Hu Bong's question.

"In… Invisible… sword!"

"Invisible sword... ugh! The Invisible sword?"

Hu Bong, who had said it in a casual way at first, soon understood what Ran-yeong meant.

There were numerous legends among the Wulin people who cultivate martial arts.

There were legends like the beginning of time, the origin of Shaolin, the birthplace of martial arts, crossing of the river with a single reed leaf. The intangible sword was also one of them.

Martial Artists called it... The Divine Master level!

Still, there had been people within Wulin in the past who hadn't believed in the principle of the Divine Master level.

However, in the past there had been one such person.

A superhuman who could control volcanic energy and had been given the title of the undefeated swordsman. However, that man never carried a sword with him.

In his curiosity, one of his disciples had asked him about it.

[Since I can use the Invisible Swords, it would be meaningless for me to use any other kind of sword.]

Even if he was considered a legendary swordsman, the disciple had taken his teacher's words as a bluff, and was in disbelief at the existence of such a thing.

Because of that, his teacher had decided to show him the sword he could create by simply using his attribute energy.

The disciple who had witnessed such an unbelievable thing, had bowed his head and apologized for distrusting his teacher.

It was a legend which had been spread amongst Wulin since then, and from that time on, the people of Wulin recognized it as the mark of having achieved the Divine Master level.

People had decided to call it the Invisible Sword as it was a sword created from pure energy.

'Is that really the Invisible Sword? I thought that… it was just my imagination, but the Lord of my time is really nothing compared to the current Lord!'

During the time When Ran-yeong had been in the cult, the Lord at that time had indeed been the best.

Even though the Lord of the past was a powerful person, she doubted if he could absorb the Qilin's flame the way Chun Yeowun had.

She knew that Chun Yeowun was going to get even stronger, and it was worth saying that no human could get rid of him.

"Ugh, then you mean to say that the Lord is using the Invisible Sword? Then, then is my Lord between Life and Death?"

Hu Bong began to tremble.

Life and Death

Another legendary place where the best of Wulin are said to go when they reach the Divine Master level.

Among the people in Wulin, there were only a few who had reached the Superior Master or Supreme Master levels, but none who had achieved the Divine Master level could be found.

That was one of the reasons why the people of Wulin said that a state which cannot be achieved in life cannot be achieved in death, that was why dealing with the Invisible Sword was called a state between Life and Death.

"If that really is the Invisible Sword… then he had to be between Life and Death."

Ran-yeong answered Hu Bong's nervous question.

That was when Chun Yeowun shouted at the two, who were shockingly looking at him.

"Both of you, get back."

"Huh, yes!"

"Yes, Lord!"

It looked like he was trying to test the power of the Invisible Sword.

After the two of them retreated to a wall on each side, Chun Yeowun, as if waiting for them to move, let go of the Invisible Sword made of black flames and pushed it towards the opposite side.



Crack! Crack!

A gust of wind was left behind the sword as it passed by and a gasp left Hu Bong's lips when he saw it.

Along with the tremendous speed that the sword moved at, the black flames penetrated through the wall.


"Oh… oh my gosh…"

As the sword moved, its trajectory ended up creating a gash in the ground.

And the places that the sword touched got engulfed in flames.

Black flames that exuded an energy strong enough to burn anything upon approach.

"Once more."

That wasn't the end.

Chun Yeowun once again swung the Invisible Sword made of black frost in the other direction.

Swoosh! Crack! Crack!

The same gash, left by the previous sword, was further deepened by the new Invisible Sword.

The black flame which looked like it was going to melt off the ground, began to subside as the black frost began to spread.

Swords strong enough to destroy half of the underground!

Moreover, Chun Yeowun hadn't used any specific energy with the sword, he had simply used the Invisible sword itself.

"This, this is the Invisible Sword!"

Ran-yeong was so shocked that she couldn't stop gaping at the marvelous sight.

Even after living for so long, she couldn't shake off the thrill that she got from witnessing the legend being born in front of her!

"So this is how it feels huh?"

Yoewun nodded his head, as he got a sense of how to control the newly gained power.

Since the consumption of energy was enormous, he decided to limit himself to creating only two Invisible Swords, and then realized that Air Swords too could be used this way.

'Should I stop now?'

He had already checked the new power he gained. Seeing that Hu Bong was safe, he decided to try out the Invisible Swords at a later time.

He had to get out of the Imperial palace before someone else caught them.

Thud! Thud!

Chun Yeowun slowly descended from the middle of the pond and stepped to the outer side of it, as if stepping down from stairs.


As soon as his feet touched the ground, Ran-yeong and Hu Bong hastily rushed over to him at the same time and quickly knelt, shouting his joy.

"Lord! You have reached the Divine Master level!"

"You reached the highest level one could reach, you were between Life and Death!"

They had used different words, but their meanings were the same.

Chun Yeowun, the current Lord of the Demonic Cult, had reached the stage between Life and Death, a level considered to be a legend in Wulin!

Editor Note

The "Perfect Supreme Master" level is still within the "Supreme Master" level. It's just the peak of said level. sort of like the difference between a new Grand/Super Master and an established Grand/Super Master, mentioned in early chapters.

Above that is the newly introduced "Divine Master Level" aka "The Ultimate Badass!"

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For you guys who read this chapter with "Heavenly Master Level".

The current Yeowun is actually at the "Divine Master level"...

We are just fans as well and knew about the "Heavenly" through the wiki, so we thought it is the one mentioned in this chapter, but we realised it wasn't as we went further in the story. If you want to see the ranking system that we're going to use moving forward we have created a chart here.

So yeah, Yeowun is currently at "Divine Master level"

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