Chapter 466 - Natural State (Heavenly Master) (2)

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“This can’t be!”


The cultists couldn’t hide their shock at the appearance of Chun Yeowun floating mid-air emitting brilliant light.

But Chun Inji was sure about what this was.

‘This has to be the core of the five spirits!’

The five cores suddenly began to resonate, giving out their own attributes.

A hot flame was burning close to Chun Yeowun.

That was the energy of the Flame Qilin, which symbolized the center.

On the right side of Chun Yeowun was a wind blowing fiercely.

That was the energy of the White Tiger, which symbolized the east.

On the left side of Chun Yeowun was ice.

That was the energy taken from the Great Bird, which symbolized the west.

Above Chun Yeowun were lightning flashes.

That was the energy of the Dragon Turtle, which symbolized the north.


‘What on earth is that eerie energy?’

Chun Inji couldn’t figure out what the black energy near Chun Yeowun’s legs was.

It was definitely from one of the five spirit beasts, so it had to be the energy of the Imoogi.

However, the Imoogi was the earth dragon, which meant that it should be giving out earth energy, but this energy felt different,

‘This is more like…’

Demon energy.

It was impossible for the energy of the Imoogi, which is known to be the head of the Five Spirit Beasts, to be evil.

Chun Inji had felt this energy before.

‘Right! I felt this with the Great Guardian.’

He suddenly remembered it.

He had felt similar energy from Great Guardian Marakim and the former Great Guardian.

However, the energy they gave out was only a small amount, so he didn’t pay much attention to it, but now, the energy from Chun Yeowun was beyond one's imagination.

‘The five energies need to be in balance to achieve harmony, but that demon energy is too strong.’

He had no idea what was happening.

The ferocious demon energy was strong enough to swallow up the other energies.

Everyone stood back and watched, trying not to disturb Chun Yeowun, who was trying to achieve something no one else did yet, when the five energies started to move.

It was the beginning.


“No way! The black energy is taking in all…”

The black energy under Chun Yeowun swallowed up the remaining four energies, including the body of Chun Yeowun like a curtain.

In an instant, Chun Yeowun was engulfed in a sphere.

“For-Former lord! What is happening!”

“As if this old man could know!”

Elder Mong Mu’s question was the same thing that Chun Inji had been pondering, so he couldn’t answer and kept on watching.

On the other hand, the black energy and the natural internal energy were intertwined, and a different change occurred.

Chun Yeowun, whose heart was on the verge of destruction because of the blade energy, went through serious changes.


While suffering, Chun Yeowun could feel the changes.

A massive flow of qi which he had never felt in his own body, and his sixth sense which had been stimulated.

Pounding! Pounding! Pounding!

That wasn’t the sound of his beating heart.

It was a strong pounding sound from elsewhere.

‘This sound?’

The beating sound wasn’t coming from anywhere in particular.

As if it was from all the beings around him.

‘This… the heartbeat of all?’

At first, he couldn’t understand it, but at a certain moment, Chun Yeowun recognized that it was the sound of all the lives fluctuating around him.

He had never been that conscious, but it looked like every living being had an energy of its own.

‘Everything has a different energy.’

However, the flow was different.

The energy of all the things conformed to the flow, which moved naturally, showing its existence.

That wasn’t the only thing Chun Yeowun could understand about the great flow.

‘The energy of the core?’

The spiritual energy of the core moved and flowed in harmony.

That was the order of Mother Nature itself.

‘Ah! All energies go through the cycle and harmonize. My own energy has been part of Mother Nature.’

That realization shattered the common sense about Qi.

Qi wasn’t confined to the body.

If Qi could move with the flow, it could become one with all things in the world.


As he had a new realization, more changes occurred in Chun Yeowun’s body.

It looked like his bones and muscles were about to be reconstructed.

It looked like he was going through physical reconstruction.

However, something different from physical reconstruction was taking place.






The energies of the five spirit beasts around Chun Yeowun began to harmonize.

However, the harmony wasn’t in perfect balance as Chun Yeowun had envisioned.


The demon energy was eroding the harmony created by the other four.

The demon energy ate them up like prey as if it was the predator of the other four.

Clench! Clench!


His heart, which was constantly undergoing changes, throbbed even more.

The blade energy from the Blade God wasn’t released, but its movement gradually weakened.

‘I shouldn’t miss this opportunity!’

Chun Yeowun concentrated all his senses on his heart.

His thoughts raged with the thought of burning down the invisible blade energy.

‘Scram! This is my heart and body that only has energies I take in on my own will!’

The moment his will burnt,


The blade energy, which was eroding Chun Yeowun’s heart, couldn’t withstand the raging energies and moved out of his body.

Sharp energy burst out of the black sphere which was surrounding him.

The cultists were shocked at the unusual sight.

“Wh-What was that just now?”

“I saw a sharp blade energy shoot out.”

At that moment, everyone could sense the blade energy.

Chun Inji, the former head of the Demonic Cult and a Supreme Master, couldn’t help but be astonished.

‘It was invisible, but that was clearly blade energy. Does this mean that the energy was inside Yeowun’s body?’

The blade energy seemed completely different from invisible energy.

This made Chun Inji more curious about the man who escaped with those serious injuries.

It was then,


“Look over there!”

“It’s shrinking!”

The black sphere gradually decreased and soon outlined a human form, then it was completely absorbed into Chun Yeowun’s body.

He didn’t know, but the look of Chun Yeowun, who had his eyes closed, was quite different.

It was like seeing endless darkness.

That moment,


The arm guard, which was on Chun Yeowun’s right arm, disassembled.

At the same moment, the disassembled arm guard turned into a sword.

That was the Sky Demon Sword.

“S-Sky Demon Sword!”

“Oh oh! Our Chun Ma!!”

Splash! Splash! Splash!

The cultists who watched that exclaimed and immediately knelt on the wet floor and bowed their heads.

When everyone bowed their heads, Chun Inji looked at the Sky Demon Sword with trembling eyes.

“Why did the Sky Demon Sword reveal its true self?”

He couldn’t take his eyes off the strange phenomenon.

At that time, the Sky Demon Sword, which turned into a sword, suddenly moved to Chun Yeowun’s hand.


Changes occurred to Chun Yeowun, who seemed like he was reaching enlightenment.


A world full of darkness.

Nothing could be felt, let alone the energy of Mother Nature.

Like a void space.


Chun Yeowun had experienced it twice.

The first time was when he got the Sky Demon Sword, and the second time was when he held the Ice Cold Staff.

Those times, in the darkness, he was only a viewer.

But it was different this time.

‘It feels like I’m actually here.’

Although his physical body didn’t exist, it felt like his consciousness was inside the space of nothingness.

He couldn’t figure out what the phenomenon meant.


He called for Nano, but there was no answer.

It seemed like he was isolated.

It happened the moment he fully realized the energy flow of Mother Nature and the demon energy completely enveloped the other energies.

‘Just why is this happening…’

[This is pretty cool. It’s the blood which inherited the blood throne.]


Chun Yeowun couldn’t help but be astonished at what he saw.

Without realizing it, a man was standing right in front of him.

A man with a familiar face in a long black robe.

This man, who felt incomparable with his majesticness and endless demon energy, was the one who cut off the Imoogi’s horns in the past.

‘Did… did he just talk to me?’

He just thought it, but the man smiled and spoke.

[Who else would I be talking to?]

Shockingly, the man was talking to Chun Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun became speechless for a moment. He spoke through his mind again as he was shocked.

‘Are you really… my ancestor?’

[I guess you aren’t that stupid.]

The man didn’t deny it.

Despite not having a physical body, Chun Yeowun could feel a shiver run down his body.

The man in front of him was Chun Ma, the ruler and founder of the Sky Demon Order.

Normally, he would have knelt down and bowed his head, but with only his spirit body, he couldn’t move.

So he decided that he should at least greet the man.

‘The Great Sky Demon Order’s Chun Ma, this is the Twenty-fourth Lord and descendant, Chun Yeowun.’

As a cultist, Chun Yeowun couldn’t help but tremble as he saw the founder.

This was like infinite glory.

At that, Chun Ma lightly waved his hands.

[Don’t be that conscious of me. My blood descendant who inherited the throne. After all, I am just a small fragment containing the will of my past existence.]


[This me can be regarded as the solidification of my will planted inside the Sky Demon Sword.]


Chun Yeowun couldn’t hide his surprise.

If he hadn’t attained realization, he wouldn’t have fully understood what Chun Ma was saying.

However, as he realized the laws of Mother Nature, he came to know what that meant.

The existence in front of him was, in a way, the will of Chun Ma left inside the sword because of the demon energy.

Chun Ma spoke to Chun Yeowun, who exclaimed.

[You’re clever. So you must have obtained it. When you first set foot into this space of nothingness, I thought we would meet after a long time, but we met faster than I thought.]

Chun Ma praised him.

In fact, it was no exaggeration to say that a person who became so strong at such an unbelievable pace is one of the best in Wulin.

‘That’s an exaggeration.’

[There is no need to be humble. The fact that you have fully accepted the demon energy and achieved Mado is because you have such great talent.]


He couldn’t understand what it meant.

When Chun Yeowun was puzzled, Chun Ma smiled and spoke.

[You are one funny kid. You weren’t even aware of the demonic nature of the demon energy even though you fully accepted it and even used it to perform extraordinary feats?]

‘Ancestor. I don’t know what you are talking about…’

It was that moment.

The ferocious black energy emanated from Chun Ma’s hands.

It was the spiritual energy of the Imoogi, which was absorbed by the Sky Demon Sword, and the energy, which was called Sky Demon energy.

‘This is?’

[The rage and hatred of the dragon that couldn’t ascend to heaven pierced through the sky and turned into demon energy that wanted to destroy all things. That is the foundation of the energy you have achieved.]

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