Episode 115

Stuff of Legends
1 year ago
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“There’s nothing else I can do! Is this really the end? But…but I really hate to admit defeat!” Su Jin was at a loss as he watched that white ball of light come towards him again.

But as he watched the light come for him, he suddenly thought of something. The white light crashed down on him and covered him completely.

“That was pretty troublesome, but at least it’s finally over.” The angel put its arm down as it watched the white light slowly fade, then turned to walk away.

“Hey! Just because you say it’s over doesn’t mean it’s over!” Su Jin’s voice rang out from behind.

The angel shuddered, as if that voice had come from a vengeful spirit that had come to reap its soul. It couldn’t believe Su Jin had survived that powerful ball of light.

“That’s…impossible! How…how are you still alive?” The angel simply couldn’t believe it.

Su Jin looked down at his own body and saw that not only was he entirely unhurt, but even the places where he was previously hurt had healed. In fact, Su Jin felt that the ball of light had made his body even stronger before, as if he had just been refined and honed.

“Thanks to you, I understood a few things.” Su Jin stretched his arms and rotated his neck. This new body felt a little strange to him now. “If even the archangels need both the power of light and the power of darkness to be revived, then as a human…I believe I have some light in me as well!”

Pride had a bad feeling about this. It seemed as though Su Jin had found something that could kill it.

“If one looks at pride in a more positive light, you could call it self-confidence,” said Su Jin with a smile. He had suddenly understood this just before the bright white ball of light struck him.

There were two sides to everything. Even when the sun shone down, it created shadows on the ground. And without darkness, the light would not seem that bright anymore.

Pride was a weakness of mankind, but if one looked at it in a positive manner and used it correctly, pride could become self-confidence and become one’s strength instead.

The angel carried the power of light, so it was able to diffuse the Roar of the Demon Lord’s attack. But light could not destroy light. Since Su Jin did not want to be destroyed by light, he chose to become light.

Just before the bright light engulfed his body, Su Jin allowed a thought to run through his entire self so that he was brimming with nothing but self-confidence. Others might not have been able to fully wipe out all other emotions, but his psychokinesis was able to increase the intensity of one emotion above all other emotions. Once he was filled with only self-confidence, he became one with the light instead.

“Light cannot kill light, so in order to survive, I became light as well!” said Su Jin with a smile. He had found the way to get through this Challenge now, so he was nearing the end now.

“Light cannot kill light, so how are you going to kill me now?” Pride bellowed from inside the angel’s body. It was supposed to become an archangel! How could it allow itself to be killed by a mere mortal?

Su Jin placed his hand on his Handbook and muttered, “I didn’t intend to use light to kill you, anyway. Boning Knife!”

The Demon Lord’s Boning Knife appeared in his hand and he dashed towards Pride as quickly as lightning and slashed right through the angel’s body.

“You…” Pride shrieked in horror before being abruptly cut off as its angel body collapsed noisily and became nothing but sparkles as the Boning Knife cut through it.

Su Jin wiped his knife clean and kept it away. The angel’s body was able to fight the Demon Lord’s Spirit Power, but as long as he didn’t use the Demon Lord’s Spirit Power and used the Boning Knife as it was to attack his opponent, it would work. And now that he understood how this light and darkness logic worked, the angel’s body was now unable to harm him.

Once Pride fell, the white space he was in instantly vanished and he was back where the group was earlier. Su Jin fell from the sky and collapsed onto the ground weakly. He was no longer able to hold up against the pain caused by using the Roar of the Demon Lord twice and his body began to convulse uncontrollably.

He looked up at the sky and his eyes nearly bulged out in horror. Out of the six white balls of light suspended in the air, three of them had owners fighting an Original Sin each, while the other three contained only one Original Sin each.

“Ning Meng!” yelled Su Jin. Inside one of the balls of light, an Original Sin was evolving, while Ning Meng’s dead body lay at the bottom of the ball. The other two owners that had lost the fight were Cai Dexiang as well as that member of Team Shadow of Thor. Both of their bodies were also lying lifelessly at the bottom of the balls of light they were in.

Su Jin knew that this was no time for grief. He looked at the other three balls of light. Chu Yi and Long Zhenglei were struggling to hold off their opponents, while Kano Mai seemed very calm.

He forced himself to get up despite the pain and leaped towards where Chu Yi was. To his surprise, the ball of light did not put up any resistance and he was allowed to be part of the fight.

By this point, Chu Yi was essentially just running and dodging Wrath’s attacks, unable to retaliate at all.

“Boss! You’re here! Save me!” Chu Yi noticed Su Jin instantly and waved desperately to get Su Jin’s attention.

Meanwhile, inside the other ball of light, Kano Mai was staring frostily at Jealousy. She didn’t look the least bit panicky, but Jealousy was staring back at her in disbelief.

“Hoho…I didn’t expect this. I really didn’t expect…something like YOU to really exist! I thought they were merely the stuff of legends!” Jealousy couldn’t believe its eyes.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand what you’re saying!” Kano Mai’s expression looked even frostier now and she was clearly very displeased.

Jealousy slowly walked around Kano Mai and stared down at her. It observed her closely and exclaimed, “How very strange! Why do you bother disguising yourself? There are many creatures that cannot be attacked by the power of darkness and remain unaffected by the power of light at the same time, but only one type of creature has this distinguishing feature while remaining so weak. I thought the Dead Sea Scrolls had made a mistake, but now, I’m actually seeing one of you for myself!”

“I said, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Kano Mai’s voice suddenly increased in volume as she glared furiously at Jealousy and furrowed her brows.

Jealousy sneered in response. “Disguising yourselves is a special characteristic that your kind has, after all. It’s been so long, yet you’ve survived so many reincarnation cycles. That’s the truly shocking part!”

“Shut up! I said, SHUT UP!” Kano Mai raised her Soul Whisperer and it shot out flaming snake after flaming snake at Jealousy.

Jealousy used its angel wings to shield itself. The Soul Whisperer wasn’t even a Spirit Power weapon, so it was unable to hurt Jealousy in any way.

“Hoho! I’m really curious now. What sort of strength will the revived archangel have if I absorb a creature like you into my body?” Jealousy was getting very excited and it spread its wings violently. Every feather on those wings was as sharp as knives. Since neither the power of darkness nor the power of light could kill its opponent, it had to use brute force to do so, which was the same line of logic that Su Jin had towards Pride.

“How dare you call me a ‘creature’? Didn’t your God tell you that you’ve got to treat us with respect?!” Kano Mai’s rage turned into literal flames as one of Jealousy’s sharp feathers slit her throat.

Blood spurted out and stained Jealousy’s white wings. It looked smugly as Kano Mai fell to the ground but quickly began to panic when it realized that its wings were on fire.

“How…how did that happen?!” Jealousy became frantic when it realized that the droplets of Kano Mai’s blood on its wings had turned into flames and were impossible to put out. Fire quickly engulfed Jealousy and turned its body into a huge ball of fire.

“AHH! No! NO!! How can this be?! How! How could I possibly be burned to death by mere fire!” Jealousy was indignant and in disbelief, but it was clear that the fire was able to burn it and the flames were only burning stronger and stronger.

Kano Mai clutched her own neck as blood continued to flow from her wound. Jealousy’s feathers were extremely sharp, so even though the wound seemed small, it was enough to kill her.

“So…is this…the end of the road…for me? This…this is…my fate? No…I…I don’t want to die!” She had an indignant look on her face even as tears streamed down her face.

Once Jealousy perished, the ball of light disappeared. Kano Mai fell and crashed heavily onto the ground.

At the same time, Su Jin and Chu Yi had joined forces and killed Wrath off. Now that Su Jin had worked out how to kill these creatures that were a combination of light and darkness, they were easy to deal with.

“Boss, you’re amazing! That fellow was so arrogant earlier on, and now it’s gone! HA!” Chu Yi was ecstatic because if Su Jin hadn’t come to save him in time, he would have died instead of Wrath. He was so happy and relieved to have survived.

But Su Jin wasn’t in the mood to celebrate yet. He noticed that Long Zhenglei was still struggling inside the last ball of light in the sky, but had also noticed that Kano Mai had fallen to the ground. Kano Mai’s condition made him more worried.

“AH!” Just then, Long Zhenglei fell to the bottom of the ball and breathed his last.

“Sister Mai! Ning Meng!” Chu Yi also noticed his two team mates lying motionlessly on the ground and was in shock.

Su Jin was calmer because his psychokinesis told him that Kano Mai was still alive. But she was on the brink of death.

He ran towards Kano Mai and saw the wound on her neck. He quickly took out the leaves from the Tree of Life, crushed them and dripped the juice onto her wound.

“Please, please don’t die!” Su Jin was very anxious and prayed hard that this would work. He said to Chu Yi, “Go and check on the rest! See if anybody else is still breathing!”

Chu Yi was worried about Kano Mai too, but he obediently ran off to check the rest of the group and returned in a matter of seconds.

“Boss…they’re all dead. Including…including Ning Meng.” Chu Yi’s eyes reddened as tears came to his eyes. Their team had lost two members and they weren’t sure if Kano Mai would survive either. But of course, the other two teams were worse off, since their entire team had been wiped out.

Just then, the remaining four balls of light in the air glowed even more brightly than before. Su Jin and Chu Yi watched as four perfect beings stepped right out.

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