Chapter 233 - What Is With That One? (3)

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Chung Myung titled his head.

Seeing that, Meng So frowned.

“Again, I know that it isn’t easy.”

“Of course, it isn’t easy.”

‘I might fall asleep since it turned out to be so easy!’


“But it is for Mount Hua.”


Chung Myung tilted his head and asked.

“Can I ask a couple of questions?’


“First… you realize that the situation in Yunnan isn’t good, right?”

Meng So smiled bitterly.

“You speak like I have no eyes. Of course, I know that as well.”

“Then how come you haven’t done anything about it until now?”

Hearing that question from Chung Myung, Meng So slightly pouted.

“Right, I understand why you would think that way. From your eyes, it would seem like I am blocking the trade between Yunnan and the Central Plains.”

“Uh… it, it isn’t that…’

“I have no excuses. It is a situation where anyone would think that. But…”

Meng So calmed his expression and said.

“But it isn’t that. It wasn’t me who stopped the trade between the two places. It was the decision of my predecessors. Even though I am the Lord now, I cannot simply overturn the will of my predecessors.”

“Um. True.”

Authority didn’t come just from sitting in a seat of power.

Particularly for a place that boasted its glorious history like the Beast Palace, if there was no respect for the ancestors, there wouldn’t be anyone loyal to the Lord. No matter how strong the Lord was, the moment he denied the decisions of his predecessors, his authority was bound to fall.

A leader cannot lead a nation with weakened authority. Considering the situation of Yunnan, which had been horribly pushed to a corner, it was unclear what would happen to the place if such decisions were made.

“And the people of Yunnan do not welcome the people from your side. If I forced a trade route to open, there would be countless people who would not like it. As such, I have become tied up in the situation.’

“…even if their lives are at stake?”

“Humans do not live on food alone. Sometimes there are more important things than eating.”


Chung Myung frowned a little, unable to understand, and the Lord noticed it.

“As if it wasn’t enough that we were betrayed… we have been called ‘barbarians’ and have been hated by the people of the Central Plains for a long time. That is why we cannot bow our heads to them.”

“I understand what you mean.”

“Something would have changed if the other side apologized to us first, but… they don’t even pay attention to Yunnan. Those who should apologize do not even bother showing their face in Yunnan. So, what can I do?”

He seemed really frustrated.

“You have been through tough times.”

At Chung Myung’s sincere words, the Beast Palace Lord, Meng So, let out a deep sigh.

“Even though I am the Lord of the Beast Palace, I have a duty to feed the people of Yunnan. But there simply isn’t enough food to feed everyone. So, I have to buy the grains from elsewhere. So far, we solved it a little through exchanges with the West, but now we have reached a limit.”


“And you appeared at the same time.”

Chung Myung nodded.

“Ah, so… no, wait.”

Chung Myung’s eyes widened.

‘Then all of it?’

As soon as they met, hailing them to be the descendants of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint and laughing out loud and giving them drinks was all…

He thought this man was a simple, kind idiot… but Chung Myung was the idiot.

“Wow… Lord, you are a scary person.”

“I am ashamed.”

Meng So smiled bitterly.

“It isn’t like I devised a great ploy or something. Usually, people who see my appearance and hear my voice think that I am an idiot. If I had a slightly normal body, maybe your thoughts would have been different.”

“It is really shocking. I am a bit surprised.”


Meng So let out a soft laugh.

And the muscles in his body were twitching.

‘Who would look at him and think he is smart?’

Perhaps that was the reason Meng So took advantage of his own appearance. Meng So was the most unusual person Chung Myung had met in this new life.

“Then what you said about the Plum Blossom Sword Saint…?”

“Ah! Don’t get that wrong. He really is the hero of Yunnan. He really helped us selflessly.”


‘Well, sure. Call me that.’

‘Who among the people I’ve beat up would say this?’

“But honestly, I was really amazed to see his descendants come here.”

“You were really wonderful.”

“It was nothing.”

Meng So had a bitter smile on his lips.

“I needed someone to depend on. Even if we resume the trade with the Central Plains, there has to be a justification that is good enough for the people of Yunnan to not react to it negatively. If the party on the other side of the trade was Mount Hua, the sect that the Plum Blossom Sword Saint belonged to, they would be a bit taken aback, but they wouldn’t openly oppose it.”

‘Fox, you are a sly fox.’

He thought the man was a bear, but he was a fox.

Chung Myung smiled and nodded his head.

“I roughly understand what is going on.”

“It is such a favor I want to ask of you.”

Meng So bowed his head to Chung Myung.

“I love the people of Yunnan. They are rough but simple people. I cannot see them starving anymore. I have done my best, but I have finally reached my limit. So please help me. I promise that it will not hurt you.”

Chung Myung leaned back and folded his hands.

However, unlike his thinking appearance, he was smiling on the inside.

‘What kind of result is this?’

He came here to propose a trade, but the other party initiated it first?

If Yunnan’s tea could be sold by Mount Hua, the benefits they would gain from it would be beyond imagination.

Chung Myung opened his mouth wide as he imagined Mount Hua covered in gold!




Chung Myung was unable to hold back the laughter and covered his mouth. But seeing his expression, Meng So thought of something else.

“Difficult, right?”


Meng So frowned.

“I know it isn’t an easy situation. I heard the situation of Mount Hua isn’t good either. Meanwhile, I am not someone who can make things work out like the people in Sichuan who I keep an eye on.”

It was natural for him to think this way. It was only a few years ago that Mount Hua began to grow rapidly. The fact that this news hadn’t spread completely even in the Central Plains made sure that Yunnan had no knowledge of it either.

Of course, Chung Myung had shown his prowess by capturing the snake in the pond, but the strength of one person didn’t represent the strength of the sect.

Therefore, for the Beast Palace Lord, the Mount Hua sect was still continuing to struggle. Moreover, considering the complicated situation of Sichuan, it was inevitable that he wanted to have Mount Hua make the trade with them.

Of course…

Chung Myung was holding his thighs and trying to stop back his laughter at this point.

“I-is it difficult?”




‘Even though our Mount Hua is making a ton of money!’

On the way here, they made an alliance with the Sichuan Tang family!

And then they were pushed into a cart which was pulled by some efficient horses and was quickly brought into the heart of Yunnan! This was all hard work!


-Sahyung! Sect leader sahyung!

-It is said that people who live a good life are blessed! I am so lucky that I decided to save the snake!

-What? The core?

-Let’s talk about it later, sahyung! I will be eating rice with gold powder sprinkled on it soon!

Meng So sighed and looked at Chung Myung’s red face.

“…I cannot help it if it is that tough.”

“Ehhh! Ehh!”

Suddenly Meng So gave up, and Chung Myung moved, startled at the situation. And then he grabbed the Lord’s hand with both his hands.

The man flinched back as he saw the watery eyes of the disciple in front of him. However, the predator… no, Chung Myung didn’t let go of his hand.

“Is difficult or not difficult so important in our relationship? What is important is that Mount Hua and the Beast Palace are friends!”


“Yes! Friends!”

Chung Myung smiled a little.

“Kuak! How sad you must have felt during all this time? The bloody Nine Great Sect bastards!”


When one of them said some words looking down on the Nine Great Sects, both of them agreed with each other right away.

“And no one understands the situation in Yunnan better than Mount Hua. Our sect defeated the Demonic Sect members, but we weren’t even shown that grace!”

“Yeah, right! I am aware of it! We aren’t ignorant of that!”

“We are comrades! Comrades!”

“Right. My Mount Hua isn’t like the others.”

“Who will help us if not each other? The Beast Palace and Mount Hua can be called brothers despite the fact that we do not share the same blood!”

“Huh! I like that word very much!”

It was a moment when those who had been abandoned in the past felt friendship as they touched each other’s wounds.

“So don’t worry. I will sell the tea with all the power of Mount Hua.”

“Oh, that much….!”

There was a hint of shock in Meng So’s eyes.

‘What? Is this a scam?’

‘Ehh! Why say that!’

‘This wasn’t a scam but a co-operation!’

Chung Myung giggled and waved his hand.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of it.”

“If you do, Yunnan will regard Mount Hua as a benefactor.”

“It is good to have it written down.”


“We need to have such things written down so that they do not change.”


Chung Myung shook his head and took the paper and ink brush that was on the table. He then ran to get a plate.

“Good. It is good to go ahead with trust and faith, but a relationship with needs has to continue for a long time. So, there must be evidence that can be confirmed to ensure its continual.”


“Yes. It is nothing special. Just…”

Chung Myung shrugged his shoulders.

“Something like a trivial promise to give Mount Hua the right to monopolize the tea trade with Yunnan for the next hundred years.”


“For those hundred years, no other merchant can trade with Yunnan.”


“Well, even that trivial thing has to be written down. If you put your print on this, who would dare doubt the relationship between the two of us?”

The Lord titled his head.

“You… you are quite helpful?”

“Ahhh! I am just a Taoist. I have no hesitation when it comes to helping others.”



It felt like something was seriously going wrong. But for the first time, it was Meng So who was feeling like he had no other option.

“Then can we have the tea trade?”

“Hehe. If there is anything more, say it. I will write it down.”

“I have to say this, though…”


The Beast Palace Lord had a serious expression.

“The reason I sought this from you is because I thought that you, whom I have seen only for a short while, isn’t an evil one. If you had killed the Ink-Scaled Blood Python, I would have never proposed this.”


“So. Promise me. No matter what kind of profit you take, it will help solve the difficulties of the people of Yunnan.”

Chung Myung looked at the man with serious eyes.

“I promise.”

There was no more need for other words.


Hearing Chung Myung’s answer, the Lord grabbed the brush and began to write the contract without regrets.

The contract that was written at once, was flawless and perfect. He wrote down every detail and took out a stamp, and stamped it. Soon after, he handed it to Chung Myung.

‘This man is smart.’

Perhaps all this had played out in the Lord’s mind a long time ago. The clauses in the contract were thorough and clean and were unbelievably clear to find loopholes in.

“Is there anything else?”

“No. This is good.”

Chung Myung grinned and looked at the contract.

“Should I bring sasuk? Since he is now the acting leader?”

“No. I believe you.”

“What about me?”

“The name of the person who will become the Best in the World in the future has heavier worth than a Sect Leader.”


Chung Myung took the contract and sighed it.

Finally, the two shared a copy of the contract and looked at each other.

“Is this the end then?”

“Right. But… I have a personal request.”


The Lord scratched his head as he put on a humble expression.

“This is actually an embarrassing one.”

The man sighed and had difficulty speaking, and when he was done, he smiled.

“No, that isn’t a favor! Don’t worry! I will do it perfectly!”

And then Chung Myung giggled, making Meng So worried.

“Will that be fine?”

“You worry about every small thing! I am Chung Myung!”

Chung Myung pounded his chest as he said that.

‘But I am not sure if that can happen.’

Meng So, who had looked worried until then, sighed out in relief.

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