Episode 183

Three Thousand Worlds (7)
5 months ago
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The slab shattered, and the seal around Mita’s tomb broke down.

It was as if a glass shattered in front of their eyes, and something appeared between the pile of dirt.

A part of the structure that had been hidden in the ground was clearly revealed now. The outside of the stone wall was visible, and white pieces of wood were attached to a golden rope that was woven together.

Seol Young looked at Jung Myung.

“Miss, please.”


Jung Myung ordered the wood spirits to dig around the stone wall.

A portion of the tomb’s ceiling was exposed beneath their feet, and Zaha looked at it without saying a single word.

The one who caused all sorts of disasters and pain to people, yet despite trying to catch it, it was something that just couldn’t be caught, and eventually made them come together…

His opponent for eight years of bad luck.

The tomb where the body of the woman named ‘Mita’ was believed to be the origin of the God of Cataclysm.

Even though it was a different world, the tomb would finally reveal the truth. It was a feeling that couldn’t be put into words.

Then the expression on Zaha’s face vanished for a second, and the brilliant golden light in his eyes also vanished as if he had been frozen in ice for a long time. And he looked down with cold eyes as he said,

“It is strange.”

That was the first expression that he spat out towards the long resentment he had for her. Zaha asked while rubbing his sword.

“Why did they have to stick these pieces of wood together?”

Seol Young replied,

“It is a wooden plaque.”

“Are there any white wooden plaques?”

“There probably weren’t any. They must have dyed it in color for some reason and used a spell, but everything was erased to white. In addition, what is inside is so powerful.”

“Man, come to think of it, Seol Young-rang was an expert in grave robbery, right?”

The expression changed on Zaha’s face.

“Tell me everything you know. I’d like to hear some opinions from the expert.”

“This is not robbery, and it is being done with permission.”

Seol Young replied coldly and stepped ahead.

“However, I will tell you in detail in case the High Governor decides to make a living as a grave robber in the future. When you see a tomb, first make a rough estimate of whether it is a grave that can be robbed or not. Normally, if one sees a golden rope and a wooden tablet that looks like this, one should run away without looking back. It means that anyone who touches this tomb will be cursed.”

“Cursed? Are you referring to the cursed records that mentioned ‘Mita, the curse, cut to pieces and buried’?”

“Maybe, anyway….”

Seol Young bent down and put his hand on his neck. His fingers throbbed.

“What I said was the general case. We really need this tomb, so we should go in without asking for permission or arguing about it.”

After saying that, he raised Blue Rainbow and slammed it down to the ground.

The tomb’s ceiling split open like a spider’s web.

“You will have to enter there. Remember, if there is a sealing stone, that is usually the entrance.”

“Let’s see.”

Zaha applied force to the cracked part that Seol Young made and slashed it down several times. The stone wall was broken, and a hole had been drilled.

Inside, a space that had been sealed for a hundred years was revealed. Jung Myung was watching all of this silently from behind, then she mumbled,

“We need to put up a ladder, at least.”

Seol Young looked at her.

“Fine. And I have another request. While we go into the tomb and examine it, if another grave robber or passerby enters this place or maybe even steps inside, it would be a huge problem. Can the shaman stay here and guard this place?”

“I understand. Please leave it to me.”

Then Jung Myung disappeared with the wood spirits.

“Then, shall we start digging in earnest?”

Zaha jumped down the hole first, and Seol Young did the same. It was horribly black inside.

Each of them raised an aura on their swords and halted.

A pitch-black haze was visible amidst the golden and blue light. Something was reacting in Zaha’s body.

Seol Young said,

“It seems that the demonic qi inside your body is reacting to this place. To the ashes, or maybe the things here.”

“As expected.”

Zaha took out the Great Mother’s necklace, which was hidden under his clothes. The demonic qi rose in an instant and then vanished.

“The ashes must be enshrined in the deepest place.”

Seol Young looked into the darkness far away. A long passage was revealed through the red and white light.

The end was a forked road,

“I think there are several stone chambers. It is the size of a royal tomb.”

Seol Young took the lead and walked down the aisle.

“They said it was still dark under the lamp. Wouldn’t the location of this tomb be the same on the other side of the world? How did I not know that there was such a huge tomb in the place I have lived for ten years?”


Zaha glanced at him. His eyes, which were looking through the darkness, seemed like they were looking at something strange.



Rather, he questioned him and raised his sword.

Wasn’t he looking at it too oddly?

Just when Seol Young was about to pry more, a clattering sound came from the other side. Numerous shadows appeared above the light reflected on the wall.

“A bird?”

As soon as Zaha’s words came, rogue birds appeared. Their upper bodies were those of humans, and their lower bodies were those of birds. They were half-human and half-birds.


They rushed in, filling the place.

“Calm down and look.”

Zaha’s Dead Slayer sword had this golden halo around it. It was the symbol of the Sun and Moon Troops.

But the monsters attacked without any hesitation, and a single hit from their steel claws could tear down their muscles and beak bones.

“It cannot speak.”

Seol Young’s Blue Rainbow sword cut the monsters down left and right. And his spirit-repelling talismans moved into their wounds.


Then the bodies of the monsters exploded.

As they tangled up and fell down,


A sound rang.

It was the sound of something being shattered and broken.

‘This sound…?’

A question crossed their faces. But there was no time to further think about it.

The demonic beings were attacking them even at that moment. Attacks from sharp beaks and claws poured in all directions.

“We need to break them all.”

Zaha swiftly swung his sword then a spiritual qi rose like wild flames as it cut down the monsters. The birds that were flying in from the other side were caught in the circle of talismans that Seol Young hid in the air.


Shouts and screams echoed everywhere. After a long fight, they were finally able to defeat all the monsters. They were so strong that their arms were numb.

Zaha swung his sword and brushed it off.

“Is grave robbery normally like this?”

“Of course not. Then it would have been abandoned a long time ago.”

Seol Young said that as he raised the aura on his Blue Rainbow sword.

After the fight, they finally arrived inside the stone chamber. A silvery blue glow shone around them.

Several jars of grain were placed there. It was full of coins and various jewels.

It was a burial item that had been prepared so that the dead could live in the grave forever. Its scale was very grand. It was the first time Seol Young had seen anything like this.

“From the words of the shaman, she said this was of a high-ranking person, right?”

“And it wasn’t a person of Shinra, but….”

Zaha stretched out his hands on the ground and picked up something. It was a sculpture of a bird’s head.

“The one that just attacked us?”

“It looks like it.”

Seol Young also picked up a couple of items on the ground. There was a body and a base, too. When they put them together, they formed a shape.

It was a bird-shaped earthen statue.

It wasn’t an unfamiliar sight. Then both of them said at the same time,

“A figurative earthenware?”

Those that were made in the shape of a person, animal, or living thing were called that. It was popular in Silla, but this was more elaborate and bizarre too.


When Seol Young opened his mouth, a clatter echoed from beyond the stone wall.

In the next moment, other shadows appeared in the passage. They were soldiers with black armor.

“Aren’t those the iron troops?”

Zaha’s eyes looked shocked.

“It seems like it has something to do with Gaya.” ^n1[TL/N: Confederacy]

“Let’s try talking to them first.”

Seol Young sent his spiritual qi to them.

But none of them responded. Zaha gave out a golden halo, but it also had the same result.


The iron troops attacked without a word with their sharp spears, and Seol Young quickly raised his sword to block them. And the moment their weapons clashed, he felt it,


They weren’t just ordinary soldiers. It was like they were elite soldiers who had been trained to kill. Their spears flew in from all directions, aiming for their vital points.

Seol Young flung himself to the side and thrust his sword at the helmet of one of the soldiers.

But that soldier didn’t fall right away. After a couple more stabs, he finally managed to knock him down.

“These people are strong!”

Zaha’s Dead Slayer sword pierced through one of the men and pushed them into the wall. He only stopped fighting after being crushed.

“There is no way this will end. Let us gather and just blow them all down together.”


Seol Young raised his spiritual qi to the maximum and drew a huge demigod in the air. However, as he was about to do that, he couldn’t move, as if his hands had become stiff.

“It is strange….”

Before he could end it, his entire body turned numb in an instant. All of his spiritual qi suddenly disappeared, and all his talismans disappeared right then.

At that moment, the iron troops stabbed their spears at Seol Young at the same time.

“Seol Young-rang! What are you doing?!”

Zaha drew out his sword and cut them down.

“What is it?”

“My body isn’t moving.”

Seol Young could barely utter that.

“Strange! Those iron troops must be having some secret thing going on!”

“What did you do?”

Zaha frowned and swung his sword at the troops. But before he could cut down the last one, his arms suddenly stopped.


Right at that moment, the iron soldier’s spear grazed straight through Zaha’s arm.

His cloth was torn, and blood splashed everywhere.

At the same time, the sharp blue tip of the spear moved toward him.

“… What?”

Despite all of that, Zaha still couldn’t use his arm, and blood continued to drip down his sleeve.

Seol Young’s mind went out.


Even when he shouted, the other person couldn’t hear him. And just before the spear pierced him again, this time, suddenly…


A long blade flew through the wind. It rotated once in the air and slashed the neck of the iron soldier with tremendous force.


Seol Young looked at the blade with shocked eyes.

A thick demonic qi was around the body of the sword. Then, as if the effect had run out, it fell to the ground.


It was then that he found out what had happened.

In a moment of desperation, Zaha manipulated one of the buried weapons with his demonic qi, just like when he controlled the army of bamboo in the past.

“My skill in catching is quite helpful.”

Zaha said.

Despite his calm face, drops of blood continued to drip from the wound. When all the iron troops died, the odd paralysis and numbing that they had cast also disappeared.

“First, we need to treat the wound….”

Seol Young hurriedly searched through his body.

Just then, another clanking sound came from beyond the stone wall.

“Let’s move for now.”

Zaha said.

“If we fight those men, the same situation will continue to happen. First, we have to find a way to deal with the odd numbness. If not….”

“We will die like dogs.”

Seol Young accepted that fact. So the two of them hurriedly went out of the stone chamber, got out of the long passage, and went up to the ground.


Jung Myung, who had been hiding in the bushes, came out.

“Did you find anything?”

As she asked that, her eyes widened when she saw them covered in blood.

“What happened?”

Jung Myung and the wood spirits ran up to them in surprise.

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