Chapter 203 - Let’s just call it my whim (3)

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“What is the Lord even thinking?”

At the roundtable, Tang Gunak went stiff as he heard that.

‘Damned old men!’

The Tang family was a sect of blood.

Sometimes, that was what made the Tang family so special and also different from the other sects. Because it was completely centered around blood ties, it had a bond that couldn’t be compared to sects.

However, it doesn’t always have advantages.

Being centered around blood meant that the opinions of older people were given more weight.

If it was an ordinary sect, elders who step down from their posts to complete their own martial arts try to get involved in the matters of the family.

And it was similar here as well.

The elders of the Tang family, whose positions of power in the family had already expired, now held a position where they advised the Lord. And the place where they all usually gathered was the family hall.

In the past, this was a gathering merely to advise the Lord. However, as years passed, the elders all became equal to the Lord… no, rather, it was like they had more say in things.

Even if Tang Gunak was the Lord who had absolute authority within the family, there was a limit when it came to wielding that authority over his uncles and other older people.

“An alliance with Mount Hua. Not Wudang, or the Southern Edge sect, but Mount Hua? What the hell were you thinking?”

Tang Gunak frowned as he looked at the elders shouting.

And so, the fight started.

Could it be called a fight?

Tang Gunak, unable to bear the rush of angry voices that were directed at him, was about to say something. But before he could even open his mouth, someone’s soft voice pierced through the heavy atmosphere.

“Let’s all calm down and listen to the Lord first.”


“Won’t you listen to my words?”


The Elder, whose name was Tang Woe, looked at them and then at Tang Gunak.

“Lord, tell us now. What were you thinking?”

There was a lot of leeway in his voice. Tang Gunak cleared his voice, making sure there was no hostility.

“Mount Hua is worthy of an alliance with us.”

Tang Woe looked at Tang Gunak and said,

“It is strange.”

And with cold eyes, he said.

“Unless the Lord’s eyes were clouded, I don’t know how you could come to such an evaluation. Did Mount Hua regain its old status without my knowledge? If not…”

With a scornful voice, Tang Woe continued.

“Has the Tang family fallen in power without me knowing about it?”

Knowing that this was obvious ridicule, Tang Gunak held back.

“I will say it again, I saw potential in Mount Hua.”

They both looked at each other. One was the Lord of the Tang family, and the other was someone who represented the elders of the family.

And the other people too.

The two men with the most authority kept looking at each other.

“Good for Mount Hua.”


“I heard that Tang Pae was taken down from the position of the successor.”

Tang Gunak didn’t expect this story to come out, so he nodded.

“You decided it on your own?”

Tang Gunak didn’t answer and looked at Tang Woe. And then nodded again.

“I did.”

“Are you saying that the Lord decided that on his own?”

“Then will you be happy if I put Tang Pae back on line to become the successor?”

At those sharp words back, Tang Woe smiled.

“Lord. The words we say are from our hearts… the hearts which worry about the future of the family. We aren’t doing this to rile you up.”

Tang Gunak bit his lip.

‘This is what old people blinded by power are like.’

If they really lived for the Tang family, they wouldn’t be trying to put their fingers into each decision Tang Gunak was making.

But all the elders were corrupted by the powers they possessed. Since they had no hope of expanding further from Sichuan, they were all focused on sharing power within the family. Even if it meant that it would limit the power of the Lord.

“First, let’s hear the reason Tang Pae was taken down from the position.’

“It is because he isn’t fit for it.”

“Isn’t fit?”


Tang Gunak spoke firmly.

“I judged him to be inappropriate to hold the role of a Lord in the future. It would be better to take away the role of successor from him as soon as possible. This decision will prove to be good for the growth of Tang Pae too.”

“Then who are planning to put in that position?”

“One of his younger siblings.”

Tang Woe’s eyes narrowed.

‘Your arrogance pierces the sky.’

Tang Woe was someone who had ascended the position of the successor, but at the discretion of his elders, he gave up the seat to his younger brother and stepped down. That younger brother was Tang Gunak’s father.

It was unknown whether it was just coincidence or intentional, but now Tang Gunak wanted to take down Tang Pae, who was the first in line?

“Isn’t Tang Pae skilled enough?”

Tang Gunak firmly shook his head.

“He is lacking.”

“… Tang Pae is…”

“Yes. In the past, I would have never discussed taking down Tang Pae from the position. But!”

Tang Gunak bit his lip and said,

“I have seen with my own eyes how lacking Tang Pae is, so I cannot compromise on this.”

“Are you talking about Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?”


Tang Woe looked at Tang Gunak. His eyes shone brightly.

“Then you mean that the abilities are important above all? Right?”



Tang Woe smiled.

“Then it doesn’t have to be the child of the Lord?’

Tang Gunak’s eyes twitched.

This was a sensitive area. It was obvious what he was aiming for with this. However, if he denied it, it would mean he was changing the past words.

“A child with the right abilities and the surname of ‘Tang’ can become the successor.”

Tang Woe smiled.

“I am truly amazed how broad the Lord’s thinking is. With one word, you have proved that this wasn’t because of personal greed.”

Tag Wei looked at Tang Gunak.

However, Tang Gunak knew that this meant that Tang Woe wasn’t on his side.

“Then, if there is a person who exceeds Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon among the children of the Tang Family, you have no objection to putting them in the position of successor?”

Tang Gunak looked at Tang Woe, who was speaking his true feelings.

“I heard that this child called Chung Myung, who is in our mansion is slated to become a possible Best in the World.”


“Then there is no better standard than that child. How about it? Why don’t we have a spar with that child and give our children a chance to become the new successor?”

Tang Gunak laughed.

It would have been impossible for him in the past to even smile in front of these old men. But now, he couldn’t help but laugh.


“It looks like the elders are all making a mistake.”

Tang Gunak spoke in a sarcastic way.

“There is no child in the Tang family who can go against Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon.”

At Tang Gunak’s words, Tang Woe smiled.

“I heard about how the Lord was humiliated by that child.”


“Don’t think that you know everything. The children of the Tang family aren’t weak.”

Tang Gunak said.

“There is no need to keep going in circles. Get to the point.”

Tang Woe frowned at it.

“If the Lord says that, the old man cannot speak anymore. How about it? Let Tang Hak go against that child Chung Myung?”

“… Tang Hak?”

“Right. If Tang Hak wins, of course, he will be in the fight for the successor position, right?”

Tang Gunak smiled.

“You seem to want to make Tang Hak the successor? And you said you wouldn’t even give special treatment to your grandson?”

“I am only speaking about his abilities.”

“Do you think that child will be able to surpass Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?”

“Isn’t the Lord thinking that because the Lord doesn’t know to trust his family?”

The words coming out of his mouth were like daggers.

“Good. But.”

Tang Gunak spoke with a smirk.

“Gambling requires a stake, and challenges come with a price. How about adding a bet?”



Tang Gunak spoke firmly.

“If Tang Hak wins the spar, I will give the elders the authority to appoint him as the successor.”


Tang Woe went wide-eyed.

This meant that if Tang Hak won, he could be directly placed as the successor. The successor would then become the Lord. This wasn’t any different from saying that the power of appointing the successor would fall into the hands of elders.

“Instead, if Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon wins, the elders will never interfere with my power or my decisions until I step down from my position.”


“So? Does that sound good? Are you willing to accept it?”

As the talks went on and the bets that were placed were huge, the elders began to whisper.

“It sounds like he has a card…”

“Sounds dangerous. It is dangerous for both.”

However, Tang Woe seemed to have a different opinion.


“Euk! Elder!”

Despite the words of those around him, he didn’t waver, and Tang Gunak nodded his head.

“Then I will prepare it. I will make sure that the spar happens tomorrow.”



Tang Gunak bowed his head and left the room. As soon as he disappeared, the elders’ voices turned into a roar.

“Is he fine? What was….!”

“What did he say?’


“Does he think Tang Hak will lose to Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?’

“… that won’t happen.”

“Pathetic people.”

Tang Woe shook his head.

“Opportunities aren’t given but created. If not now, when will we get the chance to seize power from the Lord ever again?”

“True, but…”

Tang Woe looked around.

‘Worthless beings.’

Everyone was blinded by small gains that they were unable to do anything huge.

He was worried about the things which would happen, but…

‘There is no way….’

The result would be a perfect win.

Wasn’t that something every old man in the room should have realized by now?

If one wanted to achieve something big, one had to risk everything to get that chance.

‘This is my one and only chance to have my grandson as the successor.’

Tang Woe didn’t want to miss this. He would be able to see his grandson take the position of successor and then become the Lord from there.

“But… can Tang Hak defeat Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon? He isn’t called all those names for nothing.”

“Don’t worry. It isn’t that I am underestimating that child. No, it isn’t that. After all, he is someone who made the Lord fall into his arms.”


“First, the child has suffered serious wounds in his spar with the Lord. And there is no way the injury has already healed.”

“Um. That is true.”

“Secondly, the only thing he experienced was the throwing blades. That means he didn’t experience the real power of the Tang family.”

The elders nodded their heads.

The true power of the Tang family.

All those who were present here knew what it was.


Tang Woe looked at everyone.

“It is necessary to produce results by any means necessary. Isn’t that the way of the Tang family?”


“I wish he could stand unharmed in the spar.”

The elders who understood it turned to each other.

There was a bit of guilt.

And a bit of shock.

But it was all overshadowed by the lust which followed… the lust for power.

“Don’t worry. Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon won’t be able to walk out of the house on his own feet.”

A smile crept onto the lips of Tang Woe.

‘I have no personal grudges against you, but I think it is your misfortune to meet the Tang family.’

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