Episode 124

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Lv Jincheng quickly took a step forward to stop Su Jin from doing anything as he said worriedly, “It’s alright, we’ll take over from here. It’s too bad about the other guy, since he’s brain dead.”

Han Mengyao wasn’t concerned with the two owners they had caught. She asked curiously, “There were so many people in there just now. How did you manage to get away? They didn’t chase after you?”

“The dead can’t chase after the living,” said Su Jin.

The other three were too shocked to speak. The last surviving owner was in disbelief as he said, “That’s…that’s impossible! There were 15 of us, and we left 13 people in there to fight you, so how…”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Bro, can this be considered my contribution to the nation? I mean, I don’t want the special police to say that killing is a crime regardless of reason in the name of equality or something like that.” Su Jin was rather worried about this. Those fellows were Handbook owners, so they posed a real threat, but the special police didn’t know that. If the special police decided that Su Jin had to take responsibility for killing so many of them, he was doomed.

Thankfully, Lv Jincheng assured Su Jin, “These guys deserved to die anyway. What’s done is done, I’ll get some people to clean up the place.”

“Did you seriously kill 13 people all by yourself? These guys are really quite formidable. If Jincheng and I didn’t have some other weapons on hand, we’d be dead by now. But you took 13 on by yourself…that sounds a little out of this world.” Han Mengyao couldn’t believe how formidable Su Jin was. She was one of the best fighters of her generation and Su Jin didn’t look that much older than her. How could someone his age be so much more formidable than her?

Su Jin just laughed. “You have your own tricks and I have mine. Don’t be too bothered by this.”

Since he wasn’t willing to talk about it, Han Mengyao didn’t ask anymore. Lv Jincheng, however, was a little more astute. He could tell that Su Jin didn’t actually want to tell them that he had wiped out 13 people all by himself. But Su Jin was worried that if those two men killed him and Han Mengyao and Su Jin couldn’t destroy all the corpses and traces in time, the special police would eventually find out about this, so it was easier to just say so first but keep the process a secret.

Su Jin wasn’t worried about the last surviving owner. Handbook owners had their own way of getting out of sticky situations and he was sure that the special police weren’t going to be able to get anything out of him. What bothered Su Jin was what happened earlier when he searched the other owner’s memories.

There were fewer restrictions between owners, and the Handbook never stopped him from searching another owner’s memories. In other words, the external force that stopped him from finding out more was this mysterious organization they belonged to.

The special police was in charge of clearing up the mess of bodies in the warehouse, so Su Jin didn’t want to stay with the two of them and Lv Jincheng didn’t insist either. However, instead of heading home, he went to the orphanage that wasn’t too far from here.

Immediately after Su Jin left, Lv Jincheng made a phone call and said, “Follow him.”

Han Mengyao looked at her senior. “You got someone to follow Su Jin?”

“Yup. Shifu said before that Su Jin is hiding some secret. The special police have checked through all the information we could get on him, but there’s nothing extraordinary about his life at all. It’s as if the incredible ability he has appeared overnight. Shifu thinks…he could be that sort of human.” Lv Jincheng didn’t elaborate, but Han Mengyao knew what he was talking about.

“Situ Jin came here because he thought the same way, right?” said Han Mengyao.

Lv Jincheng nodded and furrowed his brows. “Those people have always been a mystery to us and they are a major threat to a safe country like ours. If he’s really one of those people, then…I’m sure Shifu will want to get rid of him as soon as possible.”

“Get rid of him? But he doesn’t seem like a bad person.” Han Mengyao was a little hesitant to do something like that. Su Jin had saved her life before, and he had done so again today.

Lv Jincheng sighed and looked towards where Su Jin had walked off to. “We’re humans who can be understanding towards people whom we deem as good people in difficult circumstances, but the special police will not make any exceptions. A threat is a threat. Unless he works for the special police and we are fully aware of exactly who he is and how he became so formidable, it will be difficult for the special police to justify why he should be spared.”

Han Mengyao looked at the frosty glint in her senior’s eyes and felt her heart sink. She looked towards where Su Jin had left as well and felt rather conflicted inside.

“Come along now, Shifu is waiting for our update, and we need to question this fellow too.” Lv Jincheng patted Han Mengyao’s shoulder as he dragged along the owner whom he had already drugged earlier on.

As Su Jin made his way to the orphanage, he quickly realized that he was being followed. His psychokinesis was like the calm surface of a pond. If anything disturbed its peace, he would sense it immediately.

“It’s just like what I had expected, huh.” Su Jin shook his head. He didn’t want to have anything to do with the special police because that brought him unnecessary trouble. So, unless he decided to wipe them all out, the only thing he could do was to avoid them.

Su Jin suddenly increased his speed under the cover of the night and disappeared out of sight with just a few leaps. The one on his trail was a senior of the special police and had been trained specially to tail others. In most cases, it was almost impossible for anybody to shake him off, but Su Jin actually managed to disappear right before his very eyes.

He came to where he last saw Su Jin, squatted down and touched the ground as he started sniffing around like a dog.

Just then, everything before him went dark as he lost consciousness. Su Jin reappeared a short distance away. He knew that anyone from the special police was trained and was difficult to deal with, so it was easier to just knock him out, change his memories and take away some of his belongings to make it look like a robbery.

The man only regained consciousness the next morning. He slammed his palm angrily against the ground and muttered, “What the hell?! I can’t believe I got robbed! And by such formidable robbers too!”

According to his new memories left behind by Su Jin, he had run into a few robbers while tailing Su Jin and they eventually knocked him out and stole all his things.

Meanwhile, Su Jin had arrived at the orphanage. He called all the children out and found the two children who were involved in those homicide cases. Someone had found some way at that time to save them via this strange molting process.

Everything pointed back to Ye Yun, but none of the children could explain things clearly to him. All they knew was that their parents were dead and Ye Yun had rescued them and told them to stay here.

Su Jin began to feel more and more uneasy and he could sense something deep inside him that made his heart rate increase significantly. Clairvoyance was a skill that Xu Ran had told Su Jin about the last time. In general, one would only sense it when something was going to happen to themselves or to those very important to them. Su Jin had a feeling that this sensing was related to Ye Yun.

After thinking about it, he decided to enter Hell’s Bar to see if he could get his hands on any information. Once he entered the bar, he discovered that the middle aged man who had exchanged Tree of Life leaves with him was already there waiting for him.

“You’re finally here! I found a few more things that are related to Soul Power, why don’t you see if any of these things are useful?” said the man before Su Jin could even say anything and opened his Handbook to show Su Jin.

Su Jin was really surprised. Did this man have nothing else to do? “Er….are you…do you just wait inside here all day?”

The man glanced at Su Jin and shook his head. “How can that be?”

I thought so too. I guess I’m just lucky enough to keep running into him, thought Su Jin.

“I only stay in here for about 20 days a month or so,” the man went on.

Su Jin nearly choked on his own saliva. 20 days a month was as good as staying in the bar every day. If the man worked here, he would have gotten an award for never missing a day of work.

“What are you coughing about? Hurry up and look at these things! Are they of any use to you?” The man shoved his Handbook into Su Jin’s face. Out of the three items that could boost Soul Power, only one of them gave a medium boost, while the other two only gave a small boost.

“What are your terms of exchange if I want them all?” Su Jin thought it was best to get as many items as he could, but it also had to come at a reasonable price.

“One leaf. That’s all I ask.” The man was practical too. He knew that even though these things were hard to come by, he wasn’t offering something that valuable either, so he couldn’t ask for too much.

Su Jin felt that this was an agreeable price, so they went ahead with the transaction.

After that, Su Jin asked, “By the way, since you spend so much time in here, does that mean you have a lot of information on hand as well?”

“Well, I’m a businessman, so as long as you’ve got enough money, I can get anything for you.” The man lit his cigar and inhaled deeply.

Su Jin’s eyes lit up. “I need two pieces of information. One is regarding a group of owners who’ve been going around robbing other owners of their items; the other is about someone whom I suspect is an owner. Would you be able to get that sort of information for me?”

“Oh no, you’ve run into those robbers?” The man looked rather surprised and shook his head at Su Jin. “I’d advise you to watch out. If you can’t handle them, just stay in here and don’t go out anymore.”

“Thanks for the advice. Do you have any information on them?” asked Su Jin with a smile.

The man nodded and said, “Well, most owners who’ve been around long enough know about them, and I don’t know much more than they do. Nobody knows who formed this organization and legend has it that the boss is actually a Level A team. Their members come from different universes and they’ll send members to target owners in a different universe from their own. That way, even if they create a lot of trouble in the target’s universe, the humanly powers in that universe would not be able to do anything about them since they technically do not exist.”

“A different universe?” Su Jin was rather surprised. So, the people who tried to attack him were actually from a different universe?

“Surprising, isn’t it? Apparently, the boss has some powerful treasure that can allow anybody he permits to move through different universes. In any case, these fellows are not to be trifled with. Very few owners have managed to get away from them.” The man exhaled a large mouthful of smoke and shook his head with a perplexed look on his face. “I heard that these people will not stop until they get what they want so…all the best to you!”

Su Jin nodded. It was true that these people were difficult to deal with, and it was possible that the organization would send more powerful owners after him the next time. But that was something he had to deal with in the future, not now.

So, he asked again, “I need information on another person. Her name is Ye Yun and she might be an owner. Might be. Could you help me to find out more about her?”

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