Chapter 134 - Spilling The Beans

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Ju Xinlan was terrified. She had never even dated before. This was definitely not the circumstances she wanted to lose her virginity in.

“I…I have a secret to tell you guys,” she said loudly as she continued to back away from the two men.

The two of them looked at her expectantly and she quickly said, “There’s…there’s an old man in the library who says that he’s got a vaccine! With that vaccine, you don’t have to fear the zombies anymore.”

“HAHA!” The two men burst out laughing loudly. One of them said, “I’ve almost forgotten about that! Seriously though, this old man has been telling so many people about it, but I think you must either be an idiot or insane to believe him.”

Ju Xinlan’s face fell. She didn’t expect this matter to be known by everybody, and worse still, nobody believed the old man.

“The vaccine is real! Please believe me!” she pleaded.


There was a tearing sound as the men started tugging at her clothes. She was dressed in a typical OL sort of jacket and skirt combination with black stockings, which had contributed to turning the two men on.

They continued pulling at her clothes like they were peeling an onion, quickly shredding them and revealing part of her underwear.

“Please stop! Please! I lied to you! I don’t have a boyfriend or a husband or anything like that! Those people schemed to distract you guys so that they can escape! You’ve all been duped!” screamed Ju Xinlan hysterically.

The excitement in the two men instantly fizzled out. The fact that they had survived in these conditions for so long was testament to their quick thinking and intelligence. Three women had appeared at the same time and distracted almost all of them from their post, then led them to different places. That was definitely a scheme!

One of them pulled out what looked like a walkie talkie, while the other one glared coldly at Ju Xinlan and suddenly grabbed her neck with both hands.

“How dare you scheme against us! I’m going to kill you!” The man exerted force in both hands as he stared murderously at her.

Ju Xinlan struggled desperately and her eyes were bulging as she tried to pull the man’s hands off her neck, but she didn’t have enough strength to do so.

The first man’s walkie talkie got a response and he immediately said, “Boss, bad news! We..”

Before he could finish his sentence, a figure appeared from nowhere, stabbing a steak knife into the back of his neck and through his mouth.

The man trying to kill Ju Xinlan was focused on her, so he didn’t notice what just happened to his partner. But he noticed the hopeful look in Ju Xinlan’s eyes.

The moment he noticed that change in her eyes, he suddenly let go of her and moved to one side, successfully dodging Chu Yi’s secret attack.

Chu Yi didn’t expect the man to react so quickly. As the man turned to one side, he also pulled out a gun from his belt.

Bang! Bang! Bang! He fired three shots that were steady, accurate and fatal.

The man was fast, but so was Chu Yi. He picked up the first man he killed and used him as a human shield, so all three shots landed on the dead body.

DADADADA! Just then, a series of shots were fired. The one firing those shots wasn’t the second man, but Zhang Lei and Shen Hongjiang. They had just learned how to use a gun and had been given machine guns, so the moment they pulled the trigger, they ended up firing everything until there were no more bullets.

Chu Yi cursed inwardly. The gunshots were very loud in this quiet place, so Reggie had probably heard them. Kano Mai was a good fighter and was even stronger than him when he had Spirit Power, but it wasn’t going to be easy for her to fight three men with guns by herself.

“I’ll leave this place to you guys! Take care of her!” yelled Chu Yi before dashing out again.

Ju Xinlan was crying inconsolably in a corner of the room. She watched Chu Yi leave without any gratefulness in her eyes, but hatred and anger.

Meanwhile, Kano Mai wasn’t in a very good situation either. Reggie’s walkie talkie received a message followed by the sound of gunshots. The message over the walkie talkie wasn’t complete, but it was obvious that something had gone very wrong.

Reggie stared frostily at Kano Mai. He didn’t go out to save his comrades, but got the other two men to lock the main door of the library. To him, those men whom Chu Yi had killed were merely subordinates that he could always find more of in the future. It was more important that he stayed alive. As long as he was alive, he could build his little private army again.

“You don’t seem very scared,” remarked Reggie.

Kano Mai smiled faintly. “Why should I be scared? You’re here, and everyone has a huge stock of weapons. This place is probably safer than almost anywhere else.”

Reggie’s expression softened a little, since she made it sound as though this matter had nothing to do with her. Of course, if Reggie found out that the other women in her group had also led his remaining men away with the same tactic, he would definitely kill Kano Mai on the spot.

He poured out a glass of red wine, which looked mesmerizing in its glass. Wine was definitely something that wasn’t just rare but a luxury, because it wasn’t an essential item that most would take with them. Food and water would definitely be more important than wine.

He swirled the wine gently in the glass, then passed the wine glass to Kano Mai. She smiled and drank everything down at once.

“You’re going to proceed with your original plans instead of going out there to settle the matter?” she asked calmly. Her looks, figure and demeanor was almost impossible to find in another woman, so it wasn’t surprising if a man became so obsessed with her that he decided to forget about everything else.

He laughed and shook his head. “Is there a need to? If those fellows can settle it, then I wouldn’t have to do anything. If they can’t settle it, then it means that something really terrible is happening out there and my presence won’t change anything. I might as well just hide here and wait for everything to blow over, then I can rebuild this place.”

Reggie was a very practical and shameless man, but he did really know what he was doing. Kano Mai had already noticed earlier that Reggie had brought her to a room that was hidden from sight. If someone combed the library carefully enough, they would find them, but the bigger problem was that this room had been fortified and it was going to take a lot of effort to break in. Also, there was probably a secret passageway of sorts to the outside of the library, so if someone tried to barge in, he could still run.

Reggie removed his jacket and Kano Mai immediately felt her eye twitch. This mad man had explosives tied to himself.

He noticed the change in her expression and laughed. “Are you very surprised?”

“Of course. I thought only a mad man would do such a thing,” she replied without hesitation. She wasn’t afraid of agitating this man.

He nodded. “A madman? I like the sound of that. This is just my trump card in defending myself. It works for both zombies and humans.”

If he was in a desperate situation, this amount of explosives would definitely bring several zombies down with him, or scare away most humans.

Meanwhile, Chu Yi had located the hidden room with the help of the markings that Kano Mai had left behind. The markings stopped here, which meant that she was definitely inside. But the gunshots earlier must have worsened the situation.

Unfortunately, the door to this room was made from pure metal and he had no idea how thick it was. Either way, there was no way he could open it with brute force, and even a gun wouldn’t work.

“What should I do now?” Chu Yi scratched his head anxiously.

Kano Mai knew her situation didn’t look good either, but she wasn’t going to let Reggie have his way too. She made some quick plans, then waved the empty wine glass at him to get him to come over.

He smiled as he pulled his arms around her and whispered into her ear, “Baby, you’re so mesmerizing. To be honest with you, I saved your group only because of you. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.”

She chuckled and said, “Is that so? In that case, I really have to say thank you. Also, I’ve got to say…sorry!”

“Sorry?” Reggie’s eyes widened as he sensed danger. He wanted to push her away but her arms were wound so tightly around him that he couldn’t get out of her grip.

At the same time, she crushed the wine glass in her hands to turn it into a weapon. She had passed all the knives she had hidden in her clothes to the rest so that Reggie wouldn’t suspect anything, but this wine glass had come in handy.

She pressed a shard against his neck, then spun him around such that she held his arms down and he couldn’t move them at all.

“Tell them to open the door,” said Kano Mai in an icy voice.

Reggie didn’t expect the tables to turn in such a short time. This charming, gentle and frail woman turned out to be so quick and vicious.

His subordinates had finally realized what was going on and pointed their guns at Kano Mai, but they didn’t dare to fire because their boss was in her hands. She could slit his throat anytime.

But Reggie didn’t look scared at all. Instead, he gave Kano Mai an admiring look and said, “You’re really mesmerizing. No wonder you managed to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. How about becoming my woman? I’ll give you food, water and safety. Isn’t that what you want?”

“You think that’s what I want?” Kano Mai laughed and said to Reggie’s men, “Open the door right now or I’ll kill him.” She pushed the shard into his neck enough to make him bleed, but not enough to kill him.

She wasn’t kidding. If the two men didn’t cooperate, she was going to quickly kill Reggie before he had the chance to detonate the explosives. It was going to be difficult to fight off the two men since they had guns, but it wasn’t impossible.

Reggie noticed the murderous look in Kano Mai’s eyes and quickly shouted, “Don’t open the door! Fire at me!”

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