Chapter 392 - The Heavenly Demon Emperor (3)

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“The Great Leader will never forgive the Blade God Six Martial Clan, who threatened our empire and tried to alienate our allies by using unjust means!”

As if waiting for those words to fall, the 4 leaders and the heads of the other factions began to draw their weapons.

Srrrng! Srrrng! Srrrng!

“We will follow the Great Leader!”

“I just can’t let people like them live among us!”


Srrng! Srrrng! Srrrng!

Everyone from Yulin seemed determined.

They were ready to set out and take the others down.

The heads of the other factions, who had joined the Forces of the Great Heaven organization, couldn’t hide their embarrassment.

‘What is going on?’

‘Huh… isn’t this the time where we join hands and fight the enemy?’

Until a moment ago, the colleagues, who had been standing alongside them, were now facing them.

‘Is this how things are going to work out? Shit!’

Nam Gung-kyong never thought that such a split would happen.

He was completely deceived by the Great Leader, Yi Mok.

‘Everything is wrong!’

The Great Leader of the Forces of Justice wasn't such a person, so Nam Gung-kyong never expected that he would backstab him by cooperating with the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

[Leader. What are we supposed to do now?]

Dang Pil-soon, a member of the organization, who was next to him asked in a telepathic message.

[Our morale is gone.]

Woong- Woong- Woong!

Although they were working behind the Forces of Justice‘s back, Nam Gung-kyong hadn’t thought of confronting people of the same Yulin faction, so everyone around him was confused.

If this situation worsened, it would mean that in no time at all, everyone would start killing each other.


Nam Gung-kyong, who had to make the decision, was starting to get confused.

He already decided to make a temporary alliance with one of the Six Martial Masters to kill the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

But fighting with his comrades was impossible for him.

[Make sure to state your position, Leader Nam Gung-kyong.]

It was Sword Master Lee Wook’s words that passed through his mind.

‘This person is deliberately pushing me.’

Lee Wook’s intentions were clear.

Make one faction, divide them internally and then take them down.

Upon hearing Lee Wook’s words, Nam Gung-kyong was able to determine what he wanted.


After pulling out his Great Blade, a treasured sword of the Nam Gung clan, he spoke.

“How could we ever fight the comrades, who seek justice, just because we have differentiating opinions! Our only purpose is to take down the Demonic Cult’s Heavenly Demon Emperor!”

“Waaahhhh! Let’s protect justice by killing the Heavenly Demon Emperor!”

The heads of the factions, which sided with the Forces of Great Heaven, struggled to make a choice.

If such an announcement was made, it would be difficult for the Great Leader Yi Mok to attack them.

‘Damn, he solved it already.’

Sword Master Lee Wook clicked his tongue looking at it.

If he managed to sway Nam Gung-kyong a little more, he would have had the chance to witness fights within the largest faction.

At Nam Gung-kyong’s words, Great Leader Yi Mok also felt glad.

‘A battle between the members of the Yulin has been avoided. But…’

If they got killed during the confrontation with Chun Yeowun, Yi Mok couldn’t hold Chun Yeowun accountable for it.

It was sad how things were unfolding.

Yi Mok, who noticed the plan of the Blade God Six Martial clan because of the booklet, secretly cooperated with Chun Yeowun, who was in the Imperial Palace, so they constantly exchanged information with each other.

‘Forces of Great Heaven…’

Thanks to that, Great Leader Yi Mok learned that within all the factions of Yulin, there weren’t just spies of the Blade God Six Martial clan, but also learned of the existence of the Forces of Great Heaven, an organization with an extremist ideology.

Although they were known to be a weak organization in the Yulin, finding them out turned into trouble as he learned that the organization’s true purpose wasn’t self growth, but to build a world with no evil.

‘I want to ask him to show mercy on them, but…’

It wasn’t like Yi Mok hadn’t heard about Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, who never showed mercy to those who wanted him dead.

Nam Gung-kyong’s clan was a part of the Forces of Justice, but the organization he ran was an enemy to the existence of the Demonic Cult and Chun Yeowun.

Great Leader Yi Mok, who was looking at Nam Gung-kyong, returned to reality.

‘Ugh, Lord Chun. I did everything that we planned to, but can you really get out of this situation?’

He didn’t say it out loud yet, but Yi Mok looked at Chun Yeowun with concern.

Although he and the leaders had chosen to pick the Demonic Cult‘s side, it wasn't just the Forces of Great Heaven, but the North Justice Blade didn’t move either, which meant there were two hundred warriors standing against Chun Yeowun.

[How could the Great Leader side with the Lord of the Demonic Cult, who took Yeon Buso as a prisoner? This is unacceptable, even if you are his father!]

[Seung Baek….]

Yi Mok couldn’t say anything back to Seung Baek, who was leading the North Justice Blade warriors. Even after being told in advance about the collaboration, Seung Baek straight up refused to join hands.

If the situation came, he said that he would unconditionally fight the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

‘The difference is too big, Lord Chun.’

Yi Mok’s judgement was correct.

Even though the Yulin faction was divided here, it was still good enough for the Blade God Six Martial clan.

Because what they were aiming for was Chun Yeowun.

Even though the number of people aiming for Chun Yeowun decreased, the Blade God Six Martial clan was glad that they at least got the support of the North Justice Blade’s warriors.

“It seems like I worried for no reason. Just because you found the booklet doesn’t change anything. Great Leader of Yulin, just because you and some leaders stand beside the Lord of the Demonic Cult, the situation won’t change.”

“Only when things are dealt with will the results come out!”

At Yi Mok’s response, the Sword Master provoked him.

“Things are dealt with. You think we are that easy? Fufufu, but still, let me thank you. Thanks to you, the members of the Demonic Cult were prevented from advancing north…”


A loud roar came from the north.

The eyes of everyone in the castle turned towards it.

“Ugh! Th-the northern gate?”

“No way!”

The only open gate, the northern one, of the Jin Castle closed like the other gates.

The members of the Demonic cult seemed to have cut the rope.

“No, what are we going to do now?”

“Lord Chun!”

6th leader Poong Chungwun looked at Chun Yeowun in confusion.

Their only hope was that they would fight with their backs against the northern gate, the only exit route.

It was supposed to be their anytime-escape route.

‘He cut that off!’

‘Wh-why did he do that?!’

It was only natural for the people of Yulin to be shocked.

As Sword Master Lee Wook looked at the northern gate, which closed down, he couldn’t hold back his laughter.

When the battle started, the first gate which was supposed to be blocked was the north gate.

“Hahahaha! You blocked your escape with your own hands! Lord Chun, thank you so much for creating trouble for yourself.”

To the sarcastic words, Chun Yeowun responded casually.

“You don’t have to show me any gratitude. It was just preventing everyone in here from escaping.”

“What? What nonsense are...!?”


At that time, Lee Wook stopped speaking and looked at the wall with surprised eyes.

Noh Do-kyong, who was next to him, looked at the wall with bewildered eyes too.

‘What is that? That energy?’

All of a sudden, a lot of people were sensed from behind the wall.

It was then.

Step! Step! Step!

The sound of people stepping onto the outer wall of the castle.

The number of people who appeared seemed to be large. They soon appeared above the wall.

“H-how could this be?”

“Are they all from the cult?”

As shocking as it already was, they were all warriors in the realm of Master level.

From east to west, to south and to the north, all the members of the Demonic Cult surrounded the entire castle, the number itself looked to be three hundred.

At that time, the large man who was standing close to the bomb, shouted as if he waited for them to make an appearance.

“Being directly under the Lord and as his escorts of warfare, does it make sense for you people to be this late?”

“Wh-what was that?”

When it came to escort warfare, it worked directly under the Lord.

That meant, all the Master level warriors on the wall were here to kill everyone.

“You are being too mean. Is there any need for us to be with the Lord? Does that make sense?!”

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Five young men and women jumped from the wall of the castle along with a sarcastic voice.

The men and women who jumped down seemed to be nothing more than Master level warriors, but unlike their appearance, they seemed to be extremely trained in martial arts skills. After jumping down, they all approached the podium near Chun Yeowun and knelt. They then started shouting.

“Six Swords, Second Sword Mun Ku!”

“Six Swords, Third Sword Bakgi!”

“Six Swords, Fourth Sword Sama Chak!”

“Six Swords, Fifth Sword Hou Sanghwa!”

“Six Swords, Sixth Sword Che Takim!”

They were the Six Swords, Chun Yeowun’s personal warriors, who lead the members of the cult.

The large muscular man grinned at them, approached the Lord and then knelt as well.

“Six Swords, first Sword Ko Wanghur, greeting the Lord once again!”

The large man was Ko Wanghur.

All Six Swords of Chun Yeowun made their first appearance ever.


When the Six Swords were done with their greeting, more than five hundred Master level warriors knelt down on one knee, right next to the wall, and shouted loudly.

“The warriors of the Demonic Cult greet their Lord!!”


“What a sound!”

Everyone's eardrums rang with the shouts.

The leaders of the Forces of Evil and Blade God Six Martial clan went stiff at the sound which vibrated the earth below their feet.

It wasn’t just the members of the cult who shouted.

And this was what shocked Nam Gung-kyong the most.

“Wh-what is this?”

The two hundred Guards, who were around the podium, and three thousand regular soldiers of the palace were all kneeling on one knee while looking at the Lord of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun.

They all called themselves warriors of the demonic cult.

‘No way... are they all from the Demonic Cult?’

Everyone wondered why the guards and soldiers didn’t move when the eunuchs and Northern Commander ran out. To their surprise, they were members of the Demonic Cult!


Yi Mok and the leader of the Forces of Justice, who previously sympathized with Chun Yeowun, were also unaware of the fact; they couldn’t help but be stunned at the sight of the vast number of Demonic cult warriors.

‘He deceived us by dressing them up as Guards and soldiers?’

‘Ha! Is this why there was no battle when the Yellow River got blocked?’

No one expected it.

Who would have imagined that such a large number of cultists had already disguised themselves as officials.

They thought that the Lord of the Demonic cult was behind all the power, but their stance on that topic changed.

And the problem didn’t end there.

‘What is this energy?’

‘This energy!’

Unlike the others, Sword Master Lee Wook and Fire Sword Master Noh Do-kyung looked to the east gate side.

The reason was soon revealed.


Eventually, from the wall of the east gate, an unusually large middle-aged man with two huge swords on his back slowly came down the castle wall by stepping on air.

‘Huh, Steps of the Wind god!’

Which meant that that man was no ordinary master.

That was when one of the leaders from Forces of Evil shouted in surprise.

“Martial Dual Sword!!!”


Even he was shocked hearing others recognize him.

There would be those who don’t know him yet as they never saw his face, but there were people from the Yellow River in the castle.

“Martial Dual Sword, Wang Jing!”

Along with Yi Mok, the Great Leader of Yulin, Wang Jing was one of the five strongest warriors too.

In his peak time, when he was looking for the Yellow River Pirates, he single-handedly killed 3000 people.

“He, how is he… here?”

Gar Mojam of the 18 River families simply couldn’t hide his shock.


The left eyes, which he covered with a black patch, throbbed and the pain returned.

The Martial Dual Sword, Wang Jing, was the terrifying man who stole his left eye.

But why did he appear in the Jin Castle? He had nothing to do with the non-aggression treaty, so why?

‘He is one of the five strongest warriors, Martial Dual Sword! Why is he here?’

Shockingly, the members of Blade God Six Martial clan were in shock too.


At that time, with terrifying energy exuding from dual swords, Wang Jing took huge strides towards Chun Yeowun.

Every leader of Yulin, who was behind Chun Yeowun, went stiff witnessing that.

At that moment, Wang Jing knelt down on one knee and greeted Chun Yeowun in a loud voice.

“At the command of the Lord, I came here as fast as possible.”


At the shocking words from Wang Jing, all the people of Wulin were shocked, except for the Demonic cult members.

‘Wh-what does this mean?’

Everyone was doubting their ears.

Martial Dual Sword, Wang Jing, a member of the five strongest warriors who had been in hiding for a long time turned into a subordinate of Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult!

“Th-this is absurd…”

Nam Gung-kyong couldn’t hide his shock.

Two of the five strongest warriors had taken the side of Chun Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun spoke with a low voice towards the Blade God Six Martial Clan, the Forces of Evil and all of the Yulin people who sided with the Forces of Great Heaven.

“I told you. No one will be able to escape from here.”


This was the reason why the northern gate was closed off too.

The eyes of Lee Wook, who ridiculed him a moment back, began to move around, his body trembling.

Although the bombing failed, he thought that he could still take down the Lord of the Demonic Cult, but they were deceived and they were the ones driven into a corner.

“This is going to be your grave.”

“Lord… of the Demonic Cult… woah!!!!”

Chun Yeowun’s lips curved into a smile and started the war with the most cynical words he could gather.

“The second-generation Chun Ma of the Sky Demon Cult, Chun Yeowun, commands. Kill everyone, leave no one alive!”


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