Chapter 137 - Anger

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Just as Su Jin had expected, the car could not drive at the speed that they had hoped. After all, when the zombie apocalypse first broke out, the place that was hit the worst was the densely populated city. The chaos was terrifying to look at.

“We can’t get through, help us to clear the way!” yelled Kano Mai in the driver’s seat as she knocked on the roof of the car again.

Su Jin jumped off the top of the car and waved his walkie talkie as he said to Chu Yi, “Keep a lookout and tell me if anything unusual is coming!” They had swiped walkie talkies from the library as well.

The things in the way were cars. It looked like a major traffic accident had happened and a large number of cars had crashed into one another, blocking the entire road.

Su Jin had a katana in hand, but he also had a pile of steak knives tucked into his belt, because he realized that it was easy to use these like throwing stars.


Zombies kept coming towards Su Jin from all directions, but Su Jin just needed a quick flick of his wrist or threw a knife out to kill the zombie. As he passed by the cars, if he saw that the people inside had turned into zombies, he would kill them too.

Su Jin was now like a human shaped forklift of sorts as he shifted all the cars away, then hopped back onto the jeep to wait for his next assignment.

In the end, they took more than four hours to cover the 70 kilometer distance. If they were going to take any longer than that, Su Jin was prepared to find a safe space for them to stay the night. Travelling at night would be too dark and dangerous for them.

Thankfully, they arrived after 2pm. The huge airport was very empty and there were hardly any planes. Perhaps many people had flown off quickly when the zombie apocalypse first hit.

“Professor, keep close to me and don’t run off without telling me,” Su Jin said to Professor Charlemagne.

The professor nodded obediently and no longer looked as complacent as before. This concerned his own life, so he had to cooperate.

They walked in the same arrangement as the last time. Su Jin cleared the way, while Kano Mai took the front, Chu Yi covered the back, and the rest were in the middle. There were also several helicopters and one passenger plane available, but most of them were clearly damaged and couldn’t be flown anymore.

Su Jin checked all of them for damages and said, “There are three helicopters that should still be useable, and that passenger plane should be alright too, but I’ll need everyone to help me check if they’re really good for flying.”

There were no zombies in sight, so it looked pretty safe. Perhaps it was because the military wiped out the zombies after they had taken over back then.

They split up to check each vehicle. Professor Charlemagne was the only one who knew how to fly a helicopter, so he was the only one who could tell if the helicopter piloting systems were good to go. He just asked everyone to check if the monitors were working and if there was gas in the tank, then he would decide which one would be the best one to use. That would save them time.

Shen Hongjiang and Ju Xinlan decided to check out the one and only passenger plane. There was very little space in a helicopter and they couldn’t possibly throw excess passengers onto the top of the helicopter. Having a passenger plane would be much more comfortable. note1

The two of them quickly found the button on the outside to open the cabin door. Modern planes were so much easier to operate.

Once they got the door open, they decided to head for the cockpit. But when they walked into the front part of the cabin, they froze on the spot. A zombie was seated in each chair, making strange, unintelligible noises.

The two of them trembled all over and Ju Xinlan’s legs refused to budge. Shen Hongjiang tugged at her but couldn’t get her to move at all.

“Mr. Su, there are many zombies inside the passenger plane, Miss Ju and I are here,” Shen Hongjiang radioed Su Jin for help.

“We’ll be there, you two find a safe place.” Su Jin and Chu Yi ran towards the plane immediately.

“Let’s go…come on…” Shen Hongjiang’s teeth were chattering in fear as he pulled on Ju Xinlan harder. This time, she finally started moving, but when she spun around to leave, her hand accidentally hit a button. (THIS WOMAN I SWEAR)

There was a loud snap as all the seatbelts holding the zombies back suddenly came undone. That button turned out to be the one that could control all the seatbelts. But the zombies didn’t move, possibly because they had been trapped in their seats for so long that they had already forgotten how to move.

Ju Xinlan breathed a big sigh of relief. She and Shen Hongjiang were already soaked with their own sweat. The two of them cautiously made their way out of the plane again, but as they did so, a giant zombie emerged from the cockpit. That was a Level 3 mutant.

“AUGHHHH!” The Level 3 mutant let out an angry roar and all the zombies in the plane came to life, leaping up from their seats and charging towards the two intruders.

Ju Xinlan was so terrified that she fell to the floor and Shen Hongjiang was too stunned to move. Just then, Su Jin appeared from behind. He dashed into the plane and brandished his katana quickly, slashing several zombies dead at one shot.

But it didn’t take long for the Level 3 mutant to reach Su Jin. It was strong enough to match Su Jin, so it charged at Su Jin and crashed against Su Jin hard enough to send him flying out of the plane.

However, Su Jin reacted fast and grabbed hold of the Level 3 mutant, so both of them flew out of the plane. If that mutant remained in the plane, the two newbies were dead for sure.

Even though Su Jin had brought the most dangerous one out of the plane, there were still a large number of zombies on board. Thankfully, Chu Yi had arrived in time to help. He dragged Shen Hongjiang out of the way, then pulled Ju Xinlan to his side.

The zombies were closing in on them, so Chu Yi grabbed one of the armrests and jumped up to give the nearest zombie a dropkick, giving him a little time to breathe.

He yelled at Ju Xinlan, “Run! Why are you still here?!”

Ju Xinlan snapped out of her daze when she heard Chu Yi yelling at her. She scrambled off the plane and Chu Yi was about to follow behind her when the zombies caught up with him again, so he had to continue fighting them off inside the plane first.

At the same time, Ju Xinlan suddenly stopped running after she had run out of the plane. She turned back to stare at Chu Yi with nothing but hatred and spite in her eyes. She reached out to press the button outside the cabin and the door slowly closed.

Meanwhile, Chu Yi had no idea that the door behind him had been closed. He had finally managed to keep the zombies a safe distance from him and turned around, only to find that the door was shut fast. He looked out of the glass window to see Ju Xinlan glaring venomously at him.

“Open the door! Hurry up!” Chu Yi rammed the door desperately but Ju Xinlan merely cackled outside and was obviously not going to open the door at all.

Chu Yi knew that Ju Xinlan had done this on purpose, but he had no idea how he had offended the woman at all. He could only try to see if there was another button that could open the door. But the poor boy had never even taken a plane before, much less locate a button that could open the cabin door.

Outside, Su Jin stabbed his katana through the Level 3 Mutant’s head and it finally stopped moving altogether.

“Phew! That was hard!” Su Jin breathed a sigh of relief, then turned to see Shen Hongjiang still panting and trying to recover from the terrible ordeal, while Ju Xinlan was cackling outside the cabin door.

“She’s really crazy. Why in the world is she just laughing at a bunch of zombies?” wondered Su Jin with the shake of his head.

Kano Mai and the rest came over as well. “How’s everything? Everyone okay?” asked Kano Mai.

Su Jin nodded, then Kano Mai asked, “Wait, where’s Chu Yi?”

“Chu Yi?!” Su Jin’s eyes widened. He turned around with a start to see that Ju Xinlan was still laughing maniacally at the closed cabin door and ran over quickly. He had a bad feeling about this.

He pulled Ju Xinlan aside and ripped the cabin door right off. There was no time to wait for it to open by itself.

By this time, all the remaining zombies in the plane had gathered together and were all heading in the same direction, even stepping and shoving fellow zombies aside. Su Jin immediately pulled zombie after zombie away, throwing them out rapidly before finally spotting Chu Yi all curled up in a corner.

Su Jin pulled Chu Yi out of there and covered him all the way out. It was impossible for these basic zombies to hurt him anyway.

Once out of the plane, he handed Chu Yi to Kano Mai before heading back into the plane to finish off the rest of the zombies. He didn’t want any of them to suddenly pop up later.

The number of zombies left inside the plane weren’t many and it was a fairly small space, so it was quite easy for Su Jin to kill a lot of them at one shot. He was done with them within a few minutes.

He walked out of the plane much dirtier than before and approached Kano Mai, only to see that she was extremely pale in the face.

“What’s…what’s happened?” Su Jin had a bad feeling about this.

Her eyes were red as she said, “Chu Yi…has been bitten!”

Su Jin’s eyes widened and he turned to look at Chu Yi, to see a bloody patch on his shoulder where the zombie had bitten him. The area around the wound was beginning to turn black from rotting.

“You! How could you do such a thing!” roared Su Jin as he grabbed Ju Xinlan by the neck and slammed her against the outside of the passenger plane.

Ju Xinlan struggled wildly. Su Jin was incredibly strong and if he gripped her hard enough, he could snap her neck.

“How could you! HOW COULD YOU!” Su Jin couldn’t stop yelling furiously at her. He hadn’t seen what she did, but it didn’t take a genius to put two and two together. Ju Xinlan was definitely the person who had locked Chu Yi inside that plane.

“Let…let go…” Ju Xinlan could barely squeeze any words out. If Su Jin wanted to, he could kill her very easily.

“Mr. Su, please let go of her! You’re…you’re going to strangle her to death at this rate,” said Zhang Lei very cautiously.

Su Jin was angry, but he wasn’t some killing monster. He let go of her, but he glared at her and snapped, “If you can’t give me a good explanation for doing what you did, I’ll make sure you die a worse death than becoming a zombie!”

Ju Xinlan collapsed onto the ground and breathed heavily as she stared up in terror at Su Jin. How could she give him a good explanation? What could she even say? Ju Xinlan herself was now utterly shocked by the fact that she had even done such a thing.

  1. Clacker would also like to say that helicopters can only make it for 3-5 hours depending on your load before it needs to be refueled, but more than one Chinese author has failed to understand this. NA to Africa is a long journey that will require multiple stops or mid-air refueling. ↩️

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