Episode 116

Team Blue Sky
1 year ago
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Four perfect angel bodies with wings walked out of the dazzling light and landed in front of Su Jin and Chu Yi. Their faces glowed with a holy aura.

“Why, hello there! How do I address you?” Su Jin was smiling, but he had a firm grip on his Boning Knife. Pride had confirmed earlier that they existed for the sake of eventually turning into the seven archangels, so these beautiful angels were probably the actual archangels themselves.

“My name is Sariel!” said all four angels at the same time. Their combined voices mysteriously weighed down heavily on Su Jin and Chu Yi.

“All four of you?” Su Jin was a little surprised. He had guessed that Sariel was one of them, since the only archangel that could use the seven deadly sins as well as the negative energy from mankind to revive the archangels had to be the doing of this particular angel.

But now, all four of them were claiming to be Sariel, which confused Su Jin. It was like receiving four identical forks when you had clearly ordered a full set of cutlery. Anybody would have been confused.

“I was the one who came up with this method. I have not confirmed its effect yet, so I chose to be careful.” The four voices in unison made Su Jin and Chu Yi feel very uneasy.

“Go ahead and kill us if you want! What’s the point in saying so much?” Chu Yi looked like he had totally given up. They had barely managed to defeat a few of the Original Sins, and now they had to face the more powerful archangels. He didn’t think there was any point in trying to fight them.

Su Jin didn’t think the same way. “I don’t think the archangels are going to kill us.”

“That is correct. Your tribulation ends here. Walk through that door of light and return to the world you came from.” All four Sariels raised the same hand at the same time and pointed to the golden compass. It turned out that door of light was actually their exit from the Challenge all along.

Su Jin’s eyelid twitched violently. If that was actually their exit, it meant that when the golden compass first opened up, they could have all hopped in and completed the Challenge. If they had done that, fewer lives would have been lost.

“Let’s go.” Su Jin was very depressed now. He got Chu Yi to carry Kano Mai and they walked towards the golden compass. But after Chu Yi had walked into the light and returned to his Personal Hell Domain, Su Jin stopped and turned around.

“Sariel, I want to talk to you about something,” said Su Jin in a grim voice as he stared steely at the four angels.

The four Sariels were surprised that Su Jin had suddenly turned around to talk to them, but they nodded and said, “What do you want to speak to me about?”

“What was…what was your aim in doing this? What were you going to do once all seven archangels were revived?”

The four Sariels were silent for a moment, then they said, “That has nothing to do with you. Leave now and receive the reward you deserve.”

“Wait. That means you know the existence of Hell’s Handbook, which means…you’re an Elder God!” Su Jin narrowed his eyes. Only the Elder Gods knew that they were within the universe of the Handbook. Based on what Sariel just said, Sariel knew about the Handbook. That’s why Sariel could talk about receiving a reward after this whole thing was over.

“I am not an Elder God, but…I serve a God.” The four Sariels had a devout look on their faces.

Su Jin started tapping his nose out of habit. He glanced at the four Sariels and asked in a serious voice, “So, is your aim…actually to save your God? Is that it?”

The Sariels froze for a moment and stared in disbelief at Su Jin. They frowned and said in a bewildered voice, “Someone of your status should not know these things!”

“There are exceptions to every case, and I’ve got one of my own to save too. So, can you tell me…how should one go about saving an Elder God?” asked Su Jin. The Demon Lord had warned him that he didn’t have much time left, so Su Jin had to find a way to gather more information on how he could possibly save the Demon Lord.

The Sariels stared seriously at Su Jin, then shook their heads. “There’s a long way more to go, a long, long way more to go!” With that, the four angels flew upwards and disappeared into the sky above the city of gold.

Su Jin sighed exasperatedly. He walked over to Ning Meng’s body and took some of her hair. The Handbook’s universe was a cruel one. No matter how hard an owner struggled, they could not escape their fate when death came knocking on their door. It was as if this was their destiny. That thought made him shiver.

The Boning Knife was very sharp, so he managed to use it to dig out a large enough hole in the ground to bury Ning Meng. He proceeded to bury the rest as well because he believed that humans ought to have a final resting place.

He then walked into the bright door of light that the golden compass had opened and was immediately surrounded by a brilliant light.

At the same time, a golden notice appeared within Hell’s Bar.

“Level A Challenge, All Have Sinned, was completed by Team Boning Knife with a perfect score!” The golden notice didn’t say much, but it sent an uproar through the entire bar.

“Perfect score for a Level A Challenge? That’s crazy!”

“Team Boning Knife? I’ve never heard of them.”

“Go investigate! Is this team a Level A team?”

Several owners within the bar were really shocked by the words on the notice.

“Wow, that’s amazing! How long has it been since someone managed to complete a Level A Challenge with a perfect score?” a good natured looking man asked the person next to him curiously as he sipped an extremely expensive drink.

“How long has it been? The last one to complete a Level A Challenge was us, but we didn’t get a perfect score.” The man next to the good natured man was very muscular. He scratched his head and downed an entire glass in a crude manner, then burped loudly and laughed. “Wait a minute. Weren’t YOU the one who got a perfect Level A Challenge score the last time? It was you, right? Xu Ran?”

The good natured man was actually Xu Ran. He swirled his glass lazily and glanced at the muscular man as he said, “Li Hongyi, this is a glass that’s worth 500 points. Can you not chug it down like it’s cheap beer?”

“My dear team leader, you know that Hongyi downs any drink the same way, regardless of how much it costs. Why don’t you buy him the cheapest drink on the menu next time and use the points you’ve saved to exchange for an item that I can use?” said a young lady with a cheeky grin on her face. Li Hongyi rolled his eyes at her.

“Zhao Xiaoxiao, how could you say such a thing! Look, even if I take slow sips, it wouldn’t increase the effect of the drink at all, right?” Li Hongyi burped loudly again and didn’t look bothered by her words at all.

Zhao Xiaoxiao stuck her tongue out cheekily, then hooked her arm around the girl next to her and said, “Zishi, you’ve got to help me out! Brother Hongyi is bullying me!”

The girl next to her had an aloof expression on her face, but she did help Zhao Xiaoxiao out by glaring fiercely at Li Hongyi. Li Hongyi couldn’t be bothered with the two of them.

Just then, a young man approached them from afar. Li Hongyi immediately waved and called out, “Dong Buchen! You’re late again!”

“I’m sorry! I had to attend to some matters. What’s happened? Did I miss something?” Dong Buchen smiled brightly and looked like an easygoing guy.

“If we’re not counting how these two girls are ganging up to bully me, then the only thing you’ve missed was the announcement that Team Boning Knife has completed a Level A Challenge with a perfect score,” said Li Hongyi lazily. He always carried himself like this except when he was within a Challenge. Nobody would have thought that he was actually such a formidable fighter.

Dong Buchen widened his eyes in surprise and said, “A perfect score for a Level A Challenge? Wow! But I’ve never heard of Team Boning Knife before. Is it a new Level A team? But that doesn’t sound right either. I have information on all the Level A teams that exist now, including those that are on the way to reaching Level A. I’ve never heard of this Team Boning Knife before.”

“Oh? Even an information maniac like you doesn’t know who they are? Where did these monsters pop up from?” Zhao Xiaoxiao was also really surprised. Dong Buchen was the team member in charge of gathering information both during a Challenge and outside of a Challenge. He always had information on anything under the sun, so it was strange to hear that he didn’t know this team.

“Monsters? Oh please! The real monster is our team leader! He was the one who completed a Level A Challenge with a perfect score all by himself! He’s definitely a monster!” said Dong Zishi, the sniper in Xu Ran’s team. Her long distance tactics had helped her team to get through many Challenges a lot more easily.

Xu Ran stretched, then shook his head slightly. “Team Boning Knife, was it? You guys should keep tabs on them. It’s not easy for a team to complete a Level A Challenge with a perfect score.”

“You completed one with a perfect score all by yourself, so you’re even more amazing!” Zhao Xiaoxiao complimented Xu Ran with a sweet smile on her face. She seemed to really idolize him.

But Xu Ran shook his head and his eyes glinted as he said, “No, a team requires coordination and a good leader who can maximize each of his team member’s strengths. Doing that is possibly twice as hard as compared to completing a Challenge by yourself. Team Boning Knife is definitely no simple team, and I’m sure they’ll be a strong opponent in the future.”

Everyone was surprised that Xu Ran had rated Team Boning Knife so highly. This team leader of theirs had never been a humble one, and he seldom praised anybody else.

Xu Ran stood up and said to his team, “Well, Team Blue Sky, it’s time to get to work!”

“Yeah!” Four of them cheered in unison.

Meanwhile, Ye Yun was sitting at the bar counter as she swirled the drink in her glass with a bored look on her face. But she had been very surprised to hear about Team Boning Knife’s achievement.

“Perfect score for a Level A Challenge? That’s amazing!” Ye Yun’s first reaction was to give them a thumbs up. But after that, she slumped back down on the counter and mumbled to herself, “If only those people were my teammates. Then I wouldn’t be stuck here like this.”

“I don’t know how much longer I have to wait for those jerks out there to go away. They’ve sent so many at one shot – how am I supposed to deal with all of them at this rate?” grumbled Ye Yun.

She let out a long sigh and whined pitifully, “I wonder if Tang Ning or Su Jin tried looking for me. Was I too rash in making this decision? But then…I don’t have a choice either! If I didn’t do that, it would create more trouble for them. Woe is me!”

“Boss! I want a glass of Drunken Dreams!” Ye Yun suddenly yelled at the top of her voice. Thankfully, nobody else could hear her except for the poor boss.

While all this was happening in Hell’s Bar, Su Jin stood in the darkness of his Personal Hell Domain and placed his Handbook on the pedestal. He said quietly, “Blackie, please calculate my points.”

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