Chapter 437 - To Changbai Mountains (3)

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Chun Inji, the former Lord of the Demonic Cult, looked at the two people’s reactions and continued his story.

“After years of preparation, this grandfather of yours and Saint Gu-jung, with a strong sense of duty in our hearts, pretended to be subdued and infiltrated them.”

Since this was the most important part, Chun Yeowun concentrated on his words.

It was said that they were captured.

When they woke up after losing consciousness from the battle, he arrived at a place he presumed to be the base of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

“I was prepared for anything… yet, it was a difficult time.”

They didn’t try to immediately brainwash the captured men.

At first, they tried to persuade them into voluntarily giving out information about the Yulin and the Demonic Cult.

Natural, they didn’t give in, and it didn’t take long for the polite people to resort to threats and torture.

“… they did everything they could think of to make Gu-jung and I give in.”

Thinking back on that time, Chun Inji’s complexion darkened.

No matter how strong he was physically and mentally, the memories of being tortured by them were so strong that it was etched into his bones.


Chun Yeowun had seen the revived body of Chun Inji.

In order to wash away the dirt on his body which had accumulated since getting caught, Chun Yeowun had removed his clothes to clean him, seeing the traces of torture, he could barely contain his anger.

“But it was foolish. I took the measures and thought that if I hold on and be patient, I would be able to get information about them.”

But the torture lasted for 10 long years, and it devastated him.

In the pain which was inflicted on him, his pride and ego disappeared.

“At the end of the day, I learned nothing.”

Chun Inji thought he could resist the worm in his head like Master Ju-am, but it didn’t work out the way he wanted to.

While the Yulin and the Demonic Cult were busy devising countermeasures, the Blade God Six Martial clan too were improving themselves.

In order to grow, they too began to learn everything about their ancestors.

“They ended up closing off my internal energy flow for ten years.”

As his internal energy was stopped, he couldn’t force the worm out, and his body and mind, which had turned weak due to the torture, had no other choice but to lose.

“… this is embarrassing, but I don’t remember a single thing that I did under orders. But there was no way I could die either.”

Chun Inji thought that he would never wake up from the control of the monsters, but it changed.

Believing that he was completely brainwashed, he was placed into the Spirit Squad, and they began to use him in earnest.

At that time, he was able to escape from a few orders given by using Reverse Health Preservation.

“When I realized that I could get control of myself for a few seconds despite being under their control, I began to figure out their purpose.”

However, since the entire Blade God Six Martial clan was made up of top-level warriors, deceiving them wouldn’t be an easy task.

Sometimes, it would take an entire month for Chun Inji to regain consciousness, and as things happened, he gradually began to get confused.

“It seemed like the worm was getting used to my technique.”

The first time he used Reverse Health Preservation, he could feel his vision clear up, but from one point on, everything was blurry, and the pain only increased.

He guessed that Saint Gu-jung was in the same situation.

“… did you find anything?”

At the question, Chun Inji shook his head.

“They are quite good at what they do. I couldn’t understand more than half of anything they said because they were using code language and simplified Chinese characters so that information wouldn’t leak out.”

‘Ah! No… simplified Chinese?’

At those words, something came to Chun Yeowun’s mind.

Simplified Chinese was used to write a book called Treasure of Godliness, which was the direction for the Blade God Six Martial clan.

If Chun Yeowun could see those characters, he could read them with the help of Nano.

‘Ah… it’s a pity.’

If only Chun Inji had escaped with it, Chun Yeowun could have interpreted it, but considering the condition Chun Inji was in, just getting out alive was enough.

With regret, Chun Inji spoke.

“Ugh, every time they would plan something, I took time to transcribe the letters.”

“Is that true?”

At the puzzled question, Chun Inji answered.

“No matter how impossible it was to interpret, I tried to figure out their true purpose, but would they let me live if they found out? The problem was to get the copies.”

As the spirit squad was put in the field, getting by information was tough.

And there were many instances where the spirit squad wasn’t around while the information was being relayed.

But after a long wait, an opportunity came.

“To obtain the Dragon Turtle, I managed to learn that.”

Chun Inji, who couldn’t miss out on the opportunity he obtained after thousands of hardships, hid the copied paper in the Hubei province on his way to the north.

He wanted to hide it close, but he had to do it discreetly due to surveillance.

“It was confusing, but from the investigation I did, this old man has to remember those cryptic words.”

Chun Yeowun’s eyes twinkled at those words.

If the records of the Blade God were known, their real purpose could be discovered.

What came next was the same as what Dan Baekhyun had said.

Chun Inji, who was temporarily released from control while dealing with the dragon, entrusted his slate and asked for help.

“Who would have known that you would come to save your grandfather like this. I think this is a blessing from Chun Ma.”


Chun Inji’s sincere voice made Chun Yeowun choke.

He was looking at the true leader of the Sky Demon Order.

As they looked at each other drenched in their own emotions, Chun Yeowun, who controlled himself, asked.

“By the way, earlier, you said that we shouldn’t let the cores of the five spirit beasts fall into their hands. Is there any reason?”

To that, Chun Inji replied with a serious expression.

“You might not believe this, but… what they are doing, they want to attain the cores of the five spirit beasts to gain huge power.”

“What do you mean?”

“… to gain eternal immortality.”

“Eternal immorality?”

Eternal Immortality.

It literally means to enjoy life forever and never disappear.

“Eternal immortality? Former Lord, is that even possible?”

“If what they were talking about was true… then it probably is.”


Marakim, who wouldn’t normally show much reaction, was shocked.

Immortality is known to be a myth, but if it was indeed true, then it was a good enough reason to spend as much time and resources as they had.


Suddenly, something came to Yeowun’s mind.

When Nano faced complications because of the Dragon Turtle’s lightning, he ended up seeing things from the future.

At that time, he heard of someone who was called the Blade God, who had reached the level of natural wonder by living close to a thousand years.

‘Right! If that Blade God I saw in the video was real, he must have attained immortality.’

Chun Yeowun realized that what he saw in the video was true.

That was when he became aware of one more fact.

‘According to the original timeline, he must have obtained all five cores?’

A clear thing.

But it isn't happening now because of Chun Yeowun.

Starting with the Imoogi inside the Sky Demon Sword, then the Flame Qilin in the Royal Shrine, and now the Dragon Turtle and the spiritual power of the Great Bird, all were acquired by chance.

‘Like someone set them…’

All the cores got absorbed by himself.

Now all that was left was the core of the Feng bo.

And if what Chun Inji was saying was true, if the core of Feng bo could be obtained, Chun Yeowun would gain eternal life.


He didn’t wish for immortality, but it was absurd to listen to.

In a bright voice, someone spoke.

“This might be a good thing.”


“If the head of that clan managed to gain immortality, the entire Wulin would have fallen into his hands. But I am glad that you have three cores.”

‘… four… huh. No.’

He was about to say four but decided to stay silent.

“Yeowun-ah. Thankfully you took in the core of the dragon, but the Blade Lord must have tried to get the core of the Great Bird from the Potala Palace.”

It was something that Chun Inji heard the warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan talk about on their way to the Ice Palace, that the Blade Lord was going to Potala Palace to get the core of the Great Bird.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.

He had obtained the core of the Great Bird, but from what Chun Inji said, there had to be another one alive.

‘Ah, it could be because the divine object of the Ice Palace is too old.’

Chun Inji, who didn’t know that Yeowun had obtained the core of the Great Bird, continued his story.

“If that person has obtained the core of the Great Bird, he will learn that the core of the dragon got taken away, and he will try to get the core of the Feng bo, the last one.”

He felt that this situation had to be taken advantage of.

“You have taken three, but that man, he is a monster who can’t be compared to any master this old man has ever seen.”

Chun Inji remembered the first time he went to the base.

At that time, the Eun Jarim, who were put into the spirit squad, and twenty masters attacked the Blade Lord.

Chun Inji, who was conscious at that time, thought it to be the best opportunity to get rid of him.

But the results were shocking.

Two Supreme Masters and eighteen Superior Masters worked together, but not one was able to touch the Blade Lord.

“Yeowun-ah. That man is a monster. If he obtains two cores, he will be stronger than you, who has three cores. It will be a tough fight.”


He’ll have to fight to know the results.

Apart from obtaining the last core, he wondered how strong the Blade Lord was.

Chun Inji thought that the situation had been used to their advantage.

“Hurry and take the core of Feng bo and get ahead of him. If that happens, no matter how much he tries, he won't be able to handle you.”

Energy rose in Chun Inji.

The thought of his grandson obtaining four cores made him feel proud, and that way, the Blade Lord would have no chance against Yeowun.

Chun Inji really considered this situation to be a blessing on the Cult.

“Yeowun-ah. It must be fate that this old man lived all this time to see you.”

“… I’m grateful too.”

“Not just that.”

Chun Inji shook his head.

“This old man saw the sword of the Blade Lord. It isn’t something that a human body can do.”

It wasn’t wrong to say that the sword was something that transcends the limits of the human body.

Chun Inji brought up the main point.

“The only sword which can go against theirs is the Sword Force of the Sky Demon left behind by the ancestor. You must have seen that, right?”

Chun Yeowun nodded at that question.

Behind the sapphire stone, he came to know about the sword.

However, it was unfinished, not going beyond five forms.

“Before infiltrating the Blade God Six Martial clan, I tried to use the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. At least, I tried to make it into something which exerts more power.”

Chun Inji considered his efforts as well-spent.

He was convinced that if Yeowun could learn it, then he would be able to face the sword of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

“You need to hurry, and I will pass it to you today. I could only learn 70 percent, but with your abilities, the dead technique of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon can be saved.”

Chun Inji said it with a smile.

He was happy to think that he could fulfill his duties as grandfather and former lord.


At that, Chun Yeowun had an embarrassed expression.

“Huh? What is it?”

He thought that his grandchild would be happy to learn the sword, but the reaction was different from what Chun Inji had expected.

“Gr… Grandfather. I apologize. I have already found the method that was left on the sapphire stone monument and completed the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.”

“… WHAT?!”

Chun Inji turned pale and yelled as he heard Yeowun’s words.

His intentions turned into nothing in an instant.

‘… W-what has my grandchild been doing until now?’

His eyes were filled with despair and humiliation at the same time.

How would Chun Inji react if Chun Yeowun said that he combined the Sky Demon Sword and Extreme Art of the Blade God into a new sword technique?

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