Episode 303

I Wasn’t Like That Back Then! I Wasn’t! (3)
1 year ago
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Namgung Dowi was still groaning.

And the forever kind Chung Myung couldn’t just turn away from this scene, kindly patting the guy on the butt with his sheath.

Of course, the fact that he was the one who did this wasn’t forgotten.

“Are you fine?”

Chung Myung clicked his tongue,

“Why did you talk to me like that? Of course, you are a genius. A genius!”

But why?

A smile came to the lips of Chung Myung,

“You brat. If I gather all the geniuses I have seen so far and line them up. I can say two of the three people I thought were good came from Shaolin. What is so great about being a genius?”

Chung Myung continued to pat the butt of Namgung Dowi,

“A cheeky kid who knows nothing… no. No. Since Jin Geum-Ryong and Lee Song-Baek aren’t from my side, have you decided to ignore them? And you think my Dong-Ryong got beaten up easily? Forget me, you wouldn’t get up even if Dong-Rong slaps you!”

Hearing Chung Myung’s words, Baek Cheon smiled warmly.

‘I have never been beaten, you bastard!’

And stop calling me Dong-Ryong! Everyone else will know it now, you idiot!

Ehh! Hear that? I think he is talking about sasuk?”


“Yes, sasuk?”

“Shut that mouth. Open it if you want to die.”

“… Yes.”

Baek Cheon looked at Chung Myung with a red face.

‘But I feel good.’

He praised Namgung Dowi as a genius. But it seemed like Chung Myung’s thoughts about geniuses weren’t meant as a huge compliment.

Either that, or it was just him provoking Baek Cheon.

‘But the more I see him, the more I don’t know him.’

It felt like he was being swung around by Chung Myung here and there.

Anyway, seeing Namgung Dowi whimpering like a dog on the floor was a nice feeling.


Namgung Dowi staggered and got up as he looked at Chung Myung with red eyes.

“You… you… fucking dog bastard!”

And he cursed. Being hit and falling down could be tolerated.

When fighting, this was only inevitable, and one would have to endure it. Even if his limbs and neck were cut off, he wouldn’t have been this resentful.

But it was unforgivable to kick the groin of someone in front of so many people. Rumors would spread unless he did something to erase the sight from the crowd’s eyes.

This was an unforgettable disgrace for him, the one who would become the next head of the family. When he thought about what this meant, it felt like his mind was being flooded with anger.

“I will kill you!”

When Namgung Dowi screamed, unable to contain his anger, Chung Myung giggled,


“You…you fucking dog!”


Chung Myung smiled and raised his sword,

“So I guess your mouth isn’t the only thing working.”

“Shut up!”

“Talent or not, everything depends on how you hone it. You cannot even defeat Jin Geum-Ryong. And I am meant to care about such a genius?”

Chung Myung raised his sword,

“Come here, I will put down those prideful shoulders of yours.”


Namgung Dowi rushed towards Chung Myung with red eyes. No, he was trying to run.

However, Chung Myung got up and waved his sword left and right.

“Ah. Wait. Wait.”


“Calm down a little and then fight? Don’t make excuses that you lost because you got too excited before the fight.”

Namgung Dowi, who grunted his teeth, took a deep breath.

Anger had risen to the point that his forehead was steaming, but there was nothing wrong with Chung Myung’s words.

Wasn’t rushing in head first because of anger the first thing on a list of what not to do as a swordsman?


Namgung Dowi slowly regained control of his breathing.

“… you will regret giving me time to regain my calm. I will break you down completely.”

Despite his life-threatening threat, Chung Myung smiled,

“Usually, when someone’s head gets hit, they come to their senses, but that doesn’t mean you should rush… but, well, your family was always like that.”

That…who was it?

Right. Namgung Cheon Myung.

That brat was the same. He was arrogant and crushed people under his feet.

“It will be a bit embarrassing if such a personality comes up in each generation.”


“No. I am not talking to you.”

That was to Namgung Cheon Myung.

As Chung Myung waved his eyes1, Namgung Dowi’s eyes shone, and he pointed to the sword of Chung Myung.

“Pull your sword out.”

“How dare you order me? Try making me pull it out.”

Chung Myung waved his hand at his sheath.

“Pull it out?”

Namgung Dowi decided not to bother with talking to Chung Myung anymore. He realized that there was nothing to gain from talking to an idiot.

“I will show you what the sword of the Namgung family is like!”


The Namgung Sword began to exude a large amount of qi, and a white light shone around his sword.


With the sword touching the ground, he stepped forward.

At the same time, a tremendous force began to put pressure on Chung Myung.

“T-that is!”

Shocked sounds came out from the mouths of the sect leaders who were seeing this,

“The Emperor Sword technique!”

“He has already mastered it?”

The representative sword techniques of the Namgung family was the Twelve Movement Iron Sword and the Boundless Heaven Sword technique.

But if one were thinking about the best sword technique, one would think about the Emperor Sword technique.

The reason why it was the strongest, yet not a representative one, was because it was only passed down the line of succession.

The sword technique was difficult and required an enormous amount of qi to use.

The Emperor Sword technique was known to be taught only after the representative techniques were taught to the person. And yet, with all those requirements, such a technique was opening up here.

A formidable amount of qi could be felt.

The Emperor Sword technique was literally the sword of an Emperor.

A sword that subjugated its opponent with force and, through pressure, emitted strength. It was something that was known to take the lives of others by force.

As if proving that the rumor wasn’t an exaggeration, Namgung Dowi was giving out such pressure.

The spectators who were watching this were pushed back from the force, and even the disciples from Mount Hua were using their qi to fight back.


Namgung Dowi took a step ahead. The momentum around him had increased and weighed down on the body of Chung Myung.

Chung Myung let out a deep sigh, feeling the pressure on his body.

“Kids these days!”

And he grabbed his sword as he walked toward Namgung Dowi.

Namgung Dowi was shocked.

‘He is moving?’

He was approaching despite the force and pressure being put on his body? Like nothing at all mattered?

Namgung Dowi clenched his teeth and took another step forward. The qi emanating from him was getting stronger. But Chung Myung continued to approach him as if nothing had changed.

“I will teach you on behalf of one of your ancestors, so accept this sweetly.”


“This is basic! You bastard! Basic!”

The sword of Chung Myung, with its sheath still on, rushed in toward Namgung Dowi. And Namgung Dowi smiled as he raised his sword.

‘Another hit with the same form. It will not work this time!’

However, contrary to his thoughts, the sword of Chung Myung just hit him23.

And what happened the moment their swords collided was a little different from what Namgung Dowi thought…



Two sounds rang out at the same time.

Namgung Dowi looked at Chung Myung’s sword held against his own and then looked at his own wrist.


His wrist felt limp and weak.

‘… what is this.’


That, uh…

It doesn’t make sense that it broke in just one hit…

“Kids these days!”


And Chung Myung began to strike him down without mercy,

“How dare you act all flashy!”


And again,

“I didn’t do it at that time, I didn’t!”


“How dare the lower body be thrown away when forming the Emperor Sword technique!”



Namgung Dowi groaned and stumbled.

With his broken wrist, he couldn’t properly block the sword anymore. Thanks to this, the sword of Chung Myung had already hit him four times on the shoulder.

“Won’t release your clenched shoulder? I will pull it out!?”

Namgung Dowi was wide-eyed, and he heard something,

“Dowi! What the hell are you doing!”

It was Namgung Hwang, who was on the podium, who had jumped up, unable to watch this anymore.

Hearing him, Namgung Dowi opened his eyes and grabbed his sword, and he quickly began to swing it.

An enormous sword with qi wrapped around it. At the same time, his momentum rose again…



Namgung Dowi turned his head with a blank look and glanced at the sword of Chung Myung, which was already at his ankle.

“How dare you swing your sword when an adult is talking to you?”

Excuse me…

We are on the stage, right?

If I don’t wield my sword here, then where do…

“Not even basic manners are taught to kids!”

Chung Myung took a step back and tightly clenched his sword.

“Anyway, you won’t understand if I only say it. One has to be hit to learn it with the body. Then you will understand.”

Baek Cheon, who was close to this sentiment, shut his eyes.

He felt queasy. He must have heard such things in the past too…

After hearing this…

“Here I come!”

Chung Myung rushed to Namgung Dowi.

Although he did swing his sword out of reflex, he wasn’t able to do much.

“Lower body!”


The sword of Chung Myung hit the thighs of Namgung Dowi.


He groaned once again.

“Lower body! Lower body! Lower body!”

Tak! Tak! Tak!

“You bastard! You’ve been hit four times. Can you not stop it once? Can’t leave your head out of this4?”

Namgung Dowi kept yelling with each hit.

‘W-what speed is this…’

This sword wasn’t visible to the eyes. How the hell could this sword be stopped?

“How dare you step back without my permission?”

Chung Myung growled and pushed Namgung Dowi without mercy,

“Side! Shoulder! Ankle! Why so many gaps? Your wrist again!”

The poor guy got hit all around his body despite trying to avoid it. And the sword of Chung Myung always hit his wrist precisely.


The sword of Namgung Dowi rotated in the air.

At the same time, his body became defenseless and completely exposed to Chung Myung.


All the disciples of Mount Hua jumped up from their seats at the same time. What was going to happen now was something they could envision.

Baek Cheon groaned,


And a roaring voice said,

“Head! Head! Head! Head! Head!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five times the sheathed sword of Chung Myung fell onto his opponent’s head, who was already twitching in pain.



And another extra hit,

“It is normal to say it five times and hit six times.”

‘… why?’

Unable to understand Chung Myung’s last words, Namgung Dowi fainted.


Chung Myung, who was looking at his fallen opponent, licked his lips,

“Ah, I told you to stop stiffening your shoulders!”

This obsession with the head had to be shaken off.

  1. ED/N: Moving up and down ↩️

  2. ED/N: Ah man, how do I beat this guy???? Just hit him 5head ↩️

  3. PR/N: Skill Issue Moment ↩️

  4. ED/N: Ego leading to overthinking ↩️

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