Chapter 461 - On the Verge of Life and Death (1)

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The rain, which had been falling hard, gradually stopped.

The eight masters who lost their leader, the Blade Lord, had no choice but to be devastated.

Who would have known that he, who surpassed the limits of a human, would suffer so vainly?

There was nothing left of him.

As if nothing ever happened.

‘No. He can’t be human!’

‘He has gone beyond what we can do.’

A battle was possible only when there was a certain degree of odds.

The sense of deprivation from losing their Lord caused fear to rise inside the remaining master’s minds.

Chun Yeowun looked at the eight masters and Hwang-heol.

“Now it’s just you. Rather than running away from me this clumsily, I’d like to advise you to choose a clean fight or surrender.


Hwang-heol became angry at his warning as he ground his teeth.

But the reality was cruel.

Being angry doesn’t mean that the irreversible situation could be reversed.

Hwang-heol shouted at the masters, who all turned pale and began to sweat.

“Everyone spread out in all directions!”

There was only one glimmer of survival.

As if waiting for the orders, all the masters rushed in different directions.

Ta! Tatata!

Anyone had to live.

At least one master had to make it back to their base and ensure that the Demonic Cult couldn’t invade them. If not, everything would be lost.

‘We can’t give up this easily.’

Chun Yeowun shook his head.

If the clan were the type to abandon everything just because their head was dead, they would have collapsed already.

‘Is there anything left to do?’

He couldn’t use his qi anymore.

If he drew out the remaining qi, he could surely bring out another attack, but then he wouldn’t be able to defend himself if someone attacked.

‘If it’s them, then this much should be enough.’

The masters all seemed like warriors who reached the Super Master Level.

Even if he didn’t unfold invisible swords with qi, the Sky Flash should be enough.


White particles were emitted from the soles of the Nano Suit as Chun Yeowun floated into the air.

As he raised his hands high in the sky, extreme yin was released, causing the temperature to drop and frost to rise around.


The condensed frost soon formed into swords.

Chun Yeowun, who had reached a high level in cold qi cultivation, could make ice swords stronger than iron.

Twenty-seven ice swords formed.

‘For now, this is the limit.’

Any further consumption of internal energy had to be restrained.

‘Track them.’

[Yes. Operating the remote panel system according to the user's command.]

When Nano’s voice ended, three ice swords went out in each direction towards the fleeing masters.

A blue hue was glowing on the ice swords which streaked through the air.


It looked like the swords were moving at the speed of an arrow.


[Enabling multi lock-on system.]

Nano’s voice resonated in his head, and red targets in the form of crosses formed in the augmented reality where white lines were drawn towards them.

Beep beep beep beep beep!

When the masters who were scattered in all directions were running away and were designated as targets, Chun Yeowun stretched out his hand.

The ice swords made of cold qi turned blue and rushed for them.


The faces of the masters who were running away with all their might turned pale.

There was no way that they weren’t aware of the energy which was coming from behind them.

“Ugh. The Sky Flash! Damn it!”

“This is crazy! How does he still have energy left?”

They didn’t know that the swords were flying towards everyone and thought they had bad luck as out running an Air Sword was impossible, so some tried to stop it.

However, the power of the Air Sword, which was being used during the Sky Flash, was too great for them to stop.



The sword of a master broke with two attacks from one Air Sword while another Air Sword pierced his chest.

The other masters were no different.

The power of the Air Swords was too strong for them to block.



Swords with huge blue wings came for them, and their targets in the augmented reality disappeared one by one.

There was only one red cross left.

It was Hwang-heol, the man in bandages who endured it.


His sword broke because of the 3 Air Swords which came for him, and he struggled to block the Air Swords with sword qi from his bare hands.


“Ack! My arm!”

His arm flew off as he tried to stop the Air Sword, which couldn’t be stopped.

Enduring the pain of losing his arm, he tried to escape from it, but it pierced his chest.

Kwak! Thud!

“Ugh! This, this can’t…”


Blood began to flow from the corner of Hwang-heol’s mouth.

Hwang-heol looked down at his chest, which had a hole the size of his head. His entire body trembled, and he stopped breathing.


Chun Yeowun, who was floating in the air, took a deep breath.

With that, the remaining power of the Blade God Six Martial Clan was annihilated.

‘Did Ark Wui take care of everything?’

All that was left was the base of the Blade God Six Martial Clan.

If that one place was annihilated, the Blade God Six Martial Clan, which had been trying to secretly cause waves in the lives of the Wulin people, would disappear for good.

Of course, other things had to be done before that.

‘Grandfather said that he copied a few things down from the record, so I should check that out before heading south.’

If he could read the hidden record his grandfather kept, he would discover some secrets.

‘Let’s head to the God of the East for now.’

It was the moment when Chun Yeowun was about to turn towards Changbai Mountain.


‘Hold… what was that?’

He felt a rise in energy.

It wasn’t that big, but it was definitely something that didn’t feel nice.

Chun Yeowun looked up at the top of the mountain.

The side of the mountain was so quiet that it felt like something was wrong.

‘Fleeting feeling. But…’

At the top of Changbai Mountain was Ark Wui.

Even the Blade Lord couldn’t stand in front of that man, but something strange seemed to have happened.

So he decided to hurry up.


Nano formed the helmet, and with the white energy released from the soles, Chun Yeowun flew towards Changbai Mountain.


It wasn’t long after Chun Yeowun disappeared.

In the place where the dead body of Hwang-heol was, afterimages shook, and a figure appeared.


A handsome young man with bright red hair.

With careful steps, the young man approached the corpse of Hwang-heol and turned over the body.

The body was cold, and the whites were the only things that could be seen in his eyes.


The young man pressed on Hwang-heol’s neck vein with two fingers.

A very faint heartbeat could be felt.

How could the man who got his heart pierced still have a heartbeat?

“You endured.”

The young man’s lips formed into a smile as his two fingers began to gather energy and pushed it into the blood vessels which were on the side of Hwang-heol’s dantian.


After a few tries, he pulled something out of his sleeve.

A small jar, the size of a fist, and when the lid was opened, a foul odor came out.

The young man brought the jar to Hwang-heol’s lips.


The dark red liquid flowed out of the bottle and entered Hwang-heol’s mouth.

The young man supported Hwang-heol’s neck as he lifted his head a little for the liquid to enter his throat.

The dark liquid flowed down his throat.

The young man with bright red hair, who poured every last drop of the liquid, looked at the dead man with tense eyes.

No change.

“What? Did he really die?”

The young man was puzzled.

It was then.

Hwang-heol’s eyes, which only had the whites showing, moved to their original position, and the man let out a rough breath.


At the same time, a surprising change occurred.


The veins in his chest, which were all torn, began to reconnect like threads.

Not just the veins, even the muscles began to reattach.

After a while, the hole in his chest was completely regenerated.


When the chest was completely healed, the right arm, which was lost too, began to regenerate.

It didn’t take as long as the chest did.

“Pant… pant… pant…”

And it didn’t stop.


The area around the head, which was always bandaged, began to bulge too, and soon hair started to grow.

It was dark blue hair and not black hair.

Hwang-heol, who was lying on the floor, raised his upper body and exhaled.

“Haaa…. Haaa…”

Seeing that, the red-haired young man smiled and spoke.

“You did well. So, how does it feel to be alive after almost dying?”

Hwang-heol looked at the young man with absurd eyes and asked.

“Would you say the same thing if you died too?”

“It’s hard to say if you were dead or alive. You were in complete tatters despite him not using his full power.”

At that Hwang-heol mumbled.

“…not using full energy? He’s a total monster.”

“Those are the words you said, Hwang-heol, the second in command. It looks like his growth exceeded our expectations.”

Hwang-heol spoke to the red-haired young man.

“Too fast. It’s like he is getting stronger with every breath he takes.”

“… you mean?”

“The Blade Lord was overwhelmingly defeated!”

No matter how much he thought about it, Chun Yeowun became so strong so quickly that calling him the sword genius didn’t do him justice.

That was enough to change the course of the existing history.


Suddenly, Hwang-heol spoke as he remembered something.

“He needs to be stopped. He has the cores of four Spirit Beasts. If he takes one more, we’re going to be in trouble!”

The one who absorbs the cores of the five spirit beasts.

Is said to gain immortality.

“Four cores? I heard from the reports that only three were taken.”

“No. That guy probably absorbed the core of the Great Bird too. I felt the spirit of the Great Bird from him.”

“I guess you’re pretty sure.”

If he really had four cores, then they were in serious trouble.

And that meant that Chun Yeowun had to be stopped.

“Are you sure that others aren’t needed?”

At Hwang-heol’s serious words, the man with bright red hair spoke with a smile.

“I don’t need others.”


“According to what you said, this is good. I should go to him personally.”


Hwang-heol’s eyes widened at the young man’s words.

Chun Yeowun flew to the peak, where the battle took place.


His suit began to descend as he arrived in front of the frozen lake.

‘What the hell…’

An unbelievable scene unfolded before his eyes.

Chun Yeowun saw Ark Wui dead with his arms cut off, and in front of the dead Ark Wui, a man was on his knees.

“This is great. To get me on my knees.”

Contrary to his words, the voice sounded dry.


There was a wound near the man in the black robe’s chest, which swelled up and then returned to normal.


The man passed by the dead body and opened his mouth with an emotionless face while looking at Chun Yeowun.

“It has been very long. No, this is the first time that we are crossing paths in this place. Demon God.”

Chun Yeowun’s eyes fluttered.

A strong face with thick eyebrows.

It was the face he saw in the video record that Nano showed.

“Blade God!”

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