Episode 127

If You Want To Come, Do Come (2)
2 weeks ago
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Unable to bear it any longer, Yu Seol snapped her fingers.

And a chopstick flew sharply, striking someone directly in the mouth.


It was the person who had cursed at the Yin Yang Twin Monsters.

He was hit by the chopstick, and two front teeth were knocked out in a single blow.


The Plum Blossom Four Warriors all stiffened at this.

The chopstick hit its target accurately from a good distance of about 10 meters. Naturally, they were shocked.

What was even more shocking was that the chopstick, after bouncing off the front teeth, stopped in mid-air.

“Is it okay to swear at someone who’s eating noodles or not?”


The members of the Justice Faction, who had been making a fuss just a moment ago, became as quiet as mice.

Was it because she could finally continue eating? Yu Seol stretched out one hand with an expression of satisfaction.

Then, the chopstick floating in the air began to slowly return to its original owner.

It moved as if it had a life of its own, which was strange to see.

And after a while.

Yu Seol, examining the recovered chopstick, suddenly narrowed her eyes.

“Damn… it has blood!”

Seeing bloodstains on the chopsticks, she lost her appetite.

Yu Seol lowered her head, not even thinking about the noodles anymore.

Moreover, tears slowly welled up in her eyes.

She seemed saddened that her mealtime was being repeatedly interrupted.

Yu Jinsan patted his granddaughter on the shoulder, as if to say he understood.

“They aren’t worth worrying about, so hurry up and finish eating. You wanted those noodles.”

“I won’t.”

Looking at her pouting, it was clear she was upset.

It seemed like she wanted to go beat them all up but was holding back. The only situations in which Yu Seol could fight the opponents were when they attacked first or when her grandpa gave permission.

Perhaps due to being educated from childhood, she never considered breaking that rule.

That was the reason she used chopsticks instead of hitting them.

“Still, listen. You cannot find such delicious broth elsewhere.”


“If you don’t want to eat it, just leave it.”

Yu Seol wiped away her tears and held the bowl with both hands.

It seemed she still wanted to eat it.

After a while.

Yu Jinsan, who had been intently watching his granddaughter, turned his head to the right.

He was filled with disdain for the Justice Faction people.

“You cannot even imagine what you’ve just done. How could you anger the Yin Monster without any fear? What happens after she finishes all that broth… Tsk, tsk.”

There was no one who didn’t understand what he meant. It implied that once the meal was over, they were doomed.

Was it because the atmosphere was unusual? The Justice Faction people grew impatient and started pushing the backs of the Plum Blossom swordsmen.

“Warriors, what are you doing when the Yin Yang Monsters are right here?”

“Hurry up and show them the majesty of the Mount Hua Sect!”

Despite repeated requests, the Plum Blossom warriors didn’t budge.

The other warriors felt nothing, but they were different. The Yin Monster’s skills were far beyond their limit.

Being seasoned warriors who had been in Kangho for a long time, they were also quicker to assess the situation than anyone else.

“We are just passing by.”

“We have urgent business to attend to at the shrine, so we will leave.”

The four of them, who had been retreating little by little, ran without looking back.

Seeing this, the members of the Justice Faction opened their mouths in confusion.


“This cannot be?”

They were all shocked and bewildered.

And when they saw that, the crowd from the Evil Faction burst into laughter.

“Puahaha! Did the world’s best Plum Blossom Four Warriors escape just now?”

“Haha! I never thought I would see such a thing in my life.”

“I guess they understand now.”

“Ah! When the Yin Monster finishes her meal, they will all die!”

The warriors of the Justice Faction were scared and looked at each other’s faces.

However, with Mount Hua’s Plum Blossom Four Warriors having fled, there was no one to confront her.

As the broth in Yu Seol’s bowl diminished, their hearts raced.

After a while.

Without waiting for anyone to make the first move, the Justice Faction sprang into action simultaneously.

The members of the Evil Faction chuckled at the sight of the Justice Faction fleeing like rats.


“Haha! I’ve never felt such a rush in my life!”

“With the heroes of the Evil Faction present, who cares about those fools?”


The sound of the empty bowl hitting the table rang out clearly.

“Where did everyone go?”

Yu Seol’s joke once again made the Evil Faction warriors burst out in laughter.

They couldn’t linger in one place for too long.

Where could they find just one or two enemies? They couldn’t afford to let their guard down, not knowing what the Murim Alliance might do.

Leaving behind calculated traces, they moved from region to region using their footwork.

It had been 15 days since they began this strategy.

Every move was made to draw out the apostate monk from the Shaolin temple, but he had yet to show up.

After reaching the northern part of Shaanxi, it was time to depart Chang’an and head towards the village of Jiao.

“Grandpa, can you see over there?”

His granddaughter halted and pointed in a direction.

As he focused qi into his eyes, something caught Yu Jinsan’s gaze.

“It doesn’t seem unusual. That person has already spotted us.”

Someone holding a sword sheath blocked their path.

The Taoist attire with distinct patterns clearly belonged to the Kunlun Sect.

Evidently, they had stationed a Murim warrior to anticipate their route by following their traces.

“What should we do?”

“It is a road we need to pass in order to head to Dunhuang. If he stops us, we have to take him down.”

Although he said so, Yu Jinsan didn’t move swiftly.

He couldn’t believe he had found them, and were staring from afar. Besides, how confident must he be to come alone?

For some reason, he felt uncomfortable and couldn’t act hastily.

At that moment, the Taoist monk making eye contact with him began to speak.

“I was waiting for the Yin Yang Twin Monsters.”

They were at a good distance from each other.

And he never thought such a soft voice could reach them. There was no doubt that the man was a formidable warrior.

“He said he had been waiting for us.”

“I guess he is not an ordinary one. Don’t move too hastily; just stay still.”

Unlike the nervous grandpa, Yu Seol looked excited.

She had already put down the luggage behind her and was squatting down, ready to release the Dragon Spears tied there.

Moreover, in this situation, she was humming.

“All good~ Finally~.”

She was as happy as if she had found someone to fight against.

Yu Jinsan shook his head and stopped his granddaughter.

“What do you know of this? Wait a minute.”

Scouting was basic before engaging an enemy.

While he was hesitating, the warrior from the Kunlun Sect began to approach with a mysterious walking method.

As the distance closed, the tip of the Dragon Slayer Spear trembled, exhibiting strange behavior.

An opponent strong enough to send a warning to a divine weapon.

Yu Jinsan’s face stiffened as he got a closer look at him.

‘Kunlun Martial Emperor?’

How could he forget the person before him?

Decades ago, when Yu Jinsan was active in the martial world, he had seen him.

Kunlun Martial Emperor, Cheng-jin. He was one of the Ten Great Warriors.

He was a being whose martial arts and reputation were as vast as the sky, to the extent that one wouldn’t even dare to make eye contact with him. That was how immense he was.

Was it because Yu Jinsan was in a trance? His granddaughter gently tugged at him.

“What is it, Grandpa?”

At that moment, Yu Jinsan, who had been dazed, came to his senses.

He was so surprised by the other person’s identity that he momentarily forgot how strong his granddaughter was.

“Nothing. Do not let your guard down and be alert.”

However, there was one thing Yu Jinsan didn’t notice. His granddaughter had stopped the qi of the Kunlun Murim Emperor, which was directed at them.

The Murim Emperor felt this and looked interested. It was a different reaction from the Plum Blossom Four Warriors, who got scared and ran away.

“Until a little while ago, I thought the reputation of the Yin Monster was exaggerated. But it turned out to be the exact opposite. I cannot believe it.”

It was a natural reaction. This was because the reputation and martial arts skills of the new warrior, who suddenly appeared from nowhere, reached the pinnacle of martial arts in an instant. It was an unprecedented and bizarre incident in the history of Murim.

At that time, Yu Jinsan raised one hand towards his granddaughter. It was a signal to continue waiting.

“If you fight, your thoughts will change. You will hit the ground and regret coming alone without fear.”

The Kunlun Martial Emperor’s brows twitched.

It was a major event for someone who dominated the entire Kunlun Sect. No one had ever provoked the man like this.

“How dare you?!”


The killing intent was directed right at Yu Jinsan.

If it had hit its mark, Yu Jinsan wouldn’t have been able to breathe properly.

But now, he wasn’t affected in the slightest. This was because Yu Seol was protecting him. And she was doing so by a lot.


Did he find it odd? The Kunlun Martial Emperor looked doubtful.

On the other hand, Yu Jinsan, after checking his opponent’s expression and his granddaughter’s, placed his hand on his granddaughter’s shoulder.

“Let me ask you something first. Is it the order of the Murim Alliance to stop us?”

A calm voice.

However, the Kunlun Martial Emperor’s voice was a bit loud.

“Who can give me orders?”

Given his position, it wasn’t as though anyone had the authority to command him.

In that situation, he would have acted independently upon receiving the information.

“Then why are you trying to stop us?”

“Did you think I would simply stand by as you, who have committed numerous evil deeds, flee to the west?”

What intrigued him was how much the Murim Alliance knew about the Yin Yang Twin Monsters.

Their reason for heading to the desert was to escape westward, but these people were under a misconception.

Regardless, they seemed unaware that their target was the Blue Dragon Troops, who were members of the West Pacifying Protectorate. It felt like one less concern.

“All the people I’ve killed were either criminals or those who attacked me first. Does the Murim Alliance consider that evil? There are those who talk of justice but fail to act on it, so it’s understandable if you think that way.”

“Are you trying to provoke me now?”

“Not at all. It’s just that I’ve never had issues with the Kunlun Sect until now, so I want to offer you a chance.”

“No matter what you say, you are still a wrongdoer.”

Since when did he become a villain?

He was taken aback but didn’t wish to justify himself.

Was further discussion necessary?

“Then there’s nothing to be done.”

Yu Jinsan took five steps back and positioned himself behind his granddaughter.

He then told her,

-Child, are you ready? From now on, listen to your grandpa.

-Should I still wait?

He was aware of Yu Seol’s strength, but he needed certainty. No matter her prowess, he couldn’t underestimate this man.

-This is someone who mastered the Taiji Slaughtering Dragon Sword technique, a Kunlun method. It’s known for striking vital points with the speed of lightning, stunning the opponent. Each technique is said to be a fusion of illusion and reality, so don’t be deceived, and…

Yu Jinsan, who was in the midst of explaining, suddenly stopped and opened his mouth wide. This abrupt halt in his speech was because something unexpected had occurred.

Could it be that she found it difficult to contain herself any longer? Before he realized it, flower petals, conjured by the Dragon Flower Spear, were blooming all around the Kunlun Martial Emperor.

Their movements were lightning-fast, so swift that it was hard to track their attacks.


A dull, explosive sound echoed as more than a dozen Kunlun warriors were sent reeling back.

Facing him, Yu Seol gripped the spear and exclaimed,

“Grandpa, too much!”


Why did she seem irritated?

Upon hearing her next words, Yu Jinsan was taken aback.

“It’s no fun if you tell me everything in advance!”

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