Chapter 107 - Invincible Chu Yi

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“Destroy the Moon! Flying Star Finger!” One of Chu Yi’s legs sent out an arc of qi while his fingers tapped the air and shot qi towards Su Jin like bullets.

Thankfully, Su Jin was protected by Cai Dexiang’s orange armor. But while the attacks didn’t hurt him, it stopped him from moving any further and he stumbled over his feet.

Before he could regain his balance, he felt a shadow over him. Chu Yi was right in front of him now and his palms were at his waist, ready to launch an attack.

“Bajiquan, Cannonball from Earth to the Sky!” Chu Yi swung his arms at Su Jin as if they were giant hammers that weighed 5,000 kilograms. Even the sound of his fists cutting through the air was terrifying to hear.

Su Jin hadn’t regained his balance yet, so this attack from Chu Yi sent him flying out instantly and the orange armor around himself began to crack in several places.

“He’s really strong!” Su Jin’s eyes widened. He had also trained himself in various martial arts techniques during his time in his Personal Hell Domain, and he recognized Chu Yi’s move as a Bajiquan move. He didn’t expect a martial arts move to wield so much power when internal energy was added to it.

“Bajiquan, Yama’s Three Point Hit!” Chu Yi launched another attack by holding up his hands the way the Lord of Hades held up a plaque to summon spirits. He aimed a simultaneous attack at Su Jin’s head, heart and below the belt.

This one move could hit three vital spots at a time and Su Jin was sure that he would die if he was hit by any one of them. He had no choice but to retrieve his Gold Armor and activate the Air of an Overlord.

A wave of air hit Chu Yi and the dizzying effect made him pause suddenly. Su Jin quickly seized the chance to retreat and catch his balance and his breath.

“You little bastard! How dare you treat me like this! All of you deserve to die! All of you!” As the Original Sin controlled Chu Yi’s body, Chu Yi began to bellow with rage and his eyes became even redder.

Su Jin was in a really difficult position. Out of everyone in his team, Chu Yi was definitely the best at such hand to hand combat. But in terms of overall fighting ability, Su Jin would not lose to Chu Yi. And if they had to fight one another, Chu Yi might end up on the losing end.

Internal energy relied on its explosive physical power, so as long as Chu Yi was close enough to his opponent, he could kill his opponent easily. But psychokinesis was invisible to the eye and could be launched at any time without the opponent noticing anything. Therefore, if the two were to fight each other seriously, Chu Yi would constantly be caught off guard.

But the problem now was that Su Jin didn’t want to kill Chu Yi, while Chu Yi didn’t care if Su Jin died or not, because he was under the control of the Original Sin. Chu Yi didn’t care who it was. As long as there was someone in front of him, he was going to kill that person.

Chu Yi charged at Su Jin again, but this time, Cai Dexiang launched an attack on Chu Yi as well. He transformed his orange beam of light into a large hand, hoping to catch hold of Chu Yi.

“Taizuquan, Central Cannon!”1 Chu Yi didn’t dodge the orange light and used a Taizuquan move to shatter that large orange hand coming for him. After that, he decided against attacking Su Jin and headed for Cai Dexiang instead.

Cai Dexiang started cursing inwardly. He remembered how impossible it had been to shake Chu Yi off earlier. Thankfully, Su Jin didn’t abandon him at this point.

Su Jin charged at Chu Yi as well. Su Jin was good at hand to hand combat too, but since his psychokinesis did nothing to strengthen him physically, he wasn’t really Chu Yi’s match in terms of pure physical strength, so all he could do was to use Rumor to intercept Chu Yi’s moves and seize the opportunity to make sneak attacks.

Cai Dexiang coordinated well with Su Jin and attacked Chu Yi with a weapon fashioned out of the orange beam again and again, but they were still unable to take Chu Yi down.

“All of you are nothing but worms! Worms!! How dare you treat me with such disrespect! All of you deserve to DIE!” Chu Yi charged towards Su Jin, but just before reaching Su Jin, he suddenly switched directions and turned towards Cai Dexiang instead.

Throughout the fight earlier, the Original Sin had been trying to get closer to Cai Dexiang. Su Jin was powerful, but Cai Dexiang was causing him more problems. If Cai Dexiang weren’t here to help Su Jin, then even if Su Jin were really powerful, the Original Sin was sure that he would have been able to take Su Jin down by now. It figured that if it wanted to defeat these two people, it had to take Cai Dexiang down first.

Cai Dexiang didn’t expect the Original Sin to pull such a move. He quickly ducked to the side and turned his orange beam of light into a giant ball of light around himself.

“Die, you lowly mortals!” roared the Original Sin furiously. It controlled Chu Yi’s body, making him stretch one finger out but enabling that finger to have the power of a mighty spear as he shouted, “Great Spear of Baijiquan and Liuhequan!”

The orange ball of light around Cai Dexiang was no match for that spear-like finger. Chu Yi’s finger made a hole in the ball and there was a red flash in Chu Yi’s eyes.

“Double Qi Thrust, Raindrops!” Chu Yi slammed his palms against the already breached ball of light with twice as much force, crushing the ball so badly that it shattered.

“That’s impossible!” Cai Dexiang broke into a cold sweat. His orange light was an extremely resilient force that could be shaped into anything he liked. That ball of light had taken all the strength he had to fortify, yet Chu Yi managed to shatter it with just two moves. That was insane.

“Flying Star Finger!” Chu Yi tapped the air rapidly with his fingers and sent several streams of Qi shooting out from them.

Cai Dexiang felt a terrible pain in the front of his body, and his shoulders, right hand and left thigh were all hit by these streams of Qi. Luckily, Su Jin had come to rescue him from these attacks. Su Jin wasn’t being slow – Chu Yi had surprised them both with a fake move and broke through Cai Dexiang’s defenses faster than Su Jin could reach him.

Su Jin grabbed hold of Chu Yi. He had to pull Chu Yi away from Cai Dexiang, or else Chu Yi would definitely end up killing Cai Dexiang. But just then, Su Jin’s hair stood on end and he shuddered as he felt danger coming his way.

“Damn it!” cursed Su Jin inwardly as he tried to dodge the oncoming attack.

“Backward Spear!” Chu Yi swung his fist behind him. He had turned his finger into a spear when he attacked Cai Dexiang’s orange ball of light, and now, his entire arm had become a spear, which meant that it was even more powerful.

Blood sprayed everywhere as the attack went right through Su Jin’s left shoulder. This attack was formidable beyond belief. It had actually managed to pierce through Su Jin’s Gold Armor as well as Su Jin’s extremely strong body.

Su Jin endured the pain and delivered a kick to Chu Yi’s abdomen. Chu Yi had been injured there before and even though he had recovered mostly from it, it was still a weak point.

As Su Jin had expected, Chu Yi’s expression didn’t flinch, but his body doubled over and was sent flying by Su Jin’s kick. Cai Dexiang was now temporarily out of trouble.

“Mr Su, you need to go all out! If this keeps up, we’re all going to die!” said Cai Dexiang anxiously to Su Jin as he dragged his injured body along. Chu Yi was too powerful for them, so if Su Jin continued to show mercy, they were definitely going to die.

“You lowly, inferior and ugly mortals! How dare you try to hurt me! All of you shall die here today!” roared Chu Yi as the Original Sin inside him forced his body to charge at Su Jin and Cai Dexiang again.

Su Jin and Cai Dexiang were both injured, so Su Jin held his Boning Knife in front of him and activated the Attack of the Demon Lord, but none of his attacks were aimed at vital spots.

The Original Sin was in control of Chu Yi, so it also had Chu Yi’s memories and knew that Su Jin’s move was a powerful one. It didn’t dare to fight Su Jin head on and kept dodging.

He had barely regained his balance after dodging one of the attacks when a tremendous force hit him from the front and forced him backwards by several steps.

“Who’s there?!” bellowed Chu Yi. He was sure that attack hadn’t come from the two men in front of him.

“Mai! Ning Meng!” Su Jin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t expect Kano Mai and Ning Meng to appear at this point. But he was also a little worried, so he yelled out to Kano Mai, “Ning Meng’s hurt, so the two of you should hurry up and run away from here!”

Kano Mai put her Soul Whisperer down and sighed. “I’m afraid that’s not possible! We’re being chased by another Original Sin right now!”

Su Jin and Cai Dexiang groaned when they realized that they were going to face two Original Sins at the same time. Kano Mai quickly brought Ning Meng over to where the two men were.

“We can’t let the two Original Sins meet! We’re definitely dead meat if that happens!” Cai Dexiang said to Su Jin.

Su Jin nodded. He agreed that would be a disaster. One Chu Yi was already too much to handle, never mind two of them.

“I’ll just have to give it a shot!” Su Jin gritted his teeth and said to Cai Dexiang, “Protect the two girls.”

Before Cai Dexiang could say anything, Su Jin had already made his way towards Chu Yi. But instead of looking like he was launching an attack on Chu Yi, he looked more like he was about to hug Chu Yi.

A threatening smile spread across Chu Yi’s lips as he spread his arms out into a taijiquan position to execute a taijiquan move. Su Jin gave Chu Yi a bear hug as Chu Yi’s hands tried to block him.

“Taijiquan, Gentle Qi!” yelled Chu Yi.

But he never delivered that blow, because Su Jin’s forehead was now plastered on Chu Yi’s, and his psychokinesis was able to flow straight into Chu Yi’s consciousness without anything in the way.

“Chu Yi, wake up!” Su Jin’s psychokinesis seemed to call out to Chu Yi from afar, echoing inside his head in hope of pulling his actual consciousness back to reality.

Chu Yi’s consciousness was initially asleep and was woken up by Su Jin’s shout. He quickly remembered how the Original Sin had taken over his body and was controlling his actions right now.

“Boss, I’m here! But I can’t get out!” yelled Chu Yi in response.

Su Jin’s eyelid trembled slightly as he located Chu Yi’s consciousness and started talking to him, “You have to find a way out, otherwise you’re going to get all of us killed.”

“All of us?!”

“That’s right. Myself, Mai, Ning Meng and the team leader of the Moon in the Blue Skies, Cai Dexiang, are all here. You’re now in some invincible mode or something and you’re coming after us like a lawnmower cutting down grass,” said Su Jin.

But Chu Yi pulled a long face and sighed. “I really can’t get out! Wrath is too powerful! You know, I thought that as a martial artist who remains faithful to martial arts ethics and concentrates on training myself up in martial arts, I would be able to get rid of the angry side of me. But when Wrath took over me, I realized that I’ve never been able to get rid of that side at all. I’ve just been suppressing it all this time and now that I’m allowed to express it, I’ve gone completely out of control!”

For a martial artist, a life of fighting was to be expected. But Chinese martial arts was very insistent on having a code of ethics among the martial artists so that they did not use their heightened fighting prowess to bully or oppress others who were not as powerful or who were not martial artists.

Adhering to these ethics were supposed to help a martial artist remain in control of his rage and urges, but Chu Yi was nowhere near that level of control yet. Instead, all he did was to suppress his anger over a long period of time, so the impact of his pent up anger would be greater than anybody else. That was why Wrath had chosen him over Cai Dexiang.

“In that case…I can only say I’m sorry,” said Su Jin dejectedly.

  1. This refers to the first move someone playing Chinese chess can make, moving the Cannon piece to the middle. It is a very aggressive first move and is totally how I was bullied by my dad in Chinese chess as a child. ↩️

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