Episode 100

I’m not joking around (5)
2 years ago
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Hyun Young had a blank expression as he tilted his head.

‘How did this just happen?’

He was Mount Hua’s head of finance.

Since he was so quick at calculating and sensitive to profit and losses, he has evaluated potential talents whenever they entered the sect. However, the current condition of the sect made it impossible for him to concentrate on his martial arts.

Thanks to that, he became the weakest of the elders.

Because of this, it was difficult for Hyun Young to understand the scene that just unfolded in front of him.

Chung Myung defeated the disciple of the Southern Edge Sect overwhelmingly.

What was going on?

“No, sect leader….”

Hyun Young, who wanted to listen to the sect leader’s explanation, turned his head and flinched.

Hyun Jong had an expression that Hyun Young hadn’t seen on his face in decades.

His eyes were wide open as if they’d fall out, with his mouth hanging low enough for a bird to fly in. Both Hyun Jong and Hyun Sang were the same.

‘Should I also be surprised?’

He felt a bit upset that he couldn’t understand their reactions…





Hyun Jong’s eyes trembled as a small voice leaked from his throat as though his soul had been stolen away.

“Th-this… can’t… this can’t… be….”

A series of mesmerized murmurs were uttered over and over. Hyun Young gently pulled on his sleeve.

“Sect leader. People are watching. Get yourself together.”

Hyun Jong quickly shut his mouth. He was so shocked that he couldn’t stop his teeth from clattering.

“No, that child….”

Hyun Jong managed to calm his expression, but he couldn’t repress his surging mind. He raised his trembling hand and pointed to Chung Myung.

“He-He shouldn’t be like that… this… this makes no sense. We should have lost.”

In the end, Hyun Young got annoyed.

“What sort of abuse is that? After that child fought so valiantly, how could the sect leader say such a disgusting thing about their own disciple!?”

“… but this makes no sense. It makes no sense.”

Hyun Sang raised his hand and rubbed his face violently, and with his frozen expression, he asked.

“How long has that child been in our sect?”

“Less than six months.”

“You mean that he beat a disciple of the Southern Edge Sect after six months? And it was completely one-sided as well?”



Thinking like that made no sense.

“Un Geom! Where’s Un Geom?”

“I’m here, sect leader.”

Unlike the others, Un Geom seemed relatively calm.

“Before that child entered Mount Hua, did he learn any other martial arts?”

“No. Chung Myung showed no signs of learning anything before joining.”

“Then, in just six months, he grew this much?”


Hyun Jong looked at Un Geom in disbelief.

“A genius…”

Un Geom spoke as if it wasn’t a huge deal.

“I’m not sure if ‘genius’ suits that child. He’s a child that doesn’t reveal his true self. Even I haven’t been able to fully understand his actions.”


When Hyun Jong burst out in admiration, Hyun Sang mumbled.

“I thought geniuses and divine dragons only ever fell into other people’s sects, this is… like we were searching for a sack of rice in the warehouse, but a golden calf jumped out instead.”

Hyun Jong was shocked.

“I thought he was just a wealth bringer, but….”

His mumbling represented the feeling of everyone who was watching.

How much has Chung Myung done for Mount Hua already? He didn’t need to have any martial arts talent at all. Chung Myung is only human; it wouldn’t be appropriate to get greedy and try to force unrealistic expectations onto a child that’s done so much for them.

But didn’t this situation show that he had an outstanding talent as well? Enough to take down a disciple from the Southern Edge so easily?

When everyone was shocked, Hyun Young quickly moved.

“Anyway, we got the win. Doesn’t this save our face?”



Hyun Jong and Hyun Sang dumbfoundedly turned their heads. Hyun Young grew angry and felt that the elders were acting absurd.

Coughing, he spoke and tried to clear the awkward atmosphere.

“For now, he’s saved our face. For now.”


“This is why the finance head should properly learn martial arts. You are the only one who can speak so casually in this absurd situation.”

Hyun Sang joked with Hyun Young, who felt it was an unfair assessment.

Hyun Jong lightly smiled and looked away toward Chung Myung.

‘Saved our face.’

Could it be said so simply?


The outcome of today’s conference may not matter at all. It was possible that Mount Hua had just acquired a talent that could carry the sect for the next 100 years.

“… Mount Hua’s child seems to have won.”

Um, looks like it. But…”

“… wasn’t that too one-sided?”

Oh, this was quite unexpected.”

Hwang Mun-Yak was relaxed as he enjoyed listening to the reactions around him.

‘Of course, he should act out like that!’

Hwang Mun-Yak didn’t know how strong Chung Myung was. He wasn’t even conscious when the Eunha Guild events were settled by that child.

He had been told that a single hit from Lee Song-Baek was enough for Chung Myung to cough up blood, but he didn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it; that child was too insidious. He must have been playing the victim to capture the culprit.

For Hwang Mun-Yak, Chung Myung was an unknown element. However, the reason he could watch and remain relaxed was that…

‘There’s no way that young brat would underestimate his opponent and entertain a loss.’

It wasn’t like he knew Chung Myung very well, but he was the man whose eye for appraisal built the Eunha Guild up to its current level. In his eyes, Chung Myung stepped ahead with confidence, which meant he was strong enough to ensure victory.

Of course, this was a more radical result than what Hwang Mun-Yak expected.

‘Right. This isn’t a lost cause; that much is clear.’

‘Is this conference a battleground for Chung Myung? Then, the results may be different from what everyone expects.’

“There are talents in Mount Hua too.”

“Considering the age, it’s a great display. No, no, great wouldn’t be enough to suffice.”

“The Southern Edge Sect’s disciples can’t be defeated with luck alone, and that was the best of the third-class disciples. Wasn’t there a big difference between them too?”

“To take the lead so confidently, that child was surely an outstanding talent from the Southern Edge Sect, but it was completely one-sided.”

The conversation between the merchants and officials sounded like a melodious song to Hwang Mun-Yak.

However, Hwang Mun-Yak didn’t miss these voices’ extraordinary heat. It was hard to hear praises for the Southern Edge Sect anymore, but there was also no one there who hadn’t set their sights on Chung Myung.

‘Don’t even dream about it! He is the fish I caught.’

With one hit, Chung Myung managed to get more attention than Jin Geum-Ryong. No, no matter how this conference of sects ended, the name of Chung Myung would now spread throughout Shaanxi.

Hwang Mun-Yak glanced at Chung Myung, who returned to his seat with a smile.

“But they only won once. If all the other disciples lose, then it will just mean that he’s the only outstanding one there.”

“That could be true.”

Hwang Mun-Yak narrowed his eyes and looked at the third-class disciples that welcomed Chung Myung.

‘Now, show me. Chung Myung, show them all!’


Will it end with one outstanding win?

Or will Mount Hua be able to counterattack?

Chung Myung sat down with a smug expression as the sunlight fell on him.

The burning irritation which colored his expression had vanished, and in its place was a relaxed face that seemed to have no concerns.

‘How can he be so happy after beating someone up like that?’

‘Even the devil wouldn’t look so relieved!’

Although the disciples had these thoughts, they felt oddly gratified and burst out.

“Chung Myung! You did well!”

“Shouldn’t you have stepped on him a bit more?”

“He must have lost ten years of his life!”

Seeing the sajaes cheer, Yoon Jong smiled.

‘I guess they are all true masters.’

They would have decried such actions if they had experienced a similar situation before Chung Mung arrived. Such as whether they needed to go so far or how could a disciple of Mount Hua be so vicious; they would have spoken innocent words like that.

But now that they had been tainted in Chung Myung’s color, they cheered as if they were staging a festival.

Even Yoon Jong couldn’t help but smile as he spoke.

“Chung Myung, you did well.”

“Well, I just had a little fun.”

It was a bad thing to say, but at this moment, it seemed justified and made the other disciples feel relieved.

‘I knew he was strong, but….’

They didn’t expect Chung Myung to be able to utterly sweep through a disciple of the Southern Edge Sect.

This would be enough to shake their confidence. Mount Hua’s disciples felt pity for the Southern Edge Sect for the first time.

Mount Hua was always in a position of receiving pity from others and was never able to sympathize with others.

Yoon Jong deeply realized that he could feel pity for all mankind by becoming entangled with Chung Myung.

“Chung Myung, great job!”

“That was amazing, really!”

Even if their relationship with Chung Myung was rather strained, the second-class disciples still flocked towards him and cheered.

It wasn’t the third-class disciples or the elders, but the second-class disciples who were the happiest with Chung Myung’s results. He had helped them repay the disgrace they suffered.

The defeat was one thing, but the ridicule and insults that the Southern Edge Sect had directed towards them were unacceptable. Chung Myung beating his opponent was like a refreshing bucket of cold water pouring down on a blazing summer day. Despite their previous grievances, Chung Myung even began to look a bit cute to these seniors.

Personal feelings shouldn’t be included, but they were still happy that Chung Myung had managed to regain a bit of Mount Hua’s honor after being damaged in the matches so far.

‘So cheeky.’

‘If he has such skills, he can act however cheeky he wants!’

‘Maybe he’s a good child after all.’

Chung Myung shrugged his shoulders as he received everyone’s praises and looked at Yoon Jong.


It was a firm voice. Yoon Jong, who guessed its meaning, nodded with a firm expression.

‘It’s my turn.’

Chung Myung accomplished his role… no, he overdid it. Now, Yoon Jong and the others should carry the flame.


“What are you looking at so stupidly? Get out there.”


No, does this bastard have to send someone off like that?

“… Yes.”

Still, there was something Yoon Jong needed to ask.

“Do you have any advice? Some tips or knowledge about their martial arts?”

“Would you be able to use it even if you knew?”


“Just get out there. If you can see their face, you can slap it.”

“… I know.”

With bewildered eyes, Yoon Jong walked to the center of the arena. Looking at the eyes around him, his expression changed.

‘The atmosphere definitely changed.’

Mount Hua didn’t have any presence before. But thanks to Chung Myung, the mood changed.

There were expectations that the third-class disciples might be different.

It was Yoon Jong’s job to turn the audience’s expectations into a reality.


He didn’t want to be nervous, but he couldn’t help it. Maybe it was because he didn’t expect so many eyes on him or because of Chung Myung’s performance.

But if Yoon Jong loses…

It was then.


Chung Myung called him from behind, and Yoon Jong looked back with a stiff face.

‘Right, any bastard with a conscience would offer some kind of encouragement.’

“If you lose, I’m going to kill you.”


Ah, I forgot for a moment that he’s Chung Myung.’

‘It was my fault. My fault.’

Taking a deep breath, Yoon Jong’s stiff face hardened again. He drew his sword, took his stance, and boldly stared at the disciples of the Southern Edge Sect.

Aiming his sword, he spoke.

“Yoon Jong, third-class disciple of Mount Hua, asks for an opponent from the Southern Edge Sect!”

The winds of change began to blow towards Mount Hua.

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