Episode 136

Parking Lot Trouble
1 year ago
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According to Professor Charlemagne, there was an airport about 70 kilometers away. It was originally a civilian airport, but after the humans started turning into zombies, the military took over the airport, so there were probably some planes that were still usable.

After they were certain of the airport’s location, they agreed to go there. However, 70 kilometers was no short distance. Besides the possibility of running into a high level mutant, it might be impossible for most of them to make such a long journey on foot.

“Transportation isn’t a problem. We’re in a city, so there are plenty of abandoned cars. We just need to gather petrol from other cars to fill up the one we take, so that’s not a problem either,” said the professor. But he still sighed. “The bigger problem is safety. Most zombies can’t do any damage to a car, but a higher level mutant could be strong enough to even tear a car to pieces with their hands, so we’ll be in great danger if we run into one of those.”

“That’s not really a problem either,” said Chu Yi.

Everyone turned to look at Chu Yi, surprised that he had a good workaround for this problem. Even Su Jin was surprised. While it was true that Chu Yi was probably the best fighter of the team and Su Jin was not always confident of defeating him in a fight, Chu Yi definitely had a disadvantage when it came to coming up with ideas and plans. Chu Yi was never as quick or detailed as Su Jin or Kano Mai, and felt like he was constantly outwitted by his two teammates.

Chu Yi scratched his head a little embarrassedly when he saw that all eyes were on him. “Don’t look at me like that! It’s very simple, really. Just tie Boss to the top of the car and no mutants would be able to get near us…right?”

The eyes of the rest widened and Su Jin felt his mouth twitch violently. He glared at Chu Yi and said, “What do you take me as? A guard dog? How could you say that you’re going to tie me to the top of the car?! I’m going to bash you up right now!”

Chu Yi nodded gleefully, then ran to hide behind Kano Mai. If Su Jin was really going to beat him up, then only Kano Mai could hold him back.

Kano Mai burst out laughing. She rolled her eyes at Chu Yi, then said gently to Su Jin, “Well…I would say that while Chu Yi didn’t put it across very nicely, he has a point. I think our only way around this problem is to actually tie you to the top of the car.”

Su Jin’s eyes bulged angrily and he felt like yelling in frustration. He was the team leader, yet he had to be treated like this.

But no matter how annoyed Su Jin was, he too, had no choice but to admit that Chu Yi’s idea was simple yet effective. His body was strong enough to be considered invincible in this zombie world, so protecting a car wasn’t going to be a problem.

Su Jin and Chu Yi went out to look for an appropriate car to use. Just like what the professor said, it was easy to find a car in a city. They came to a parking lot where several different car models were parked. Su Jin was on the lookout for one that was more hardy, since it was hard to say what dangers they might run into along the way.

“Boss, I feel that…this place is not safe.” Chu Yi was very sensitive to dangers as part of his training as a martial artist.

This sensitivity was accumulated from engaging in battle over a long period of time. It was an instinct that he had, unlike Su Jin’s psychokinesis. Su Jin’s psychokinesis could even see blind spots, enabling him to see the actual danger and not just sense it. This Challenge had sealed his Spirit Power off, so Su Jin was handicapped. But this didn’t affect Chu Yi. As long as he was still alive, he would not lose this sensitivity.

Su Jin looked around, since his strengthened body gave him super vision as well. He could even see in the dark when ordinary people couldn’t.

“Retreat!” whispered Su Jin before taking his position in front of Chu Yi. Just like what Chu Yi had suspected, this place was not safe. Several figures swayed in the darkness. They were all zombies.

Chu Yi slowly walked backwards toward the entrance and pulled the safety catch of his gun, ready to help Su Jin anytime.

Su Jin, on the other hand, began walking towards the darkness. He was like bait, making it hard for the zombies to resist the temptation of fresh meat. All of them began rushing out at him.

“Spring cleaning time!” Su Jin didn’t have a gun. He had taken a katana from the library instead.

Guns were powerful weapons, but Su Jin felt that using a katana was more suitable. He dashed into the crowd of zombies and brandished his sword left and right, taking a zombie head with each slash of the sword.

It didn’t take long for Su Jin to slice more than half the few dozen zombies in the darkness. But this was no time to relax, because he had already noticed a much larger zombie waiting in the shadows behind this group of zombies.

“Waiting for me to exhaust my energy?” Su Jin scoffed. This large fellow clearly had some intelligence and knew that it would be easier to finish off its enemy if the enemy had expended all their energy. Unfortunately for the zombie, slicing a few dozen zombies wasn’t going to slow Su Jin down in any way.

As the remaining low level zombies were swiftly wiped out by Su Jin, the large one at the back couldn’t wait anymore. It let out a growl and charged at Su Jin from the back of the parking lot. When Su Jin finally got a good look at this larger zombie, he felt like stabbing his eyes out.

This zombie was some really badly put together monster. Its rotting body was a hodgepodge of parts that weren’t in the right proportions to each other, and there was more than one of each part, as though it was a designer human gone terribly wrong. A broken head sat on top of its neck, but crazily enough, there was another head inside that one.

“Oh gross!” exclaimed Chu Yi with a look of disgust on his face.

“URGHHHH!” The mutant let out an indistinguishable noise as it picked up a car randomly and flung it at Su Jin.

Su Jin stepped aside quickly and was shocked by how strong this mutant was. That mutant had picked up that car and flung it like it was nothing more than a rubber ball. Su Jin was capable of more than that, but it still meant that this mutant was almost as strong as he was.

It picked up yet another car to fling at Su Jin. The additional limbs on its body were not for display only. Every single arm worked independently, so the cars came flying at him in quick succession and it was getting hard for Su Jin to dodge them all.

“Time to die!” Su Jin just wanted to get this over and done with as quickly as possible. He deflected an oncoming car, then charged at the large zombie, his katana glinting like the stars in the night sky. Chu Yi might be the one with the best training in martial arts in the team, but Su Jin knew a thing or two too.

Seconds later, the mutant had lost more than half of its limbs. The mutant was smart enough to realize that it was in danger, so it chose to retreat and escape instead of fighting an opponent it could not win.

But there was no way Su Jin was letting this fellow go. He moved faster than the mutant, so he ran in front to stand where he knew the mutant would go past, holding his katana out at the right spot to slice the mutant right into half at the waist as it ran past Su Jin.

To his horror, the mutant did not die. The two halves of its body continued running at the same speed as before.

“What’s this? An earthworm?” Su Jin wondered if the two parts of the mutant were going to grow back into two mutants instead.

Killing this mutant would score points and get rid of a big problem at the same time, so Su Jin wasn’t going to let it get away like that. The mutant failed to outrun Su Jin even when it was one whole piece, so two pieces weren’t going to get very much further.

It didn’t take Su Jin long to completely kill the two parts of the mutant. But even though he had finished it off, he still had a grim look on his face.

“Boss, what’s wrong?” asked Chu Yi when he saw that Su Jin had gotten rid of the zombies but still looked so unsettled.

Su Jin frowned and said, “We really have to be careful. This mutant is just a Level 3 Mutant and it’s already this clever and strong. If we seriously run into a Level 4 mutant…I don’t think it will be a match for me, but if it goes on a crazy rampage, I’m not sure if I can really protect all of you from harm.”

He was really very worried about this. The basic zombie was weak and even an ordinary person could deal with it. But once it evolved to become a Level 2 mutant, it became too strong for even an ordinary person to survive an attack.

This Level 3 mutant was way stronger and smarter than a Level 2 mutant. The difference between each level was insanely huge, so Su Jin predicted that a Level 4 mutant would definitely be as powerful as himself.

The two of them eventually found an imposing looking jeep, and they were pleasantly surprised to find that it still had a lot of gas left and would not have any trouble covering 70 kilometers at all. The surprising part was that neither of them knew how to drive.

“Boss! You don’t know how to drive?” asked Chu Yi in disbelief.

Su Jin scratched his head awkwardly and laughed sadly. “I really don’t know how to. What about you? You don’t know how to drive either?”

“I’m just a student who lives on campus. Why should I bother with learning how to drive?” asked Chu Yi in a matter-of-fact manner.

Left with no other choice, Su Jin had to literally carry the car above his head. From afar, the jeep looked like it was flying. Chu Yi stood on the roof and helped Su Jin to observe the surroundings, in case a mutant suddenly appeared.

The two of them shocked everyone when they got back to the library. The newbies, in particular, were still in awe of how strong Su Jin was.

“Mr. Su, are the cars of this era ultra light?” asked Zhang Lei.

“You can try lifting one.”

Zhang Lei immediately ran towards the jeep and put both hands under one side of the car, but he couldn’t even lift it enough for the car to shake, never mind lift the whole thing off the ground. Everyone realized how incredibly strong Su Jin really was.

After checking with everyone in the group, it turned out that none of the men could drive, but all the ladies, including the youngest Chen Duo, could.

The ladies agreed to take turns to drive, so they took the front of the jeep. The jeep could take more people than an average car, but they still couldn’t all squeeze inside. In the end, Chu Yi had to share the car roof with Su Jin.

“Oho! Looks like I’m not the only one stuck on the roof!” said Su Jin with a merry laugh. Chu Yi looked back at him with a miserable expression on his face.

Chu Yi armed himself with a gun, and the two of them were now the jeep’s bodyguards. The jeep started up and they began their journey towards that airport 70 kilometers away.

They hoped that they could arrive within the next two hours, but Su Jin was not very optimistic. He was pretty sure he would have to clear a lot of zombies along the way, and he was most worried that they might run into a Level 4 mutant. After seeing what a Level 3 mutant was capable of, he was beginning to feel very uneasy about running into a higher level one.

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