Episode 108

Original Sin: Lust
1 year ago
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Su Jin didn’t have a choice. Chu Yi had become impossibly formidable after Wrath had taken possession of his body. If this fight went on for so long that the other Original Sin appeared, they were all going to perish together.

“It’s alright. My willpower wasn’t strong enough, and that’s why Wrath was able to take control of me. I’m an embarrassment to the martial arts circles and I ought to pay the price for it.” Chu Yi was willing to look at this situation very honestly and was also willing to face the consequences of his choices.

On the other hand, Su Jin was facing a dilemma. He could drive the Original Sin out, but this could result in the deaths of the owner. Chen Xin’er and Yang Mo had died after he had driven the Original Sin inside them out, but he wasn’t sure if it was because they were already too severely injured before that or if it was because he had driven the Original Sin inside them out.

“Listen to me. I have a way to drive the Original Sin out, but…but you might die,” said Su Jin to Chu Yi very seriously.

“Go ahead then! What are you waiting for?” Chu Yi hurried Su Jin.

Su Jin nodded and said, “Start praying then! Whether you survive this or not depends on God.”

Chu Yi nodded solemnly before Su Jin summoned an intense amount of psychokinesis and yelled out, “Original Sin Wrath! I refuse to acknowledge your existence and I am banishing you right now!”

After Su Jin shouted those words out, Chu Yi’s body instantly stiffened up and bent backwards like a bow ready to shoot. Su Jin let go of Chu Yi and watched as a red beam of light shot out from Chu Yi’s nose, mouth and ears.

The other three were terrified by this sight. They had never seen Su Jin drive an Original Sin out before, so whatever was happening to Chu Yi now looked very scary to them.

Chu Yi roared in agony as the red light left him completely. Once it was all gone, Su Jin pulled Chu Yi away from it.

“You filthy animals! You lowly worms! All of you must die! All of you shall die!!!” The red light had gathered itself together to form a blood colored giant. It seemed to constantly give off a murderous air and looked extremely enraged.

Just then, someone else appeared. It was a member of Team Shadow of Thor. He was now standing behind Wrath and his eyes were rainbow colored.

“Hey, big guy, just a little warning, this guy is not one to be trifled with! Since you’ve lost the body you possessed just now, I’d advise you to run for it!” said the man with a lecherous smile. He parted his lips slightly and licked them deliberately.

Su Jin felt like he was about to puke. If the person doing this was a great beauty, she would have looked really charming. But this was a pervy looking guy – nobody was charmed by that.

“Anybody who steps on my toes shall die! I don’t care who it is!” Wrath didn’t care about the other man and roared as he charged at Su Jin and the rest.

“Tsk! When will you stop being so angry! Hurry up and leave! Don’t make things worse!” The man from Team Shadow of Thor frowned and was clearly displeased with Wrath’s actions.

Su Jin passed Chu Yi to Kano Mai, then retrieved the Demon Lord’s Longbow. This was a weapon fashioned by a god and even a demigod was afraid of it. These Original Sins were no match for it.

Woong! The sparkles of the Roar of the Demon Lord shot through the air towards Wrath. Wrath now realized that these sparkles were indeed dangerous and tried to duck to one side, but the Roar of the Demon Lord still brushed past one side of him, turning one half of his body into nothing but dust.

“You idiot! That’s why I told you to run for it!” The member of Shadow of Thor scoffed in disdain. Suddenly, a pink glow flowed out from his mouth and surged towards Su Jin and the rest.

“What is the Original Sin possessing him?” Su Jin asked Kano Mai.


Su Jin nodded. His psychokinesis moved faster than that pink glow, going into the other man’s mind from afar. His case was different from Chu Yi’s in that this man wasn’t a veteran. Chu Yi was a veteran and had internal energy to protect him from other Spirit Powers, so in order to drive out the Original Sin within him, he had to go very near to Chu Yi. But since this man wasn’t a veteran, it was much easier for Su Jin to get his Spirit Power into his head.

“Original Sin Lust! I do not acknowledge your existence, so I am banishing you now!” yelled Su Jin angrily.

The member of Shadow of Thor suddenly stiffened up and a pink light shot out from his nose, mouth and ears. But at the same time, the glow he emitted earlier now covered everyone else too.

Su Jin’s vision was blurry and he felt a little weak as well. Someone appeared in the distance and was walking towards him. When he squinted his eyes to look at who that was, he was surprised to find that the person walking towards himself was actually Ye Yun.

“Ye Yun? What’s going on? She…she shouldn’t be here.” Su Jin frowned quizzically, but his head felt so heavy, he could barely think. His instinct was to run towards her and hug her tightly.

“Wait, no! It’s Lust that’s influencing me!” Su Jin widened his eyes as he vaguely remembered that he was fighting Lust just now. He used his psychokinesis to clear his mind and he was able to think properly now.

The illusion of Ye Yun also vanished to reveal a large pink snake that was covered with mouths, and each mouth was filled with sharp teeth.

That was Lust itself. It realized that Su Jin had woken from his stupor, so he quickly grabbed hold of the injured Wrath and both pink and red monsters vanished into thin air. Su Jin couldn’t run after them like that.

But Su Jin also knew that the two Original Sins weren’t afraid of him per se. They were afraid of the power that the Demon Lord’s Longbow held.

He turned to look at the others behind him and noticed that everyone’s eyes had lost their focus, had a silly smile on their faces and looked like they were daydreaming.

“Oppa! Oppa, you’re a celebrity, so I don’t think it’s good for us to behave like this,” said Ning Meng with a shy look on her face, as if she was making out with some popular Korean celebrity in her dreams.

“Ah Jiao! Ah Jiao, wait for me! It was my fault that all that happened, and I’ll change, so please don’t go! Don’t run from me anymore! I’ll make sure you have a good time!” Cai Dexiang had a more lewd expression on his face in comparison. It was hard to say if that ‘Ah Jiao’ was even his wife.

“Aoi-san…I…I really like you very much,” said Chu Yi with an awkward laugh.

Su Jin raised an eyebrow. Was it the same Aoi-san he knew?

“Oh! Ohashi-san, don’t be angry, I like you too! And you too, Sakurai-san! Heh heh…I have a Japanese friend who’s been teaching me Japanese, so I know a little! All three of you are very kawaii!” rambled Chu Yi.

Su Jin’s eyes widened. Everyone else had only one person in mind while Chu Yi clearly had more than one in his dream. Moreover, Su Jin had a good idea who these ladies were…

He then turned to look towards Kano Mai, but Kano Mai wasn’t doing anything at all. Her eyes were glazed over but she wasn’t talking or moving, as if she was trapped or something.

“Wake up, all of you!” Su Jin used his psychokinesis to snap everyone out of their daze and they sobered up with a shock as focus returned to their gaze.

The Original Sin of Lust had just used its powers to draw out everyone’s deepest desires in this aspect, so each one of them started seeing such illusions. But Su Jin’s psychokinesis was the nemesis to illusions and that was also how he managed to snap out of his own daze so quickly.

“Ahh!” Ning Meng suddenly exclaimed and her face was all red. She remembered what happened earlier and hadn’t thought much of it, but now that she was clear minded again, she felt so awfully embarrassed.

“Ah Jiao! Ah Jiao! Wait, was that just an illusion? What happened?” Cai Dexiang seemed especially disappointed as he stared down at his hands with a lonely look in his eyes.

Chu Yi, however, remained silent. Driving the Original Sin out from his body didn’t seem to have harmed him very much, and Su Jin guessed it was because Chu Yi’s own Spirit Power was able to protect his body.

Su Jin asked Chu Yi cheekily, “Weren’t you in a trance earlier too?”

“A trance? Wh-what do you mean? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Chu Yi as though he really had no clue what just happened.

Su Jin burst out laughing. “Oh? Then who’s this Aoi-san, Ohashi-san and Sakurai-san?”

“How…how did you know that?!” Chu Yi looked like he had been caught stealing something red-handed and went into a panic.

“Oh my, these ladies are very famous! You want to know them personally? I can introduce you guys,” teased Kano Mai with a laugh as she cupped a hand over her mouth.

“Can you really do that for me?” Chu Yi’s eyes instantly lit up as he ran over to her, which made her laugh even harder as she nodded.

“Sister Mai, who did you see in your trance?” asked Chu Yi curiously.

But Kano Mai shook her head and said, “I didn’t see anybody. All I saw earlier was a patch of darkness.”

“What? That can’t be! Sister Mai, don’t lie to us!” Chu Yi narrowed his eyes as he continued to pester her for an answer.

Su Jin stepped in to explain things for her, “Mai’s not lying. I did see that she was in a daze, but unlike the rest of you, she didn’t seem to be having an encounter with anybody at all.”

But at the same time, Su Jin was also curious about why Kano Mai hadn’t seen anybody while she was in a trance. As long as you held a torch for someone, Lust’s move would have been able to ensnare you with an illusion of yourself with that person. Did she have no interest in this area at all? That sounded strange too.

Now that everyone was safe, Su Jin’s next course of action was to check how Chu Yi was. Chu Yi checked himself over and confirmed that he was perfectly fine.

“So, is it because driving out an Original Sin doesn’t actually cause any damage to an owner? Or is it because Chu Yi has Spirit Power that can protect his body from any harm?” Su Jin really wasn’t sure, so he quickly walked towards the team member of Shadow of Thor that had been previously possessed by Lust.

But he shook his head in disappointment when he got to the other man. His entire body was covered with bullet holes, so even if driving out Lust hadn’t been of any harm to him, his body couldn’t hold up without a supernatural force inside it.

“What do we do now?” Cai Dexiang was also feeling pretty depressed by the situation, but they still had to find a way through this Challenge.

“Let’s just keep walking. We don’t really have a choice.” Su Jin shook his head sadly. They had been forced into every decision ever since this Challenge started and there was no room to consider any other options.

Su Jin and Cai Dexiang were both injured from their fight with Chu Yi earlier, so Su Jin took out some leaves from the Tree of Life and gave them to Cai Dexiang as a form of treatment. He ate some as well, then used the bandages from Yang Mo to bandage his wounds. Sadly, Yang Mo had already passed away and would never appear in front of them again.

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