Chapter 454 - The Fallen Spirit Beast (1)

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The God of the East was flustered.

Beads of sweat were forming on Chun Yeowun’s forehead as he looked at his opponent.

The technique Chun Yeowun was using had multiple overlappings, and the amount of energy that it consumes couldn’t be small.

About three-quarters of the energy generated after taking in a core would get consumed.

‘Huu… imbuing two attributes into one invisible sword isn’t enough, and concentrating it at one point would be a huge waste.’

For now, three or four times was the limit.

However, the power was beyond the imagination, severely injuring the God of the East’s right arm, with a small attack too.

It was truly a technique that was fearsome to face.

“Indeed, you are great. Try stopping this too. I’ll shoot them the same way again.”

Chun Yeowun spoke those words.

If it was any normal person, Chun Yeowun would’ve killed them, but since the God of the East was great and he acknowledged the power and capabilities of the man who achieved it all with his own strength, he said that.

Although he was preventing Chun Yeowun from entering the mountain, he didn’t want to risk his life against a true warrior like the God of the East.

Chun Yeowun’s intentions seemed to work to some extent.

‘… if there is another offensive attack like that, blocking it would be impossible.’

In addition, one arm was twisted, and the muscles seemed to be strained, so it was difficult for him to fight.

In terms of a swordsman, it was like holding a broken sword.

However, if the purpose of this confrontation was to simply compete for a winner and loser, then accepting defeat would be best.

“This battle is won by you. Just like it was said, the old water of the Yangtze River gets pushed to the front because of the stronger new water. You’re stronger than Chun Majong of your cult.”

“Lord Chun Majong?”

Chun Yeowun frowned at the words which came out of the God of the East’s mouth.

It was a name he had heard a lot.

It must have been the name of a past Lord.

‘No. Did the God of the East know my father?’

Chun Inji, who was hearing his words, eyes widened.

Chun Majong was a former Lord and his father.

When Chun Inji was active in the cult, he knew that the God of the East is one of the five strongest warriors, but he didn’t know that he shared a relationship with his father.

‘Just how old… ugh.’

Although he had white hair, he only looked like a middle-aged man.

Even if he reverted back to a younger age, this man had to be over a hundred years old.

‘He is a warrior from the same generation as great-grandfather. That is why his martial arts are so pure.’

The man had reached this point in his life because of his ability.

And he is so skilled because of his age.

And his understanding of Chun Yeowun and his men was probably because he had already met cultists in the past.


The God of the East, who held his breath, sighed.

Although he acknowledged his opponent’s victory, his eyes were full of determination, he wasn’t willing to give up.

Why was he trying to stop people from entering Changbai Mountain?

“You were acquainted with my great-grandfather?”

When he realized how old the man was, Chun Yeowun showed his respects to him.

To that, the man shook his head and replied.

“We weren’t acquainted. We just competed a couple times.”

“That can be considered as a relationship too. But what I want to know is why are you stopping us from entering Changbai Mountain.”

In response to Chun Yeowun’s question, Ark Wui pursed his lips before opening them.

“Here in Changbai Mountain, there are creatures that others can’t hold. I’m guarding this place to prevent people from encountering those beings.”


Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.

The words of Master Wu Chun from the Shaolin Temple were true!

It wasn’t that he was stopping people. Rather Ark Wui was trying to protect people from something hidden inside.

“Are you talking about that crazy-eyed one?”

Clearly, that man was dangerous.

The power he held was completely different from normal warriors, and it was the first time that Chun Yeowun had experienced such a murderous intent with so much hatred.

He was someone who could be called the Great Death Bringer.

At Chun Yeowun’s question, Ark Wui answered.

“Haa… right. That’s the existence which is dangerous because it’s been toiling in hatred, anger, and murderous intent for years.”

At that, Chun Yeowun asked.

“Indeed, the existence, so it doesn’t have a human body?”

At that, Ark Wui seemed troubled.

The battle was stopped abruptly, but since he already fought it, Ark Wui had no choice but to tell him.

Especially since its body was transforming.

‘By any chance… a fallen spirit beast?’

It was a strange thought, but that’s what he thought.

There were a lot of confusing things, like the way the man used wind. It clearly looked like he could control the wind.

It could be that the man absorbed the core of the Feng Bo (White Tiger), but that didn’t feel like the right answer.

Looking at Changbai Mountain, where the man had disappeared to, Chun Yeowun said.

“You said it was to prevent people from encountering that existence. Did I look like I was in trouble?”

When the fight was stopped abruptly, Chun Yeowun had the upper hand.

Besides, Chun Yeowun hadn’t gone all out.

Ark Wui thought for a while.

‘… this person is certainly different.’

He wasn’t someone who had to be protected.

It was the first time that this happened, so he was worried about what he had to say.

In his mind, he remembered the mutation.

‘As long as I live and guard this place, I hope to keep people out, hoping for purification.’

If his eyes weren’t wrong, Ark Wui hadn’t degraded in skill.

But then, one day, he would end up becoming weak and lose in the battle against that man, and he would run out to massacre the people of Jianghu.

‘Thinking about it, I was hoping to send that man to hell with my own hands.’

But it was harder in his current state.

It was the tenth year, and his arm, which was hurt, wouldn't heal right away.

Of course, even if he did his best, the result would be unknown because of his current condition, but if he lost, that being would break out of the mountain.

After sighing, Ark Wui, who had been lost in thought, opened his mouth.

“Is your purpose also the core of the spirit beast?”

A straightforward question.

The people who came to Changbai Mountain only had one purpose.

It was to gain the core of the spirit beast, the Feng Bo, to increase their power.

Regardless of the faction, that was the truth.

‘Will you, like everyone else, explain the validity of taking the core with a cause?’

Those who tried to obtain the core were all the same.

Saying that they couldn’t let it fall into someone else’s hands, so they came to take the core for themselves.

The reason was the same for everyone.


“Do you think there is another reason for coming here?”


Chun Yeowun didn’t deny it.

Since the Yulin troops were diplomatic, he thought that this person, who seemed like the Lord of the Demonic Cult, would come up with some reason, but he didn’t.

“… you don’t even try to hide your greed.”

It would be better that way.

Rather than trying to make a false justification, he was honest.


“It seems like you have obtained many cores. Why are you being so greedy?”

He couldn’t understand it.

The existence of the Feng Bo was well known, so many people aimed for it.

However, the other spirit beasts were rather difficult to find, and if he could take away those cores, then he didn’t have to aim for this one.

“If it’s you, no one in Jianghu would be able to win against you, so why covet this core too?”

In addition, since Chun Yeowun had multiple cores, he would live for a long time.

There was no need for such excessive greed.

Chun Yeowun thought seriously about the questions Ark Wui asked.

‘He wouldn’t believe it if I say that it’s to prevent the Blade Lord from obtaining immortality.’

He hadn’t even told that to his subordinates.

Who would believe that nonsense?

“Recently, there is a rise of a clan called the Blade God Six Martial Clan, which began to grow suddenly. Their head is aiming for eternal life…”


Just then, they heard a loud roar.

Ark Wui looked shocked at the sound.

It came from the side of Changbai mountain.

At the peak, there was a vast lake, and he could see a column of water rising.


‘What was that just now?’

Shocked, he looked around as the sound echoed.


The sound of a tiger roaring from the peak of the mountain.

Chun Yeowun looked over there with sharp eyes.

‘Is that… the White Tiger?’

That wasn’t a roar that a human could produce.

“Is he breaking the oath?”

He was puzzled for a moment at the incomprehensible mumble from Ark Wui, who immediately moved.


His expression was serious as he was trying to reach the peak.

At the top was the place where that man lived.

He didn’t know what happened, but the cry meant that something terrible had happened.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As he hurried, he heard someone catch up to him.

Ark Wui glanced to the side to see Chun Yeowun.

The excellent display of martial arts.

“Was that the White Tiger?”

At Chun Yeowun’s question, Ark Wui nodded his head without saying anything.

Chun Yeowun spoke.

“It looks like we were hit on the back of our heads by the Blade God Six Martial Clan while we were fighting.”

“Blade God Six Martial clan?”

Come to think of it, Ark Wui had heard the people of the Yulin utter the same name.

It was something he wasn’t concerned about because whoever it was, he had no intention of letting them into the mountain.

“The situation has gone out of control. It has to be stopped.”

“It would be dangerous if the core gets into the hands of the Blade God Six…”

“Not that.”


“That man should never be allowed to turn into his original form!”

Chun Yeowun thought that Ark Wui was concerned about the core falling into other’s hands, but what he heard was completely unexpected.

Of course, he thought it was because Ark Wui didn’t know about the Blade God Six Martial Clan.

With their power, hunting the spirit beast wasn’t a difficult task.


“This… what the hell?”

Chun Yeowun looked at Changbai Mountain with trembling eyes.

Dark clouds gathered in the sky, which looked clear until a second back.

He couldn’t help but be shocked by it.

To that, Ark Wui spoke.

“It’s a spirit beast which has lived for nearly a thousand years and has ascending in the ranks. A monster which should never be released into this world.”


A horrendous energy engulfed the mountain.

Above the peak of Changbai Mountain, which was covered with dark clouds, an infinitely dark and huge tiger appeared.

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