Episode 137

I need to have this even if I die! (2)
2 years ago
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Chung Myung’s eyes had gone wide.

There had been countless times when he was obsessed with trivial benefits or wealth, but this couldn’t be compared with that. This is a whole different case.

Who was Yak Seon?

He was considered to be the greatest Pill Maker known in the world. Pill-making is the method of producing medicine. In the past, Yak Seon’s pills were said to even surpass the Shaolin Sect’s Supreme pill.

The Supreme Pill! The Supreme Pill!

Every famous martial arts sect is known to have its own method of developing pills to assist with cultivation and enhancing internal energy. Among them, the Supreme Pill of the Shaolin was considered the best in the world.

What could be said about the effect of the pill that was created by giants with massive financial wealth and manpower, like the Shaolin and Wudang sects? Nothing, they just could do it.

However, Yak Seon was a single man that studied pill refinement and managed to create pills that surpassed those two sects. For martial arts sects that risk their lives in the pursuit of strength, there was nothing more valuable than pills that had an even greater effect than the two sects’.

Any warrior that acquired Yak Seon’s pills was said to have joined the ranks of masters due to their incredible reserve of qi.

Even one hundred years ago, when a rumor spread that one of Yak Seon’s pills had surfaced in the world, there was no doubt that blood would be spilled for it. Those who set their sights on such things were vicious and didn’t hesitate to slaughter others.

And this wasn’t just a pill, but Yak Seon’s actual grave?


‘The Pill’s Alchemic Recipe has to be there!’

A man that built his own grave would surely leave behind what he had achieved in life.

There is no way that a person who achieved such greatness in life would have decided to bury his knowledge together in hell with him. He must have left something behind.

If this Sword Tomb existed, there was a high chance that it held his legacy.

‘I need to have it even if I die!’

No, to be precise, Mount Hua needs to get it.

Why were the pills of Shaolin and Wudang famous? Because the strength they give is important when learning martial arts.

Even if two people have the same skills, it is natural that one with a pill has more advantages.

As a result, the Shaolin and Wudang sects invested huge sums of money and manpower in researching pill making and created some of the best pills in the world. The disciples of these two factions consumed their elixirs daily and became stronger and stronger.

Right. Just like earlier, Mu Jin was able to access an enormous reserve of qi that extended far beyond his age.

But Mount Hua…

‘Doesn’t have a Pill Alchemy Recipe.’

What’s more…

‘There are no pills either.’

Thanks to that, the current disciples of Mount Hua haven’t even been able to take pills; they only had the plum blossom pills that Chung Myung used to relieve hangovers.

And even those don’t exist anymore.

While Chung Myung was around, things would manage to work out. But without Chung Myung there to guide the training, the sect would begin to spiral down again.

“No! That’s why they should have left it! At least something!”

Chung Myung looked at the sky.

- … can I even know?

There were plenty of books containing the sect’s martial arts, but why were there no books about pill making? What were the pill makers thinking by keeping that knowledge to themselves?

‘Well, it isn’t important now!’

Chung Myung looked at Jin Hyeon.

“Are you sure?”

“… yes.”

“So, you’re certain that the Sword Tomb is Yak Seon’s grave?”

Jin Hyeon coughed and spoke.

“Even though the Untraceable Seizing Sword rose to the top of the world, he failed to be acknowledged by others because of his lacking martial arts. Despite his poor martial arts, he defeated all the masters of that time.”

“Uh, right.”

Usually, when a person is the best in the world, the martial arts they practice would gain a name and reputation following the warrior’s deeds. Yet, Chung Myung had never heard such things about this man.

‘Thinking back, it is strange.’

“That’s because the Untraceable Seizing Sword had a history of defeating the opponent without technique, relying solely on his overwhelming qi. Even at that time, many were suspicious, but Yak Seon intervened and denied it. However, after he died, one of his acquaintances confessed the hidden truth.”

“And only a few sects know of this?”


Jin Hyeon sighed.

Mount Hua would now be added to that small list of sects. No, with this, more intensity would be added.

But it was unavoidable. A man’s promise is heavier than a thousand gold. The honor of his sasuk shouldn’t be sullied over some private gains.

No, rather…

‘If I don’t talk, he won’t let me go.’

The world may not believe that the Wudang disciples were threatened, but the disciples here knew the reality of the situation.

“Now I told you everything I know. So please let us go.”

“Well, of course. Because I’m a man that keeps his promises.”

Chung Myung smiled brightly.

‘I’ll send you off. I’ll definitely let you go.’

But there was one more thing.

“So, where’s the map?”

“… Huh?”

“Where is the map? You said you have it.”


Jin Hyeon’s eyes trembled.


Jin Hyeon shook his head as his mind reeled.

“I said I was going to tell you what I knew, not that I would give you the map!”

“True. I know that.”

“So why?”

Chung Myung grinned.

“Think about it carefully. If I let you go, you’ll just bring more of Wudang’s disciples, right?”


“Perhaps you’ll come charging in like a swarm of ants.”


“Then I’ll end up as a dog being chased by chickens. No matter how strong I may be, there’s nothing I can do alone against the Wudang sect. Besides, you don’t even know the location of the Sword Tomb yet, there’s no way you’ll be able to search the entirety of Nanyang and find it.”

Chung Myung smiled and looked at Jin Hyeon.

It was clear what Jin Hyeon was thinking. No matter how strong Chung Myung is, he cannot face Wudang head-on. And Mount Hua is too far away from here.

Even if Chung Myung knew the truth, there was nothing he could do.

“So, you can at least hand over the map, don’t you think?”

‘Why? How did it come to that?’

Jin Hyeon’s face hardened.

“I cannot give it to you. That wasn’t part of the deal!”

“You won’t give it to me?”


“You won’t give it to me?”

“… Ye…”


“… “

Jin Hyeon’s face turned blue. As he looked at Chung Myung, who was smiling while approaching, his mind went blank.

“Despite being a Taoist, do you intend to intimidate and rob others? If you’re after the map—”





Chung Myung clenched his fist.


The sound of the cracking knuckles grinding rang in Jin Hyeon’s ears.

“How many times have I told you? Who am I?”

“M-Mount Hua…”

“Tsk, tsk, our cute disciple doesn’t seem to understand what I’m saying! I’m a passing robber!”


‘No, you bastard. What kind of robber steals on an empty mountain….’


Chung Myung’s eyes shone.

“Give me the map and head to Wudang to get reinforcements… or!”


Chung Myung struck the floor, and a large pit was carved out of the ground.

“Or put your neck on the line and remain buried here until I find the Sword Tomb!”


His head tilted.

“Which one?”

Jin Hyeon smiled very kindly.

“Isn’t it true that a Taoist should know how to give up on his worldly desires?”

A Taoist should also know when to back down in the face of power.


Chung Myung trudged down the mountain, checking the map over and over again.

A dizzying array of confusing lines and symbols were written all over. The complexity of the work made it feel like it was a genuine article.

Huhuhu. The tomb of Yak Seon? It’s said that heaven blesses good people. I guess living a good life is really worth it.”

Somehow, it felt like someone was spitting down on Chung Myung from the distant sky.

‘Stay still will you! I haven’t even touched the Pill Alchemy Recipe or made people suffer yet!’

Chung Myung smiled happily and looked at the map.

Signs and lines chaotically jumped all over.

“So, you need to interpret this to be able to enter the grave, right?”


Such an interesting thing!

Judging from the map, it was clear that Yak Seon was a person with great pride in his achievements. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made such a contrived method to hide his legacy.

It was certain that anyone that could solve this problem would surely be interested in the grave. Yak Seon must have been a man that was truly confident in himself.

“There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Because Chung Myung was definitely interested in it.

Chung Myung smiled and looked at the map.

“This is supposed to be a code?”

Maybe someone else would have had a hard time, but who is Chung Myung?


It was embarrassing for him to say it himself, but Chung Myung was once a person that each of the Nine Great Sects was scared of, including his own Mount Hua.

There was no way that he would be unable to solve such trifling puzzles.

Chung Myung glared at the map with wide-open eyes, the lines drawn on the….

Chung Myung, who had stared down at the stupefying lines for a long time, finally put the map down with a satisfied expression.

“I have no idea what this is saying!”


Was he a genius when it came to using his head? When did he ever do such things!?


He glanced at the map a few more times with frustration in his eyes and shook his head.

“This makes no sense.”

Just looking at it hurt his eyes and gave him a headache. If this was the map, he could look at it all day long yet not find a single clue.

Chung Myung, who was worried, nodded his head.

“I don’t have to be the one to solve it.”

Doesn’t he have reliable Sahyungs and Sasuks!?


Soon the disciples of Wudang will come.

Knowing that Mu Jin was defeated by Chung Myung and the map was taken, the elders would also come to take a look.

Even if it is Chung Myung, he wouldn’t be able to deal with all of them. In the past, when he was the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, he would have even challenged ten at once. But the current Chung Myung was still far from the peak of his former life.

‘Maybe there’s around three days?’

The disciples would have returned and brought back Wudang’s reinforcements within three days. Before that deadline, Chung Myung would have to figure out where the Sword Tomb was and get to it.

“We don’t have much time left!”

Chung Myung began to run.

If he can obtain the recipe for making pills, then Mount Hua can advance a step forward. Gaining a step meant adding another essential element to take the leap into the world.

“I need to eat it first!”

Chung Myung yelled, rubbing his still small dantian.

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