Episode 304

I Wasn’t Like That Back Then! I Wasn’t! (4)
1 year ago
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Chung Myung clicked his tongue as he looked down at the fallen Namgung Dowi.

“Still, kids these days.”


In the old days, if one were angry, they would bring in a stone the size of a man and then swing their sword a thousand times, hui?

Even if made to roll around a steep cliff, bareback, made to train with our sword, we would still have said, ‘Ah, so refreshing’ at the end.

And what are you with weak legs?

The Emperor Sword technique?

Emperor Sword techniqueeeee?!!?!!!?!!?!

“Don’t hit just the head.”

Ah, already awake?


Chung Myung turned back as if he didn’t like this.

This was why he didn’t like geniuses or people described as such. Because there were many people obsessed with the pleasure of moving a step further faster than others, so much so that they failed to look at their feet and recognize the speed they moved at.

They would only realize what they had missed when they met someone like Lee Song-Baek.

To be honest, there is no reason for me to tell you, but…


Well, I have no interest in the Namgung family at all, so I don’t need to put up with such people. I am already busy teaching in Mount Hua. Why would I care about you?!

Chung Myung walked down the stage, whistling, as shouts poured in for him.




Chung Myung tilted his head as he saw his sahyungs giving him a thumbs up.

“Why? So embarrassing.”

“It is such a good thing! That was the Namgung family!”

Jo Gul spoke with admiration.

“Namgung Dowi, the Single-Edge Sword1 of the Namgung family, wasn’t he the one considered to win this competition?”

“For one, I wonder If you eat the same food as us!”

Chung Myung smiled at the intense reaction which came from his win.

“It was nothing great…”

“No. A great thing is a great thing.”

“It was really amazing, Chung Myung!”

Chung Myung’s lips slowly began to twitch,

“No. Well, that child wasn’t much…”

“But that child was from the Namgung family, which means he is no ordinary person, right?”

Kuaaah. That was freaking cool. Chung Myung, you did an amazing job!”

“… hehehe.”

Chung Myung scratched the back of his head.

It wasn’t a huge deal, but such things made him feel nice.

“He might die from happiness.”

“Dong-Ryong, shut it.”


Baek Cheon went silent. Shrugging his shoulders, Chung Myung sat down and took a piece of jerky from the bag next to him.

“Jo Gul sahyung, did you get the money?”

“Ah! Yes! Chung Myung! It was huge! You made a lot of money! This time, there were a lot of people betting on the other side due to the family name!”

Tch tch. That is why people lose money when they gamble.”

How dare they put money on the Namgung side! How dare they!

Then they were bound to be ruined!

Chung Myung giggled as he bit into the jerky.

Baek Cheon, who watched this, glanced back at the stage. His opponent still hadn’t seemed to return to his senses, as the members of the sect were all still around him.

‘Must have been such a huge shock.’

He could sympathize with him.

Singled-Edge Sword Namgung Dowi.

His fame was much greater, and he must have had a lot of confidence. And if such a swordsman had a normal mindset, they could accept this loss, but it would be painful from now on.

After all, it was something that everyone who met Chung Myung ended up experiencing at least once.

Baek Cheon lowered his gaze and looked down at Chung Myung, who was still chewing on his jerky.


Heo Do Jinin looked shocked by this.

He was bound to be…. Even Namgung Hwang looked wide-eyed like his eyes would pop out of their sockets.

“Uh… that… uh….?”

Heo Do Jinin was unable to see this and shut his eyes. While Shaolin was a benefactor, he was still here representing Wudang and the Nine Great Sects. And the Namgung family was the representative of the Five Great families.

As a result, he would meet with Namgung Hwang quite a bit.

‘This makes no sense.’

And with so many meetings with this man, not once had he seen such an expression on him. Heo Do Jinin never saw such a face on Namgun Hwang.

Wouldn’t it be more strange if his son, who he was so proud of, was beaten like this? Especially when the scene looked like a bandit beating down an innocent citizen.

Heo Do Jinin stared at Chung Myung, who was descending the stage.

‘He is like a racehorse.’

Had he seen this happen elsewhere, he, too, would have clapped for Chung Myung. He didn’t want to admit it, but just the sight of this made his heart flutter.

If there was one problem here, it was that the victim of this was a child of the Five Great Families.

“… how can such a thing happen?”


Sounds of shock and admiration came from the sect leaders’ mouths.

Heo Do Jinin knew it too.

It meant that no one actually wanted to mention the name of Chung Myung on this podium.

The moment one brought up the name of Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon, they would have to acknowledge the Mount Hua sect. And that was why they were ignoring it.

But now, the moment has come when they can no longer ignore this monster.

“… that’s not something which can simply be called as having talent.”

Everyone nodded at the words of the Qingcheng sect leader.

“I think I understand why the Southern Edge Sect Leader was so desperate. Even I would…”

Unable to finish his words, he went silent.

If such a monster came out of a sect that had lost its flame, then they couldn’t help but lose their composure.

Right. A monster.

A handmade monster.


‘Now it seems like everyone knows.’

The crowd seemed agitated and was also gossiping.

“… the Namgung Dowi lost like this?”

“Oh my, still.”

Namgung wasn’t an easy name.

It is the head of the Five Great Families and a prestigious family sect. They produced world-class swordsmen who commanded the world from generation to generation and they always had excellent warriors.

And everyone in the world didn’t hesitate to choose Namgung Dowi over Chung Myung!

And they knew this guy was the candidate for the next head. The fact that such a guy was unilaterally smashed without even being able to swing his sword meant a lot.

Heo Do Jinin frowned and looked to one side.


A subtle smile on the lips of Tang Gunak, who was next to Hyun Jong. And the meaning behind the smile, which he had assumed, made his stomach go cold.

At that moment, Tang Gunak said,

“Congratulations, Sect Leader.”

“Thank you.”

“I am so curious. How the hell did you bring up such a monster?”

At the words of Tang Gunak, the eyes of all the sect leaders moved to Hyun Jong.

Heo Do Jinin frowned and looked at Tang Gunak, who was leading this conversation. If he were speaking up like this, then everyone would pay attention to Hyun Jong.

And Hyun Jong shook his head,

“Am I that worthy of raising that child?”

His calm appearance seemed different from the start of this competition.

“He was a tiger’s cub from birth. Just because a dog raises it, doesn’t mean that a tiger’s cub becomes a dog.”

“You are too modest, Sect Leader. If it was just Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon, then those words aren’t wrong. But isn’t the entire sect now dominating here?”

Everyone went silent.

Tang Gunak forcibly spoke it, knowing everyone would listen,

Hahaha, Because of Mount Hua, our Tang family is a bit hidden behind the shadows. Our children were confident in their skills, but compared to Mount Hua, our level is a bit shameful.”

“That is an exaggeration.”

Tang Gunak looked at the faces of the other sect leaders.

Everyone had a slightly distorted expression, unable to hide their discomfort. The fact that the sect leaders, who should be good at hiding their emotions, were showing it now meant that their feelings were piling up.

Tang Gunak thought.

‘If Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon had not stopped by Sichuan, then I would be sitting here with the same face as them.’

No matter how much he thought about it, the alliance with Mount Hua was the best decision he had taken since becoming the lord of the family.

‘And to flourish this fast.’

He thought it would take another ten more years for their worth to change. But Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon never lets his expectations come true.


Just as Tang Gunak went to loudly continue, he was interrupted,

“Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon is definitely amazing.”

Heo Do Jinin, who was watching this, spoke first. Tang Gunak frowned and looked at him as the man continued.

“And he isn’t just strong. The kid’s understanding of swords is amazing. It is shocking how a person who shouldn’t be on par with others is this skillful.”

And he nodded as he looked at Hyun Jong.


Everyone knew what the words would be now,

“It is unfortunate. He has such talent…if he had a strong sect and one which could support him, he would have been a swordsman who would have gotten talked about for ages.”

Heo Do Jinin sighed,

“One cannot have everything, but it is still regretful. A tiger which should have had wings.”

A clever technique.

Trying to raise the value of the child and lessen that of Mount Hua.

What was more subtle was that if Hyun Jong showed discomfort, then everything Tang Gunak did here would go to waste.

But there was one thing Heo Do Jinin overlooked.

Hyun Jong wasn’t the one who didn’t understand losses or what it meant to endure. And especially, he was used to being ignored like now.

“Even I feel a bit bad about it.”


Heo Do Jinin frowned at the calm words.

“But it is fine.”

Hyun Jong looked peaceful. He looked at Chung Myung chewing down on the jerky and the disciples of Mount Hua around him.

“Because our sahyung-sajae can do the things Mount Hua couldn’t do.”

The disciples all looked like warmth, like the sunlight on a spring day.

“Mount Hua isn’t just Chung Myung. Some children can work together and protect Mount Hua along with Chung Myung. Even if there is no one to lead, if there was someone to move with us, wouldn’t that be good enough?”

Heo Do Jinin coughed at this,

“It will not be easy.”

“My kids are strong.”

Hyun Jong’s voice was resolute.

“And now the kids are proving it.”

And then a loud voice came,

“Next, Mount Hua’s Yu Yiseol!”

Yu Yiseol held her sword and raised her head. Tang Soso looked at her,



Without any words, she moved ahead with her sword.

“I will go, sahyung.”


Baek Cheon nodded his head,

“Don’t be too nervous and show your skills.”


As she headed forward, Tang Soso shouted,

“Sago, you must win…”

But realizing something, she went silent. Yu Yiseol, who had stopped walking, didn’t turn and waited for the rest of her words to come out.

Soon, Tang Soso smiled and said,


With a little playful expression and sincerity,

“Fight and come back without regrets!”

Saying that you must win was a burden.

Yu Yiseol nodded and patted Tang Soso on the head lightly,

“Keep watching.”


With those words, Yu Yiseol took another step forward.

Jo Gul, who was watching, asked Chung Myung,

“You won’t say anything?”


“She is leaving…”

Chung Myung continued to chew on his jerky and said,

“I only need to speak to idiots like sahyungs.”


“Sago doesn’t need me to do that.”

Chung Myung looked at Yu Yiseol, who was walking up.

“Because the only person here who wasn’t ashamed of the name Mount Hua from the start was sago.”


“Watch carefully.”

He said,

“The spirit of Mount Hua is right there.”

Right over there.

  1. ED/N: Changed 'Single-Edged' to 'Single-Edge' ↩️

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