Chapter 133 - Fighting Back

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After Kano Mai had left with three of them, Chen Duo was next. She didn’t bother coming up with some sob story about her younger brother. Instead, she told them straight that she was hungry and was willing to exchange her chastity for food.

Chen Duo was barely 20, which was something that turned some of them on. It didn’t take long for someone to take up her offer, but he was still very careful and made sure he brought another person with him.

Out of the seven men they had seen guarding the library, five of them had left with the two ladies, so there were two more left. Chu Yi glanced at Ju Xinlan, only to find that she was being very reluctant and didn’t want to do it anymore.

But the plan had gone too far for her to back out now. Kano Mai and Chen Duo had already gone ahead and the men in the group had to find a way to finish off Reggie and his subordinates as quickly as possible, otherwise the ladies would be in great danger.

“Hurry up! If you keep wasting time here, Sister Mai and Miss Chen will be in danger!” Chu Yi was getting very antsy. He couldn’t believe this woman was hesitating when lives were at stake.

But when Ju Xinlan heard him mention that Kano Mai might be in danger, she actually burst out laughing. All of them stared at her in shock. It was bad enough that she was being uncooperative, and now, she was even gloating over another person’s misfortune.

Pak! Chu Yi suddenly slapped her across the face. He didn’t slap her that hard, since doing that would probably have sent her flying.

But it was enough to shock her. She stared at Chu Yi in disbelief for two seconds, then started clawing at him as she shrieked, “How dare you hit a woman! How dare you call yourself a man after hitting a woman? You aren’t even human! How dare you hit me!”

Chu Yi held his arm up in front of his chest to block her clawing. His eyes bulged as he spat hatefully, “You can go ahead and continue screaming your head off and wasting time here. But I’m warning you – if anything happens to the ladies, I’ll kill you!”

His voice sounded as frightening as a demon from hell. This young man was usually bright and optimistic, and was always so caring towards others. But now that his friend’s life was in danger, he finally showed how extreme he could really be.

Ju Xinlan felt as though an actual demon was staring at her, so she shivered in fear instinctively. Chu Yi’s expression suddenly became gentle again.

“Please, we’re counting on you. Not only for the sake of the two ladies, but also for your own survival,” Chu Yi pleaded with her.

Ju Xinlan scowled, nodded, then pushed Chu Yi aside. She quietly walked out of the sleeping area where two more men were standing.

“You’re…here to strike a deal too?” The remaining two men were quite surprised. It was true that many women had been willing to offer sex for food during this time, but they never had so many women do this at the same time.

“I’m sorry but we will not agree to a deal right now. If you really want to, you have to wait until our leader returns.” The two men were very cautious and did not dare to leave their post.

Ju Xinlan’s expression darkened as she said, “I’m not trying to strike that sort of deal. I’m here to make a cuckold of that stupid man. He actually hit me, so I’m here to make him regret it.”

The two men’s faces lit up. They had come across many who were just hungry, but this was the first time a woman wanted to do this out of pure spite. The two of them were quite interested now and they believed her since her cheek was red and swollen.

“Are you doing it or not? If you’re not, then too bad.” Ju Xinlan had dared to do this only because she was too angry to think straight. Now that she wasn’t as angry anymore, she was beginning to regret it.

But the two men didn’t give her the chance to back out of this. They smiled lecherously at her and said, “We’ve not had someone who just wanted to cuckold her partner. Let’s do it!”

“Um…but who’s going to guard the place? Maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all?” Ju Xinlan was getting scared and tried to find an excuse to get out of this situation.

“Don’t worry about that, we’ve got people to do that.” One of them blew on a whistle and another two men walked out from the shadows. He patted the shoulders of his two comrades and said, “We’ll leave this place to you guys, we’re gonna have some fun elsewhere.”

The two men who had been tasked with guarding the place looked on enviously. Ju Xinlan wanted to back out, but the two men had grabbed one arm of hers each and dragged her off.

Chu Yi had been watching the situation all this time, so about 20 seconds later, he glanced at Zhang Lei and Shen Hongjiang, then approached the two men at the door first.

He purposely pretended to look confused as he asked the two men at the door, “Where’s my older sister?”

The two men were wary at first when Chu Yi walked towards them, but they burst out laughing when they heard Chu Yi’s question. “Your older sister has gone to get food for you, but she needs to eat her fill first.”

“And where’s my wife?” Chu Yi continued to ask with a blank expression on his face.

“HAHAHA! Your wife has to eat her fill too! Two of our bros are feeding her right now!” The two men sniggered even more loudly. To them, Chu Yi was an idiot who deserved to be cuckolded.

Chu Yi continued to display his acting chops as he suddenly grabbed one of them and started crying, “You’re lying to me! You’re lying to me! My wife would never eat all by herself!”

The man was shocked when Chu Yi grabbed him by the shoulders, but he started laughing again when he heard what Chu Yi said, and his partner also just laughed it off and didn’t do anything to help. Chu Yi suddenly pushed the man against the wall, then let go of the man so that the two steak knives hiding in his sleeves could slide out.

There was only a muffled gurgling noise as Chu Yi moved his arms horizontally. The man stared at Chu Yi in disbelief as the two steak knives slit right through his throat. His body convulsed and he tried to use his arms to warn his partner, but Chu Yi’s body was blocking his, so his partner had no idea what just happened.

Chu Yi took a sharp scissors out and used it to pin the man to the wall. Meanwhile, the man’s partner finally realized that something was amiss, but before he could say anything, Zhang Lei and Shen Hongjiang ran to pin him down.

Even though Chu Yi wasn’t sure if he could trust the other two to help and was ready to fight to the death all by himself, the two men turned out to be reliable. They had dashed out at the right time and grabbed one arm each.

However, neither had fighting experience and they were almost unable to hold the man down. Thankfully, Chu Yi was done with the first one and could attend to the second man. He didn’t have any more knives left, so he grabbed a vegetable knife from Zhang Lei and swung it violently. The man’s body convulsed for a second before his head went flying off. Chu Yi had decapitated him with one move and there was blood all over Chu Yi’s face.

Zhang Lei and Shen Hongjiang were so horrified that they immediately let go of the man and the body of the man collapsed instantly. The two of them were so scared that they, too, looked like they were about to collapse.

Chu Yi looked around to check if there were any other people hiding in the shadows, but fortunately, nobody else appeared.

He took the guns from the two dead men, taught the other two how to use them, then took whatever knives the two of them had hidden on themselves. They didn’t have any hand to hand combat experience, so there was no point in letting them hold onto knives.

“Let’s go!” Chu Yi quickly started moving. The three ladies said that they would leave markings along the way so that the three men could follow their trail.

Kano Mai could probably handle the situation on her own, so Chen Duo was probably in the most dangerous situation now. Chu Yi quickly found the marks left by her. He had attached something sharp on her shoes, so they left a mark as she walked. The markings on the floor were not the smoothest and were also very faint, probably because she was afraid that the men with her would notice it.

However, the markings suddenly stopped, probably because the sharp object had fallen off her shoe. This made the three men very anxious, but they soon realized that they didn’t need any markings, because they could hear Chen Duo screaming from a short distance away.

The sound was coming from the bathroom. Chu Yi got the other two to guard the door, while he pushed open the main door. The sounds were coming from one of the cubicles, so Chu Yi found it and kicked it right open.

The men in the cubicle clearly did not think that someone would barge in at such a time. They had already pulled Chen Duo’s jacket off and both of them had their pants down.

Chen Duo was screaming and struggling and her face was covered in tears. She had been very brave earlier, but she was now filled with fear. Everything sounded good on paper, but nobody knew if anything would go wrong. What if the other guys couldn’t find her? What if they had to save someone else first?

She thought she could stall the two men for a while, but she had completely underestimated the impatience of the two men driven by their libido. Everything quickly went out of control.

Thankfully, Chu Yi had come in time. The two men had been caught unawares and had put their weapons aside. Worse still, their pants were still around their knees, so they couldn’t really move properly.

Chu Yi stabbed one steak knife into one man’s throat, then gave a kick inside the narrow cubicle. His aim wasn’t the other man, but the weapons on the floor.

As the weapons were kicked to one side, the other man leaped to grab one of them, which was exactly what Chu Yi wanted. Chu Yi lowered his body and used his shoulder to slam the man against the cubicle wall before slitting his throat with a knife.

Everything happened within seconds. The two men were both dead, while Chu Yi merely had more blood on himself now.

Chen Duo’s face was also covered with blood. She had been screaming in horror and had felt some of the men’s blood go down her throat, which instantly triggered her gag reflex.

Chu Yi felt bad when he saw how hard she was puking, but he had to move on. “Come along now, don’t puke anymore. We still have to save the other two! Let’s go!”

The poor girl nodded but still looked too weak to walk, so Chu Yi decided to just carry her out of the bathroom. It would take too long to wait for her to recover from her shock.

Chen Duo suddenly didn’t feel frightened anymore and buried her face in his arms.

Meanwhile, Ju Xinlan’s situation wasn’t much better than Chen Duo’s. She yelled, “Let me off! Please! Please, let me off!”

“Weren’t you the one who wanted to cuckold your husband? Why are you chickening out now?” teased one of the men with a lecherous laugh.

“I…I don’t want to do that anymore! He’s not my husband, we’re not married! Don’t come any closer!” she shouted as she kept moving backwards.

The two men paused for a while and exchanged glances, because something didn’t sound quite right. Ju Xinlan noticed their reactions and quickly added, “We haven’t registered our marriage yet, so we’re not husband and wife yet.”

“Well, even if you wanted to register your marriage, you can’t anymore. This world…doesn’t care for that sort of thing!”

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