Episode 122

1 vs Everyone
1 year ago
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This move by Su Jin shocked everyone because nobody could believe a human could create such an explosive impact without the help of any other machinery. If that metal rod had landed on a human instead of the wall, that person would have been blasted to pieces.

“Why are you still standing there?! RUN!” Su Jin noticed that Han Mengyao and Lv Jincheng were staring at him in horror and had stopped running, so he had no choice but to yell at them.

Thankfully, Han Mengyao reacted immediately when Su Jin started yelling. She grabbed hold of her senior again and ran out of the hole that Su Jin had just created.

“Leave them to us!” called out two of the owners hiding in the warehouse, running out after Han Mengyao and Lv Jincheng, and leaving the rest to deal with Su Jin.

Out of the 15 owners hiding in the warehouse, Su Jin had killed three and two of them had run out to chase after his companions. But he still had 10 more left.

It wasn’t hard to kill just one or two, and he could even manage up to four. But ten was going to be a problem. If they formed a good team with attackers, defenders, backups and fighters who could handle both short range and long range attacks, then he was probably doomed despite being a veteran.

Earlier on, he had tagged a little of his psychokinesis on his companions and was sure that they had run very far from this place, so he summoned his Boning Knife from his Handbook.

“Watch out, everyone. This fellow’s a veteran, so we need to fight him together,” said a blond with blue eyes. He was dressed casually and spoke only in English.

Su Jin learned English a long time ago and hadn’t used it in many years, but the blond had spoken simply enough for him to understand.

The 10 men spread themselves out to take on different roles in their team, which was exactly what Su Jin had been afraid of. One of them suddenly spewed large amounts of white smoke from his mouth, which filled the warehouse in seconds.

“Trying to impede my vision?” Su Jin smiled faintly. A smokescreen was probably enough to deter many other veterans, but it was pointless on him, since his psychokinesis was actually much more sensitive and could see blind corners that his own eyes couldn’t.

Immediately after the smoke had filled the place, gunshots were fired. The sniper was testing Su Jin to see if he could at least injure Su Jin, because it would be easier for the rest to attack Su Jin after that.

Su Jin’s body was tough enough to dodge bullets, but he wasn’t going to just stand there and wait to get shot. He leaped up from the floor and began to move about the warehouse at high speed.

He guessed that the sniper must have something that could help him to see despite the white smoke in the air, but that didn’t matter to him. After all, if he moved too quickly for them to even take aim, good vision in this smoke was useless.

“He’s moving too quickly! We’ve got to find a way to stop him from moving…” the sniper called out to his companions. But before he could finish his sentence, his body stiffened up. The protective goggles he was wearing were split down the middle and there was a finger sized hole right through his head.

Su Jin caught Rumor as it flew back into his hand after killing the sniper. None of these fellows were veterans, but they were too confident of themselves and thought that they would definitely be able to take Su Jin down if they joined hands.

If they had just fought him head on earlier, it was true that they might have been able to kill Su Jin. Unfortunately, they had chosen to impede their own vision in an attempt to kill him in a way that required less effort and minimized injury on their part.

This decision had been a foolish one, since impeding his vision would also impede theirs. They did have protective goggles that could help them see, but it was obvious that these goggles were too expensive, so the sniper got to wear their one and only pair. The rest were now as good as walking around blind because they couldn’t see in this smoke, whereas Su Jin could see using his psychokinesis.

Also, if everyone could see properly, then they might have helped to block his attack on the sniper just now.

“Suck the white smoke back in! Hurry! This thing doesn’t affect him, but it affects us!” yelled another owner loudly. He realized that the sniper had been killed, which meant that the smoke didn’t affect Su Jin at all.

The person who let out the white smoke quickly sucked everything back in again, but after the smoke had cleared, Su Jin was nowhere to be found.

“He got away? We can’t let that happen! We’ve got to kill him, because we can’t allow the organization’s secrets to…” He didn’t get to finish his sentence. Blood spurted from his neck and he collapsed onto the floor.

Of course Su Jin was still around. These people were a threat and he couldn’t allow them to remain in S City. Otherwise, he might end up getting attacked by them again in the future.

Su Jin was now like a ghost who hid from their sight but was still able to kill them with Rumor. It was impossible for them to even block the attack because they had no idea where it would come from next.

“Don’t panic, he’s all by himself, so even if he’s a veteran, we can still defeat him.” This group of people was actually quite resilient. Su Jin had killed five of their companions in a row, yet they hadn’t broken down in fear and panic and were still trying to work together as a team to fight back.

As Su Jin caught Rumor again, he watched as three of the eight remaining people had vanished into thin air.

“Do they have the Witch’s Concealing Potion too?” Su Jin had used it before, but he wasn’t sure if the other party was using the exact same thing.

That sort of thing worked well against ordinary humans, but not against Su Jin. Unless you could disappear into a different dimension, there was no escape from his psychokinesis’ detection powers.

Bang! A shot was fired, but if one listened carefully, it was actually two shots fired at the same time, so it sounded like it was just one shot.

Su Jin leaped up from his hiding place behind the container. One bullet was aimed at where he was standing earlier to force him to jump, while the other bullet had estimated how high he would jump and would have struck him in the vitals. This shooter was a real expert and Su Jin felt that the shooter might be Kano Mai’s match.

Su Jin used his arms to block the bullet, but to his surprise, the second bullet turned out to be an explosive round and not an ordinary bullet. The impact did not hurt Su Jin, but it made enough noise to expose his location.

“They’re here!” His psychokinesis told him that the three who had vanished earlier were coming for him. They were armed with close range weapons, while the other owners took out their guns. That explosive round had served as a huge spotlight to help the owners know where to aim.

Countless bullets came flying at him and each one of them was aimed accurately at him, as if Su Jin were a bullet magnet of sorts. But that wasn’t surprising. Almost every owner was a sharp shooter, since they had heightened senses and could train for hours in their Personal Hell Domains. Su Jin could shoot like that too.

As he fought to dodge the bullets, the three men had reached him. Their invisibility wore off once they launched an attack, which meant that they weren’t using the Witch’s Concealing Potion.

“Die!” Su Jin had quick reflexes and he was already prepared for their attacks, so there was no way these three were going to succeed in their ambush. He turned his Boning Knife the other way, slicing one of them across the waist. The owner crashed onto the floor, wailing in agony.

At the same time, Su Jin gave another person a hard kick. He wasn’t as skilful as Chu Yi, but his body was both fast and strong, so not even the best martial artist in the world could beat that.

The man whom Su Jin kicked rolled for a long time on the floor before stopping. He curled into a ball from the pain, since Su Jin’s kick had probably been powerful enough to turn his internal organs to mush.

Su Jin had killed two men in almost an instant because they had attacked him at the same time. The third one had been waiting for his chance and now leaped up from behind Su Jin with a katana in hand, raised it, and aimed to bring it down in line with Su Jin’s spine.

If this attack successfully hit Su Jin, then he would cut right through Su Jin’s spinal cord. For an ordinary human, even a bit of damage to the spinal cord could make one paralyzed for life, never mind a cut right through where part of the body’s central nervous system was located.

Su Jin’s body was tough enough to deflect the attack, so he wasn’t particularly threatened by it. But he wasn’t going to let the attacker even strike him. He leaped up so quickly that none of the other owners could see where he had gone. There was one centimeter dent in the floor from how hard Su Jin had stepped on it in order to dodge the attack fast enough.

Meanwhile, the attacker was stunned that his target had suddenly disappeared, so he stumbled forward as his katana landed on nothing.

Su Jin landed back down behind his attacker and grabbed hold of his neck. The other owners paled in horror and began shooting like crazy, and didn’t even care that their bullets were landing on the owner with a katana. Unfortunately, the poor man did not have a tough body like Su Jin did, so after several hits, he died from the bullets his own companions had fired.

“What a ruthless bunch! They’re even willing to kill one of their own,” marvelled Su Jin. He continued to allow the bullets to rain down on him, since these were all ordinary bullets that felt like nothing to him.

The other owners were on the verge of losing their minds. They had seen what veterans were capable of, since their organization had some. But when those veterans had to fight 10 well trained owners all by themselves, they had to work very hard to dodge the attacks and try to escape. If they ended up being cornered, they would end up surrendering.

On the contrary, Su Jin was like a monster to them. He had already killed half the team and didn’t look like he intended to escape at all.

“Switch to special bullets! At most, we’ll all die together!” one of them shouted. They realized that if they failed to kill Su Jin, Su Jin would kill them, so they decided to go all out to attack Su Jin.

Special bullets could be highly explosive, so they might really all end up dying together if these bullets were fired in such a small space. That was how desperate these owners were right now.

“That’s quite enough!” Su Jin suddenly shouted. A silver light flickered in his eyes and all the owners suddenly realized they couldn’t move anymore.

One of them had a glowing palm sized box on his belt that started flickering strangely. When he saw the flickering, he said, “This is…you have psychokinesis! You’re…you’re Mr. Xu Ran!”

“Xu Ran…that is correct. I am Xu Ran.” Su Jin hesitated for just a split second before nodding with a naughty smile on his face as he admitted to being Xu Ran.

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