Episode 242

To Give Us This So Generously! (2)
1 year ago
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“Bring these out!”


A loud voice resounded throughout the training hall.

In response to the huge force with which it was said, the second and third-class disciples of Mount Hu shrugged in unison.

“I had gone out for just one month, so you didn’t complete your tasks and simply played around?”


“This is why I cannot leave from here!”

Baek Sang looked forward with blank eyes.

‘This is unfair.’

‘This is upsetting.’

They definitely weren’t playing around when Chung Myung and the others had gone out. Rather, they had practiced more than usual not to get caught.

But they still got cursed?

No, this wasn’t right. No matter how much they had practiced, they would still get yelled at by Chung Myung. So, this shouldn’t be a situation where they felt shame. Rather, this was as expected.

So, what was wrong?

Baek Sang raised his head and looked at the man shouting at them.

‘…Why is sahyung?’

The scene was familiar.

But it was an unfamiliar face.

Because the person in front of them wasn’t Chung Myung but Baek Cheon.


Baek Cheon went towards Baek Sang. And Baek Sang, who saw his shining eyes, shrugged and flinched.



‘No, sahyung.’

‘You were away for just one month, so why did you turn into Chung Myung?’

‘This is shocking.’

However, Chung Myung, whom he was most worried about, simply didn’t seem to care.

Baek Cheon, Yu Yiseol, Yoon Jong, and Jo Gul were all there, urging the second-class disciples and third-class disciples, while Chung Myung was lying under the shade of the tree in the back.

‘What the hell is happening here?’

“You don’t have the skills to utilize those pills! What on earth did you do for a month that made you have no progress at all? You have all become stagnant.”


‘Stagnant? Us?’

It was then.

Baek Cheon spoke to Baek Sang in an angry voice.

“Baek Sang!”

“Uh? Yes, sahyung!”

“What were you doing?”



Baek Sang looked at Baek Cheon with a blank face.

“If I am absent, you are the disciple who is supposed to be in charge of them! How could you not tell them!”


‘No, what is it that you’ve been spewing for a while now?’

Actually, Baek Cheon wasn’t someone who would say such things to Baek Sang. At least not so directly.

‘But why…’

‘Why did these people come back so different?’

Baek Cheon came up with even more of such things. Each time he spoke, something more cringe came out.

“I have nothing to say!”

Baek Cheon drew his sword and pointed it up.

“First, we head out to train. The people who reach the peak last will run once more!”




“Me! I will go first!”

After a brief pause, the disciples began to run up to the peak with all their might.


Baek Ceon clicked his tongue.

And Yoon Jong, who watched it, quietly turned his head and looked at the Chung disciples.

“What is it?”


“You go to the other peak, opposite to where your sasuks are going.”


“Since half the sasuks will run back again. You people… Um… right.”

Yoon Jong smiled brightly.

“Except for ten of you, the others will head back and run again.”






A few disciples understood what was happening and began to start running to the lotus peak. The rest of the people who saw it belatedly realized the situation and started running behind them.

Even while they were running at full power, their mouths seemed to work fine.

“Ah, no! Why is sahyung doing this?”

“Why isn’t Jo Gul sahyung stopping him?”

“How can I know!”

Chung Myung, who had heard all of it, didn’t say a thing, but it was Baek Cheon and Yoon Jong who were doing this… they were the people who were tormenting them.

‘What is this bizarre situation?’

Seeing the disciples run away, Yoon Jong clicked his tongue.

“Tch tch.”

Yoon Jong shook his head a couple times and then looked at Baek Cheon and said.



Baek Cheon sighed and spoke with a tone of irritation.

“I can see why Chung Myung was so anxious when we wouldn’t normally train. We went out for just a month, but see how they have slacked off!”

“I understand it too… I understand it a little now.”

Baek Cheon’s eyes shone.

“Three days. Just in three days, I will set them in line!”

Chung Myung, who was watching this scene from behind, smiled.

By now, the behavior of Baek Cheon, Yoon Jong, Jo Gul, and Yu Yiseol had shocked the other disciples completely.

Although they had only been to Yunnan, they couldn’t help but be shocked when the disciples on Mount Hua were all looking weak.

The reason for their emotions was just one factor.

‘They haven’t seen what true strength is.’

Strength was relative.

Baek Cheon and the others were constantly beaten on the way to Yunnan. No… Chung Myung had trained them. Thanks to that, what they were now couldn’t be compared to how they were before they had left Mount Hua.

Apart from their training, they had also taken the Soul Vitality Pill before leaving Mount Hua, and their bodies had become much better. In other words, their visit to Yunnan had contributed to their growth.

But was that all?

While watching Chung Myung and the Tang Family Lord’s spar, they understood the level of power they had to aim for… and when he fought against the elder of the Tang family, they felt what a real battle was like.

Besides that, they had also seen first-hand the strength of the Beast Palace Lord and his soldiers.

If their understanding of what true strength was hadn’t risen, then that would have been weirder.

So how couldn’t they turn angry when they saw the disciples who hadn’t changed much since they had left?

Perhaps from now on, Baek Cheon and Yoon Jong would push them to the level they thought was enough.

‘Right, this is how a Sect grows strong.’

When a master who was never before seen appears, he would proceed to hold on to others around him until it satisfied him. Similarly, those who get stronger because of the master would do the same. If this process was repeated several times, everyone would have to go through the same thing.


Of course, people would become strong!

Now, Chung Myung’s stream, which had touched Baek Cheon and Yoon Jong, had finally begun to flow down.

At this point, all Chung Myung had to do was to watch and correct any mistakes they made little by little.

‘In just one year, everyone will train on their own.’

Only then would Mount Hua be able to call itself a good sect.

A prestigious sect didn’t refer to a place that was excellent, but rather, pointed to one that had the resources to generate success for generations.

Chung Myung smiled.

‘I can rest a little more comfortably now.’

It was always fun to watch the seeds he had sown germinate. If the current atmosphere of Mount Hua was utilized and the pills made their way in, Mount Hua would grow rapidly.

Then, it won’t be long before the former fame of….

“Chung Myungggggg!”


Chung Myung turned his head.

He could see the Sect Leader and the Elders running from afar along with the Medicine Hall Head.


Seeing their desperate faces, he sighed.


‘Can I be comfortable at all?’

‘Something must have happened again.’

‘I should just die!’

Chung Myung raised his head and looked at the sky.

“Oh my, my sahyung…”

‘Murim… uh?’

‘Seeing me like this… does it make you happy?’


It felt like he could hear the laughter of his sahyung.

-Don’t act so nice, you bastard. Even if you put them all together, it doesn’t come close to the pain I had to go through to deal with you.


Chung Myung got up. At that moment, the Sect Leader, along with Un Gak and the other Elders, arrived.

Nodding his head, he said.

“I greet the Sect Leader.”

“No! Now isn’t the time to do this!”


“Come with us! You need to see this!”

The Sect Leader grabbed Chung Myung and began to run.

Chung Myung, who was now in the air because the Sect Leader was holding him by his neck, smiled as he thought.

‘This man has become too radical.’




“What do you want me to do with this?”

Chung Myung looked at the huge pot in front of him with deep eyes.

“What is this?”

“Look carefully! Inside!”


Chung Myung moved ahead and looked at the bottom of the pot.

“Uh? Why has it cracked? Did someone punch it?”

“Not with a fist. We infused qi into it.”

“Uh? Into the pot? Not a sword but into a pot? Are you trying to invent some kind of new technique that uses pots?”


Hyun Jong hit his chest as though he was frustrated.

And Un Gak, who was next to him, tried to explain.

“This is the process that can be said to be the most unique when making the Soul Vitality Pill. Of course, the materials are rare, but this is different. The final step is for the pill to be heated with qi.”

“…what is so different?”

“I don’t know the exact mechanism, but if we do that, it seems like the qi seeps into the pill and purifies it.”

‘Uh? Is that so?’

‘Man, that Yak Seon was quite good.’

“Interesting, right?”

“So before we went ahead and did something wrong, just in case, I wanted to try it and asked the Sect Leader to do it. The pot couldn’t stand it… this is the 3rd time already.”


“If we hadn’t tested it, we would have wasted away all the ingredients.”

“So, putting them all…”

Chung Myung scratched his head.

“So basically, in order to make the pill, there is a need to infuse qi into the pot, but such an iron pot is unable to handle qi.”


“Then can’t it be made with sword qi?”

“Swords and pots are vastly different when it comes to qi. Basically, a sword is for striking. But with a pot, it doesn’t work like that. I asked Tang Soso, but even she said that it was difficult to make a pot that was able to take qi.”

“Ah. Then?”

“I think we should just use a cold iron metal, but it is rare to find it and even rarer to get so enough to make such a huge pot.”

“…can’t we make small batches in small pots?”

Un Gak shook his head.

“It isn’t that I haven’t thought about doing that, but making a single batch properly is the best way to go about this. As the amount changes… even if it is a small amount… the effect it would have is unknown.”

This was the dilemma.

“Then the bottom line is… is that you have to find a material that is strong enough to withstand the enormous qi the pot has to be infused with?”



Chung Myung’s face began to heat up.

‘No, what is this!’

He would solve one problem, and another would pop up! And when he would solve that, another one would come!

‘This isn’t fine at all. It’s like someone is intentionally harassing the shit out of me!’

“No! Where in the world… iron?”

Chung Myung felt the onset of a seizure, but then he suddenly stopped and tilted his head.

‘Iron that was special enough to withstand qi… Wouldn’t just that be enough to make a pot like this?’

‘Then, for example…’

“Something like a cold iron that is very old?”

“Right! There is nothing better than something like that.”


“It isn’t easy, so we decided to talk about it with you first. Can you think of a way to get this done quickly?”




Hyun Jong let out a deep sigh when he saw Chung Myung laughing.

“Yeah. Regardless of what you are like, we cannot get such precious things in large quantities. Let’s talk with Elder Hwang…”



“Ah, not today. I will bring it tomorrow.”


Seeing Chung Myung speak this confidently, Hyun Jong was shocked.

“W-what will you bring?”

“The Millennial cold iron.”


“Can you make it into a pot?”

Hyun Jong and Un Gak started at Chung Myung blankly.

‘Has this guy lost it all?’

They looked at Chung Myung with their eyes wide open. However, Chung Myung just smiled when he saw their reaction.

‘Cold iron?’

‘Right. I know somewhere where we can get a huge quantity.’

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