Episode 305

I Wasn’t Like That Back Then! I Wasn’t! (5)
1 year ago
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Yu Yiseol looked at the person standing in front of her.

‘Was it Peng Kyung?’

She couldn’t remember names because she wasn’t interested in it or them.


No, it wasn’t that.

What mattered was what kind of martial arts the opponents used and what characteristics they had, but not their names.

There were countless ways to identify a person, even if not with a name.


Her heart was beating a little faster than usual. She tried to keep her composure as much as possible, but it wasn’t easy to maintain her composure.

Yu Yiseol took a small breath.

She calmed her excited heart and looked at Peng Kyung.

Heavy and strong.

The Taoist teaching of the Peng family was to defeat, pleasure and weight1.

The most striking feature among them was that they quickly defeated their opponents. In the face of their emanating force and heavy, thick-headed sword, victory and defeat were decided in an instant.

‘I cannot keep looking at just the sword.’

A sword was something that made them turn together. It would be a sword dance that the opponent would think about, it would draw them in, entrance them. Right. That was what she was told.

Yu Yiseol, who had finally calmed down, completely drew her sword.


The sound of the sword being pulled out tickled her ears, and as soon as she held the sword in her hand, she felt calm.

After getting old… no, has there ever been a day when the sword left her hand?

“I am Peng Kyung of the Hebei Peng Family.”

“Mount Hua’s Yu Yiseol.”

“The skills of Mount Hua have been very impressive. Your sword must be sharp too.”

Peng Kyung smiled brightly and raised their blade at Yu Yiseol,

“If you can surpass me, then your fame will make the world roar. But do you have the power to do that?”

Yu Yiseol looked at Peng Kyung silently. That person knew nothing.

“I never asked about it.”


“Things like fame.”

Yu Yiseol slowly lowered her sword.

“… is this fine?” said Yoon Jong, unknowingly feeling worried.

Of course, he knew that Yu Yiseol was the best. No matter how he thought about it, Yu Yiseol was stronger than him.

From an objective point of view, Yu Yiseol was one of two skilled masters in Mount Hua. She was the only being who could be next to Baek Cheon.


Chung Myung?

He has to be excluded from this list.

He was a foul card.

Yoon Jong glanced at Chung Myung, then looked back to Yu Yiseol.

‘It is almost double the difference.’

Although Yu Yiseol wasn’t small, the one opposite her was too big. When he looked at them, it was like the difference between an adult and a child.

“Will this be fine?”

Even before discussing the proficiency in their swordsmanship, he was worried about whether Yu Yiseol’s sword would even be able to handle her opponent’s blade.

“Chung Myung.”


“Sago will win, right?”

Chung Myung smiled,

“Why? Think she’ll lose?”

“Because the difference in size is just too huge. One accidental move…”

“It won’t happen.”


“That guy cannot do that.”

He remembered.

From the moment he first met Yu Yiseol, she was chasing after him like a leech. Her obsession with the swords was unmatched by anyone in Mount Hua. And she was the one who didn’t stop being behind their sword technique.

‘It was back then.’

At dawn, when everyone was asleep, Yu Yiseol was the first to climb the Lotus Peak before Chung Myung, who went there to practice alone.

Before and after too.

Yu Yiseol never once missed training.

It was the same even while receiving the training of Chung Myung. Training that pushed people to their limits. Even when the other sahyungs were drowsy and exhausted, she always practiced.

Chung Myung looked at Yu Yiseol with new eyes.

‘Rather than an obsession with martial arts…’

Her reason was unknown.

Why was Yu Yiseol obsessed with making plum blossoms bloom? No matter the fact that he was Chung Myung, he couldn’t see into the heart of another person2.

But there was only one thing he was sure of.

Yu Yiseol would have died as a ghost on Mount Hua if Chung Myung hadn’t appeared and the Mount Hua Sect was destroyed.

Others may have taken a different path.

Baek Cheon, who would risk everything to defeat Jin Geum-Ryong, may have chosen a sect other than Mount Hua.

Jo Gul, who came to Mount Hua with a light heart, would have gone back to his family. Yoon Jong may have remained in Munt Hua; his purpose was to simply repay the favor. Even after losing the land that he lived on, he would have struggled with the sect leader to bring back Mount Hua.

But Yu Yiseol was different.

Even if the disciples of Mount Hua decided to scatter away, Yu Yiseol would have remained in Mount Hua and died right there.

She would have settled near Mount Hua and walked on an endless path. A lonely path that no one could lead or help her with.

“If you asked me if she has the qualifications to be a strong person, then no.”

Chung Myung looked at Yu Yiseol with calm eyes,

“But her qualifications as a swordsman are overflowing. More than anyone else in Mount Hua.”

Jo Gul, who heard the conversation, looked at Yu Yiseol.


The figure of her holding her sword was captured in his eyes.


Breathing out.

Yu Yiseol, who got her breathing under control, looked at Peng Kyung, who said,

“Do not give up.”


Don’t do useless things for pride. What only matters is if the opponent is defeated and if your sword is fully shown.


Without any drive, she rushed at Peng Kyung.

A simple stab that was nothing special. However, this stab was a perfect combination of speed and form.


The sword cut through the air and flew toward Peng Kyung’s neck.


As If her speed was greater than expected, Peng Kyung was a bit shocked and pulled back his sword to block his neck.


At that moment.

Yu Yiseol’s sword, which flew swiftly in a gentle arc, cut through the thigh of Peng Kyung.


Blood gushed out from his thighs with an eerie sound. Peng Kyung frowned and stepped back.

His gaze went to his thigh, which he could feel soaked in blood. The wound wasn’t as deep as he thought. The problem was that the wound came from a single hit.

‘What kind of sword….’

It was a miracle that the sword that flew with such speed changed its direction in an instant.

‘A Sword Devil?’

Yu Yiseol’s sword was different from what Mount Hua had shown till now. Unlike the other swords, which embraced splendor and weight, Yu Yiseol’s sword was concise and rational.

‘Then I will get hit.’

Peng Kyung immediately threw out the disrespect and ignorance previously shown to his opponent and clenched his blade.

“I apologize for belittling you…”

At that moment, Yu Yiseol’s sword went for Peng Kyung’s face again.



Peng Kyung took a deep breath and raised the blade to counter it. No matter how fast and accurate her movements were, they couldn’t get through his blade.

The blade he used weighed at least a hundred pounds. Just hitting any sword would make that sword break.


Peng Kyung hit Yu Yiseol’s sword and leaped for her, who was widening the distance.

Five Tigers Breaking the Doors Blade!

Tiger Out of the Den!

A slashing movement that rushed to kill, followed by an incredible technique. When the unique weight and destruction of the blade came, it looked too strong and terrifying.


The blade hit the floor.

The floor turned blue, with cracks spreading away from the blade.


Not wanting to let her have time to move, Peng Kyung rushed for Yu Yiseol again.

The sword was sharp and colorful. But the blade was simply destructive.

When dealing with flashy swords like Mount Hua’s, it was effective to oppress them from the start!

Peng Kyung, who knew this, took advantage of his strength. Yu Yiseol retreats, and Peng Kyung rushes in.

No matter how fast Yu Yiseol was, the one who retreats cannot be faster than the one who pursues.

The distance between the two narrowed right away.

Peng Kyung, who put Yu Yiseol into the corner, took a strong step forward. Wherever he stepped was shattered, and he put all his power into his blade and swung at Yu Yiseol’s waist to cut her down.

Yu Yiseol raised her sword and blocked it at her side.


Baek Cheon jumped up, panicking.

It was too reckless to decide to tackle a thick blade like that with her thin sword.

It was as if they could already see him hurting her.


That movement.

When his blade touched her sword, Yu Yiseol tilted it at an angle and softly pushed it.

At the same time, her body rotated gently in the air.


A look of embarrassment flashed on Peng Kyung’s face. He didn’t imagine that his slash would be deflected.

But Yu Yiseol didn’t stop there. While spinning, she swung her sword and slashed Peng Kyung’s chest.

Peng Kyung was terrified and stepped back, but he already had a long cut on his chest. Fortunately, it was only a wound on the surface of his skin, but it was still a situation that made him worry.

Unknowingly, he stepped back and looked at Yu Yiseol.

‘She is still attacking?’

In fact, looking at the results, it wasn’t too shocking. She just jumped up to match his blade’s movement and attacked him.

However, the moment the sword and blade came into contact, the slightest mistake would have broken the sword. And his blade would have split her waist in half.

Such things were impossible to try without being bold enough. But how could she do this so naturally?

Cold sweat dripped down Peng Kyung’s forehead,

“… sajae is that skilled.”

Peng Kyung wasn’t the only one who recognized the greatness of Yu Yiseol’s movements.

Baek Cheon also looked at her in dismay.

He knew she was strong, but only now could he fully realize her true strengths.

But this was different.

Regardless of high and low, there was something Yu Yiseol had that Baek Cheon didn’t. The current Baek Cheon will never be able to do what Yu Yiseol just showed.

Regardless of what he could do or not, he wouldn’t have even dared to try that. Who would dare to do something that would change their life with one mistake?

At that moment, Baek Cheon’s ears heard the voice of Chung Myung.

“Practice is something you do in order to perform in life.”


“And the one who knows this the best is sago.”

Chung Myung spoke in a low voice,

“A swordsman must maintain a sharp blade-like rationality in any situation. It will be different from the sasuks and sahyung, who get excited with just simple things. That is why sago is someone we all could acknowledge.”

At Chung Myung’s words, Baek Cheon nodded his head.

Indeed, there is no reason not to acknowledge her.

But there was one thing that bothered him,

“Isn’t she the one who gets the most excited when we spar?”


Chung Myung gently pointed toward the stage,

“Don’t say nonsense, and take a good look at that fight.”

“You mean?”


Chung Myung didn’t answer.

Yu Yiseol lowered her sword.


She did it roughly, but it wasn’t perfect. If it had been perfect, there would have been a deep cut on his chest, not a light one.

But it was fine.

Because her sword would become even more perfect with time.

And one day…

Yu Yiseol’s eyes were focused.

After taking a short deep breath, she stepped forward.


Yu Yiseol’s body, which touched the floor, moved forward like a shooting star.


Peng Kyung clenched his teeth.

Even though he was disappointed for a short time, a swordsman running at a blade was something ignorant in all forms.

“How dare you!”

Peng Kyung rushed at her with bloody eyes.

“I will cut you in half!”

His blade with the strongest blade qi rushed at Yu Yiseol.

And that moment.


Yu Yiseol’s sword slashed Peng Kyung’s sword at speeds invisible to the eye.


Peng Kyung tried to push Yu Yiseol’s sword, which was rushing down, away. If he fought with all of his strength, then Yu Yiseol could never withstand him.

Peng Kyung’s blade met with the red sword qi of Yu Yiseol’s sword.

At that moment.


A loud explosion made Yu Yiseol’s sword bounce back.


Peng Kyung’s hand gripped the blade.

He didn’t miss the chance and slammed the blade at Yu Yiseol’s head.

  1. ED/N: They seek the defeat of their opponent through pleasure and through weight (diplomatic approach: bribe em, undiplomatic approach: crush them) It is oppresion througn means (pleasure) or oppresion through force (like a 100 lb weight being thrown at you) ↩️

  2. ED/N: self own, he is saying that even if he wasn't insensitive he would have no way of knowing ↩️

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