Episode 101

I will make sure you never forget this day! (1)
2 years ago
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“How dare he speak like that!”

The reaction was intense.

Jin Geum-Ryong clenched his teeth. While he was still reeling from the shocking defeat, Yoon Jong took the initiative to demand the next battle. Such a cheeky request made Jin Geum-Ryong’s blood boil.

On the other hand, Yoon Jong recoiled when he saw the fiery reaction on the Southern Edge’s side.

‘Did I overdo it?’

Although it was an event where they had to fight, it was natural that they’d react poorly after such apparent provocation.

However, this was something Yoon Jong had to do.

He had to continue carrying the momentum started by Chung Myung.

Jin Geum-Ryong shouted with an angry voice.

“Gong-Jin! Gong-Jin!”

“Yes, Sasuk!”

“Go! Smash that cocky bastard and hurry back!”


Jin Geum-Ryong’s face was distorted.

He was a perfectionist. He desired a complete and total victory over Mount Hua, but now that perfect flow had been broken.

It was a crack that would be impossible to fill.

‘Chung Myung!’

His eyes turned to Chung Myung in the distance.

‘This idiot!’

Jin Geum-Ryong didn’t expect Seon Woo-Ryong to suffer such a devastating defeat. Was their disciple weaker than expected? Or was Chung Myung that much stronger than anticipated?

‘The latter.’

It was impossible for Jin Geum-Ryong to misinterpret Seon Woo-Ryang’s capabilities. He was undoubtedly the most powerful among the third-class disciples.

For him to be defeated by Chung Myung meant that he was much stronger than the Southern Edge Sect’s third-class disciples.

‘It’s possible. But the other disciples aren’t that strong.’

It was an unexpected blow, but he wasn’t disgraced yet. If the remaining disciples could claim victory and retake the momentum, the conference would end with Chung Myung being the only remarkable thing about Mount Hua.

Gong-Jin, one of the strongest of the third-class disciples, took to the stage and drew his wooden sword.

With that, Yoon Jong took a deep breath.

‘Is he my opponent again?’

This was actually sooner than Yoon Jong expected.

Yoon Jong battled Gong-Jin in the last conference as well. Back then, he was pushed back and crushed without even being able to counterattack.

Now, two years later…

‘Honestly, I had no chance of winning.’

If it hadn’t been for Chung Myung’s arrival.

Before Chung Myung joined the sect, Yoon Jong never properly trained. To be precise, he trained out of obligation; he never trained with the desire to improve himself and grow powerful.

Because it all felt meaningless.

A lethargic air permeated Mount Hua and corrupted the disciples; the impact of their previous defeat at the Southern Edge Sect’s hands was just that great. Baek Cheon was the only one who challenged that wall of despair.

But then, one day, Chung Myung appeared as if he was a star that had dropped from the sky. Thanks to him, Yoon Jong was able to spend the past few months doing his best.

Could the gap have narrowed with just a couple months of training? Yoon Jong couldn’t be sure, but…

‘I won’t lose so easily.’

He is the great sahyung of the third-class disciples.

Even if Chung Myung was truly the one in charge of the third-class disciples, Yoon Jong still had his pride as the great sahyung. He refused to give an unseemly performance here.

Gong-Jin fiercely glared at Yoon Jong.

“No need for words. I’ll make you painfully aware of how deeply I care about victory.”

“I have no intention of saying anything either.”

“Words are useless!”

Gong-Jin yelled and rushed at Yoon Jong, who stood there grasping his sword.

‘His sword is swift and straight.’

A sword that can be seen clearly, a traditional sword that follows a predictable path.

Yet, Yoon Jong couldn’t stop it. That was the difference between Yoon Jong and Gong-Jin. A vast difference where clumsy tricks could not affect the technique’s flow.

But this time!


Gong-Jin’s outstretched sword was blocked by Yoon Jong’s blade.


Quickly responding to the unexpected collision, Gong-Jin retrieved his sword and stabbed it again.

“It looks like you haven’t been just playing around. But you still don’t have a chance.”


Yoon Jong continued to defend against Gong-Jin’s consecutive assaults.

It was fast.

And heavy.

Gong-Jin’s sword was faster and more intense than in the past. Yoon Jong could fully realize just how much he had struggled to improve. It was at least twice as strong as the last time they fought.



Kang! Kang! Kang!

Yoon Jong’s sword moved concisely to block the opponent.

Two years ago, he couldn’t even see this sword properly. That same frightening sword was even faster now, so why could he see it now?

It was a complete mystery.

‘Why can I see it so clearly?’

It wasn’t slow.

The strikes were fast. Fast enough to loudly cry out as they sliced through the air. Yet, Yoon Jong’s eyes could perfectly discern the sword’s path. It was nothing like the past, where he couldn’t react at all…


Yoon Jong’s sword traveled in a simple fashion to efficiently deflect Gong-Jin’s strikes. Meanwhile, Gong-Jin was unable to overcome the recoil and struggled to correct his posture as he was pushed back.

“… you!”

Yoon Jong looked at him with a puzzled face.

“… is this all you have?”


“Ah—no. Don’t get angry. I’m not trying to provoke you or anything; I am sincerely asking. You aren’t trying to disgrace me by only using half your strength or anything, right? I need to be sure.”

“You bastard! I’ll kill you!”

Gong-Jin was boiling red with fury; Yoon Jong’s innocent questions seemed like mockery to his ears. Seeing his reaction, Yoon Jong became more flustered at the situation rather than afraid.

‘Chung Myung. What the hell did that bastard do to us?’

Every movement of his rushing opponent could be seen and felt. Yoon Jong could tell by the simple movements of Gong-Jin’s shoulders which direction the strikes would come from.

It was not predicting the sword’s path; he could see it with his eyes and understand.


Although the wooden sword was swung violently, Yoon Jong perfectly avoided it by taking a simple step back. The blade struck the empty air and fell in front of Yoon Jong.

Gong-Jin’s posture tilted as he put too much power into the sword. A small gap that the old Yoon Jong would have never been able to see had opened up in front of him, and he could see it as clear as day.


Yoon Jong’s feet moved before his mind could fully process his own actions, kicking Gong-Jin in the side. When he saw that Gong-Jin had been thrown back by his kick, Yoon Jong unwittingly looked back.

Chung Myung!

Chung Myung was looking at him with downcast eyes.

As if he was bored and simply wanted this to end quickly.

‘That crazy bastard.’

It was no wonder that Chung Myung was behaving strangely.

It was as if he had already foreseen the results of this conference.


Gong-Jin had lost all reason at that time as his mind drowned in anger. He ran towards Yoon Jong once again. Seeing his foe’s charge, Yoon Jong spread his legs slightly and raised his sword.

From the top.

The basic posture of swordsmanship and the basic stance for the Equilibrium of Six Sword.

It was the same stance that Yoon Jong endlessly drilled into his body for 10 days straight.

Gong-Jin’s sword stretched out, and his movement began to change compared to the swordsmanship he’d displayed so far. If it was the old Yoon Jong, he would have felt flustered and been embarrassed by this sudden difference.

But now, Yoon Jong’s eyes could clearly see and understand everything.

All the changes and swordsmanship eventually come through the fingertips. He fixed his lower body like a mountain and didn’t miss a single movement…


He saw it!

The moment when the sword and body connected. Yoon Jong didn’t miss that slight gap, and his body began to move automatically once he confirmed it.


The sword cut through the air. A blade that slashed with no hesitation.

An unshaken heart, a disciplined body, and a clear purpose.

This sword connected these three cornerstones and pierced through Gong-Jin’s sword path before striking him on the shoulder.

Frightened, Gong-Jin suddenly turned his sword to block the attack.


And the sword soared into the sky.

Gong-Jin’s sword spun violently as it flew through the sky and landed in the distance.


The subtle sound of the sword hitting the ground rang quietly through the training hall, which was stunned into silence.


Everyone was quiet.

Some jumped up and stared incredulously.


The Southern Edge Sect’s third-class disciple had collapsed to the ground unconscious. In front of him, Yoon Jong firmly stood tall, like a massive mountain.

A perfect victory without any declaration needed.

Yoon Jong, who looked at Gong-Jin, retrieved his sword and put it near his waist.

“I learned a lot.”

And turned around to return to his sect.

Shortly after, a thunderous roar erupted.


“We won! We won! Yoon Jong Sahyung won!”

Hahahaa! Insane, this makes no sense.”

Not just the children. Even the elders and the Un disciples were in an uproar.

Uhahahaha! Yoon Jong! Yoon Jongggg!”

“Act appropriately, Sahyung!”

Hyun Young deftly grabbed Hyun Sang, who was about to rush over to Yoon Jong.

“Damn it! I am going to lose it! Uhahahaha! We won! We won!”

“Sahyung! Be dignified! Control yourself!”

“Do I look like I can do that now!”

Even Hyun Young couldn’t hide his smile as he held onto Hyun Sang.

‘So good.’

Hyun Sang was always harsh on himself. Just like how the finance division was stressed because of Mount Hua’s condition, Hyun Sang was troubled at the decline of their martial arts. As head of martial arts, he needed to lead the development of the sect’s martial prowess. Yet he was resentful because there was nothing he could do to raise the level the disciples were stuck at.

He never showed it, but it was clear how frustrating it was.

But the third-class disciples, who they expected nothing from, were trampling all over the Southern Edge bastards!

‘Sect leader?’

Hyun Young looked at Hyun Jong.

He was smiling happily. Kind and comfy, just looking at him made one’s heart warm…

Ahhhhhhh! Don’t follow the light! Come back, Sect Leader!”

Hyun Young threw away Hyun Sang, ran to Hyun Jong, and shook him by the shoulders.

“Get yourself together! Sect leader! Not now! Don’t let your soul escape!”

“E-everything has been accomplished….”

“No! We still have a long way to go! Call the practitioner! Medical practitioner!”

While that was happening, Yoon Jong returned to his group and shyly smiled at the sahyungs.

But he also…

Felt like flying.

But while everyone was dancing joyously, Jo Gul couldn’t smile. It was his turn next.

“Sahyung! Great Sahyung! How did you do that? What did you—”


“Yes! Sahyung!”

“Just go.”

“… Huh?

Yoon Jong smiled. Now he understood why Chung Myung didn’t say anything and just told him to leave.

“You won’t lose even if you want to. Just go; you will see soon enough.”


Jo Gul tilted his head.

But Yoon Jong didn’t speak anymore. With a stiff expression, Jo Gul headed to the center.

Without even looking at Jo Gul, Yoon Jong went to Chung Myung and sat next to him, then firmly asked.

“What did you do to us?”

Chun Myung lightly smiled while looking at Yoon Jong.


“To us!”

Ah, that?”

Chung Myung smiled and spoke.

“Nothing much. I just made you win.”

‘That is what I’m asking! How did you do that!?’

That goblin bastard!

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