Episode 123

That Wasn’t Me
1 year ago
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Everyone looked as though everything they had just seen earlier made sense now. The leader among the survivors said to Su Jin, “Mr. Xu, we don’t have any feud with you and today was just an unfortunate accident. I hope you can let us off.”

“An unfortunate accident? You teamed up to fight me! I wouldn’t call that an accident.” Su Jin didn’t feel the least sorry about pretending to be Xu Ran. Xu Ran had saved him before, but Su Jin didn’t know if Situ Jin would make life difficult for him in the future, so he was going to collect interest on this future debt first.

These owners were very frightened of Xu Ran, because they were from the same group of owners who went round robbing other owners. They had heard about how Xu Ran had come to the rescue of an owner another team had targeted, and even though the other team had asked Xu Ran for mercy, Xu Ran had used his psychokinesis to turn them all to dust.

“Mr. Xu, we’re…we’re willing to compensate you,” said the leader.

Su Jin was surprised by this situation. How much of a big shot was Xu Ran? These guys were from a syndicate of professional robbers. How was it possible that they were asking to compensate their victim instead?

“Compensation? And what do you think would be enough to compensate for my loss?” Su Jin raised an eyebrow. Anything these fellows possessed was stolen from elsewhere, so accepting an item from them wasn’t going to get him into trouble.

The few of them discussed this, then retrieved a handgun and threw it to Su Jin from afar.

If an owner did not agree to any exchange or giving away of their items, then all their items would disappear with them when they died. That was why these robbers always caught their victims alive, forced them to handover all their items willingly, then silenced them.

So, even though they had thrown the handgun over to Su Jin, it didn’t mean that Su Jin was now the owner of the gun.

Su Jin looked at the gun in his hands and suddenly felt that it looked really familiar. In fact, it looked just like Black Fire. The only difference was the color of the gun.

“This weapon is called White Ash, and it forms a pair with another gun named Black Fire. If you use the two guns separately, it will only be a gun that can fire special bullets. But if you’re lucky enough to get Black Fire, then the two guns together will change drastically,” explained the man who passed Su Jin the gun.

Su Jin couldn’t believe his luck. He didn’t need to search for that other gun. Black Fire was in his Handbook right now.

“So, Mr. Xu, if you’re willing to accept White Ash, then we’ll call it quits. Okay?” said the man.

Su Jin smiled and nodded. “Sure! I’m a man of my word, so we’re even once you give this gun to me.”

All of them were relieved to hear this. The deaths of their companions didn’t particularly bother them, since they were a team who just worked together to get more benefits for themselves and weren’t actual friends. Besides, it was normal for them to get injured or die during an operation. They had been told to avoid certain characters in this country, so now that they had run into one of them, the organization would not blame them for the deaths of these companions.

“I heard that the Chinese place a lot of importance on taking oaths. Could you please take an oath?” The leader was still worried that Su Jin would go back on his word and wanted Su Jin to take an oath.

Su Jin raised his hand and grinned as he said, “I, Xu Ran, swear that once I accept White Ash, our feud will be cancelled and I will not make any trouble for you in the future. If I go against my oath, may the heavens punish me, Xu Ran, and make sure that I die a tragic death!”

After Su Jin was done, the leader breathed a big sigh of relief and happily allowed Su Jin to have White Ash. Once Su Jin had confirmed his ownership of White Ash, he played with it for a while, then retrieved Black Fire from his Handbook.

“You…you actually have Black Fire!” The leader was extremely surprised. He muttered, “White Ash and Black Fire are both weapons that are very hard to get and it’s even harder to get them together. According to my information, something incredible will happen when both guns are put together, but I don’t know or have any details.”

Su Jin played with the guns for a while, then kept them in his Handbook together. The change in their properties were now written in his Handbook.

White Ash and Black Fire are two guns that exist in two different worlds. Once brought together, their special characteristic will be activated – unlimited ammunition.

The two guns will fire Light Fire and Dark Fire Spirit Power type bullets. As long as the owner does not run out of Spirit Power, the bullets will not run out either.

Su Jin’s eyes lit up. Even though this meant that using these guns would now consume his Spirit Power, more importantly, these guns were able to convert his Spirit Power into the types that were mentioned in the Handbook. He didn’t possess Light Fire or Dark Fire Spirit Power, but if he did run into an enemy where Psychokinetic Spirit Power didn’t work, then this converted Spirit Power might come in handy.

He looked pleased as he accepted this peace offering and grinned at the owners in front of him. But his grip around the Boning Knife tightened. Of course he wasn’t going to let these fellows off. They didn’t let off any of those people they killed in S City, so why should he let them off?

The other owners could sense the malice in Su Jin’s grin. The leader nervously said, “You just swore not to attack us! Are you going back on your word?”

“Oh? What oath? Who took an oath?” asked Su Jin flippantly as he used a finger to clean his ear.

“You…Xu Ran! You took a very serious oath just now and you’re going back on your word? You said you would be punished by the heavens!” said the leader.

Su Jin cackled. “Xu Ran? Who’s that?”

The owners looked at each other in horror and realized that they had been duped. This young man wasn’t Xu Ran at all, but they had just assumed he was. Unfortunately for them, Su Jin had just admitted to being Xu Ran and never corrected them at all.

“You…you’re not Xu Ran? Then why did you say you were?” The leader gnashed his teeth angrily and couldn’t believe how shameless Su Jin had been.

“Oh please! You guys didn’t check my identity properly and now you’re blaming me?” Su Jin laughed.

Their hearts sank. They wished they could check too, but information on powerful characters like Xu Ran was classified and only their team leader could see it. But Su Jin had already killed their team leader and there was no way for them to do any checks in such a situation.

“So, that oath was made by Xu Ran. It wasn’t me!” Su Jin stretched his limbs and said in an icy voice, “Since you dare to commit murder in my country, then you’d better be prepared…to be murdered as well.”

“Run!” the leader suddenly shouted. They had been no match for Su Jin when there were 13 of them and now there were only five of them left. The only option was to run for it.

They ran out in five different directions. They didn’t think Su Jin could possibly split himself into five and fight them all at once.

The problem was, Su Jin was actually able to do just that. Psychokinesis was a very high level sort of Spirit Power and it had become a terrifying force in Xu Ran’s hands. Of course, Su Jin was nowhere near Xu Ran’s level, but he was still relatively formidable compared to other veterans.

His psychokinesis wasn’t as overbearing as Xu Ran’s, so sending his psychokinesis into the minds of the five men while they were terrified and panicky was the best time to take control of their minds.

“So, you think you can escape?” A silver glint flickered in his eyes as his psychokinesis entered the minds of the five owners on the run. He couldn’t keep this up for too long, but he didn’t need a lot of time either.

Rumor pierced through their skulls like they were skewered meat, killing the whole team instantly even though they really would have stood a chance if they had remained mentally strong enough to reject Su Jin’s psychokinesis.

Su Jin exhaled deeply. Besides the two owners who went to chase after Han Mengyao and Lv Jincheng, the rest were dead.

Just to be safe, Su Jin scanned the warehouse with his psychokinesis to make sure that he hadn’t missed anybody out before running out as quickly as he could. This had taken a lot of time and if Han Mengyao and Lv Jincheng were killed by those two owners, he would be in big trouble. He had already gotten on the wrong side of the Department of Supernatural Affairs, and he didn’t want to get into any trouble with S City’s special police.

Immediately after he left the warehouse, a flying object the size of a thumb flew out from one of the containers. It flew around for a while, then left the scene.

Su Jin had no idea that there was a machine hidden inside the warehouse. He focused on following the traces of psychokinesis he had left on the other two and quickly caught up with them.

To his surprise, the two owners who had given chase were actually losing. As an owner, even if you didn’t have a superhuman body or powers, you would probably have something in your Handbook that could help you defeat ordinary humans in a fight.

It was obvious that this senior and junior pair were no ordinary people. The two of them had plenty of strange weapons on themselves, so they could fend off the two owners easily.

“It’s always nice to have a sugar daddy, I see,” said Su Jin with a sigh. Han Mengyao and Lv Jincheng were clearly armed with the latest technology made available only to the special police. He had never even seen some of these things before.

He stopped dawdling about and ran over to help his two companions take down the two owners.

The two owners were surprised that Su Jin had appeared here. They had assumed that their team mates would have beaten Su Jin to a pulp by now.

“I see that both of you have many questions to ask me, but unfortunately I’m not the type to answer questions. However, I hope that YOU can answer some of our questions,” said Su Jin with a smile as he pointed at one of the owners.

“Tell me, why did you and the others come here?” Su Jin pretended to interrogate him as he sent his psychokinesis into the man’s brain in hope of finding answers directly from there.

Ye Yun! Su Jin trembled slightly when he spotted her name among the man’s memories. But before he could dig for more information, the man suddenly convulsed and his brain stopped working, so Su Jin couldn’t get any more information out from him.

Su Jin’s expression fell, while Han Mengyao and Lv Jincheng didn’t know what was going on at all. Su Jin took a deep breath and smiled at the other owner before saying to his companions, “Good news and bad news. The bad news is that this fellow doesn’t seem to know anything, and it seems like he’s brain dead now. The good news is, we’ve got two prisoners on our hands.”

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