Episode 99

I’m not joking around (4)
2 years ago
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A roaring sound that nobody could have heard in their lives.

The audience gathered at Mount Hua discovered that the collision between a human’s fist and another’s face could create such a violent sound.

And rotate.

Seon Woo-Ryong, who was hit, rotated in the air and…


Blood poured from his nose like a waterfall as his body spun through the sky.

‘Maybe I can try for a rainbow?’

A rainbow made from blood.

Was there anything more horrifying than that?

It felt like the line between common sense, and nonsense was breaking apart.

Seon Woo-Ryang, who spun like a bloody windmill, fell to the floor and convulsed. Looking at the young disciple’s state, Chung Myung’s voice rang clearly in their ears.

“I’m not joking around.”

Chung Myung spat on the floor and pulled out the wooden sword around his waist.

“Get up, you son of a bitch. I’m not finished yet. My anger doesn’t die with one hit!”

Chung Myung was roaring like a lion, but it was far from regal…

‘Such dirty and petty words.’

These were Yoon Jong’s honest feelings.


Sama Seung’s beard trembled.

‘W-what is this….’

It happened in front of his eyes, but he couldn’t understand what had happened.

Chung Myung seemed to disappear for a moment and then reappeared in front of his disciple before delivering a blow. The disciple flew into the air, spun around, and then collapsed.

That was what Sama Seung saw.

The problem was that he seemed to disappear.

‘Did I miss that kid’s movement?’

Even though he didn’t care about the third-class disciples’ battles, did it make sense for an elder to miss the movement of such a young disciple?

‘No, no. It can’t be!’

Sama Seung denied what he saw. But this wasn’t his fault. Even if someone other than Sama Seung stood here, they would have reacted the same.

Anyone would surely deny a situation that went so far outside the bounds of common sense.

“You cowardly bastard!”

It was then, an angry voice came from the side of Sama Seung.

“Making a surprise attack when he was speaking! Mount Hua must not have any shame!”

“You wicked bastard!”


That was how it seemed to the children.

Well, that’s to be expected.

The higher level the opponent, the more significant it is. For the second-class disciples, it wasn’t surprising that they lost sight of Chung Myung’s movements for a few moments.

But for Sama Seung, it was different. He was an elder of the Southern Edge Sect.

Sama Seung calmed his startled heart and concentrated again.

“Seon Woo-Ryang. Get up!”

“Get up! Woo-Ryang!”

The sound of his disciples cheering for Seon Woo-Ryang could be heard. Sama Seung stared at the fallen child with his eyes still wide in shock.

‘I must be mistaken.’

It had to be.

No, it was undoubtedly a mistake.

“Wake up, brat. I didn’t even use qi, don’t be such a crybaby!”

Chung Myung looked at Seon Woo-Ryang with blazing eyes.

The disciples from the Southern Edge sect were cursing him, but Chung Myung made it a point to never listen to barking dogs.

The moment one steps onto the center of the arena, the fight begins. Why should he waste his time on courtesy by letting his opponent say whatever they wanted? If he gets sent to war, is he supposed to shake hands with his enemies, share a few drinks, and then start fighting?

Kua… akk…

Seon Woo-Ryang staggered and got up.

Although he was struck suddenly, it was a fist that lacked internal qi. So, he wouldn’t lose consciousness despite the pain.

What if Chung Myung had used internal qi?

Death! There was no need to ask!

Watching him rise, Chung Myung tapped himself on the shoulder with his wooden sword and observed his enemy.

“Get up quickly. Don’t waste my time… are you okay?”

Chung Myung’s voice, which had sounded annoyed and irritated, quickly softened.




This was because Seon Woo-Ryang’s nose was a waterfall of blood gushing nonstop.

So much blood was flowing that the front of Seon Woo-Ryang’s clothes was dripping wet, as a pool of blood collected at his feet. Even Chung Myung flinched at that sight.

Seon Woo-Ryang staggered to stand up and spoke through painful gasps.

“I-I can still fight….”

“But you’ll die?”

No, it seemed like he was really going to die.

Does a broken nose usually bleed that much? It didn’t seem like he had been struck with just a fist. Chung Myung would have to punch someone in the face without qi again to test it and find out.

Seon Woo-Ryang supported himself with trembling legs and covered his nose with both hands.

“The b-blood isn’t stopping….”

“You’re going to die! You brat!”

He would seriously die!

‘No, I’m not afraid of killing people, but it shouldn’t be like this!’

The first murder in Chung Myung’s new life was going to be from excessive blood loss after breaking a child’s nose with a single punch. What bullshit!

Chung Myung, who had such thoughts, looked at Un Am.

“Shouldn’t he get some treatment?”

It would turn into a murder on Mount Hua!

“T-that, well, it’s the rules. Um…

Un Am was so flustered at this unexpected situation that he couldn’t even speak properly. In this case, there was no ruling on whether one could return to the battle after receiving treatment. In such situations, maybe he had to ask both sides for their understanding? But was the situation right now really calm enough for him to ask both sides?


At that moment, Seon Woo-Ryang tore off the hem of his clothes and started to stuff it into his nose.

Stopping the blood?


The hem of the shirt was stained in blood instantly, but as he continued to stuff his nose, he somehow managed to stop the blood from flowing further. Seon Woo-Ryang, who managed to control his blood loss, raised his sword at Chung Mung.

Ohhh! Is he going to continue?’

He knew that the Southern Edge bastards don’t give up easily. Such a unique bunch, Chung Myung felt oddly proud of their tenacious culture….

“You cowardly bastard!”

“… Huh?

Chung Myung tilted his head.

“I’m ashamed… cough! Shame on you! What… gurgle…. You did… wrong!”

‘Just focus on one thing at a time. If you’re going to be angry, then be angry; if you’re hurt, go get treatment.’

“I’ll tear you apart and feed you to the dogs!”

Chung Myung frowned.

For now, he was going to erase the compliments he had given them from his memory.

“Is cursing at others the only thing you Southern Edge disciples learn? Maybe you just lack the wisdom to understand.”

- Are you really saying that?

Ah, seriously! Don’t come out whenever you want, Sahyung! What do I do with the current level that Mount Hua is at? I need to raise it!

Chung Myung clenched his sword and shook his head.

“I felt a little sorry for you, but that goodwill is all gone now. Just keep your mouth shut—”

“Even if you kowtow, bang your head on the ground, and beg, it’s too late! You son of a bitch! I’ll crush you so badly that your parents won’t even recognize you.”

Ah, you’re going to keep talking. Well, whatever.”

The last shred of sympathy that he felt vanished.

Chung Myung raised his sword and aimed it at Seon Woo-Ryang.


“… you fucker!”

“Come, I’ll show you what it’s like to be unable to even touch your enemy.”

“Come, right now!”

It was then!

“Seon Woo-Ryang!”

A sharp voice burst from behind. Seon Woo-Ryang turned his head but flinched when he saw Jin Geum-Ryong’s expression.

“Don’t get excited and remain alert. Don’t underestimate your opponent.”

Seon Woo-Ryang looked back at Chung Myung.

All the second-class disciples had overwhelmed their opponents without being hit even once. But Seon Woo-Ryang was too excited when he acted; he went up and immediately got humiliated.

He grew up hearing lectures about how overexcited people cannot show their true abilities, but he forgot those lessons when he needed them the most.

He took a deep breath and regained control of his mind. He felt uncomfortable that he couldn’t breathe through his nose but was able to re-compose himself.

After getting his breathing under control, his heated gaze seemed to change into a frigid glare as he looked at Chung Myung.

“I will send you to hell!”

“… Yes, I’m sure you will.”

‘Let’s believe that. I don’t really know what I did to his nose either, but he can try whatever he wants.’

“I will show you that the disciples of Mount Hua will never be a match for the Southern Edge Sect. You should be prepared. Do not expect mercy.”

“Sure, sure, anything else? If you are done, then hurry up. Show me that I really can’t touch you.”

“You won’t even be able to touch me!”

“Didn’t I already hit you?”

‘Doesn’t his nose hurt?’

“I’ll kill you! You bastard!”

Seon Woo-Ryang swung his wooden sword and rushed at Chung Myung.

As if he regained his composure, the tip of his sword moved sharply. Surely, Seon Woo-Ryang deserved his title as the strongest third-class disciple in the Southern Edge Sect.

Dealing with him wouldn’t be easy; even Mount Hua’s second-class disciples would suffer at his hands. That’s not to even mention the third-class disciples.

But it was too bad for Seon Woo-Ryang; he had the worst possible opponent.

His enemy was the catastrophe of Mount Hua, Chung Myung.


Chung Myung pulled his wooden sword back and ran at full speed at the opponent.


Chung Myung’s sword, which was pulled back, swung like lightning as it crashed onto Seon Woo-Ryang’s head.


It was unavoidable.

How can anyone avoid an invisible sword?

Seon Woo-Ryang’s mouth fell open as his eyes rolled back.

‘I am dead.’

Ehh. He might die.’

‘That child is dead.’

Seon Woo-Ryang’s body crumpled down. However, Chung Myung had no intention of stopping.

“Kids these!”


One more hit to the fallen.

“Days don’t!”


Once more!

“Have manners! No manners!”

Seon Woo-Ryang’s body fell to the floor, and Chung Myung constantly hit him.

“Even I wasn’t like that back in my day!”

If the departed up in heaven had heard that lie, they would have thrown something down to catch this liar.

Sadly, those in the other world couldn’t interfere with those still living.



Finally, Chung Myung kicked Seon Woo-Ryang in the crotch and turned away.

Seon Woo-Ryang, who soared in the air once again, fell to the floor.


And Chung Myung clicked his tongue.

“If you didn’t curse at me, I would have been gentle with you. But kids these days, no manners!”

Hearing that, all the third-class disciples decided to never swear in front of Chung Myung.

Ah, right.”

Chung Myung turned back again and approached Seon Woo-Ryang, who was convulsing.

He then grabbed the robe that Seon Woo-Ryang used to cover his nose and pulled it out.

The blood which had stopped began to flow again.

Ugh, you couldn’t even stop this?”

Chung Myung looked at the Southern Edge Sect’s side.

Neither Sama Seung nor Jin Geum-Ryong nor anyone else could shut their wide-open mouths. They simply stared at Chung Myung with shock and astonishment.


He hadn’t even started yet, and they were already this surprised.

Chung Myung glanced at them and returned to his side.

Looking at his back, Sama Seung said,

“What the hell was that….”

But no one there knew that this was just the beginning.

Except for Chung Myung.

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