Episode 13

Evil Moon (13)
1 year ago
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The Elegant Pavilion, the main office for Hwarangs.

There was a person there seated in the top spot.

And he was looking at a scroll with his head slightly tilted. A young well-mannered-looking person engrossed in his work. And it was difficult to even breathe in this atmosphere.

‘But there should be something else to think about.’

There was a faint haze over his shoulder. If one listens closely, one can even hear the screams of the spirit. It seemed like this darkness would burst out like spilled ink.

Seol Young looked away.


Jin Rim was looking at the person in front of him, half shocked. Even his face, which was normally macho with high cheekbones and chin, looked so stunned.

The emotions were practically making rounds on his face.

Why so? Well, it was as if he met with Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in the fiery pit of hell.

‘Even the Governor…’

Seol Young sighed.

Jin Rim was like a deputy who assisted Zaha eight years ago. So Seol Young thought he might have noticed the man being tainted by darkness, but he didn’t notice anything. He just looked simply delighted at his presence.

“Immortal Being, you have already done your term here. No one would ever request anything from you now. Yet, the world is in chaos, and you decided to step ahead for us Hwarangs once again… I just don’t know how to thank you.”

“It cannot be helped. I cannot be at peace when everything around me is in chaos.”

In Seol Young’s eyes, Zaha was no different from a scammer.

Jin Rim, not knowing anything, turned his gaze and looked his way.

“So you were able to resolve the incident?”

“Yes, Governor.”

Seol Young quickly nodded and took out a package.

“It was all because of this.”

“And this is?”

“The bone of a dead serpent. A group of shamans seemed to have used this, and when fear rose up, they buried it in a temple site, making all that happen.”

Seol Young politely offered it up.

“This incident became known in the capital, and many people were anxious about it. However, with the cause and solution figured out, it isn’t something that can be called a supernatural calamity.”

“Hmm. Right.”

Jin Rim nodded, looking at the bone.

“Was there anything else unusual?”

When he heard that, something came to his mind.

“There was an incident where a group of evil spirits had abnormally moved into the area and surrounded me as they threatened me.”


Seol Young looked at Zaha for a moment. He didn’t realize it at that time.

But now, when he thought back, the fact that this person had demonic qi might have been why all those evil spirits had gathered.

“I don’t know.”

“I am glad you got out without a wound. Did the High Governor help you?”


Jin Rim stared at Seol Young, whose face looked paler than usual.

It could be because he was suffering from all the fighting, but then it felt like, ‘what am I missing in here?’

But in Jin Rim’s eyes, he could only see an exhausted man.

“Anyway, it was a lot of work.”

He reached out and opened the box on the desk.

“This incident wasn’t a serious one. Also, you met the High Governor along the way and received help. Doesn’t this mean that heaven knows about your innocence?”


“The High Governor wants to clear up this matter so you will have no problems. Seol Young-rang, do not worry about it, and do your duties diligently from now on.”

Jin Rim gave the jade plaque back to prove his identity here—the Yin-Yang plaque.

“Yes, Governor.”

Seol Young received the plaque, and the report was over. However, he didn’t say he would leave and just stood there. He focused on the conversation between the two.

Jin Rim mumbled as he discussed other issues.

“It would be nice if things continued like this, and it would be nice if someone said that the vision of the great Heavenly Pavilion was wrong. But things cannot move on so easily.”

He raised his head and looked at Zaha.

“Did you know? For the past eight years, the revelations of the Pavilion have never been wrong.”

“Is that so? Even back then, the name it held was great. Wouldn’t it be better now?”

“Yes. Even the queen said so. His Highness is becoming too dependent on them. You will see when you meet them…”

Jin Rim paused for a moment. He looked at Zaha curiously.

“I still cannot get used to it. How have you not even changed? You have the same appearance as when you left eight years ago. I guess you had a good time.”

“You don’t like it?”

“No! No! It isn’t like that!”

Jin Rim shouted out loud, with a look of shock on his face.

‘He is playing around even with the Governor.’

Seol Young clicked his tongue. He knew that the man was messing with Jin Rim.

“It is really fortunate that the High Governor managed to feel a bit at ease. I am really thankful.”

Jin Rim was a little flustered and turned.

“Come to think of it, I heard you haven’t been to the Apsara House yet. You haven’t even seen your family. Jiyun nuna1 just had her third child…”

At that moment, the expression on Zaha’s face vanished, and Jin Rim wasn’t sure what to do.

“I said something unnecessary.”

Seol Young pretended not to care, but his ears were open.

The sister he spoke of was Zaha’s. After losing her first husband, she recently got married.

Seol Young knew it because the Five Clans visited and celebrated with her by offering gifts.

-She is the sister of the High Governor.

Everyone informed him when he became a Hwarang. The relationship between the siblings seemed strong.

‘But things seem different now. When his soul changed, the affection must have vanished as well.’

Maybe the Governor will notice it this time?

Thinking about it, he secretly looked at him, but the Governor only had a devastated expression.

“I need to go. There is a lot to do.”

At Zaha’s words, Seol Young felt a bit taken aback.

“The Governor doesn’t have to worry about the other things and just do your best to handle the Hwarang troops.”

Zaha said and went out. Seol Young bowed to the Governor and followed him.

He was waiting for this moment. He made sure no one was around as he called out to him.


He thought he wouldn’t hear it, but the man turned back.

Seol Young quickly said.

“Let’s make a deal.”


“You don’t want me to die yet, right? Still, if you said those words, it means that you wanted something from me. What is it?”

Zaha looked at Seol Young for a moment. He immediately burst into laughter.

“What can you even trade with me? I am only interested in your spiritual power, and besides, it will be mine soon.”

Then he gave advice with an almost friendly look.

“That was just a thoughtless statement. Don’t mind me too much. I am busy, so I need to leave.”

He moved without even looking back, not giving Seol Young enough time to even say anything, and in an instant, he crossed the yard and moved to the small gate.

Seol Young became upset at the idea of being ignored once more.

But at the same time, he was puzzled.

‘What is he in such a hurry for?’

Zaha was obviously in a hurry, so he followed him.

He was able to catch up with him. Zaha left the area and headed for the Chaoyuan Palace.

The Chaoyuan Palace was the tallest and grandest building in the Moon Palace. It was also the main hall where the king and the prince would conduct their business.

Seol Young hid behind a pillar and waited. Perhaps the king and queen, the princess, and the prince were all there as an audience.

After a while, he came out. Hwan Soo, the eunuch who served the king, followed.

“High Governor, are you heading home? If not…”

He had planned to make small talk for the first time in eight years, but he was turned down.

“I have something urgent to do.”

“Ahh. I see.”

The eunuch was the eyes and ears of the king, and he directly requested a conversation but got kicked out right then.

‘Does this mean that the urgent matter wasn’t even an audience with the king? Then what?’

Seol Young came out of hiding and followed.

The destination this time was the Heavenly House. It was the treasure house of the Moon Palace.

“High Governor! I knew you would come looking. So here, I prepared this.”

An official handed him something.


Seol Young nodded at the sword.

Zaha, as he left this place, had to let go of his sword, Dead Slayer. He did hear that the sword was being kept safely.

‘He came in such a hurry to get the sword.’


As he continued to look at it, he thought.

Is this it?

Seol Young continued to watch with suspicious eyes. As the official talked loudly,

“I knew that this sword would one day meet its owner again. Now, try this.”

“In here?”

Zaha smiled.

It also seemed a bit unnatural for Seol Young. The way he held the sword felt awkward.

It was different from his suave attitude until then. He looked flustered.

‘As I thought.’

Seol Young’s eyes gleamed as he thought he could finally reap the reward for tailing him.

He finally caught the tail!

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