Chapter 433 - The Five Spirit Beasts (2)

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Many scholars had books called the Three Great Books.

One of them was the Moral Sutras of Heaven.

It was a book that narrates the legends and the bizarre stories from the distant past, enough to be referred to as a Spirit Book, which has one hundred and eight chapters.

The book mentioned something about the Book of Rites and the Five Classics, which talk about spirit beasts: the Yinglong, Qilin, Phoenix, Dragon Turtle, etc.

There were only legends, and there was no mention of them appearing or anyone discovering them.

However, the five spirit beasts discussed in the Moral Sutras of the Heaven were different.

As if the author had seen the five spirit beasts in person, he described them very vividly.

The five spirit beasts first appeared in Jianghu in the days of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.

Spirit beasts weren’t usually found, but when one does appear, it only happens when an era passes.

While ferocious spirit beasts such as the Dragon Turtle and the Flame Qilin slaughter humans, most spirit beasts focus on accumulating spiritual power because their purpose is to ascend back to the heavenly realm.

Significant information was written on the last page of the book, which described the details of the five spirit beasts, but most of it was just passed down generally.

However, someone who took this seriously appeared and turned Jianghu into a mess.

The first emperor to control the Jianghu was the Qin Emperor.

According to the story, a priest named Seo Baek led thousands of people into Jianghu to find the five spirit beasts in order to fulfill the wishes of the Qin Emperor.

In it, it was written that Seo Baek, who headed into Jianghu, disappeared, and the emperor eventually disappeared.

However, it was said that the priest had found the Great Bird, one of the five spirit beasts, but decided to hide it as he heard that the emperor had turned into a tyrant who ruined the name of the royal family.

Dalai Lama’s room which was located in the White Palace of the Potala Palace.

On the desk in the office, there were four different papers.

One of them was a map that pointed to the Potala Palace, and in the lower right corner, the words ‘King’s Belonging’ were written.

It belonged to a bureaucrat named Seo Baek.


The entire room was filled with energy, and the air seemed heavy.

The bandaged man took off his bamboo hat, he looked like he was about to die, but he didn’t show his fear.

Because the wrath of the Blade Lord couldn’t be escaped even after death.

‘Ouh, I’m going to die.’

In recent years, all their plans had failed, and now, it was taking a turn for the worst.

It wouldn’t be very strange if the Blade Lord killed him in anger.

It was then. The Blade Lord opened his mouth.

“First the Flame Qilin’s core, now even the core of the Dragon Turtle got taken away. Huh.”


He couldn’t answer.

If he made any excuses, the Blade Lord would definitely kill him.

Slightly lifting his hand, he made sure only one item on the desk was lifted.

It was the map of the entire continent, the North Sea Ice Palace, the Empire, everywhere.

A few places were marked, indicating the locations of the five spirit beasts.

“Everything has become useless!”


Blade Lord clenched his hands.



Three maps floated in the air and burned.

The Blade Lord’s eyes burned in anger as he looked at the maps, which turned into ashes.


To the bandaged man, the Blade Lord spoke.

“I’m giving you one last chance. Head to the Changbai Mountains first and get the core.”

“Cha-changbai Mountain is…”

“Do you think that I’ll hand over the remaining spirit beasts to him!”


When Blade Lord slammed his fist on the desk, it broke and turned into ashes.

Blade Lord was so strong that he didn’t have to put much effort into destroying things.

“Blade Lord… the Changbai mountain entrance is guarded by ‘that man’. You have seen that man’s martial arts…”

He was scared.

The Blade Lord’s first appearance in Jianghu was around 20 years ago.

Their first target was the spirit beast which held the power of Wind in the Northeast’s Changbai mountain.

However, far from entering the mountain, right at the entrance, everyone was defeated, and they had to return.

After that day, the Blade Lord trained for twenty years.

The Blade Lord reached the Divine Master level, yet he never once mentioned the Changbai Mountain as he was conscious of the defeat.

Wheeing! Clench!


Hwang Heol, who was caught by the neck again, was in agony.

He tried to avoid arousing the Blade Lord’s anger, but he failed and ended up getting pulled into his grasp again.

“Who told you to get rid of ‘that one’?”

“Kuak… uh?”

“The fact that Chun Yeowun obtained two cores of the five spirit beasts means that he will aim for the other one to gain the power of immortality. He will also head to Changbai Mountain! Do you get what I’m saying?”

At those words, Hwang Heol’s eyes fluttered.

It was because he understood what the Blade Lord was saying.

The temporary ice prison in the North Sea Ice Palace.


The golden staff disintegrated and turned into armor that completely covered the chest and upper back.

Dan Jucheon, the former deputy king, was shocked by the change.

The golden upper body armor disintegrated and formed into the staff once again.

“Th-this is the hidden power of the Divine Object?”

Chun Yeowun nodded his head at the question.

Dan Jucheon, who was shocked, pursed his lips.

He had argued with Chun Yeowun that finding the Divine Object was a plain coincidence and that he only became its owner because he found it first.

‘Neither in the ancestors’ records nor the legends have I ever heard of the Divine Object possessing such power.’

He couldn’t help but be surprised.

There was no record that the Divine Object had the power to transform itself.

If so, that meant that not a single king had managed to unfold the true power of the object.

None of the past owners of the staff were actually able to use the weapon.

The only thing the ancestors knew of the hidden power of the Divine Object was that it possessed the Ice Cold of Heaven technique as it’s engraved on the staff.

‘If so, that means he was chosen by the staff…. Does that mean that the staff chose someone, not from the family bloodline?’


He knelt down.

It was even more shocking than when he first found out that Chun Yeowun had been chosen.

He had no choice but to think that the spirit of Dan Young, the first ancestor, was disappointed in his descendants.

‘Did we reap what we sowed?’

Maybe it was destined for the Divine Object to fall into the hands of an outsider.

Desperate, Dan Jucheon looked at the golden armor.

Chun Yeowun spoke to him.

“If you are planning to give up your life, I will behead you right here. But, I have one last proposition.”


“For you, the North Sea Ice Palace might be your final destination, but it’s the beginning for me.”


Dan Jucheon’s eyes widened at the word ‘beginning’.

He knew what it meant.

‘Is it possible… that he plans to be the strongest?’

The true purpose of the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

It was impossible for Chun Yeowun, who had the qualities of a king, to just stay as one of the five strongest warriors.

Chun Yeowun continued to speak.

“Are you satisfied with being just the king of this palace?”


It was the future he had long dreamed of.

It was the lifelong wish of Dan Jucheon, who thought that he would always be the second choice for the people of the palace.

However, the next words that came out of Chun Yeowun’s mouth were even more shocking.

“If you swear allegiance, follow me. I’ll give you the position of Ruler of the North.”

“Ruler of the North!”

It meant that he wouldn't be tied down to the North Sea Ice Palace but be made a person in charge of the outside world.

It wasn’t just simply following Chun Yeowun, but a position which was a lot bigger than he could achieve. Dan Jucheon was shaken.

‘Ruler of the North? Does that mean that I’d rule the entire north?’

He never thought that far.

He was satisfied with reaching the Supreme Master level inside the Ice Palace.

And that was the extent of his ambition.

With a tiny spark, it seemed like a fire inside him began to burn.



The Divine object, which had transformed into armor, had once again turned into a golden staff.

Chun Yeowun, who grabbed it, handed it to Dan Jucheon.

“This Divine Object will be the symbol of what I’m proposing.”


As if possessed, Dan Jucheon’s hand reached out for the staff and grabbed it.

Shockingly, the Ice Cold staff, which had rejected him in the past, no longer rejected him.



Dan Jucheon’s eyes, which looked at the staff he grabbed, came to life once again.

‘… this Demon God is setting me ablaze!’

It was unknown if the man in front of him was going to be the strongest in Wulin.

But the desire to take up a position beside him began to grow in Dan Jucheon.

‘I will stand again!’

After all, the pain and regrets he had were pushed aside, Dan Jucheon’s broken heart, which was ready to accept the death, was completely revived.

With life back in his eyes, he knelt on one knee.


“I will accept the opportunity that the Demon God has given me with all my heart! Although I am lacking in skill and body, please accept my loyalty!”

Chun Yeouwn spoke with a smile on his face.

“I am appointing you the head of the Academy and 3rd Great elder.”


Dan Jucheon responded once again while clenching the Divine Object.


Thus, in the Sky Demon Order, where Chun Yeowun had taken power, the 1st Great Elder was Ran-yeong, the 2nd Great Elder was Wang Jing, and then came Dan Jucheon.

What would happen if the people of Wulin found out that Chun Yeowun managed to gain another Supreme Master under him?

This was huge.

This was the first time that Chun Yeowun had revealed his true ambition.

‘It’s fine.’

Chun Yeowun looked at the Ice Cold Staff in the hands of Dan Jucheon and remembered what happened.

A new thing was discovered during the disaster.

Chun Yeowun had gradually begun to imbue cold qi from the first level into the staff.

As he already had yin qi, he was able to learn cold qi until the 4th level without much training.

If Dan Young, the founder of cold qi, had seen that, he would have been shocked.

When he was about to enter the 5th level, something unexpected happened.


A dazzling light rose from the Divine Object. Chun Yeowun had gotten sucked into a place with infinite darkness.

It wasn’t the first time that happened.

The same thing had happened when he got the Sky Demon Sword.

In that place, Chun Yeowun saw another vision.

Flutter! Flutter!

[This can’t be…]

A scene of an unidentified middle-aged man wearing a white fur coat subduing a huge bird with humongous wings at the North Sea Ice Palace.

The man who subdued the Great Bird for half an hour inserted the golden staff into the heart of the bird.

Intense energy flowed out from the heart of the Great Bird and began to get absorbed into the staff.

[This is…]

Chun Yeowun looked at it as he remembered what he saw before his ascension.

In the past, some men used the Sky Demon Sword to cut off the head of Imoogi and put the sword into its heart.

[Are they absorbing the spiritual energy of the spirit beasts?]

It seemed like the scene played out for a long time, but it was a fleeting vision for Chun Yeowun, who escaped from the disaster, but he found out what the hidden power of the golden staff was.

The only reason the staff was able to produce such a large amount of cold qi was because it had absorbed the spiritual energy of a spirit beast.

Chun Yeowun guessed what the animal was.

The only spirit beast with the shape of a bird was the Great Bird.

[This was the hidden power inside the Divine Object.]

Chun Yeowun absorbed the power of the Great Bird, which was inside the staff, after taking in the Dragon Turtle’s core.

As it hadn’t been touched for hundreds of years, there was no loss of energy inside the staff, however, the cold qi inside Chun Yeowun was in harmony with the power of the Great Bird.

After absorbing all the spiritual energy, the staff was able to disintegrate and transform into a type of armor.

[… there has to be something.]

Chun Yeowun found it strange.

So he had Nano analyze the material of the golden staff.

And he found some surprising results.

[The metal of the golden staff is the same material as the Sky Demon Sword. It is a substance that does not exist on earth.]


He heard from Baekhyun, the new King of the palace, that Ice Cold Staff, a sacred item of the North Sea Ice Palace, was made by mixing gold with pieces of the meteorite that fell.

That said, then the Sky Demon Sword, too, must have had pieces of meteorite in it.

‘Is it just a coincidence that two weapons made from fallen stars have come into my hand?’

He had such a question.

In any case, thanks to the absorption of the Great Bird’s energy, other people were able to touch the staff.

Chun Yeowun took all the spiritual energy and gave the Ice Cold Staff to Dan Jucheon without any regrets.

He already had a Nano suit, which meant another piece of armor was meaningless.

‘There is nothing to lose if I can acquire a talented person like him by my side.’

Dan Jucheon’s face, while he held the staff, was glowing with joy.

It was then when someone rushed into the prison.


It was Hu Bong.

When Chun Yeowun looked at him, he spoke in an urgent voice.

“The former Lord has woken up!”

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