Episode 136

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Jin Hyeon, who moved away from the other disciples, looked at Chung Myung and gulped.

‘Just what the hell is up with this guy?’

There was no doubt that the man in the mask was Chung Myung.

‘He’s called Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon. Who the fuck gave him that name? Mount Hua’s Evil Dragon or Mount Hua’s Demon is more appropriate! Or Mount Hua’s Mad Dog!’

These thoughts rang clearly in Jin Hyeon’s head. He had no way of knowing that Chung Myung had already earned the nickname ‘Mad Dog’ within Mount Hua’s walls, but he had no choice except to keep these thoughts to himself.

He lost all curiosity concerning Chung Myung’s unnatural strength. Rather, he was a hundred times more interested in what kind of experiences one had to go through to become so twisted.

Chung Myung, who came close enough that others could not hear, quietly spoke.

“So, what is this Sword Tomb?”

“… for now, please put ‘that’ down.”


Chung Myung shook what he was holding in his hand.

It was Mu Jin’s unconscious body.

“Put this down?”

“… you can hold onto it if you are comfortable.”

Jin Hyeon no longer seemed to care.

‘I just hope this is a dream.’

But there was no way that it was a dream. No matter how cruel a nightmare is, it would never be more terrifying than what is seen now. If nightmares are based on human imagination, then this could never happen.

Because this had exceeded the limit!

“Don’t waste any time, just tell me about it. What is the Sword Tomb?”

“… please promise me something first. If I tell you, will you return Mu Jin sasuk and not hurt us?”

“When did I hurt you?”




That was true.


“Okay, yes, fine. But do you think that I’ll listen to everything you say?”

He was still the same as at the start.

Jin Hyeon sighed and began to speak about what he knew. This situation couldn’t be resolved without giving up this information anyway.

“… It’s a grave.”


Chung Myung narrowed his eyes.

“Have you even started grave robbing now? Is the Wudang sect running low on money?”

“…. It’s not like that.”

Jin Hyeon was curious how this man could twist every word he said upside-down, but it felt pointless to question.

“The grave of Untraceable Seizing Sword.”


Chung Myung’s eyes widened in shock.

Uh, Untraceable… sword… Uh?”

“He was the strongest swordsman in the world two hundred years ago.”

Ah, right.”

He was a master that exceeded Chung Myung.

To be precise, he was the Best in the World.

Chung Myung tilted his head.

“So, this Sword Tomb is his grave?”


“And you’re trying to unearth it?”


Chung Myung shook his head.


“… Huh?”

“Is there a reason?”

There was a reason that Chung Myung asked this question.

The Best in the World was the most glorious title.

Anyone who lives in the martial world dreams of standing at the apex. Even those that recognize their own failings and know they will never reach the peak still imagine themselves in that position at least once.

The title of Best in the World was a romantic dream all martial artists aspire toward.

Surprisingly, however, many people pass through the position of world’s greatest.

‘Even if there’s only one such genius in each generation, over a hundred years, there could be four or five that achieve the title of Best in the World.’

In reality, there’s no way there could only be one. There will always be someone that challenges the position at the apex of the world and overcomes the previous generation. If such a thing frequently repeated over a hundred years, more than ten such warriors could win the title.

Perhaps, if the war with the Heavenly Demonic Sect had never occurred, Chung Myung would have taken the name.

Many great warriors would flee when they heard that Chung Myung was coming for them. They would make up all sorts of excuses so that they could never face each other properly. They might have become stepping stones for Chung Myung’s reputation if they hadn’t fled.

No matter what anyone said, Chung Myung was a swordsman that was even recognized by the Heavenly Demon.

“The Untraceable Seizing Sword… he was one of the best in the world two hundred years ago.”

‘Was he that powerful?’

Of course, he was called the best, but there were many strong people.

The problem was that the one telling this story was from Wudang.

Perhaps if it was an ordinary person, such a story would be shocking, but there was no way that the Wudang would simply go graverobbing for such a person.

The value of the tomb changes depending on who is searching for it.

Jin Hyeon explained.

“Recently, a robber broke into one of the Wudang’s temples. Over the course of catching and investigating the man, we were able to obtain a treasure map.”

“And it’s close to Nanyang?”


“You know the rough location but haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact location. So, you were going to investigate. However, if the Wudang sect rushed in and began to search recklessly then people would become suspicious.”

“… right.”


Chung Myung nodded his head.

‘Makes sense.’

It did seem strange at first.

Nanyang isn’t a huge city. No, once again, it is too small to draw the attention of the Wudang Sect. Huayoung Gate was able to survive until now because Nanyang is such a minor area that other sects have no interest in it.

It was unbelievable that the Wudang suddenly wanted to expand their operations here.

“Still, it makes no sense to pick a fight with Mount Hua.”



“W-we apologize.”

Jin Hyeon couldn’t say that they were collateral damage, so he apologized.

“Hm, okay.”


“What’s in the Sword Tomb?”


Jin Hyeon hesitated a bit before he opened his mouth.

“Do you know who the Untraceable Seizing Sword is?”

“The best in the world. Once upon a time.”

“No. Do you know his deeds?”

“I don’t know.”

Chung Myung answered proudly.

Why would he be interested in a man that lived a hundred years ago when he barely had time to learn martial arts and drink his alcohol?

“Seizing Sword. His title was quite literal. He didn’t belong to any particular sect. He mysteriously appeared one day and challenged the swordsmen of the world. What’s more, he had won every battle.”

“It’s a pretty obvious story.’

“Starting from now, it isn’t so obvious. After he won, he would always take his opponent’s most prized possession as a trophy of war.”


“He stole their sword away.”


“… I don’t know.”

Jin Hyeon shrugged.

“How can we know the intentions of a person from two hundred years ago? Anyway, he gathered all the swords of the masters of that era and then suddenly disappeared.”

“If it’s the weapons of masters….”

“Yes. It was obviously their most prized item….”

Chung Myung made a strange expression.

‘That’s right.’

Those who attain a high enough level of martial arts can practice their techniques even without the help of weapons.

But that’s only half right and half wrong.

‘It may not be needed, but having it was surely better.’

In addition, if they were masters of their era, they were bound to be in the highest position of their sects. Don’t the high-ranking people always hoard the good stuff for themselves?

Shiny new items and weapons.

‘I don’t need it now, so share it amongst yourselves.’

Such thoughts are quite a rare thing.

People have a hard time letting go of something already in their hands.

“Then all the weapons of each sect were taken away?”


“They just gave them away?”

“I don’t know for sure, but it seemed like a bet was made. If you lose you give me your weapon and if I lose, I return all the weapons I’ve taken.”

Anyone would accept such conditions.

It was an inevitable bet.

“But everyone lost.”


Chung Myung nodded.

“And the Sword Tomb?”

“… after he disappeared, rumors about the Tomb began to spread. The man gathered all of the weapons he had taken and stored them in a single location. He then created a tomb and even left behind his martial arts. Those who seek the Sword Tomb will have the world in their hands….”

Ah, It’s fine. After that, the rest is obvious.”

Chung Myung had a gloomy expression on his face as if he had suddenly lost all interest.

“Just some ordinary legend and cliche story. And you think it’s true?”

“Yes. We didn’t believe it until we got our hands on the map; it felt… sophisticated….”

“Ah, enough.”

Obvious nonsense.

Chung Myung shrugged his shoulders.

“So, you’re trying to dig up the tomb and get your hands on this guy’s weapons and martial arts?”

“… yes.”

Jin Hyeon had a regretful expression, and Chung Myung nodded his head.

“Oh, really?”


“I see.”

Chung Myung, who was looking at Jin Hyeon, grabbed Mu Jin by the collar.


And slapped him without hesitation.


“W-what are you doing!?”

“If the junior does something wrong, the senior has to be hit! If you were educated properly, you wouldn’t be lying with such a straight face! Hey! Wake up, you son of a bitch!”

Slap! Slap!

Mu Jin’s head was struck left and right.

“You’re going to spit your lies at me!? No, it’s not a lie. You didn’t lie, but it made no sense either! You’re not saying everything, right? Take a look at what you did. I need to wake this bastard up now.”

“W-what are you talking about? I really did tell you everything!”

It was at that moment.


Chung Myung’s face suddenly appeared right next to Jin Hyeon.

“Do you think I’m some idiot?”

“… What?”

“Wudang is covetous of another man’s martial arts? THE Wudang sect?”


“Oh my, if elder Sam Bong heard this, he would jump from his grave to pierce your heads! What nonsense are you saying!”

Jin Hyeon kept his mouth shut.

“And what? Weapons? Hey, dumbass. If you take all the weapons that were stolen, do you think think the other sects would just say ‘oh, okay! Thank you!’ and leave you alone? Everyone would attack the Wudang sect to reclaim their stolen heirlooms!”


“Lies just keep pouring from this kid’s mouth. Enough. What good would come from beating you? The one who deserves to be hit, needs to be hit. Hey! Wake up!”


When Chung Myung slapped Mu Jin again, Jin Hyeon panicked and grabbed the hem of his robe.

“H-he might die!”

“I already told you I wouldn’t kill him!”

“But he might really die!”

“I know. I know. I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry.”

‘How the hell could I not worry!? You idiot!’

Even though Jin Hyeon held Chung Myung’s sleeve and begged him, Chung Myung continued to grab Mu Jin by the collar.

“Did you think that I wouldn’t be able to tell that you were hiding information? The fact that all of you came here together shows there’s more at play here. You could have just taken the map and come yourself. Instead!”

Chung Myung’s eyes turned an eerie cold.

“You need to pay for playing with the lives of others. I won’t kill you. Instead, I’ll make sure that you never hold the sword again!”

Chung Myung was enraged, and Jin Hyeon felt bewildered as his eyes trembled at the sudden shift in the atmosphere.

‘This guy might really do what he’s saying.’

If Mu Jin is crippled here, then Jin Hyeon would live his life in regret.


Chung Myung’s fist flew for Mu Jin’s face.

Frightened, Jin Hyeon quickly shouted.

“Yak Seon!”

The fist stopped.


Mu Jin’s hair fluttered all around from the wind caused by the sudden stop.


“Y-Yak Seon.”

“Yak Seon?”

Jin Hyeon continued.

“Yak Seon is the goal.”

“Yak Seon?”


“The same Yak Seon who was said to be able to create a great deal of medicine?”


“The Yak Seon from over two hundred years ago who was known as the most outstanding pill maker of all time?”

“… yes.”

“One of his pills is enough to raise the dead, and give more strength than any Supreme Pill?”

Chung Myung’s eyes began to glow.

A fervent hope and ravenous desire.


Jin Hyeon was unable to answer and flinched.

However, Chung Myung’s eyes were already passionately ignited.

“The Sword Tomb is the tomb of Yak Seon? That Yak Seon?”





Chung Myung kept rubbing his lips with the sleeve. He seemed to have forgotten that he was wearing a mask.

“Yak Seon. Right. If that’s the case, then Wudang would definitely pull such shit, right?”

“That is absolutely diff—”

“—Is it??”

“… What?”

“Where is it?”


At that moment, Jin Hyeon witnessed it.

The Taoist had lost all reason and given in to his desires. The terrifying energy flowing from the eyes terrified him even more.

“Where is it!? Where is my medicine, you bastard!?”

‘Why is it already yours….’

‘That, I really don’t have an answer….’

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