Episode 243

To Give Us This So Generously! (3)
1 year ago
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Late at night.

Without anyone knowing, Chung Myung sneaked into the back of the Sect Leader’s residence.


The smile didn’t leave his face despite being covered in dark clothes.

‘Why didn’t I think of this before?’

No. It wasn’t that he didn’t think about it, but rather because he had no reason to think.

Until now, there was no particular need for such things in Mount Hua, and even if it was necessary, they didn’t have the ability to procure the cold iron.

Even a small amount would need Mount Hua to sell off some of its mountains.


Chung Myung looked at the small mountain behind the Sect Leader’s residence with renewed emotions.

‘If I wasn’t here, the Sect would have suffered so much.’

‘No. They would have suffered twice as much without me?’

They had been robbed of everything they had and had almost gotten expelled from their own land as well. When he thought of that, the tip of his nose began to get cold…

Chung Myung brushed those thoughts away and started to get ready.

‘Oh. Come on.’

He had come all this way. Wasn’t he once a beggar on the street who had no money to eat and was on the verge of dying? But hadn’t he still dragged his body all the way here?

“Ugh. I still have a long way to go. A long way.”

Anyway, once he figured out how to solve this problem, things would get better!

Chung Myung narrowed his eyes and glanced at the mountain.

“Right. This isn’t the time to be like this!”

With a stiff expression, he pulled out his sword and took a deep breath.

“Here I come!”


A torrent of dirt erupted from the ground. Chung Myung was using his sword as an axe to slice apart the ground.

Chung Myung, who entered the mountain in an instant, changed direction and moved forward.


The sound of soil being pushed to the side resounded.

‘I had such a difficult time back then.’

But not now. He could immediately feel how strong he had become in the past two years.



Chung Myung, who felt something hard touch his sword, stopped.

‘It is around here…’

‘Ha, right.’

Previously, he had opened it the right way and entered it. But this time, he had changed his method of entry. The more he kept touching it the right way, the more Hyun Jong was likely to notice it. If that happened, he would be unable to enter.

“It has to be this, right?”

Chung Myung raised the sword and stabbed it again.

Puk! Puk!

“Is this not it?”



The color in Chung Myung’s eyes changed.

‘I dug right.’

The hard thing that had stopped the tip of his sword. There was no way a rock could block his sword, which was loaded with qi. So, what was in front of him right now had to be the secret funds’ storage that his Sect Leader had used in the past… no this would end up being passed on to the next Sect Leader of Mount Hua.

“Let’s see.”

Chung Myung shook his sword.

And then piles of dirt rose up again, finally revealing a ceiling. Chung Myung admired it after looking at it for a long time.

“Amazing! Sect leader! How can you give this to us so generously!”

He had taken all the treasures from the warehouse and was now even cutting through the metal!

The previous Sect Leader would probably get a stroke if he had been here to witness this!

-yah, you daytime robber…

“Ah, let’s talk later. I am busy right now.”

Chung Myung, who decided to stop his hallucinations, raised his sword and stabbed the ground.


‘This is quite solid.’

This… this was millennial cold iron. If it hadn’t been the millennial cold iron, it couldn’t have been this strong.

“But not now!”

Chung Myung frowned and moved his sword.

The qi in his dantian began to rise up in response to his movements. The qi which ran through his body rushed through his sword.


The sword resonated in the hands of Chung Myung.

With a slightly dazed expression, Chung Myung raised his sword. His sword drew a soft arc in the air.


Chung Myung, who had wielded his sword tightly, reset the sword and pushed it back into the sheath.


With his eyes wide open, Chung Myung had a happy face.

“Now! The cut…”

At that moment, a large piece of the cut iron fell down.




Chung Myung’s head was hit by the piece of the metal that fell down.


Pushing it away, he whimpered and cursed.

“No! Do you want my brain to be just a decoration?”

‘Of course, the ceiling is going to fall down if you cut it like that! You idiot!’

He wiped away the nosebleed and looked at the piece of metal that had fallen down.

“Well… this much should be enough?”

It was almost large enough for a person to lie down. With this size, he would be able to make a lot of pots.

But the problem was…

“This is thinner than I thought?”


A vault of this size should have been made of thick metal. Even the Shaolin Sect would probably require a person to break down a couple pillars to enter. But if Mount Hua did such a thing, it would go bankrupt.

Chung Myung frowned as he looked at the cold iron.


The original plan was to make a pot by taking this piece of metal. But the cold iron he had obtained was so thin that it seemed weird.

This situation only meant one thing…

“…do I have to bend this?”

‘This millennial cold iron?’


Chung Myung’s eyes frowned.

The only way he saw in front of him was to beat this iron by himself and cast it into a pot without giving it to others, so as to not risk them wasting it.

The sad fact was that no one in Mount Hua could do a good job about it.

‘Ah, there is a place where it is possible. Wouldn’t it be possible for the Sect Leader and the elders of the Southern Edge Sect to do it?’


‘They will be happy to do it.’

‘Haha. They will help us with joy.’

‘As if!’

In the end, Chung Myung sighed deeply as he realized that there was no other answer than to do it himself.

“… right. I should do it with my life on the line.”

He then sat down and pulled the huge sheet of iron onto his lap.

And as his left hand grabbed the lower part…



His hand turned white as it gave out immense heat. At the same time, the plate of iron began to turn red.


And he hit the heated part with his right hand.


“I will do everything!”


“You cannot do without me!”


His hands were hitting the iron, and he felt anger and joy as he thought about all that had happened the past year. At the same time, the extremely hard iron began to bend little by little.

It was as minuscule as an ant’s body.

“No, this bastard?”

His eyes blazed. Who was Chung Myung?

Wasn’t he the kind of person who could turn things around to his benefit even when he encountered a situation that didn’t go his way?

“Come on! Let’s see who wins… you or me… Let’s see.”

Chung Myung raised his qi as much as he could and then clenched his fist and began to repeatedly hit the iron.

Kang! Kang! Kang!’



Un Gak heaved a heavy sigh as he shook his head.

He could barely sleep last night.

‘The more I think about it, the more distant this feels.’

In order to make the pill, he had to get a special pot.

The problem was that it would cost way too much money, making it impossible for Mount Hua to get.

‘Can Chung Myung really bring it?’

There was, of course, the task of making the pot out of the iron, but first, he had to get the material.

Even if Chung Myung was a ghost who had monstrous means, getting millennial iron was no joke… and that too, in one night?

‘For now, I need to say that it is fine.’

He had agreed with Chung Myung the previous day because they were all rambling. But failing was natural, so he had to console the child.

Un Gak, let out a low sigh and opened the door as he stepped out of his room.

“Yeah, just what has he been up to all this time… wah, shit! What is this?”

Un Gak, who was walking out of his room calmly, was startled at the sight in front of him.

His eyes were wide in shock.

“Ch-Chung Myung?”

“Puuuung, puuung!”


There was a snoring sound, and he saw Chung Myung lying in front of him face-down.

“Ah no…”

‘What did he do overnight to make himself look like a beggar?’

His whole body was covered in dirt.

‘How much did he sweat to have this much dust on him. What happened….’


Un Gak’s head turned to the side.


There was a large pot next to the child.

It was huge.

Every time light shone on the black pot, it looked blue. It was made of a metal he hadn’t seen before.

“N-No way!”

Un Gak’s body trembled.

‘N-no… it cannot be?’


Un Gak drew his sword from his waist and pushed his qi into it.


Gulping down, he immediately struck the pot.




And he stared at his sword, which was now broken into two.

‘It broke?’

‘The sword which had my qi broke?’


“Ha, ha… ha….”

‘Cold iron?’

“Millennial cold iron?”

He ran to the pot and hit it again several times. However, it only hurt his hand, and the pot didn’t even get dented.

“Come… Sect Leader! Sect leader! Ahhhh!”

Un Gak screamed and grabbed the pit and then began to run to the residence of the Sect Leader.

“Kuahahahahahaah! Hahahahahahah!”

In the yard of the Medicine Hall, only the snoring sound of Chung Myung resounded.

“Oh my, this is indeed cold iron. I have never seen such a huge amount in my life!”

“Will this do?”

The elders all looked at it and tapped it with their hands.

“No. Chung Myung… Where did you get this from?”

‘This bastard, I keep rescuing you all every time!’

‘I made it by pounding on it with my hands!’

‘Oh my! My hands! This old man was up all night pounding it into a pot with his fist, and the young ones were sleeping in their bed!’

Chung Myung took a deep breath and said.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Right. That isn’t the point!”

Hyun Jong shook his head.

“Un Gak! No, Medicine Hall Head!”

“Yes! Sect Leader!”

“Will this do?”

“I would like to try it once.”

“Um. Okay!”

Hyun Jong approached and put his hand on the pot. He then started to infuse qi into the pot.


The pot began to heat up.

“Oh, it holds!”

“It really is cold iron! Regardless of how thin it is, it still holds up so well!”

Hyun Jong and Hyun Sang couldn’t hide their joy.

“We did it! We did it, Sect Leader! Now we can make the pill! No, consider it already made. Hahaha!”


Hyun Jong’s eyes turned moist.

These people… most of the work was done by Chung Myung, but after all these hardships, they were finally able to make the pills now!

‘With this, Mount Hua will take another leap!’

“The ancestors took care of us.”

“As if.”


Hyun Jong titled his head.

Had he heard it wrong?

Chung Myung, who was exhausted from the previous night’s work, just waved his hand.

“Let’s start. Quickly!”

“Yes, right!”

“Yes, Sect Leader! I will prepare it right now.”

Chung Myung shook his head as he watched Un Gak pour the ingredients into the pot.

‘Ancestor… these filthy bastards! I… I am the bloody ancestor!’

‘Uh… right.’

‘Right. I am right.’

“Okay. Now we put in the oil and… and we have to add this too…”

Un Gak carefully added one ingredient after another and stepped back as he wiped the sweat off his brow. He then reached out to get the huge spatula.

All the preparations were done.

And after a couple breaths, he said.

“Please start!”

“Hyun Sang!”

“Yes, Sect Leader!”

They both held the pot from either side and began to imbue their qi into it. The two men who began to do that, grabbed the pot with the most serious faces.


There was enormous fire qi being used at the center, and the ingredients began to boil.

“Nice! Like this!”

Their faces filled with ecstasy, and Un Gak continued to stir it.

“Enough! This should be enough! I will keep doing it.”

“How long?”

“It will take around ten days!”

“Ah, ten…”



Both people looked at Un Gak at the same time.

“…just that much?”

“Ten days!”

“… you didn’t mention the days we would have to work previously, though? But to say it takes only ten days!”

“Ugh! I didn’t say it well, but it was bound to be the case.”


‘You should have said it then!’

Hyun Jong and Hyun Sang looked at Un gak with trembling eyes.

“No, if we stop and start again…”

“No! We cannot stop now and start again! We have to do it for ten days! For ten full days!”

There was a glimmer of madness in the eyes of Un Gak.

This was the moment where he would achieve something important in his life.

“Uh… that? huh?”

The moment Hyun Jong was about to say something, a mumble came from behind him.

“Ten days…”

Hyun Jong turned back and saw Chung Myung with the face of the devil.

That was how his expression was.

‘If these idiots blow up the materials, Mount Hua is bound to be discarded by the world once again.’

Chung Myung realized something at that moment.

“You can do it! Sect Leader!”


“For sure! Definitely! You have to, no matter what!”


“People won’t die just because they don’t sleep for 10 days! Even if you die, hold onto the pot like you would hold onto life! And do your best as you die! I will never forget the commitment you had for your disciples; The Sect Leader truly lived only for Mount Hua!”

‘I am not dead yet, you idiot!’

Hyun Jong’s eyes turned wet.

‘Oh my. I’d rather die from being hit by lightning!’

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